Transmigrating into the Prince Regent’s Beloved Runaway Wife


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The Prince Regent of the Zong Dynasty, Lin Bozhou, looked noble and benevolent on the outside but disgustingly filthy on the inside.

This traitorous minister, whom everyone had condemned.

One day, Meng Huan, who just transmigrated into a book, arrived into the bedroom in a sedan chair after he was forcefully sold as a male concubine to the Prince Regent.

How to keep himself safe in the face of this treacherous minister? Meng Huan was prepared to act like the original host, that was, being an aloof and cold man who would rather die than obey the Prince Regent. He would despise this man, while showing off his intelligence and wisdom, and occasionally, engaged in a game of wits with the Prince Regent.

Only this way would the Prince Regent love and respect him.

He could also be like the original host, winning the man’s favor but choosing to ignore it, making his escape in style, and forcing the calm Prince Regent glow in red anger.

However, when he tried to recall the incoming part to play as the original host, Meng Huan suddenly froze.

Meng—Low IQ— Huan: What were the crafty plots and machinations?

Meng—Low IQ—Huan: What were the words the original host used to scold the man?

Meng—Low IQ—Huan: Oh no, I am finished, I am done for. I am toast QAQ

The male concubine he bought were said to possess determined character, and very likely going to commit su*cide by bitting off his own tongue, or viciously shout foul words at him.

Always calm and collected, Lin Bozhou, who was not one to force himself on another or witness bloodshed, was ready to free this man.

Yet, when he entered the door, he saw a dazed beauty, looking at a loss while saying in a very soft voice, “Hus-husband?”

The beauty looked to be racking his brain as if his life depended on it.

Then, after a few seconds of stupefaction, he appeared to have given up. “I would better serve you in bed.”

Lin Bozhou: “…?”

The absolute wise minister and his dumb wife : )

This story is also known as The Waste Who Transmigrated into a Political Fiction

*A powerful and smart minister gong vs dumb and delicate beauty shou

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Transmigrated as the Prince Regent's Cherished Runaway Wife
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Aria0107 rated it
March 19, 2023
Status: --
I'm only writing this review because the only other review is really barely one and I dislike those kinds of reviews. Mine won't be too long I think. The novel is foremost a romance story with some comedic elements and political ones. Although a historic novel, there is no abuse in this romance and MC is the only concubine/wife ... more>>

turned princess turned queen

I wouldn't say ML is even domineering to MC and actually dotes on him

The description and tags are there for a reason so if you're looking for an OP MC character, then leave. Literally says MC is a low IQ timid shy protagonist. Honestly, MC is only as s*upid as a regular young college student who transmigrated to an age where he's unable to read ancient Chinese script nor can he recall all the full details of the novel he transmigrated to off the top of his head (which is realistic).

At least, MC has a high degree of introspection to realize he is incapable of acting like the original MC, to realize when he's wrong about things/persons and changes thusly, and to know at the end that although he's had a different path than the original MC that his path was the better one because the ML is happy in his. The MC having low IQ compared to the rest of the cast is taken to be a flaw by the MC himself and one he laments, though that's not to say that he doesn't try to do better like hiring a teacher to teach him to read/write.

Btw although MC is timid and shy, he's not by any means always submissive to ML nor others. He literally got into a fight with one of original MC's friend after having discovered deception. Not to mention, MC doesn't really shy away from s*x and in his understanding of being a wife, he knows he will have s*x at some point

that instead of prolonging the time to s*x, he chose to inform ML with erot*c drawings the way to have s*x through prep to make it less painful.

