Trash of the Count’s Family


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When I opened my eyes, I was inside a novel.

[The Birth of a Hero].

[The Birth of a Hero] was a novel focused on the adventures of the main character, Choi Han, a high school boy who was transported to a different dimension from Earth, along with the birth of the numerous heroes of the continent.

I became a part of that novel as the trash of the Count’s family, the family that oversaw the territory where the first village that Choi Han visits is located.

The problem is that Choi Han becomes twisted after that village, and everyone in it, are destroyed by assassins.

The bigger problem is the fact that this stupid trash who I’ve become doesn’t know about what happened in the village and messes with Choi Han, only to get beaten to a pulp.

“…This is going to be a problem.”

I feel like something serious has happened to me.

But it was worth trying to make this my new life.

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백작가의 망나니가 되었다
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GingerMessiah rated it
May 16, 2019
Status: --
I was initially looking forward to this story given how well received it is. Unfortunately it was bitterly disappointing.

The premise of the story was good but the author failed to give reasonable and logical explanation for the main character’s actions.

If we read some of the positive reviews on here stating how it was “half good” and “half weird” you would realise the problem. The author forcefully created plot and illogical reasoning in the main character to make everything click.

Ancient powers for example, why would the initial novel talk about the... more>> ancient powers of it does not serve a purpose in the initial novel. Considering the fact the main character only read 5 volumes of the novel and not all of it. How could there possibly be enough content to detail how to obtain the power?

When rescuing the Black Dragon, which was never rescued in the initial novel, how could the main character think of using that world’s numerous magical tools to jam magic, create invisibility etc. I would buy the idea if he was the one who wrote the novel and created the world but he did not.

The most annoying and contradicting fact was he wants to live a carefree life but his actions/logic did the opposite. There was no reason for him to visit the capital city and put his life at risk. The main character had set his own life as priority. The naivety of the author and main character was beyond bound - how could his stepmother and step siblings be on good terms with him when vying for the inheritance?

Main character’s objective would have been reached if he simply allowed the initial novel’s protagonist kick his ass once. He would have lived in peace but author says no... <<less
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Monniebiloney rated it
May 1, 2019
Status: c213
Plot:A war is in the horizon, and our protag has 4 years before it starts--its time to collect people for my (Cal's) safety. besides, pain su**s

Best girl? Best Boy? ... more>>


is the tsundere dragon we wanted from the slime isekai, and once he enters the party, the book has changed for ever.

By far, this is my favorite light novel I have ever read. I feel like this novel like of spins the common tropes found in the isekai genre, especially in the "reincarnated as the villain\mob" genre thats poped up as of late. Now, some poeple think this is about a guy that knows the future, trying to get ride of his 'bad end' but he literally escapes is bad end in chapter 3, and his future knowledge is more like "these people are strong" and "something happens in this location" at some point... and the novel has already diverged from his book. Its more like he is a spy master then an isekai protag--he actually becomes one as the story goes on and his book knowledge becomes more useless.

For example, all lolis are kept in animal form 90% of the time. like what, could you imagine that? Animal loli's being in their animal form at almost all times becuase they perfer that form and only turning into lolies when they have to? wow.

though we only have 2/3 loli forms explored, roan's human from is still a mystery... lol

While the novel does have 'misunderstanding' trope used, its not like how they are in other fics. The misunderstanding are almost always on his minions point of view--its rare when our protag does it

For example,

Cal, coughing up blood: "Sh*t I didn't think this would hurt! NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN" *cries internally*

Everyone else: "how SELF SACRIFICING, he did that even knowing he would cough out blood!"


Other things to note: The character names are easy to remember becuase they are all spelled very differently. You know pain when you got a Hisashi and a Hizashi and you get them confused for half the book. Only character with a similar name is Cal and Cage, and Cage isn't really introduced for like a long time and is a priestess and normally gets their title added with their name. (Cal is our protag) <<less
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HumanBeing rated it
April 23, 2019
Status: c305
This novel is such a gem. I think I fell in love with this novel later on when how the little parts of the plot was weaved together. Characters you met now would appear later. And the revealing aspect of this novel is very natural. You can tell the author took the time to build a concrete storyline.

