Trapped with the CEO


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She was drugged by her ex-boyfriend and had her first night with a mysterious man.

To revenge her ex, she married this man, starting a new life being spoiled by his love.

They drew a line at their relationship, yet he ignored it over and over again.

“From this moment on, I will give you what you want.” He whispered in a soft voice, indulging her, until she found that his love was not pure.

“Our marriage ends now.” After learning the truth, she stormed out of him without hesitation.

But life brought her back to him a few years later, as her reappearance amazed him. She doesn’t understand, why this man keeps haunting and torturing her after he had got what he wanted from her.

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Tian Jia Chong Qi
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New MatchaGirl rated it
August 6, 2018
Status: --
Unfortunately, this one's like a train wreck. You know it can get worse but you can't bring yourself to stop looking because you want to know how bad it will be.

The ML is truly an idiot of the first order, and the FL comes in a close second because as much as she wants her dignity, she throws it away just to try to keep the ML. This couple lacks one or two, or several brains.

You hope it might get better after a few chapters, you know, expecting that one... more>> of them might become somewhat wiser, and then one or both of them does something stupid.

Seriously. <<less
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New yuki12342 rated it
August 6, 2018
Status: c24
This novel is horrible! I would not recommend anyone with intelligence to read this. There is no character development at all, and the plot is highly basic. The main character is, frankly, stupid. The author tried really hard to make her to be a relatable “suffering woman”, but it just failed. Everything about this story is trash. I tried giving a chance but I could not stand the main character of the plot any longer.
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Pythagoras Theorem
Pythagoras Theorem rated it
March 20, 2018
Status: c30
This is sad. Really sad.

I started off reading the novel, thinking "This is a bit different." (Emphasis on "bit" tho)

I mean, it is the cliché "rich, talented beauty gets f**ked over by best friend and fiancé, then proceeds to f**k a rich and handsome man and face slaps" but I thought it would be different because the MC didn't really go all, "you f**ked me up!? I'll f**king fry you & your fam's [email protected]#£&@#!?!!!" but she sorta took it one step at a time and kinda end up relying... more>> on this newfound husband of hers. Which I don't blame her because it makes sense.

I mean, reading about a strong and independent woman is nice and all but sometimes, don't you ever wonder about sh*t like "isn't she supposed to be a spoilt rich heiress?? Why is she able to take all this in stride and be done with it?" It just doesn't make sense.

And this MC does make sense. She's spoilt and all and it shows. She doesn't act spoilt after she fell and tries to be a better person, which is good, but she still comes off as dependent on others. She would have also committed suicide if she wasn't saved by the ML which makes lots of sense because her world turned upside down, her grandma died and her father told her she was an orphan and ran away. I would have killed myself if that was me too.

But it stopped making sense after that. It just took a dive.

The MC started doing crazy sh*t like get drunk and into trouble whenever she can, her fear for her husband comes and goes as she pleases, she fights her ex best friend at her workplace, gets into jail and proceeds to hijack her husband's car and then speeds on the highway until she gets chased by police cars.

And don't get me started on those police cars. They fell from a trick where the MC signals left and goes right? Did they follow the rules so much that their brains fried?!

And the ML is angry, yeah, but he literally does nothing about it except warning her repeatedly, which she ignores, repeatedly. Like wtf. You got into trouble (and almost gang raped at that) by getting drunk once and you still go clubbing?! Seriously, wtf?! Are you mentally retarded?!

Another beef I have with this sh*t is that they (the MC and her friend) made headlines about almost murdering the ex best friend at their workplace and another shop would actually hire them the next day? Is that shop mentally retarded too? These girls here almost killed this customer at their former workplace. And funny thing, they actually hired the friend because she had experience. HA!

I am sad because I gave this a chance and had my hopes up. You guys can read it if you're into mindless romance with a sh*tty MC trying to get herself killed. Yeah, you know, that would actually make sense. Is the MC just trying to get herself killed by doing all this sh*t? Is this novel actually secretly called "Trying to kill myself and the CEO" because she's definitely killing the guy with the amount of work she's giving him.

"I will die by getting into multiple trouble while I kill my husband by letting him clean up all my mess until he's overworked and dies from stress."

Another good title for this is "Trapped with the stupid cunt". Though as sad as I am for the ML, he had it coming. That's why kids, you should never marry a woman you barely know. Especially if she was a one night stand. Because your d*ck is NOT a good marriage partner finder.

Oh and I might as well review the translator. I didnt find any problems using the site like the other reviewer but I do have problem with how they westernised the names. Like wtf is this. And tbh, with all the names westernised to sh*t like Harry, Lola, Wendy, Zoe and etc just made me realise just how similar these type of modern Chinese webnovels are to harlequin romances.

