Travel Through Time and Become His Stupid Ex-wife


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Xue Jiayue travelled through time and became the s*upid female supporting role of a book which was about a bossy man’s love story.

This s*upid woman was adopted by the Xu family when she was a child. Since then, she grew up with the hero, Xu Yanwen, and called him brother but later married him.

However, she was so unruly and did many s*upid things. Xu Yanwen’s grandpa, who had loved her so much, was even too angry and then passed away. As a result, Xu Yanwen divorced her. Worse still, she finally was sent into a mental hospital!

Xue Jiayue, who had traveled through time, was looking at the man standing in front of her. She quietly stepped back, thinking: The male role wanted to be happy with the female role. But she just wanted the money not him!

However, Xu Yanwen indifferently butted her against the corner of the wall and gnawed fiercely at her lips. “You want it! You have to!” he growled.

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Lalali rated it
February 20, 2022
Status: --
I like the story and they are sweet. However I agree to the prv comment that ML was forgiven very fast. I did not even see ML suffer a bit. I DROPPED IT AFTER ML WAS FORGIVEN EASILY

Realistically speaking if someone was so in love then get too hurt it will took a while or will never love again

Imagine... more>>

MC love and trusted ML so much and they grew up together then ML believe the fake recoding where MC was saying she married him for money, then MC got blamed into everything, MC suffered mentally then commit su*cide while ML got a happy ending. Just wow ML life was so smooth. On the 2nd timeline when he said sorry while being drunk he got forgiven👏👏👏👏👏


Funny ML said MC was too s*upid she got schemed but in my opinion ML was more s*upid for believing a fake recording than the person he grew up with, s*upid for not noticing a scheme, s*upid for letting the real mu*derer stay beside him <<less
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Alexania rated it
April 5, 2022
Status: c77
The story is relatively light and fluffy but the main problem is, I just don't want ML and FL to end up together. Not because I dislike either massively; I just think theyd both be better off going their own way.

The other comments talk about how the FL forgave the ML too easily but for me it's the other way around tbh. If I was ML, I would've told FL and "grandpa" to go sod themselves long ago.

... more>>

Your grandfather wanted you to marry your adopted sister because she loves you. You disagree because you don't see her that way. Obvious solution. Drug you and stage a "you slept with her now you have to marry her" play. But sure, we're all one happy family afterward.


The fact that he was able to treat her kindly after that makes him a saint in itself.


But no! Grandpa isn't finished with his drug dealing! Grandson and forced sister-wife isn't happy in their marriage. Solution! Drug them again and lock them in a room for the night. That'll fix them.


And yet afterward, they still agree to go stay over at his house once month. Because... reasons.


Now transmigrator takes over forced sister-wife. She's not romantically interested in brother-husband, so waits for the incoming divorce. But now brother-husband magically becomes interested? In his sister? Who force-drugged him into this marriage against his will. BS


If none of this annoys the crap out of you, sure, it's a lovely fluffy story. <<less
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acexdeuce rated it
May 19, 2020
Status: Completed
It's the usual light story of a transmigrated (?) woman into a supporting character in a novel. The ML and MC are nice, some little misunderstanding and drama here and there but not annoying. The problems were finished smoothly, but not too fast paced for me.

I know basically it's not that different from other transmigration stories, but I like the little detail about how the MC and the original were the same person or same soul (?), and accepting the previous her was a past life. I'm just a bit bored with the concept of transmigration using other's body and MC not taking their new identity completely (like revealing to ML 'I'm not the person you know, I'm not from this world')

13 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Balidudut rated it
September 1, 2021
Status: Completed
At first I read try to understand the plot, but the more I read feel so mess to understand the story. This story is to write it Transmigrated but mix up like tell FL is the same person. It’s sound like bullshit. FL lead and the original FL is opposite character and it’s more like different person she’s wasn’t the same. We can describe FL and Original FL is like twins born in different world, they have some similarities but not the same type.

I pity the original FL she’s weak... more>> and easy to be deceiving by the bad guys, the original FL she’s wronged she’s love the ML and the ML also love her. But when the FL from another world took her place, the FL also harvest the love from ML to original FL

The original FL never get the chance to taste the sweet love with ML, it’s pity they love each other but miss each other.

