Transmigrating into the Villain’s White Rabbit Master


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Also known as [How do I bend the Villain Roommate], a master-disciple relationship on the surface.

It’s one thing to transmigrate into a book, but what’s that about transmigrating into a rabbit spirit that has cultivated a human form?

Although Bai Yuming was the sect’s highly respected and prestigious Yuede Immortal Master, a celebrated rabbit spirit elder, but the only role he had in the book was that he was turned into a rabbit fur scarf by the protagonist.

The little rabbit wasn’t willing to part with his soft and white fur, packing his little bundle, he was ready to escape at any time.

However the opportunity never came, and the little rabbit came across the little villain with crippled spiritual roots.

Alas, seeing that they would both be slaughtered by the protagonist in the future, he would just let him stay to have a meal.

“Master, this is the carrot that I grew.”

Refreshing and crunchy, delicious!

“Master, I made a new den for you.”

Dry and comfortable, good to use!


How could his cute little disciple be so good, he would definitely save the little villain.

But no matter how the little rabbit tried to live as a recluse, the little villain still entered the Demonic path and was chased out from the sect, enduring the whole cultivation world’s rejection.

He too walked along the original body’s destiny and was imprisoned.

Just as he thought he was going to become a rabbit fur scarf, the boisterous marriage procession appeared at the bottom of the sect’s mountain.

“Requesting the Yuede Celestial Master to marry the Demonic Master in the interest of peace for the common people.”

“Ji?!” The little rabbit was frightened to the point that the carrot in his mouth was no longer fragrant.

The handsome villain slowly walked out, “Master, marrying yourself to me can achieve peace for the three realms, and there are also carrots to eat everyday oh.”

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16 Reviews

New Monicas
Apr 29, 2021
Status: c54
This is a good novel. The beginning of story may get you confused but be patient and continue reading it until up 40 chapters and you will find yourself get hooked up.

The story is fun and heartwarming the interaction between MC and ML so funny. Don't expect it become like rebirth of cannon fodder counter-attack protagonist or another dark isekai because this is chill story. Just enjoy it and sip your tea.

P.S Please ignore bad reviews from readers who read just in beginning
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New YoruHana
Apr 22, 2021
Status: c29
I'm the type of reader who read each word.. And does not skip in reading.

But this books is forcing me to skip. Gosh there are too many monologue from the ML which has becoming toooo annoying.

And it takes 2 paragraphs. 🙄🙄🙄 40%- 60% always involve him being a demon lord in his past life for every chapter!.

Damn author.
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Feb 03, 2021
Status: --
Hello everyone! I'm Lena and I'm the new translator of this novel, I'm still learning chinese so criticism is always open, so please do tell me if there's some part that's confusing to you and I'll try my best to fix it ^^.

This started as my personal project, but I wanted to share with you guys since it's a cute story to me :-D
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Oct 01, 2020
Status: --
it's cute ! I'm sorry for my translation lol but I'm reading the raws now it's a little slow but very cute!! if you like the naive master x black belly disciple kind of novel... unfortunately the master is really.... s*upid but the disciple is smart enough to make up for it
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Apr 01, 2021
Status: --
The story is really cute, I've tried to read the raws since the translation is not finished yet (I'm not a patient person). At first I also felt MC was s*upid, can't do anything and needs to depend on his 10 yr old disciple, but when I read further, I realized MC isn't as s*upid and unreliable as people said.

... more>>

MC is transmigrated into this world (like most story does) and he found the young boy, Mo Shulin, also future Demon Lord, came into his place to seek shelter. Bai Yuming realized it was the Demon Lord and decided "Eh, why not, both of us will die at the protagonist's hands anyway, so let's just have a good time together." Bai Yuming is s*upid and unreliable because the world he used to live in and the world he's currently in, have different common sense. Bai Yuming was never meant to be a master, never meant to be a reliable elder and that's the fun part, seeing a modern, dependant on his mother college student suddenly became an elder that has power and status with no one to help him.

Bai Yuming also knew he's not meant for this job but he tried his best for his little disciple, wanting to teach Mo Shulin that being a demon cultivator isn't always a bad thing. He knew Mo Shulin hated himself when he was a Demon Lord. Mo Shulin is ashamed being a demon since he thought that his whole existence is an embarassment to his family, and Bai Yuming wanted to change that view, wanted to give his 10 yr old disciple a safe place to live in by not being bullied in the outer sect like his last life.

That's what I like about him, he'd do anything to let Mo Shulin live comfortably and not let him be wronged (though he's a very useless elder) but the thought also counts. There's one part where Mo Shulin cried, fearing his master would leave him but even though Bai Yuming doesn't understand Mo Shulin's thought, he still stayed there and comfort the already broken and battered young Mo Shulin.