It's a pity people rated this novel so poorly because even if you quickly judge, it deserves to be at least a 3. The MC only knows up to the fourth (?) volume... more>> so he doesn't know it all and BECAUSE he changes HIS CHARACTER'S plot, there's character development in OTHER characters that the ORIGINAL MC wouldn't have done. The major plot hasn't changed & original MC's strength hasn't changed either.

Cale's desire to be a slacker DOESN'T conflict with what he is doing. For me, I know that if I want to live a comfortable lifestyle later on, I need to work hard now. This also has to do with his personality to help others even though he says he'll be a bystander. So really, you just got to have the intelligence to not take Cale's monologues by themselves, but see his actions - WHICH IS WHY the other characters respect him & believe he got their backs.

The character interactions are well done with variety of memorable personalities, and makes me laugh & excited for each new update. SIDE CHARACTERS GOT THEIR SCREEN TIME, but not in the annoying way others authors have done. <<less
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Vesper00 rated it
April 17, 2019
Status: c25
"I want to live a carefree life and know what will happen which is why..." *MC proceeds to change timeline, get involved into all sorts of trouble and do everything to NOT live a carefree life*. Stopped reading around c25 (I think it was c28) as it was too boring reading stupid **** of MC who was busy climbing Gary Stu path while author was stroking himself over his awesome and unique his main character is.
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Aballia rated it
January 13, 2019
Status: c112
This novel is has both pros and cons, but overall it is amazing in my opinion.

Pros: plot twists which makes you certain but also uncertain about the future. One change of the plot leads to many unexpected changes and the ambiguity of why is the reason this novel is so compelling. The reality is you can never uncover all the reasons for everything and your actions will always have unexpected consequences. MC is more of a natural leader which you can't help but want to follow. He is basically a... more>> selfish weakling who scams others and relies on powers and he knows it. Yet you can see how he became that way due to a past trama which he does not wallow in self pity. Most people can't follow his logic, but essentially he just wants a peaceful life and I like how he does not put himself in unnecessary situations such as heroic savings or unnecessarily making strong allies just to satisfy plot. Both heroes and villians can't help but admire him. No fillers such as side character background or pov. Readers analyze them through eyes of MC and sometimes they sound confuzing but one can never truly understand the stories and thoughts behind every character. Also MC does not mess up by revealing a secret or saying something out of bounds causing suspicion. Even I sometimes forget there are some things that must not be revealed to certain ppl. Also very funny moments where MC is like "how the hell did I end up with these idiots sign..." I felt like I gained some internal unjuries from suppresing laughter.

The best part is the revenge section. Most stories is like "You hurt me so I will pay back a thousand times and end up destroying you" or "damn this enemy is persistent and can never die and phew I finally got rid of him... the end" This story gets revenge at a very satisfying way. What pisses off the enemy? Mess up their plans halfway through rather than waiting for the end and cleaning up afterward. What is the best revenge? Let them have a taste of their own medicine. What annoys the villians? Hit and run. Ambushes. Stealing their stuff. Never revealing own identity or leaving evidence behind.

Cons: too much characters, although each is well developed, it gets overwhelming. Also a little too much coincidences where his prior knowledge always comes in play or he accidentaly comes upon a super important item or person and has no choice to save them, of course not without scamming or gaining something in return. But I get why because author need to keep the story interesting.

Overall good novel. Lol I may be a little biased in weighing pros and cons since I thought this was the best novel so far. Ironically MC is weakest amongst all his companions and makes them do all the hard work but they still respect him since he is very reliable and capable. The side characters are not blind followers but are all smart which as you can see makes the MC even more worth admiring. <<less
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tehrealone rated it
January 13, 2019
Status: c59
Ideally I would've given this novel a 3.5/5 but the voting system isn't adept enough to accomplish.

The story itself is intriguing and catchy enough to keep my attention engaged and the main character has an amiable personality. These points by themselves elevate the novel's rating to 4.5 in my eyes.