The first time: was because MC was drugged by ori MC's friend in an attempt to save their hide. ML, not having experience with MC's advances asked his attendants what should solved this as you can guess the answer. When MC was angry because he couldn't really remember it well, ML coaxed him saying it was ML's fault because he didn't ask and will ask next times. After MC finds out his misconception not too long after, he no longer begrudged ML and they regularly papapa

Though the s*x scenes aren't smuttily written, they're actually kinda plentiful because they regularly have s*x instead of like those stories where the MC protects their chastity until the very end or something. I was like wow, a healthy s*x life

edit: To KaterinaCitKat's review, I don't understand how you could say you didn't expect

the drugged s*x scene when you've said you've read the reviews here and I've literally had it described in my spoiler since the first chapter was out as the second review written here in March... Note to people that ML thought the s*x was consensual because MC was the one who started inappropriately touching ML first in public to the point that ML's reputation may suffer as MC was acting licenticious to an official and not one person, whether ML nor all his attendants present during the MC's actions, thought MC would not remember or not be cognizant of what had happened at all. ML had to find out that MC didn't remember and then guess what happened when MC remembered his own actions? MC realized what he did and didn't hold it against ML. Not to mention despite this being anachronistic in a historical type novel, ML brought up the idea of seeking consent in the future from MC, which I mentioned earlier

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aynaed rated it
April 3, 2023
Status: Completed
I surprisingly really like it. This novel focus mostly on the romance between MC and ML the plot is simple, so if you want to read novel with a lot of twist and turn, this is not it.

Personally, I really like the MC, I agree with the previous review, thought it's going to be another dumb silly sweet MC but I think the author really did a good job portraying such an endearing MC. He is just a regular average brain reader, I think this is what a normal young... more>> man should look like in a book, just remember the outline and forget the details, read the book while skipping, and no golden finger whatsoever. But he is willing to learn, he is positive, affectionate and really cheerful. He fit the ML best, ML respects MC very much, but MC often unable to react to the conspiracy around him, he is too naive (but he also uses his own way to protect important people) Both of them are lovely. Once a while the ML would show his fragility, and the MC would know what to do to reassure him.

I don't think the MC need to be OP nor is he need to come up with amazing trick or strategy.
Despite being himself, he made a lot of contribution to the plot and able to support the Ml.

The way MC love ML is the best, he showered ML with love, no skimping with affection, straight forward with his opinion, he simply put his heart on his sleeve. I think it fit ML who have enough of trickery and hiding his insecurity inside.

If you want light hearted novel to boost your mood, I totally recommend this. Another novel that is similar to this would be 'The Disabled Tyrant's Pet Palm Fish', ' Heart has Ling Xi', 'Thinking of Deer Fei Fei, ' Walk on Actor Who Wants to be A Baker'. <<less
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applebeans rated it
July 6, 2023
Status: Completed
I thought I wouldn’t like it because I usually like balanced couple, but BOY I was wrong!

I squealed my way to the end + extras. I love this so much, the character setting, world progression, and love line is super logical and nothing just hits you out of nowhere!

don’t be discouraged by the bad reviews. age difference and dubcon: the MC is 18 in body and around university age in real life. ML is 26 y/o.

First time happened under influence, MC initiated and stoked the flame vigorously. Ancient era ML explicitly apologised for this dub con and always asked for consent afterwards.


MC is passive and s*upid: he is s*upid, but not passive. He always tries his best to the most of his abilities. He is an average modern age student who relied on computer and phone for knowledge, gave up on thinking about difficult stuff, and spent time watching variety shows and drawing. When he transmigrated, he doesn’t know anything useful, can’t adapt to sudden court intrigue and polite war, and was unable to learn the abandoned complex script.

But he just happens to be the best match to the genius, born-to-shine, intrigue-weary ML. MC does have his own arc too, he changes subtly and just as ML retract his claws for MC, MC grows his fang for ML. At the end of the story, ML wanted to live for MC, and MC could die for ML. They are not “same”/“equal”, but they are complementary pair, always giving and taking is their love story.



Since the start, the premise is that the novel is PWP, MC can’t recall the details because he was reading for the P, it’d be so weird if he ends up super smart/capable/domineering at the end.


I’m glad there’s no sudden mpreg, even though I like mpeg story, it’ll ruin the sense of realism of this particular novel.