Bai Yuming also gave Mo Shulin an advice regarding love and possessions. There's one chapter where Yan Qianqian and the slag scum were fighting and claimed it was love, Mo Shulin agrees to the point where love is about not wanting to share their lover to another, wanting their lover for themselves and don't want their lover to see others but Bai Yuming told him it wasn't love, but possessiveness. Love was meant to be a beautiful thing and an experience that would let you feel happiness all over but if it only made tou felt trapped and caged as if there's a chain holding you back, then it's not love. And there's where Mo Shulin realized his feeling towards Bai Yuming was something similar to a kid wanting to protect their beloved toy from other people touch and sight.

And in the secret realm, both of them spent their time together, it's very cute and honestly made me felt "Hey, maybe this is not so bad after all."


Their relationship is really enviable, the progress between the two of them aren't fast but not slow either, just right. The thing that this story has unlike other, is that they actually communicate, they understand each other and honestly I really like it.

I understand some people said MC is s*upid bla bla bla is because the translation is still in chapter 40 and so, it still has a long way to go to show MC's gentle and caring side, but hey, once the translation is already finished, I'll also reread the story again lmao. <<less
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Feb 20, 2021
Status: c25
I gave up, the rabbit master is abit too dumb for my liking. It makes me sigh everytime there's an obvious solution but he doesn't take it.

... more>>

like killing demons for money to buy his house. He said he can't do it, but didn't even secretly try. The story already said he can fly really fast, so I doubt location/timing/secrecy is the problem.

And oh my god, the house issue made me so mad. Cause he looked through his purse and knows he has ZERO money. And what does he do? Buys possibly of the most expensive houses+alterations.

Then the next plot point is about the ML and MC having to do jobs, which brings in the previous point. And just further highlights the incompetency of the MC to even sit still and not break the things that the ML has done.



and there is no system or punishment for no following the plot line, so why don't the MC just up and go live somewhere far away, the plot literally says he's going to be r*ped and made into a scarf, like? They do say that the world is smaller than protaganist halo, but that is a really weak point imo, like who told you, it's not like you experimented right? (Atleast idt he did)


All in all this novel pushes all the wrong buttons in terms of the MC. He's really dumb and draws assumptions based on nothing, and makes short sighted decisions that have immediate consequences.

The translation is alright (?), but maybe the way the story is written. The starting chapters gave me a headache, cause we expected a MC pov, but instead get more of ML pov.

I'm not going to rate it, as only reading 25 chapters isn't fair, and NU doesn't allow the change of ratings I believe. I'm going to wait for more chapters and see whether I can appreciate it more in the future. <<less
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Mar 31, 2021
Status: c1
I actually read the raws and though the MC is st*pid or dense like other people are saying, personally I think that's a part of his charm

... more>>

Though he didn't know much about the world he's in nor cultivate but he's trying his best for the ML and it's stated that he wanted the ML to accept himself as a demon cultivator, ML hated himself for falling into the demon path and MC thought when ML was in his child body, MC could at least give ML a better childhood but he didn't expect ML got reborn. MC is actually wise regarding feelings and other things since he gave ML a love advice after they met Yan Qianqian before entering the secret realm.


I felt quite sad knowing people has been giving MC bad reviews in the comments, I understand people wanted to read cool cultivation tricks and stuff but this story is mainly about both MC and ML journey with each other.


Yes MC is cowardly, st*pid and lazy but some of us also have his traits too, but even with all of this, MC is willing to appease ML and try his best to fix the mechanical rats he broke. That's why I like Bai Yuming, even if most of his hardwork is for him to become lazier, but when it comes to the people he cares about, he wouldn't hesitate to do it. Bai Yuming also shaves all of his precious rabbit furs just to save ML from his coma, it was so heartwarming to me

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Mar 12, 2021
Status: Completed
So I was reading for the daily fluffy interactions of the silly cute rabbit master enjoying life reading cheesy romance scripts while the ML runs around repairing the house. Then the house collapse and it's funny that they go about saving money by selling stuff to build a new one. Then plot picks up and more colorful characters fill the world (yeah there's a mermaid-tribe subplot lol). Finally you find out the truth and realize the author did an amazing job building up and foreshadowing was so obvious all along.

What... more>> I really admire is the natural relationship development and interaction of the MC and ML.

So MC ignores ML in the beginning, but later (when another disciple joins them) ML realized MC is the type that needs time to adapt to new situations LOL.

When they were in the fairy realm, ML was going through the final test where he was answering questions and he fails at the last step because even though he admits he loves MC (3 times!), his love isn't the pure unselfish kind (and MC is oblivious of course, just kindly comforts him and tells him it's okay that he failed).

