Travel To Another World: I’m The Only One Left


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“Is this a dream? This must be a dream, right?” Chen Fan quickly took out his phone and dialed his friends’ numbers. But no one answered! The bad feeling in his heart became stronger and stronger. He then rushed out of his house, only to discover that the entire world was empty.

Chen Fan was no stranger to being forgotten and left out. It was like a strange curse! His sense of existence was so thin he was easy to ignore. 

He was forgotten when he went on a vacation; when his friends went to a cafe with him, he was left behind. Even his teachers had forgotten him all his school years; no teacher ever called him out!

But this was too unacceptable! Everyone in the world had disappeared_ why was he still forgotten?

“Hey!!! I’m still here!”

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Everyone Else is a Returnee (2)
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    March 12, 2023
    Status: c10
    I would have probably enjoyed this more if I hadn't read Everyone Else is a Returnee.

    They start the same way except this character gets a cheat item and a system at the start;

    So this character gets cheat skills and is told to work hard so he can get this other cheat that's waiting for him after he grinds his stats enough. Plus other cheat abilities that he'll get for just waiting.

    Compared to EER's protagonist who works hard without being told so he can keep up with the returnees when they... more>> come back, without even knowing for sure when they'll return, without knowing if his hard work will pay off, and keeps working with nothing more than some words of encouragement from the woman he loves and the belief that his effort has meaning, it feels like this story is just an inferior chinese knockoff.

    This is just the tutorial so I won't rate it, but the expectation that this protagonist will continue to have everything he needs explained and given to him keeps me from wanting to continue. <<less
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    Stompound rated it
    May 3, 2023
    Status: c34
    Nothing about the story has hooked me so far. I find it kind of boring. The writing/translation seems fine up front but I feel like what's happened in 34 chapters would have been more fun to read if it happened in 5-10 chapters.

    The MC doesn't do much other than read, eat, and sleep. The system shows up once in a while then slumbers for a long time. And the MCs encounters with enemies are incredibly short.
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