I can’t believe I finished it, already TT-TT it was such a refreshing feeling to read a well-constructed story. I’ve only been finding mediocre and bad stories but this one sustained my interest till the very end~



Minor and supporting characters have their own roles, their own personalities, and their own priorities. We always know enough to know why they did what they did. The author included only necessary components and doesn’t fill the story with pointless subplots or characters. Easy to keep up with who’s who, push and pull of human nature weaved beautifully with the story progression.

Love how the author portrayed ML’s brilliance in strategising and managing people by showing us, instead of going into details what he did. Pleasantly surprised with the plot twists~

MC narration of ML is so pure, filled with awe, and contrasted ML’s high speed computing brain. MC in ML POV, is always subject of his coaxing, tolerance, and endless patience. ML with MC is like an oobleck... He’s still the same person, his personality doesn’t change, just that he had given all his kindness and heart to MC.

14 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AppleIsForYou rated it
May 31, 2023
Status: c21
The story is hilarious and lovely. The author's description of shou is right. He is dang dumb and the ML is basically downgrading himself and trying to resolve everything because he is the smarts lol. The MC doesn't really give/make any problems so far. But, we can see the dynamics already. The ML will try to please MC no matter what because he likes MC. MC is just dumb at identifying things lol. He doesnt know the depth of things, what is right or which one is wrong, and have... more>> no common sense 😂🤣


so they had s*x at 18-19 and ML confessed he liked MC to the 2 attendants he have. MC seduced ML to have s*x with him btw but ML owned the blame because he realized he like him. Yes you guess it, MC doenst remember the whole dead from seduction to the end of the deed, because he was drunk and drugged. Yet, ML himseld took the blame happily lol. And he never got mad to anything MC do, no matter how s*upid he is. The indulgence is funny and lovely.


I recommend this because of the entertainment you get. It feels like Miaka and tamahome from fushigi yuugi. I just want to recommend you reading it in Chrysanthemum Garden tho. Theo did an amazing job on translating it and besides it's pretty annoying in the other one. Imagine getting the chapters cut to 6 parts 🤦‍♂️

Edit: I also don't get the people who put low ratings on this one. The author emphasize the MC is BRAINLESS. BUT! That's how the dynamics is. ML is smart. MC is dumb. MC do s*upid shez and ML indulge. Think of it as the my little monster anime. I recommend it for entertainment 🥰 <<less
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lordzukoisbae rated it
April 10, 2023
Status: Completed
MTLED Cause holyshet I wanna know what happened.

This pair is too cute and too balanced to pass off. They rely on each other during the hard times and the so called misunderstandings lmao 🤣 are solved easily. The MC is not OP and not smart. he didn't memorize what happened in the books except the ML Hot looks and smut scenes XD... which makes it refreshing... cause same? How can they like memorize the contents of the books 😭 I'll prolly remember the start conflict ending at best.

ML is very... more>> manipulative and ruthless in politics.

For the "villain"s.

I want more blooddddd for their incompetent asses causing people to get killed ahsgshajsbsjsbsjsbsjsjs. That s*upid Marquis of Zheng something.

But the Young emperor takes the cake. The entire buffet. The entire food pyramid as the person I hate.

I cannot emphasize how I hate the young emperor Xuanhe was it? Anyways, IRRELEVANT. f*ck his age, I'm irrationally mad at his s*upidity which idk maybe it's because of the people around him but f*ck that. He just like the prestige the Emperor Title brings but he can't do sht to save the country. f*ck his Go and Chess he deserves the punishment of

getting his fingers cut off except for the index? And other finger used for playing chess/go was it thumb??? ANYWAYS. DSRV.


He can't think to save his own ass f*ck. I want to shove his chess palace up his childish ass ugh. Imagine being an emperor and prioritizing your own recreational bullsht? f*ck the ones who placed this young babe in the throne too. He didn't have the emperor qualities which made him just annoying ugh. Was he blameless? Jesus idk I hate his ass.

ANYWAYS. They kind of realized he wasn't the original and just went with it... which is kinda good kinda meh. I don't really know how it should've happened, but its good that the ML realized he wasn't the orig. Cause our MC although he wasn't OP and uber smart, he did what he can for the ML and made the ship sail with his effort.