I think this novel is best if write it rebirth and make the story is more to rebirth novel instead try to mix Transmigrating is not real transmigrating novel by tell the FL and the original FL is the same person, even add time travel it’s nonsense. I am not find some plot is match to time travel, if talk about time travel it’s should be plot something change in time line from past and future in same world. Not exchanging people from two world with different life situation. <<less
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Kei-Em03 rated it
May 30, 2020
Status: Completed
This is a very mellow novel. About MC waking up into the body of ML's wife. How their relationship transform, how they move pass the superficial trust and pleasantries to really trusting each other and communicating. Villains are barely there so ?


MC was able to meet her dead brother of previous life in the current world. After he died (previously), he woke up in the current world they where in.


MC and OriHost are the same soul. She is her past while She is her present kinda thing.

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
hanma9068 rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: c91
The story is good. I don't really like the ML at first, but I slowly like him after knowing the reason why he dislike FL. With that being said, you need to read more to understand why things happen throughout the story.

Tbh, the story itself is okay. Reason why I rated high is because I really like how the author wrote about their inner feelings.

... more>>

When FL said that she's tired of chasing ML & being ignored make her that way.


This one chapter iz da bom & my favourite. Many novels have this kind of setting, where G chase B annoyingly, then when G gives up & ignores B, B suddenly feels empty in his heart (what a joke).

So the reason why I like this particular chapter is because FL confess everything & won't forget/forgive easily even if she still likes him. So it feels good. And by then, ML also needs to work hard to capture back her heart. Nice going ML! Good job!

Though, the ending is rushed, like, it was all narrated... Kinda disappointed there. And 'original' FL's scenes are just super small lol she was like, a super insignificant character xD <<less
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ainn rated it
July 27, 2022
Status: c81
I stopped reading after the ML was forgiven when he was drunk. I can't continue reading afterwards cause I just think that the current her is just downplaying the experiences and trauma that the previous her went through. I thought I was overreacting for feeling unsatisfied with it but apparently other people also have the same opinions as I do.

If I were in her position, I would put myself in the place of the previous me. Someone who love a person so much and receive barely anything in return. The... more>> previous her genuinely love the granpa and took care of both the ML and grandpa. She stayed up all night waiting for him to come home even made meals for him too (i think dont know can't remember the details) And what did the ML do with all of her affections? He just brushed it all aside like it's nothing. She was suicidal in the end and he got his happy ending. How's that fair?

Now that she showed no interest in him whatsoever and now heading interested? He just drunkly apologised, gave her ride to and back from work everyday, cook for her and invites her to a restaurant and give her roses and stuff. Somehow, doing all this magically made all of things that she went through disappears? The heck is that? I feel so hurt by this cause it seemed like he gave her the bare minimum and once again she fell in love with him even after telling herself that she won't. That's BS and kinda manipulative (?).

I just want more angst, grovelling and regret from the ML before he even could start chasing after her properly. And I also wanna see the FL sticking to her goals which is divorcing the ML and stay true to her heart. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
pastelbunnyyy rated it
November 18, 2020
Status: c26
Unfortunately, I got extremely bored. It was such a promising plot but 26+ chapters in, and none of the characters have shown any depth. Novels usually can keep me hooked until I get halfway so this was... something.

The POVs for all the characters seem too young for their age too - they were supposedly in their mid-late 20s but the POV seems to be written from the POV of a teen which was disconcerting.

I guess it all boils down to personal preference. And I can see it would appeal to... more>> younger readers. :) <<less
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silent hobby
silent hobby rated it
May 9, 2020
Status: Completed
It just light and fluffy novel without too many twist and turn.

It is suitable for light reading and passing the time.

... more>>

FL was trying to avoid the original's body tragic end. She keeps her heart from the ML but she also trying change his grandfather's calamity. The ML is kind to FL and not a forceful type but a bit of blackbelly behind FL.

He secretly set up a fashion studio to help the FL get in to a nice working place. What I love is when the FL find out, instead of furious, she feels her heart warm because ML doing that just for her.


