Trapped with Daniel


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An independent sequel to the story Trapped with the CEO

Daniel Si was a strong capable businessman. He was known as the world’s youngest and most distinguished CEO after taking over his father’s company at the age of 25. Such a powerful man seemed to know little about himself.

Janet Shao was a mischievous woman. She grew up with Daniel. Throughout her entire childhood, and into her adult life, Daniel Si had always been there. They were very good friends, more like brother and sister.

Oh wait, you may find their surnames familiar. BINGO! This is a story about Harry Si’s son and Samuel Shao’s daughter. Is their relationship going to play out the way it did with their parents? Will they be together or just maintain friends? Complicated yet intriguing…

Associated Names
One entry per line
Tian Jia Chongqi
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Trapped with the CEO (Prequel)

Latest Release

Date Group Release
09/28/18 MoboReader c105
09/28/18 MoboReader c104
09/27/18 MoboReader c103
09/27/18 MoboReader c102
09/26/18 MoboReader c101
09/26/18 MoboReader c100
09/25/18 MoboReader c99
09/25/18 MoboReader c98
09/21/18 MoboReader c97
09/21/18 MoboReader c96
09/20/18 MoboReader c95
09/20/18 MoboReader c94
09/19/18 MoboReader c93
09/19/18 MoboReader c92
09/18/18 MoboReader c91
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