I kind of want some modern world au but yeah QwQ <<less
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KatarinaCitcat rated it
May 8, 2023
Status: c21 part6
DISCLAIMER: the star rating does not mean I don't recommend this novel. I am rating this novel a bit lower than I usually do because I feel as I have been mislead a bit.

I started this novel because of how cute and fluffy the synopsis sounded, and how many reviews were saying how light hearted and adorable the main couple is. I have not MTLed the story because the translation quality of this novel is very high and efficient, so I follow the chapters day by day. I have not... more>> read it in all one go. So I do not know what happens later on in the story, only the new chapters that just come out. And I'm writing this review because what I just read today was so different than what I was lead to believe this novel was about that it shocked me. (Slight spoiler)


Because there was a 100% non-consensual scene that happened "off screen." And it wasn't taken lightly by the MC either. MC doesn't remember it because he was drugged but when he wakes up and sees his body, he cries.

Since I followed the chapters day by day, I thought it was a joke at first and that ML actually didn't do it and was just being misleading on purpose, but he actually did. Afterwards he seemed apologetic about it and promised MC he would treat him right but that doesn't diminish the fact that he forced himself on someone he know was out of his mind.

As of now when I picked up this novel there was no r*pe tag at all, so I was not expecting this at all.


Up to this point the story was so lightheaded and comedic. The rest of the story will probably be 90% that too. The synopsis and other reviews also all said the same, that the relationship between MC and ML was beautiful all throughout. It's not though.

Does that mean you shouldn't read this novel? Of course not. The story itself can still be interesting and enjoyable. But I just wanted to write this review here because I was so sad about that one scene because it was not something I expected for a "lighthearted" novel. I would still recommend giving it a shot if you're interested in the concept, but be warned. It's not all heartwarming. <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
August 19, 2023
Status: c62 part1
I'm just sooo glad I'm in chapter of no cliff hanger. Where the first storm (and I hope there's no more big storm) finally over and our MC and ML finally can be Lovely Dovey again!!!

Seriously this novel is Really Good so far!

The development between MC and ML was Lovely. Not rushing, and not without reason!

Love the characters' personalities too. MC was Timid, that's without a doubt. But not annoying in any way. Especially when you think what would you do in his position and doesn't have any golden finger... more>> whatsoever, and as ordinary person. I'm probably very timid and maybe can't even be as brave as him.

He's Brave in necessary condition. And I'm not just talking about the storming moment.

He's crying sad and desperate but also didn't give up when he's in this big bad situation. He doesn't just endure and being damsel in distress. He still tried his best to not betray ML in any form. He's Admirable!!!

Anyway I'm truly Loving this novel so far!!! Pray so hard the rest of the story would give us Satisfactory!!! <<less
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Joseph_Heatfield rated it
August 15, 2023
Status: Completed
Awesome novel, the author writes beautifully all around and makes each chapter a very light read. I liked the MC a lot. I hate genius, know it all, im the most importan piece of the puzzle OP MC's but I also hate the timid shy, runaway (ML has to force them into a relationship) MC, so the MC is just in the middle and the way he behaves at the beginning of the novel is just how a normal average person would act in his situation, not everyone remembers a... more>> novel they read at a fast timing. He is just an average person and what makes him special is that he's kind and he gives the ML the opportunity to show who he truly is and his demons for the MC to hug those demons for him and to accept him which makes the ML fell for him harder haha. The "non-consensual" scene is portrayed fantastic, for both of them was something different and for MC it was hard to accept as it should be, and for ML was an act of mutual love because of a misunderstanding


