Transmigrating into the Prince Regent’s Beloved Runaway Wife


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The prince regent of Zhong Dynasty, Lin Bozhou, appeared noble and benevolent but was disgustingly dirty in private.

He was a treacherous minister who should be punished.

On this day, a palanquin carried Meng Huan, who had just transmigrated into a book, into his bedroom and was sold as the prince regent’s male concubine.

How could he save himself from the treacherous minister? Meng Huan prepared to play the original host persona, which would be: noble and aloof, disobeying the prince regent, despising and disdaining him, while revealing his intelligence and wisdom at the same time, performing a rival intellectual play with the prince regent from time to time.

In this way, the prince regent would love and respect him.

He could also be like the original host later in the plot, gaining favor but disdaining it and escaping in style, making the prince regent, who was always calm, red-eyed.

However, considering the rivalry about to unfold, Meng Huan suddenly froze.

Meng – low IQ – Huan: What crafty plots and machinations?

Meng – low IQ – Huan: What should I swear at him?

Meng – low IQ – Huan: I’m done. I’m done. I’m done. It’s over qaq

The bought male concubine was said to be extremely strong in character and likely to bite his tongue or swear at him.

Lin Bozhou, who had always been used to peace, did not want to force people and did not like seeing blood, prepared to let him go.

After entering the door, he saw the beauty being dumbfounded and lost, but his voice was quite soft. “H-Husband?”

Then, after being stunned for several seconds, he said as if surrendering, “I had better serve you to bed.”

Lin Bozhou: “…..?”

(The wise and powerful minister and his s*upid wife)

 Extremely shrewd minister gong vs. s*upid and soft beauty shou 

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Transmigrated as the Prince Regent's Cherished Runaway Wife
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New Orenge rated it
March 30, 2023
Status: Completed
So happy that this is getting translated!

The MC transmigrated into the body of a concubine but unlike the original body is unable to conspire at all.

Although their personalities seem to fall under the trope of a cute dumb shou and a smart iceberg gong, they somehow seem unique. This is one of the few novels where the author is able to make a ‘dumb’ shou without making them appear as a 5 year old. The ML is really doting and really good at puzzles and problem solving.

This novel highly focuses... more>> upon on the MC and Ml’s relationship and although the drama is really interesting, their relationship development is put on the forefront.

Overall 100% recommend <<less
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New Aria0107 rated it
March 19, 2023
Status: --
I'm only writing this review because the only other review is really barely one and I dislike those kinds of reviews. Mine won't be too long I think. The novel is foremost a romance story with some comedic elements and political ones. Although a historic novel, there is no abuse in this romance and MC is the only concubine/wife ... more>>

turned princess turned queen

I wouldn't say ML is even domineering to MC and actually dotes on him

The description and tags are there for a reason so if you're looking for an OP MC character, then leave. Literally says MC is a low IQ timid shy protagonist. Honestly, MC is only as s*upid as a regular young college student who transmigrated to an age where he's unable to read ancient Chinese script nor can he recall all the full details of the novel he transmigrated to off the top of his head (which is realistic).

At least, MC has a high degree of introspection to realize he is incapable of acting like the original MC, to realize when he's wrong about things/persons and changes thusly, and to know at the end that although he's had a different path than the original MC that his path was the better one because the ML is happy in his. The MC having low IQ compared to the rest of the cast is taken to be a flaw by the MC himself and one he laments, though that's not to say that he doesn't try to do better like hiring a teacher to teach him to read/write.

Btw although MC is timid and shy, he's not by any means always submissive to ML nor others. He literally got into a fight with one of original MC's friend after having discovered deception. Not to mention, MC doesn't really shy away from s*x and in his understanding of being a wife, he knows he will have s*x at some point

that instead of prolonging the time to sex, he chose to inform ML with erot*c drawings the way to have s*x through prep to make it less painful.

The first time: was because MC was drugged by ori MC's friend in an attempt to save their hide. ML, not having experience with MC's advances asked his attendants what should solved this as you can guess the answer. When MC was angry because he couldn't really remember it well, ML coaxed him saying it was ML's fault because he didn't ask and will ask next times. After MC finds out his misconception not too long after, he no longer begrudged ML and they regularly papapa

Though the s*x scenes aren't smuttily written, they're actually kinda plentiful because they regularly have s*x instead of like those stories where the MC protects their chastity until the very end or something. I was like wow, a healthy s*x life <<less
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AdalSaira rated it
March 18, 2023
Status: --
The author has a good writing skills, even with MTL I can feel the emotion going trough MC and ML as well as some side characters that's depicted in the text.

I'm in chapter 23 and so far is good. The flow of the plot is not my cup of coffee but at least the misunderstanding is not making the characters become passive.

Wait, first I must say that MC is really s*upid by IQ and EQ so what I say about "non passive character" is the ML. He guessed and knows... more>> the in and out of why "this" and "that" happen and didn't speak out to MC directly which would make the situation, I mean, the relationship between them worsen but he choose to shut up and make the MC realize in another way.

(I say MC is s*upid by my standard cause I used to read an OP, indifferent, and smart MC, but as a regular human living in modern world far from violence and schemes truly ordinary citizen, I said he has normal acceptance, attitude, and his own ethics different and somewhat unfit in ancient time. Though his personality is introvert enough to just bottle up and try by himself to be adapting which obviously very hard to do)

("This" and "that" is a spoiler and I'm too lazy to make spoiler section cause it would be a mass of me trying to use English while making a short story. It's not my native language)

If I remember I will write update review regularly but as I said before so far is good but the plot not my cup of ☕ so if the MC didn't realize "what happen" in a few chapters or so, wether he knows directly by ML or indirectly by any other means, I might drop this without a sound.

I start reading this because the synopsis interest me, no tags that really trigger my alarm, and there is no review yet. Want to feel what's feel like reading novel blindly for once cause I usually always search for spoiler first.

Edit: it's boring for me, so imma hold this off for little bit till I have the motivation to read again. Btw, the ML is proactive so about the misunderstanding what I said before is resolved in next chapter. Bye bye <<less
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