True Martial World


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The Human Emperor and his opponents were embroiled in a 33 day long final battle involved the strongest experts. After destroying the Abyssal World and sealing the Abyssal demon king’s godly weapon‘ a mysterious purple card disappeared into the space-time vortex‘ and tunneled through infinite space-time.

In the vast wilderness‘ where martial arts was still slowly growing in its infancy‘ several peerless masters tried to find their path in the world of martial arts.

A young adult named Yi Yun from modern Earth had unwittingly stumbled into such a world and began that journey with a purple card of unknown origin.

It’s a magnificent yet unknown true martial art world. This is the story of a normal young adult turning into a legendary peerless expert.

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Zhen Wu Shijie
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Phenomenaut rated it
April 8, 2016
Status: --
I don't think this story is particularly creative, but the lack of caricature villain authority figures is refreshing and it's a fun romp up until now. Since things are getting real we'll have to see how or if the story changes.
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Rainblade rated it
April 2, 2016
Status: --
You need to take this series with a grain of salt, the MC is quiet and not arrogant just confident and willing to risk it all.

There are situations that he could definitely have handled better, but with his limited knowledge of the world and himself for that matter, he handles them quite well.

His artifact is a little OP, but they point out many times he is not a genius like some of these other people, and without this ‘purple card’ he would at best be considered average, and that’s because... more>> of his past life in the mortal world. He excels at perception, but that’s about the limit of his ‘natural’ ability. At least in the beginning.

The story also has a unique aspect to it, it’s more like an ancient civilization surrounded by beasts that usually just sh*t out the humans of this world.

The cultivation and skills involved are also written quite well, the author has a plethora of imagination, and so far it has been very beneficial to this novel.

All I can say is read the first 100-120 chapters before giving up on it, if you don’t like it by then, than chances are you won’t like it at all.

PS: I would give this a 3.5, but this site doesn't allow that. Because of how well this novel is written/translated it leans more towards a 4 star, so I gave it one. <<less
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wargreymon rated it
January 25, 2016
Status: --
Decent story. Sometimes the leveling up is too simplistic.

but story is still enjoyable to read.
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Cien rated it
January 22, 2016
Status: c556
Its a very great series, mainly focusing on cultivation. Although there were some instances where the novel breaks the 3rd dimension and talk about other novels, I found this series really interesting from the 2nd chapter on wards. There were lots of instances where the MC would compare something from his past life, but compared to other novels that digress a lot, this was just the perfect amount. 5/5 or 9.5/10. I love the setting, story line, and the character. It made me feel like that feeling when you start... more>> watching One Piece and think of all the possible situation he could encounter. At one point I even daydreamed that he would open a restaurant for the rich people so he could gain some cultivation resources lol. I can tell that this would be epic. Its slow, but sweet. If you find it difficult to read certain comparisons to his old life, just skim through it, but in my opinion, it adds flavor to the novel.

Comparing to Coiling Dragon, this one might be better. Might be even the best cultivation novel I've read, its definitely in the top 5 maybe even top 3

Edit: Upon further reading, the series starts off great but you end up noticing irritating things throughout the novel. It becomes repetitive quite a bit. The MC or rather the story always moves before the situation settles... (ie. Living in the city gets interrupted by being drafted, tournament/school life being interrupted by massive attack of monsters, defending against monsters gets attacked by arrogant person, staying in the girl's clan gets interrupted by some inheritance "contest") You get the picture, before any definite conclusion (aside from the very first one) you get constant interruptions and constant changes to the environment with little to no resolutions. It is like giving your readers blue balls...

At some point around chapter 500, the author becomes quite fond of repeating what he just mentioned 1-3 chapters ago, which makes it feel reading it so slow and annoying. It is like the author slows down the progress and just adds recollection of the past constantly just to fill in the chapters. It was initially slow, but the constant changes in the situation made it feel quite irregular. <<less
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ephemeral rated it
January 2, 2016
Status: --
The MC is decent but the story is very slow. The story also has an excessive amount of detail. One chapter began with 2 lines of dialogue and the rest was description that meant nothing so I’ve been reading most chapters like that by skipping dull, repetitive description until I found dialogue. It’s worth a read if you don’t mind it.
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Aigberth rated it
December 2, 2015
Status: --
Modern world youngman got transfered to an unknown world full of martial artists (classic xianxia). An OP MC with violet card that can absorb world essences & improves ones martial art comprehension (classic). Very slow development with trivial details almost on every chapter (>.<) hope the MC isn't a vengeful like chu feng lol. At least he isnt a pervert.


major development will begin on chap 80ish haha

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