MC acts like a wife for ML, but he sees their relationship more as roommates, but for ML, MC's actions just make him think that MC may like him but he doesn't know how to "love" so he doesn't do anything to his wife in paper, the scene happens during a strange moment in their relationship, in the moment where ML still thinks that MC may try to scape and MC accepting that he doesn't want to leave ML because he has "strange" feelings about ML, so when he is drugged with an aphrodisiac he just conveys his feelings to ML that are deep buried so ML finally accepts MC as his wife and make the deed BUT the next morning MC doesn't remember anything at all and all he sees is his body full of marks and pain so he is obviously mad and sad about these, even more, when ML ask him if he remembers what happened, MC answer yes even though he does not remember at all, eventually ML figures out that MC doesn't remember so he explains him and ask him forgiveness (MC was very adamant to have a skin relationship with ML when he was drugged, that's why ML accepted) MC is still mad and since he doesnt remember he feels very strange about his relationship with ML and it's figuring out what he feels about ML (if he is in love with him or not), until he remembers what happened and gets really shy and flustered because he was so adamant and, in addition with ML efforts to make MC forgive him, they got in terms and ML said that he would not do anything until MC consent again


Their relationship evolve naturally, and their perspectives really are in line with who they are, ML being a prince with a wife and MC being a transmigrator with prejudices to ML and the history of the novel. They don't fall in love instantly, specially MC, but when they do, they are gorgeous together and in final chapters the MC gets to shine on the things he is capable. Not everyone has awesome skills or intelligence, not everyone wants to go and fight and be a hero and so is the MC, but he is hardworking and kind, so he does what knows better and helps ML with all he can when it's needed and I really loved that, the last few chapters are full of emotions and you can really feel how much they love each other, they both have pros and cons and they love them and accept them. ML is such a cool character fr haha

About MC ooc


ML knows from the very beginning that MC is not the original Meng Huan and thats why he forgives a lot of the "betrayal" things he finds out, the servants of the ML house never knew Meng Hua before he hits himself and after he hits himself and becomes different his more close servant says it and MC uses the memory lost as an excuse, MC never contacts Meng Huan father's until advanced chapters but he remembers him and thinks of him with a guilty conscience but not so much since he discovers his father is just fine and safe and ML is not planning on killing him but making him again a diplomatic, the MC original friends also pointed out how different MC is and this makes for some dramaaa but yeah


Good novel, amazing writing and pacing, naturally written romance and logical actions defined by personality so, I highly recommend giving it a shot but if you like really OP, smart and arrogant MC this is not for you (but 70% of the novels here are lol) <<less
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Tearlesereph rated it
April 9, 2023
Status: Completed
I read two translated chapters and was hooked already and went and MTL'd the rest and could not put this novel down. The story is so sweet.

MC is just 18 and acts like a normal teenager. Despite reading the novel, all he can really recall are the smut chapters and just a rough idea of the general plot so he isn't much help in predicting future events. He has no magic powers or system or anything and can't even read or write ancient Chinese. The only skills he retains is... more>> that he's artistic and knows how to paint realism. His thoughts towards ML is also refreshing. He understands he's married and what's supposed to happen in the marriage bed and I found it hilarious that he tried to draw a comic strip for ML in case ML doesn't know how to do it. MC stays the same sweet, innocent kid from beginning to end.

ML is amazing. He's a genius, is loyal to his country and truly only wants the best for the people. He acts as regent for the Emperor who is completely neurotic and unfit to be a ruler. ML also has a recurring illness that's pretty much his kryptonite in the original storyline but MC stays with him when his illness relapses and finally gives him the emotional support that he needs. I don't think that illness was resolved in the end of the series either, so another realistic point. Plus, ML is just so sweet to MC.

Just, really sweet novel. I hope more works from this author gets translated <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
hybridiris rated it
May 8, 2023
Status: Completed
I MTLed this novel and read the raws.

About the story

MC transmigrates from a modern world into a novel with lots of smut and political drama. He is supposed to be an intellectual, witty and scheming opponent with a love hate relationship with ML. However, due to having casually read the novel, he has no clue about the intricacies of the plot and spends the rest of the novel as an ordinary character who is usually salted fish but has moments of heroism as well. If you enjoy this novel, make... more>> sure you read the extras!