However, for me its shortcoming is the near cringy interactions between some characters and the MC. I'll give an example in the spoiler below and you can see whether it's something that you find bearable or not.

... more>>

So the context behind this passage is that a few chapters ago Cale released this dragon from captivity and instead of trying to possess it, gave it its freedom before nonchalantly leaving. However, the dragon chooses to follow Cale and has some tsundere-esque personality that I find detestable and ill suited.

All further exchanges between the dragon and Cale always include some manner of the dragon commenting on Cale's weakness and how it needs to protect him but its not doing it because he's friends with Cale or anything.

Cale had walked toward the dragon, that was pretending like nothing was going on and instead kept staring up at the sky. Cale just continued to stare at the dragon that was crouched down on the ground. He then stoically asked the dragon, as if he was throwing a rock into a lake.

“You want to come with me?”
“... You are so weak that you need protection. But I do not like humans.”

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macklinrw rated it
January 2, 2019
Status: c48
I'm just going to put this on record, and by the way, this shouldn't be taken as a full and comprehensive review.

I'm just going to give my thoughts and recommendation as I'm halfway through the chapters currently released to this date.

This novel has continued to surprise me. It started out as a 2 star rating from me, and after 10 chapters that turned into a 3 star rating, and now that I'm close to chapter 50 it's 4 stars.

My expectation were really low reading the first few chapters, but I've... more>> been genuinely surprised and would recommend this novel now.

Overall, it's pretty good, not amazing, but pretty good. I like it, and I feel like if you get past your original expectations and the beginning, you will as well.

Of course, all this will be updated once I'm up to date on the latest chapter if I have the time to do another full review. <<less
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NaoRui04 rated it
December 20, 2018
Status: c92
I love this novel so much, one of the best I read~~

I love how Cale is unknowingly very caring toward his people

... more>>

(like how was emotional when Ron return without his arm and poisoned)


I think it is very realistic that Cale himself doesn’t know that he is getting attached to them.

The plot is really interesting and fun along with the awesome characters.


I think it has a lot of development in the plot how the organisation, mermaid, whale, crown prince, and etc are all connected in some ways and it makes it more creative and increase people’s curiosity.


I can also see the other character’s development through out the story while they come in touch with the MC, Cale. Like how others impression of Cale helps us to have an understanding of character and there the writer develop more detail.

I also like the development in relationship between MC and his people, how they are getting attached and loyal. <<less
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teajjeje rated it
May 12, 2019
Status: c224
I'm writing a review because I really love this novel right now. I think a lot more readers would enjoy it, especially since it actually veers into a direction that is atypical of the genre - but it's only apparent later on. I see other recent reviews have touched on this too. This novel really starts to shine once everything starts coming together.

The first part of the novel, in hindsight, was setting up: the world, the characters in this novel world that the MC read about and proceeded to pick... more>> them up and turn them to his side one by one so that they wouldn't hurt him and so that he can use them later on. This MC is very entertaining to follow and can quickly cook up schemes to use both his allies and his enemies in the best way for himself. In the end, he wants a chill life without worries. But first he's got to handle the war that's coming and ensure he still has a home after it...

And this is where the story REALLY picks up. Once the MC has gathered his pieces just in time for the war that was foretold in the novel he read (he only read up to that point), he no longer can predict everything. TCF turns from a common (but fun!) isekai where you use the knowledge you have to become OP to something amazing, filled with tactics and politics that keep you on the edge of your seat. It's so incredibly exciting to see all the previous story threads come together, to see the characters that the MC was setting up in the early chapters to play a role, to see that the author actually was building up to something instead of pointlessly meandering and everything is finally beginning to pay off. There is clear foreshadowing and build up and hinting of some plot elements to use later on that shows the author has given thought to this, and honestly I did not expect this from what looked to be another generic isekai.

Also, about the characters: although at the moment many are still quite one dimensional, there is no one particularly annoying. In this genre, I'm used to always having annoying characters in the MC's party, or harem members that only add annoyance and drama to the story, or some annoying side character that the MC refuses to get rid of. So I will drop this bomb here and say that TCF has none. Everyone does their part and works hard. Raon is the greatest and mightiest and deserves his own shoutout. As more characters are introduced, we get more entertaining character interactions.