So in conclusion, I give it a 1 star because it might suck balls but at least it teaches us that d*cks are not meant for using to find a wife. Neither is a one night stand. <<less
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Liya rated it
July 6, 2018
Status: c260
Recently, I'm trying to read some romance manhua and romance CN novels to broader my reading list. However, it is really sad that many of them always use rap3 then a marriage contract and then forced s3x by the husband. And here's another one. MC got her first time stolen by a stranger and he got interested in her; he is Mr. A-list with a serious psychological problem: A narcissist dck. About the MC, she loves to get drunk and a childish troublemaker, it's hard to grow any sympathy toward... more>> her. She begs to the ML way too easily and after hundreds of chapter, she still doesn't grow any self-esteem or dignity. And another story with stereotype btch antagonists bully the protagonist wherever she goes.

Creativity of the story is 0. The only way you can hook up by a guy in this series was through rape. Why? The MC's bestfriend also got her 1st first time stolen by a stranger and then married him. MC's mother got her first time stolen by her father and then married him. Then Antagonist got her first time stolen by the director and producer. And more! Another sequel of this series with a similar premise!

That's it. *Smh* <<less
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mayo6683 rated it
January 13, 2018
Status: c72
Very interesting story. I found this novel as a well written one. Recommendable to read if you like this kind of genre.
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Ava07 rated it
March 8, 2018
Status: c47
If there was a way to give zero stars, I would. The story itself is okay but the website/app where it is published is absolutely awful! Firstly, it wouldn't allow us access for many days. Both my friends and I kept getting the message that the book isn't open even though the newest chapter would show up on novelupdates as posted/released for many days... what is the point of saying you have released a chapter and then not allowing access? Is it to increase the click count? Such a disappointment!

And... more>> then finally, we were able to read the chapters but the alignment was completely screwed up... half the sentences were off screen and no amount of realigning, playing with font size/screen size etc would help. And no, this review is not based on just one laptop. I have tried viewing this story and the moboreader app on 2 laptops, 1 desktop, my phone + my bf's iphone... all with the same atrocious results! Both my friends too had problems viewing on their phones! So, I doubt this is an isolated situation.

This is my first time writing a negative review. That's how frustrated we are. Goes to show how even a decent story can quickly lose readers/viewers when released on a bad platform. Would highly recommend the authors/translators to try switching to wattpad or any of the other wonderful translating groups websites/blogs. <<less
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Meihime rated it
July 18, 2018
Status: c200

This novel hooked me up until 200+ chapters. I cant believe I made it until there because I have a great expectation about this story. The sad thing was there was no development at all. The ML didnt trust and believe the MC and when he learned about the truth, he even bullied the MC and got the nerved to be angry. Like, what the h3ck?? The MC didnt even face slapped the ML about it. Hello? She lost her first child because of his ex, endangered her life because of his ex, he didnt even said sorry to her about it, and she was still chasing after him? URK!


Ridiculous! I finally dropped this story. It totally wasted my time. I dont review stories but this made me.
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gongzhumai13 rated it
April 11, 2018
Status: c165
This is frustrating me ugh. So not good for my health. As much as I wanted to keep following the story, (to even went as far as reading the raws but) the plot just gets more and more frustrating. Yes, we got a billionaire, but too much of an idiot for a Male lead. Tch
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January 30, 2018
Status: --
Its pretty bad imo. Too cheesy and then the FL is just helpless. I try to like it because there are not many modern novel in this site and the rating is pretty high but the more I read it the more I hate it. So I probably will check this after the translator finished this.
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Maharanie27 rated it
January 19, 2018
Status: c20
The best modern era Chinese novel I ever read... try it and you will like it too.. fresh and not heavy story. For you that looking for light and fluffy story then try it.
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ImSnipingYou rated it
March 28, 2018
Status: c69
Well, I enjoy it, mostly because I enjoy anything that has some goods face-slapping.

And the Male Lead is in for a really good shower of those.

... more>>

The husband is a d*ck. He said he will protect her smile, then his ex showed up and attacked the MC behind the shadows, and MC was defamed. What did the husband do to "protect" her smile? Strangle her till she was about to die. Reason? He believes in everyone's words except his wife's.

Now the 2nd ML (Who is, thanks to the MC's halo, the youngest President in history) is working to snatch her away and I can't wait for the husband to find the truth and kneel in front of her to beg for forgiveness. Also, according to the description, the divorce is drawing near.


And also, it is kinda slow-paced. Would appreciate it if there were more than one chapter daily, or the chapters were longer.

Note: I didn't have any problem with the website at all, neither on PC or Smartphone. <<less
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Titi-ma rated it
July 22, 2018
Status: c74
This novel is very annoying me. How can a smart guy like Harry believe such lies easily. With all his wealth yet there's no cctv cam in his villa what a fool you is to bully Lola for the sake of his ex. If I were Lola I should have gone off with president just to give him a taste of his own medicine.
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