About the MC

MC is what some would stereotype as a s*upid beauty character. He's sincere, timid, ignorant and not well educated. Unlike other historical transmigration novels, he doesn't just know everything immediately. In fact throughout the novel he struggles to even recount the novel considering he had only read it casually, so there are very few moments in which his reading of the novel really benefited the situations he encountered. In the beginning, he has a preconception of the people he encounters because of having read the novel, but slowly begins to realize the novel's perspective may have a deep flaw and begins to reexamine the world around him through his own judgements.

About the ML

ML has gone through a very tough life living with stoicism and perseverance. He is dark and gloomy with reason and suffers from momentary blindness at times. For someone who has dealt with court intrigue for much of his life, his love for MC makes sense in wanting someone he can truly trust who is so opposite of himself and clear of schemes and calculations. Through encountering MC, his painful life path is derailed and is given a new option that frees him from his otherwise dark fate.

About the non-con scene (minor spoilers)


MC is tricked by people he thought were good to him into ingesting drugged wine. This is a common CNovel trope in which when poisoned, one has to have interc**rse or some acts of intimacy to solve. If this makes your uncomfortable, don't read the novel. MC in an inebriated state did his level best to tease ML and seduce him. ML was extremely tempted by this and did it with him. Afterwards he apologized for it but he thought MC liked him since that's how MC acted towards him from day one. If you are someone who applies modern concepts of consent to look at fictional historical novels and expect people to behave like modern people, it's probably not going to happen. Just don't read this book if this reason is enough for you to leave it a low review.



Read this novel if you like a kind and sweet salted fish MC who doesn't have any cheats or powers, trying to live in historical times with an ML who is there to protect him no matter what. It's a novel of two people who find love and strength in each other and while MC is not your typical power fantasy and definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed, he has his moments of inner strength and supports ML with the small things he can. If you don't like that and prefer a more active MC, this novel is not for you. <<less
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Yoya rated it
June 21, 2023
Status: Completed
Really really sweet, MC didn't have any golden fingers or advantages as a transmigrated character so all the plot changes were the efforts of him and ML. Amazing communication and perspective from the ML. ML is most definitely NOT a brainless killer machine with anger issues, all his actions come from critical thinking. MC isn't the smartest but realistically, how smart are you gonna be in a totally unfamiliar world? It's explained that he acts normally when outsiders are present but is able to let down his guard and let... more>> ML baby him because he's the only person MC wholeheartedly comes to trust in the world. It's hilarious to see a MC who will most definitely tattle to the ML if he gets bullied by anyone, but when it came down to it, he was the one at ML's side and took care of ML physically and mentally. <<less
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7starkiller99 rated it
May 22, 2023
Status: Completed
Novel is unreadable.

MC is a brainless moron listing after ML most of the time and acting extremely OOC all the time. The surrounding characters have a negative IQ halo and so misunderstand MC in the worst ways. MC is extremely idiotic and so is bullied by a whole host of people - of whom the ML will save MC from by killing off random fodder.

There’s endless tropes and non-consensual s*x etc with MC being brain dead most of the time until ML (who thinks MC is the cutest small brain)... more>> gets upset with MC or whatever drama event. Seriously, there’s nothing here to appreciate other than author baiting that MC might get with ML for real and then not doing that for forever, with the MC being shocked at ML being human or the ML being suspicious of MC and then feeling guilty.

Absolute fodder tr*sh -900Quintillion/10.

P.S. Author having ML being scary killing machine seems quite silly when almost everyone moves out of line at some point. It gets quite ridiculous especially with how author hypes up ML and then everyone and their aunt fodder manages to create obstacles for the Ml. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kimheendra rated it
September 25, 2023
Status: Completed
5/5 Perfect!!!

Very fluffy novel. If you’re looking for a lighthearted novel away from the abuse, this one’s for you. There’s a plot but I love that this is centrally focused on the development of the MC and ML’s relationship.

You can’t hate MC! Yes, he is naive and not that smart but he is strong in his own way. Look forward to it.

Love the ML, very doting to the MC. His personality is very different towards the others and the MC. I like that he doesn’t want any misunderstandings to get... more>> between them. Their communication is chef’s kiss!!! <<less
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Orenge rated it
March 30, 2023
Status: Completed
So happy that this is getting translated!