Go give this novel a chance. <<less
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Elheim rated it
April 28, 2019
Status: c120
The novel was entertaining at the beginning but the tropes get rehashed so often that it became stale after a while. Dropped the novel at c120.

Too many misunderstandings and too much tsundere made things too cringey to the point of being unbearable.

I added a point because of Raon. Raon is cute but everybody else, including the MC, is meh.
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BananaApple rated it
December 20, 2018
Status: c77
Honestly, the plot isn't that original -- individual transmigrates into a book that he has started reading but not finished (as that would give away too much information and make things less interesting) and has to live life as one of the would-be cannon fodders of the book. However, this novel does stand apart from others and doesn't have that "this seems like the same novel just with different names" feeling.

I think what really makes this novel enjoyable is the MC's personality, and the fact that he does not get... more>> unreasonable cheats (well he does but... I'll get into that later). Most MC's in this situation have this sort of "don't bother me and I won't bother you... but if you do bother me I'm gonna get immediate revenge now and then mega revenge later" personality. While I do occasionally like them (which why I read them), they do get boring after reading so many. This MC, however, has a "I just want to relax" personality and also gets that he cannot simply relax without doing anything to get himself into a position that allows that. So: laid-back, I-don't-care and don't-want-trouble personality, yet still has goals so that way the novel can actually progress without it seeming out of character for him. He can also seem unapproachable to other characters without trying unlike other MCs. His personality is like a hard-to-approach king or general in other novels. In my opinion, it's a really enjoyable change to the cookie-cutter personalities that MCs tend to have.

Also! About his "unreasonably strong" cheats. Usually in novels like this, the MC gets random cheats (like having super great martial art knowledge from their previous life or a special item) that the body they transferred into never had. They then kick butt that way. This MC, however, uses only his knowledge from the book and his own ability to adapt to any changes to survive. It seems more... realistic. (Yes, I do get that these are usually fantasy worlds where anything can happen. It still seems stupid to me when it does.) Though he does get some cheat strengths, really it's just strong creatures having a habit to like being around him. Really, this is the most cheat-like ability he has. After all, normally not every strong creature tends to like someone. However, even then the author does give reasons for them doing so...

Overall, 5/5 I love this novel. <<less
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Streuya rated it
December 18, 2018
Status: c91
It doesn't do anything too new or revolutionary, but somehow comes across as a bit unique. The MC keeps making excuses for his behavior, but in the end it seems like he doesn't know who he really is.

His view of himself becomes more rationalized and deluded as time goes on; yet, interestingly enough: everyone around him seems to understand at least one facet of his personality better than he does himself. His enemies remain confused... how do you understand the motives of someone who doesn't understand himself?

In the end, we're... more>> all confused and a show of confidence is just that: a show. Kim Rok Soo is written like a real human being: flawed rationality, self delusions, unjustified confidence, and gradually building rage at the injustices visited upon 'his people'... The story may not be the most original, but if you dig deeply enough... you'll find yourself lost, only to realize you've finally opened your eyes.

So yeah: 5 stars <<less
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rhianirory rated it
October 7, 2018
Status: c203
When I first saw the title I rolled my eyes and thought ANOTHER one?! I finally decided to read anyways and I'm very glad I did. So far the MC is surprising complex and there hasn't once been a desire for hard work, restructuring his families lands or business organization, or reinventing steam engines/gunpowder/high heels/flush toilets.

there's also no big personality change from his old world to the new one; the guy is scared of death and hates pain and everything he does is to ensure his safety and protection. There's... more>> no sudden burning desire to get stronger or prove himself to his new family or to work hard. I love how laid back he is and he seems almost diabolically clever at times, though a lot of that so far is due to him having read up to book five of the series. He's manipulative and tsundere. He leaves a lot of things up to the other persons interpretation and he's not the most reliable narrator when talking about himself. i have to give koudos to this story. I usually hate stories with this much political maneuvering and end up skipping chapters due to my eyes glazing over and my attention wandering but that hasn't happened here (yet). The humor and the MC have kept me interested enough to stick with it, even through the politics. I just hope it doesn't degenerate into a romance/ harem later on. <<less
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Raneday rated it
October 4, 2018
Status: c33
Don't be mislead by the title and associate it with any xianxia novels (Well that was my own experience at first)

