Transmigrating into the Villain’s Sickly Childhood Friend


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Qiao Wen was accidentally transmigrated into a 1970s Hong Kong style novel and became cannon fodder with the same name who died young.

The cannon fodder was the villain’s childhood friend in the novel. Due to a lack of funds, he died of a serious illness. His death was also the catalyst for the villain’s descent into madness, leading him down a bloody path of unscrupulous deeds for money, which eventually resulted in his tragic death from a stray bullet.

Qiao Wen, who had just awoken from a coma in a hospital bed, gazed at the dashing villain who was about to cut people with a knife in order to raise enough money to treat the original owner.

—— I believe this individual can still be saved.

While trying to make a fortune and get out of the slums, Qiao Wen stopped the villain from going dark.

It was necessary to establish a factory and engage in commercial activity.

Investing in stocks and real estate speculation are not to be overlooked.

It was also necessary to make movies and earn money in the entertainment industry.

In the meantime, fight evil forces in order to bring justice to the world.

——I am a legend, not a cannon fodder.

Just as everything seemed to be going smoothly, Qiao Wen noticed that the villain’s eyes were becoming increasingly strange, as if they had gone to the darkside.

He comforted the other person by patting them on the shoulder and saying, ”We’ll be good brothers, for a lifetime.”

‘En, good brothers under one quilt,’ said someone with a grin on his face.

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The Weak Bamboo Horse Dressed as a Villain
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zuzuo3o rated it
September 11, 2021
Status: Completed
this novel is very interesting and alao well written, the history its all cool...

ML doesnt have love for og owner he falls in love with our MC so dont worry

he only has desire to protect og owner as his bro <when he learns about og owners death from MC, this silly guy cries for hrs and ignores MC for a week>

... more>> ML and MC characters are well written

ML is a sunny guy, hes optimist and carefree <ah this guys acting skills are top notch >

MC kinda introverted, but firm and determined his body is weak tho

this novel is fun, mixed with mystery, case solving, smuggling drugs and arms, business start up etc

all side characters are well written

ppl might think author is tryna white wash brother fei but no he didnt MC just says that just like mingxi kid they adopted, if bro fei had someone gd who showed him kindness like leopard boss he might not have gone through crooked road <as he just wanted to repay kindness >

like in og novel ML did go on crooked part and became second leopard boss, even tho ML has righteousness the circumstances lead him to do that and he died

villains are really interesting here especially the final boss

<i never believed him in 1st place> MC just couldnt judge at first cause of similarity of his face with his past bro lin nan

but atlast he wasnt foolish but caught him

and poor ML hurt hos heart thinking MC doesnt like him

the last boss is really lunatic


there are few plot holes

like one of 5th boss died in plane crash like um halo xD


i was disappointed in lins dad thought he just favoured his 1st son but its a twist UwU

its filled with action and the risks these both take having near death experience like more than twice

ML always gets saved by MC lmao

ML becomes a martial art director

MC business man

fanwai we see them loving over 70+ year

and MC insisting hong kong will merge with china <some might not like it>

even female here are strong af

its cute when MC sees ML and protagonist gets along well

real worth the time go ahead and read this ~

ML is so cute >~<

MC is typical beauty brings disaster like helen ~ <<less
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ylial rated it
September 13, 2021
Status: Completed
I really love it!! ❤️❤️❤️ Definitely a gem!! I thought I couldn't find any more good novel with depth. Some novels with depth are depressing, but in here there's hope. It is also realistically written - the hardship of earning money in several ways, and the changes of MC, everyone really notice it.

There is no annoying characters too, each is described well (probably the ML a little bit bcoz he is dim witted). I also love how the MC acted as the "brain" of the team in the... more>> Vietnam War. The story isn't like investment life or epiphanies of rebirth where they focused more on business management. In here there's a different segment of MC/ML's life: business management, 10days to half a month of war, love development with MC, entertainment (brokerage) etc. But the story mainly focused on their struggle against Wu Ye.

I want more similar novels!!!!! 😭😭😭 <<less
10 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
peachtoplease rated it
October 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Interesting story with plot but the ending is too abrupt. 5/5 anyway.
The setting was in Hongkong at the turbulent mafia gangs time which is refreshing for 60-80s chinese novel. Details and plot are fun and interesting although It ended too easy with no much clear explanation. It’s a pity.

MC is very smart like his brain exceptionally works. Everything he did turn s best. ML in the original novel, he was the big villain with evil plans. The existence of MC here turns him to be an innocent man? Kinda... more>> more normal than the original novel.


I have questions here...

1. Where’s QW original disease? His body was soo bad that he gonna died but when MC came It disappeared? That little exercise couldn’t make big disease recover right?

2. The masterminds were easily ended by hands of few youngster. The author also didn’t mention the aftermath which I think It’s very important. How Lin family will solve heir issue. How the other masterminds that didn’t die be punished. How MC and ML business and couple life are going? A lot of things that the author didn’t mention...

5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
ShadowAscetic rated it
November 8, 2021
Status: Completed
The description about their life in walled city is really interesting, and the plot twist about big villain is quite good (although the ending is too abrupt and that one extra can't cover their future journey quite nicely).

When I read 'Villain ML' novel I always expect a cold/arrogant type of guy, but this one ML is really interesting. He's a real gangster, but he's actually a sunny type of guy who likes to ride motorcycle while wearing denim jacket and fighting tugs while wearing suit. It also can be seen... more>> that MC keep ML in rein, without MC he would become a villain real quick.