The MC transmigrated into the body of a concubine but unlike the original body is unable to conspire at all.

Although their personalities seem to fall under the trope of a cute dumb shou and a smart iceberg gong, they somehow seem unique. This is one of the few novels where the author is able to make a ‘dumb’ shou without making them appear as a 5 year old. The ML is really doting and really good at puzzles and problem solving.

This novel highly focuses... more>> upon on the MC and Ml’s relationship and although the drama is really interesting, their relationship development is put on the forefront.

Overall 100% recommend <<less
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SevenFlower rated it
March 2, 2024
Status: c1 part1
I love this story.

I like MC. His thoughts and actions are very relatable for me. Like when I read historical novels, I also tend to skimmed through the political part and I can't imagine being like all those protagonist that can remember every detail and have god-tier acting skills. So when our MC bumbles through the story clumsily, I just wanted to reach out and give him a hug.

The ML is very very good, at least for me. The process how his thoughts changes feels like some sort of blackening... more>> but not really. Instead, it was more like a realization after being drive into the corner again and again. I don't think of it as blackening since he didn't really become evil or anything so.

The side characters are also amazing but not really fleshed out since they are not the focus of the story.

The villain... Sigh...


Normally, being s*upid and ignorant is not a sin. But as an emperor where your decisions can decide the life and death of countless people...

Some might think that the emperor was forced into his position but, not once he ever said or thought that he didn't want to be an emperor. Why? Because he likes the luxury, the power that came with it. But he is unwilling to learn and shoulder the responsibility that came along with it.


That's all I can say. <<less
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ceeteect rated it
February 22, 2024
Status: Completed
not bad tbh.

I didn't think I would like the main character as much as I did. In one of my previous reviews, the MC archetype is also quite similar to this one, so I was ready to drop it as soon as I notice it going in the same direction. Usually authors have a tendency to try and make the "I Just Want To Be A Salted-Fish" type MCs soooooo "relateable" and "funny", it's to the point where they become so 2D without any other quality to their personality. BUT... more>> thankfully this one wasn't so frustratingly irritating.

Trust me, when the summary says he's a bit dumb, it wasn't a lie. Bro was pretty much clueless 90% of the time since he mostly skimmed through the original novel and mainly read the smut lol so even though his cluelessness annoyed me in some bits, in hindsight I couldn't even be mad about that. Not to mention, he DOES NOT have any golden finger, no system, no notes no nothing! Also, him bursting into tears when getting yelled at instead of gary stu-ing his way out of a situation is too real. The first time it happened it caught me off guard because im so used to the transmigrator MC to be such a gary-stu either because of their domineering personality or golden finger.

The story and plot isn't anything too revolutionary or new, but I think I really liked the MC tbh. Honestly, I love a cute, coquettish, salted-fish who isn't apathetic to not only others' plight, but his own as well. He's a very self-aware character who completely understands and acknowledges his strengths and weaknesses and also works on bettering himself where he can. ML is also very gentle and supportive to MC. You won't really hate the MC as long as you go into novel without expecting him to magically pull the answer out of his ass for everything lolll

I MTL the rest but it's not too bad but it's not great either. I'm going to have to come back when more gets translated. Pretty good read to pass the time. <<less
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happyevangeline rated it
January 15, 2024
Status: c82 part1
Breath of fresh air this novel is, MC aint op or anything special, hes just a regular collage student who got transmigrated to ancient China, who have no prior knowledge about anything in this timeline which makes it better cause realistic speaking, if literally anyone got transmigrated into ancient, I bet my penny no one know sh*t about it, unless thats your profession or have rich knowledge about it which makes u an op, which this MC is not, and that makes it better and realistic cause he literally embodies... more>> us. Also knowledge about politics and conspiracy, cause be fr, not anyone knows that sh*t nor how to navigate thru that messy career💀

Anyways, thats all 5/5 recommend it to anyone who just want to read a cute, light hearted, uwu bl novel that doesn't require brain cell to comprehend the plot😩💅✨️ <<less
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WallEyeKnee rated it
September 9, 2023
Status: Completed
MC as described is dumb in general, but he's really cute and tenacious. He can also draw really well. He always aAs himself useless, but he always try a way he can to try to help ML even following to war being so weak.