Well after reading the novel I was easily hooked up with it and could say that the novel is a decent fantasy action novel. It has a good pacing of the story and the MC was quite likable too
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Zyst rated it
September 29, 2018
Status: c25
This novel follows a common premise of transmigrating into a petty villain’s body. Frankly, I don’t like those kinds of stories much but I decided to give it a shot, and I’m glad I did.

The main character is weak, and conflict resolution is handled completely by using other people, or social methods. So far, the transition of the character going from trash to what he is becoming has been handled very nicely. Most social interactions are heartwarming so far.

I’m not sure if the interactions will continue along this route, but... more>> seeing how well the writer has handled all the things they have done so far, I am sure that whatever they do will end up being good.

All in all, I would recommend this! If you are looking for a main character who handles their problems through other people, or through words this would be a great choice! <<less
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CoffeeHandShaky rated it
July 28, 2019
Status: c120
This is boring as hell, I thought it was a good novel based on the reviews but it is just your typical hero saving the weak with plot armors and deus ex machina. The side characters are all 1 dimensional just like a puppet with no character development, also the author tried so hard to be comedic but he failed terribly, who wants to laugh at the MC repeatedly saying he wants to live a slacker life blah blah blah, it was funny at first but It's just ridiculous how... more>> the author repeats this every few paragraphs. At first I'm kinda interested in this because of it's unique concept but the execution of it is just terrible. <<less
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cleesus rated it
July 20, 2019
Status: c288
I really do enjoy this story, but there seems to be too much unnecessary talking and explanations that repeat the same things or do not add to the story in order to pad the story length.

Honestly around chapter 120-150 or so the plot starts to slow down a lot and it takes much longer to get anything done than it previously did. Just seems like the author decided to add filler in, besides that the story is fun and enjoyable and maybe this wont be as bad if you can... more>> read the story in one go but right now each battle seems to take like 30-50 chapters even tho not much is happening. <<less
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CatCat19 rated it
June 17, 2019
Status: c257
I loveeeee it

Its not typical common story of transportation into novel (tbh, I i prefer female lead than male). But I like how MC 'behave', he so so tsundere type (lmao). I like the progress with almost never ending problem.

MC not OP from the beginning, he gain his power step by step. I like how twisted our MC. From villain role he try to avoid bad situation, instead he change the story. And after change it his mindsetup try to make heroes and CS to meetup, but he change the... more>> story further.

Its so so fun to read, I binge read it and still starve for more chapters.

A good story that you wont bored from chapter 1 till the latest <<less
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Greene rated it
April 26, 2019
Status: c281
This novel is so good! This is so in line with my tastes. The characters' interactions and internal monologues are so funny especially the misunderstandings. Lol. Anyways, the first 100+ chapters tackle world building and character introductions so I think that readers should try to be patient and give this novel a chance first. In the later part, (which is in 180+ chap or so) the plot development will take an exciting turn. All the characters introduced will have their own part in the overall picture. Even though this... more>> implies that the novel's atmosphere will be a shade darker and heavier, it's not. The author still retains the humorous vibe of the novel.

Well, for me, overall this is pretty enjoyable and exciting as it is especially I'm being stressed out from all the novels I've been reading with darker plots. And since, I can't help it I spoiled myself and read the raws. Lol. <<less
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WagKalimutan rated it
March 9, 2019
Status: c200
Super super awesome. It's my favorite for the year 2019!!! The MC is so cooollll.. he is not OP, it's not boring and funny. I love how the MC dislike "troublesome" fame and power. It's all how the MC should be. Not weak but not duper super strong either. It's so fun.. plot is check. MC is check. Characters is check. Villains is check. Villagers is check. It's not perfect but close to, so far...
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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