4.5 star for the first part of the novel, 3 star for the later part, 5 star for MC and ML personality. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
darcyreads rated it
September 17, 2021
Status: --
Okay, I've only read the first two chapters so far, but I can tell this is going to love this work.

First off, the translation is incredible. The environment and descriptions are rich and vibrant and the MC already seems to have a multifaceted personality! I'm super interested in seeing where this goes so I hope it keeps updating regularly!
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Adelina92 rated it
November 3, 2021
Status: Completed
the MC and ML are lovable and not too op.

i also love how the kowloon gangs setting are depicted. im really a sucker for poor to rich tags...

the ending is too abrupt.. and I cant find the extra... 😖
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kaylee rated it
February 10, 2022
Status: Completed
Set in Hong Kong, in the famous Kow Loon. I was expecting of life inside the walled district, a struggle of living everyday life with a time bomb ticking closely. It did have that, albeit not so apparent and filling half the novel. Because, after went out, they're doing the entertainment gig for a while, then half assed fighting with underground powerful crime lords.

When they did the entertainment side, I thought we're going to see more of it, like the early Hong Kong's movies with all the fighting, stunt men,... more>> but it just touched a bit of that. When fighting the criminals and hidden bosses, all sorts of impossibility popped out of my mind. I mean, if these kingpin were so powerrful for several years, why couldnt they finish a measly small 1 or 2 people just like the usual?

MC and ML relationship was a childhood friends, brothers, love interest and then lover. From the moment MC woke up, ML was always beside him. There was no separation or angst here.

The ending was incompleted imo, it's like this: the big hidden boss died, and they were safe, they comforted each other and the end.

I was expecting to see one CP, ML's leader and their actor friend, but alas the author just let them be. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
November 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Such a good book. I liked how the MC and ML's relationship grew and changed. Also the author focused a lot than others on developing the side characters. The story just ended so abruptly and I wish the author did side extras for some of the supporting characters.

Was I the only one rooting for Brother Feng and Li Xingchen? They were so cute.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
trash_generalist rated it
November 18, 2022
Status: c113
I thought this would be mainly a poor-to-rich novel, but it ended up being more plot-driven (political intrigue and such). Anyway, I thought it was a pretty fun read, regardless. The characters are very likable and the premise quite interesting. There are plenty of novels set during the Chinese Reform Era but not many are specifically set in Hong Kong. Here, the MC and ML live in the slums of Hong Kong, striving to survive day to day through various means. The MC was originally a transmigrator who found himself... more>> in the body of the sickly childhood best friend of the villain in the novel (the ML). By virtue of transmigration, he was get a second chance at a life where he knew what was to come. He made big moves pretty much from the very beginning because his only aim in this world in the beginning was to live well and take care of the ML, who treasured the original owner very much.

I definitely liked the intrigue of this novel initially. But I have to say that the MTL quality (70% readable, so it’s not TOO bad) ruined my mood a bit. The messy TL links here was also disappointing djdkdkdk. It’s all over the place, suffice to say. I continued to read the MTL because I found the novel really good. It’s such a shame that it wasn’t TL-ed completely, but well, I’m still quite happy to have at least given it a shot. Another reason I stopped reading is because the ending was already pretty obvious and I was satisfied with where the main characters were. I intended to skim the rest after writing this review, which was not detailed because I read it mostly in MTL and my actual comprehension may have been wrong in some spots.

RATING: 3.85/5

An enjoyable read overall! Very exciting, not as dark as it sounds and the characters were really truly lovely. You can tell the author spent a long time arranging everyone’s roles. At least, the key side characters lolol, there are always those cannon fodders who slip through the net. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
picasso rated it
November 2, 2023
Status: Completed
For me this is one of the best novel (5 stars)

One of my fav novel.

100% recommended. I myself have read it 4 - 5 times already.

Here, all the characters are smart even side characters or cannon fodders. Some are pure evil, some are good people, some are morally grey and some might seem too naïve too. I like this type of various characters because it's unrealistic for everyone to be good, bad or naïve. Only when there are variety of characters its gives the story a soul.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Wynnfield rated it
May 14, 2023
Status: c95
Marking where I'm leaving off to come back later.

The main characters are very compatible and they mesh with each other very well. Their bonds with their friends and family are very strong and reading about them becoming rich is really satisfying.

From the start, the MC's actions has been different from the novel and due to that there's a lot of changes within the novel where he didn't plan for. This made it interesting and due to the gang fights and other factors, there's enough action between politics and business so... more>> it doesn't become too dry.

The romance is the best point for me. The leads are co-dependent and I get a sweet tooth looking at them. They are super fluffy and I love the trust they have for each other.

I really like the premise of the story, all the way until the middle where I felt a little tired. It's just a personal reading preference however, because there wasn't much resting time between arcs, and I felt like a lot of things were happening in a short while.

At the point I'm at, it has become quite a slice of life novel and the ending seems quite close on hand, just that it seems like the author wants to drag it on for another 1 or 2 arcs. It's nice to see them living in harmony after what they've been through though.


The pacing is okay actually, and the plot is well-managed. For now, I'm going to take a break and come back to finish it at a later date because quite I enjoyed it. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
noelle2815 rated it
July 25, 2022
Status: c142
I come to leave my reviewI really recommend this novel, I read in MTL. The two protagonists are compatible and you will find sweet moments as well as moments of anguish. But these two are so complete that they will get ahead of all the problems.I really recommend this novel, I read in MTL. The two protagonists are compatible and you will find sweet moments as well as moments of anguish. But these two are so complete that they will get ahead of all the problems. ❤️
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