MallL has so much depth in his character it's so fun to how he learned new thing as he and MC spends more time together. He was not what the novel described him, he was the most loyal person in the whole kingdom.

They flirt and alot of... more>> fluff, even though alot of yellow stuff happen it still some how feel pure in general. The doting of ML on MC when his demeanor with other people are completely different. He's ruthless and cold to all his enemies, I found that gap really moe. ML is like a huge guard dog protecting MC all the time

Most fascinating that is both grew at the same ti, me, ML had more human side and MC because a grown better a bout work

This was so much fun to read, good job author great work. <<less
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Rainy_Roo rated it
July 3, 2023
Status: c45

Very sweet and cliche - but in a good way.

It's refreshing to see such a cute and naive MC when everyone else is so cunning and quick, and the fact that the ML is so doting and level-headed is a great compliment

(and also - so far at least - has been smart enough to avoid any drawn out misunderstandings)

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idledays rated it
June 29, 2023
Status: c42
The novel is lovely so far! As of chapter 42, it's not heavy on political intrigue, so it's perfect to read before bed! It can be a tad bit frustrating at times but honestly, it's what I expect from a novel that emphasizes heavily on a low IQ and EQ MC.

I would say it is quite a character-driven novel, so whether or not you like the character archetypes will really make or break this novel for you. If you like extremely smart MCs that know what they're doing, I don't... more>> think you'll enjoy this novel very much.

The main characters:

The MC is an accurate depiction of how a normal person would be like if they were suddenly transmigrated into an ancient novel. It highlights details that I feel are often overlooked in other novels where transmigration is involved. For example, he isn't instantly able to read the ancient language or knows all of the ancient etiquette. Instead, he has to slowly learn and observe others, which is something he struggles to do because he's rather slow. He has empathy for those around him and is unused to the casual violence that is littered across the entire novel.

although, how does he know how to put on and take off ancient clothing...? is it because the smut scenes describe it in detail....??? ;-;?

His response to violence is pretty much to flee and fawn. This could potentially be irritating for some, so just keep that in mind. I think it's pretty refreshing to see an entirely normal person in BL, so I quite enjoy how the MC is written.

The ML is a character type that is seen in BL a lot. He's the cold, calculating, CEO type. ML is someone who grew up in a very dog-eats-dog society and it shows in his personality and the way he handles affairs. His actions seem OOC sometimes but considering how he knows that he has both power and fear, he's allowed to arbitrarily change his actions. He does whatever he likes because he has the power to do so. That's not to say he's completely overbearing, because he does treat the MC softly later on in the novel, but he is a bit rough in the beginning. He is a prideful individual

and it's very heartwrenching to see how debilitating his blindness is


Their relationship


I think it originally started off with just curiosity, especially on the ML's side. He wanted to see why the MC's personality did such a 180, and if it was truly an assassination plot. Their relationship starts off with a pretty unequal power balance because ML originally treats MC like some unique and interesting pet.

Although both MC and ML treat each other well since the beginning, it is superficial at best and the actual romance is vaguely slowburn. There are some setbacks, especially with the non-con drug scene, but once they actually begin to like each other, it's quite doting. The ML likes MC because the MC is so transparent in a world so built on betrayal and hidden agendas. It's very cute to see ML shed all his walls around MC. I was scared that the MC's low EQ would make him step on all the landmines on ML's character, but it seems like it just soothes him instead. For characters that are such polar opposites, they fit together quite well


It's been a solid read so far and as much as I wish I could comment on the plot, I read it while extremely sleep deprived so I'd be missing a lot of the details. Maybe I'll come back and edit, maybe I won't. The drawbacks of this novel has been pretty well represented in the 1* reviews, so I wont touch on it either (mostly because I'm lazy) <<less
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