Transmigrating to the Seventies as an Educated Youth


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Su Qingyu, who was preparing to become a college-educated cadre, transmigrated. She finds herself back in the 1970s, where the body’s biological parents were in a restructured family, favoring their children from the previous marriage over her. Even the opportunity to go to the countryside was only given to her, the youngest child.

Su Qingyu, shouldering the burden, thought, “Isn’t this just being an educated youth in the countryside? If I do it well, I can even become a village official!”

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My Poverty Alleviation Efforts in the 1970s
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Chisaki rated it
March 13, 2024
Status: c27
I really enjoyed the beginning of the story. The MC transmigrates into a girl in a difficult position, as written in the synopsis. Quickly, she makes a plan on how to solve all her problems and gets to work. She's able to maneuver around the complicated family dymanics with ease, securing the best advantage for herself and leaving with much heavier pockets and a better relationship with her family than the 'original' ever had. Good for her! I thought that this type of scheming would lessen once the MC moves... more>> out to the countryside. But it just. Keeps. On. Happening.

The MC always knows how to make people like her and how to make them do what she wants. She can see right through people's hearts. She views them as 'connections' that she can make use of in the future. Although she has good intentions and may genuinely like some of these people, their interactions feel so fake because of all her calculations. <<less
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