So their feelings progress nicely (not too slow though :)) ML, who already realizes he wants MC as a taoist companion, gets aged up by a grandpa supporting their love from the fairy realm lolol and also that arc was sweet because MC was in a glitchy illusion of modern times so he knows it's fake but he's enjoying himself because he misses wifi and technology - at this point ML finds him and is confused at first but they somehow have an impromptu date. Dw they're pretty much already have an unintentional marriage contract at this point LOL)

It's also a cute healing story of MC being heaven's gift for the rebirth ML. :3

And the ending was something I should have seen coming it was a really good ending (bittersweet and happy ending) which wraps up and concludes the plot nicely

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Oct 16, 2020
Status: Completed
The story is a bit confusing but at the end there will be an explanation. What I like is that ML doesn't break through cultivation quickly and he is very worried about MC. Judging from fanwai, it turns out that ML can leapfrog space. And there is fanwai about the real Bai Yuluo and her partner too.
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Apr 19, 2021
Status: c40
Positive: It’s pretty cute and the MC is a rabbit!!! Rabbit’s are just too cute!

Negative: A lot of plot holes (but negligible if you don’t think too much or you make excuses for the story yourself)

Overall: It’s still good to read but don’t expect too much especially if you’ve read similar novels (transmigration, master x disciple)
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Porridge for the soul
Porridge for
Apr 11, 2021
Status: Completed
Heartwarming and fun read. It was enjoyable seeing how they fall in love, how they interact, and how they care for each other.

The below is me spoiling the final plot twist (last 3 extra chapters of the series), don't read if you haven't finished reading...
... more>>

I'm upset at the fact that Xiao Yu, their disciple died, and the mushroom grandpa never came out and interacted with him. Xiao Yu had a difficult life, and his death was so upsetting!!!! It was one of my favourite moments seeing Xiao Yu and the gramps get along so well with each other, and how he had progressed after being given a chance. But they never met in reality, and Xiao Yu died in mushroom gramps' realm. : (

It's also upsetting that Shangguang Zhu qing had to experience his love ones die in front of him.

But it was nice knowing that Yan Qing Ling and the original BYM got married in their next life. YQL said that he probs never really love BYM, but he still decided to commit suicide due to the emotional pain and found BYM in his next life. That was so wholesome!

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Apr 07, 2021
Status: Completed
The foreshadowing actually connected the dots in the end. At first glance you think ML is an idiot but hes actually not, at the same time his ignorance on the world is realistic if youre placed in his shoes. His carefree and and somewhat 'idiotic' character is pretty likable as he tries his best to be optimistic but at the same time be keenly aware of his surroundings.

The love was not slow and not too fast. There are indeed time skips but this is better than dragging it a hundred... more>> more chapters on fillers.

Really tho when you think you saw the plot twist, turns out theres another plot twist thats actually pretty justifiable and you think back, "wait a min this explains this pov of the ML in the early chapter" kind od Eurika moment

All in all, a good read with bittersweet happy ending and healing for the ML. Makes you envy their love that stood strong beyond realms <<less
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Apr 02, 2021
Status: Completed
light read no intricate scheme or cool scene. But still nice read. I love the progress of the MC an ML no instant love, though the ending is kinda confusing since I use MTL

MC is so relatable like if it was me, I would probably do the same. Hoarding myself with lots of cheesy novel. But aside of being lazy and a little dumb. The MC is caring and gentle perfect fit for insecure ML
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Mar 29, 2021
Status: --
The MC was too s*upid. He didn't even use much brain. Obscurely he is powerful but didn't fight back or at least be a little more cleaver.
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Ice-cream Queen
Ice-cream Qu
Mar 27, 2021
Status: c37
I'm not gonna rate it since I haven't finished it however, the MC isn't too s*upid like people are saying.

... more>>

I think the main reason people think he's s*upid is bc he doesn't know how to do many things like fighting and making artifacts which I think is kinda realistic since he didn't get the memories of the previous owner otherwise he does have some moment where it's showcased that in some situations although he knew that a person is not genuinely nice to him he decided to ignore it in some situations

It's also that he knows how unhelpful he is and he is accepting that he is kinda unreliable in many situations compared to the ML

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shrazu nyaa
shrazu nyaa
Feb 08, 2021
Status: c2
Thanks a lot fr picking this up translator sama!! Originally just after reading the first chapter of this novel I immediately auto translated the raws but I felt my brain cells being exhausted reading it. Tbh I hv a fetish fr bl master nd disciple relationships. So that's y I was loving this novel a lot but I'm not able to move forward.. Aah such a pain it was but now tht it's being translated I'm so very happy!!
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