Transmigrating into the Villain’s Demon-Revealing Mirror


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Ji Huan transmigrated into 《Demons are Running Amuck》, a melodramatic BL novel that was so pathetic that the people couldn’t even be counted as people. He transmigrated into the novel’s holy relic——demon-revealing mirror.

Ji Huan: “…….”

He trembled as he opened his eyes and saw a handsome and aloof man leisurely wearing his (the man’s) clothes standing in front of him (JH).

*splash* Ji Huan had drooled.

The man who saw suspicious-looking water spots appearing on the mirror’s surface: “? ? ? ? ?”


In the novel, the main gong-shou pair had painstakingly looked for the demon-revealing mirror for 10 years and this object was thrown by the villain into a corner and used as a normal mirror.

One day, the boss was suddenly seized by a whim and finally intended to display the demon-revealing mirror’s true usage and used it on the disfigured frog demon, the suppurated anaconda, the enormous shipworm, the huddled together leeches…….

A month later, the demon-revealing mirror started foaming at the mouth.

The boss slightly smiled: “Look nice?”

Ji Huan: “ ! ! ! ”

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ActualTrash rated it
May 28, 2020
Status: Completed
It was pretty good overall, but the ending was rushed and anti-climatic. 3.5 overall, rounded to 4 stars, would be less if I didn't like the beginning so much.

The synopsis is a bit misleading. The ML doesn't use the mirror on ugly things and finds out about the MC. (I mean, that does happen, but later.) He basically knows about the MC's existence from the start. He can both hear the MC talk to himself, and see the MC in the mirror. Other characters start to realize it's not just... more>> a mirror a bit into the novel too, although they can only hear him. They all hide this from him for awhile.

I think this lends itself to humor quite well. I wish the MC didn't realize they knew for quite a bit longer, but I believe he finds out about chapter...30? He of course changes into a human a bit after this, and then things progress fairly normally from there. Unfortunately, I think I liked the novel more when he was in mirror form, I just liked how everyone acted like they didn't know he was there.

The MC is... proud/stubborn? He isn't particularly smart, a bit silly/sweet.

The ML is basically cold to everyone but the MC. He begins to thaw a bit after meeting the MC though. The mtl makes it a bit difficult to figure out what/who he is, too.

I'd say the ending brings down the novel a lot; it just felt like it was in a rush to the end. Oh, there's technically a system and it's a bit relevant plot-wise, but it literally only shows up for like a few paragraphs total.

Spoilers for plot and ending below:


The MC isn't exactly a normal transmigratior, and this new world isn't a novel. He was originally from this world, but died at the hands of the antagonists, which displeased the ML, obviously. This was mostly due to an actual host's (think QT) meddling, I believe. Due to this, the system (s) send MC to Earth, so he can live another life. They bring him back to his original world though, as it was broken otherwise. (I presume due to the ML?)

At the end of the novel, the antagonists get their past life memories back, and then make mistakes when acting upon them and get caught by the ML, who also got his memories back right before catching them... then everyone is fine and the novel ends. The MC finds this all out in the extra.

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RipeApricot rated it
June 5, 2022
Status: c13
5/5 a gem!

Lol the interaction between the two is really funny. Our ML can actually hear and see the MC but he hides the fact that he did. So unknown to our clueless MC, his thoughts and expressions are all open to our ML. He's a sweet gong. He fulfills the wishing of our MC "accidentally", he also teases our MC once in a while haha. Samples are under 'spolier' tag.

... more>>

If the MC says he wants cake, then the ML will "buy his cake", but " accidentally" dropping the mirror to the cake for the MC to eat.

If our MC feels uncomfortable, he will shift his hand on holding the mirror. He will also pretend to be sleeping just so the MC could move freely.


The translation is amazing but incomplete only at chapter 13. The story itself isn't full of loopholes, it's funny with fluff, the interactions between all characters including side characters are entertaining.

I'll try to search and read the MTL version after making this review, then I'll tell you if the MTL is readable. See ya~

Worth Reading! Highly Recommended!

- RipeApricot <<less
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venos rated it
September 7, 2020
Status: c15
It's a cute and funny story. I really needed a light novel.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
August 9, 2020
Status: c32
The MC is so cute and I also love the ML. Its a cute story, although in my opinion is too long, or maybe is because it have too much information in each chapters so it make it feel like the novel was long.
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Likalily rated it
October 13, 2020
Status: Completed
Actually, the plot was predictable, umm this is more about romance and their daily lives. I would like to have an additional chapter on MC, for example catching criminals because the MC's character has become a bit more fierce and he can also fight. I also still want to read about the employees at the Demon Bureau like reading about Shi Ying, Shi Jiu and Xiu He (?) Hehehe exclaimed.
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May 8, 2024
Status: c34
The translation upto c13 was really good and made me interested in the novel. Then I tried to MTL and that’s when I decided to drop the novel because I’m not sure what’s happening anymore.

The storyline goes like this: MC is transmigrated into a novel he read as the villain’s pocket mirror that can reveal a demon’s true form. It’s the modern times where demons coexist with humans. The ML works in an agency that captures wayward demons.

The thing is author doesn’t say what the ori gong and ori shou... more>> in the novel does that causes the downfall of the villain. We only know that the MC is pissed and hates the ori gong and ori shou. In the initial chapters, ori gong makes a brief appearance but nothing really happens.

The story is focused on how MC is a clueless naive person as he tries to pretend to be a normal mirror but everyone knows he’s not. ML is aware of MC’s existence from the beginning and gradually his staff at the agency realizes it too as they can hear MC’s voice and see him sneak food away. I cannot imagine how MC looks as ML described him as a small black dot on the mirror initially and later on can see MC’s hands. So does MC emerge from the mirror or is he hanging around the surface of the mirror? Author mentioned the mirror is also like a space. So what’s the dot??? Cannot imagine nor understand.

The chemistry between MC and ML also felt lacking to me. ML seems to have instantly fall for MC and his cute naive antics. MC thinks ML is super handsome so far but that’s about it.

The story also has some mystery elements as the demon agency solves cases. But it is usually solved easily with no effort.

Not keen to continue so I’m stopping here. <<less
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