The plot is not deep but quite entertaining. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Gushishi rated it
November 11, 2020
Status: Completed
So sad for the tragedy of the first timeline. She/FL was misunderstood and could not put herself right, eventually, FL killed herself by jumping down the hospital's building.

The FL and the ori!FL is the sake person. FL is the then ori!FL.

*So many loopholes. We should fill them in ourselves and make them sensible enough ourselves.

*The story sometimes jumps here and there..... So confusing and tiring reading it.....

So, 3 stars for the loopholes plot and etc etc cringe part sometimes.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kichullie rated it
June 19, 2020
Status: --
Dang it's so easy for ML to get forgiven by MC in the novel though I also have seen in real life how a woman easily accept them back...

Edit 1: I don't know I'm on chapter 59 now and still have grudge and feel resentment towards the ML.

Edit 2: okaaaaay I finished the book yeaaay!! The almost ending part makes me so haaappy. I was like "EAT THAAAT SWHEEEET!!" to Xu Yanwen lol. My grievance and resentment towards him disappeared after that part!

As you know it's a cliché and typical... more>> transmigration novel. No new things but you will still get hooked by it.

It's maybe sweet for your taste but not really my kind of sugar. The author seems to forget something here and there. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Laviie rated it
June 10, 2020
Status: Completed
Simple and short read.

Not much going on and not much drama. Good for passing time. It’s not a ‘WOW’ story but its something to chew on during quarantine.

MTL is easy to understand.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Eeria rated it
January 11, 2022
Status: Completed
Like a reviewer mentioned the transmigration part is confusing in the novel, it should have been rebirth. I do feel sad for the original FL that got framed. She never got to taste love though the ML liked her as well. As for the ml, I have a hard time accepting the way he drifted apart from the original fl. You grow up happily with a person for your whole life and that’s the amount of trust you have towards that person? That’s sad. Besides those points, which is why... more>> I removed one star, the rest is good. The love story is fluffy. The female lead is not a soft persimmon and the male lead is reliable. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Haruna89 rated it
April 26, 2021
Status: c27
I don't have much to say because there are only 27 chapters at the moment.

Although ML senses that FL has change but he doesn't get overly suspicious. He silently observing FL and slowly accepting her change.

It is a good read but doesn't keep me wanting more.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 11, 2020
Status: c81
I'm going to drop this novel for now because everything's happening according to the usual plot of transmigration novels. It's boring at this point. Moreover, the original female lead now showed up and


she's hatching up a plan to kill the baby in the MC's womb. I'm so tired of cliches like this.


I may come to continue reading this again in the future so I will not rate it for now.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
pinkastrava rated it
August 11, 2022
Status: Completed
Good romance story. Beautiful FL, ML stuck in misunderstanding which hinders his love for her. No angst, things gets resolved quick. Cute
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda
August 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Welp, it was cute and fluff. Spread the hate for the orig FL ! Anyway, it was just your typical Transmigrated novel but I had enjoy reading this.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lacerem rated it
May 6, 2021
Status: c1
It is a nice novel and not too dramatic. People who do not like transmogration plot


It turns out she returned on her previous life. So she is the host.

0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
JewledHu3 rated it
July 31, 2020
Status: c52
I like it, the pacing seems a tad bit slow at times but honestly it makes sense. She can't rush it or completely change because there was no "accident" or "amnesia" that she can claim nor was the ML gone for so let me that it would seem natural. She actually has to make the change seem natural
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ArguingApples rated it
July 27, 2020
Status: Completed
It's a pretty solid read. The MC is level headed and the ML is not that despicable compared to other novel MLs. He really does care and tries his hardest to mend the broken relationship.

Arguably, there are some parts that are irrelevant to the overall story but I also think it puts a nice touch on the world building. I am excited to read more of this story.


it's a light read, you could probably finish it in a day or two. The conflicts get sorted out quickly because of this.... more>> What I really like though was the confrontation between the two. The FL was able to air out her grievances well. I am impressed by that one scene. We really need more of those things in novels like this. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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