Transmigrating Into The Male Lead’s Villainess Older Sister


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Siyu transmigrated into a manhua and became the male lead’s half-sister. The sister had a sickly fragile body, one that couldn’t even withstand a gust of wind. It’s a pity that her heart was so vicious.

Over and over, she tried to kill the male and female lead. Until finally she was hated by all, deserted by everyone close, cursed by people, and died miserably alone in the rain one night.

Now the question was: how could she stay alive in peace as a sickly beautiful lady who always vomits blood for no reason and could drop dead at any time?

Fortunately, Siyu soon discovered that she could see another person’s luck. So, as long as other people around her had better luck than hers, she could rely on their blessings to extend her life.

As for her… Siyu looked into the mirror. No matter how she looked at it, the person in the mirror looked like she would die early. It’s not an exaggeration. If you’re talking about bad luck, then everyone else was tr*sh.

The wave was stable; no matter how crazy she played, she wouldn’t die! (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

Until she came across a great god who was feared by everybody—

Siyu: “Don’t, don’t come near me QAQ”

Fifth Master Lu smiled gently whilst the beads on his hand were shattered into pieces, “Run away once more, and I’ll break your leg.”

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New remyrem rated it
May 17, 2024
Status: c60
It was fine at first and I was interested in how the FL and brother relationship would pan out, but after ch4 my interest got less and less. At this point I'm just reading because I'm too lazy to switch to something else.

To be honest, I don't mind the ML too much. Fiction isn't reality and I'm not against MLs who are sadistic and cruel and cause the MC to suffer. I'm also fine with the OFL, she's the type of character I love to hate. I even like the... more>> MC when she's being wimpy or a little silly. I don't even mind Mary Sue MCs as long as it's interesting! It's the writing problems that bother me.

1. Author very often falls into the CN novel pitfall of overly praising the MC. Less than a day after MC posts her first basic chibi comic, she's being treated as a treasure by a bigshot in a new webcomic company. There are so far no negative comments on her (only!) webcomic series, only immediate fans. Everyone loves her no matter what.

2. Problematic author. There's a chapter where a character says her daughter is "slightly autistic but the doctor said it can be cured if treated early enough". There's even more anti-autistic rhetoric scattered throughout the whole novel. I think it's good that the translator/s didn't make the TL less accurate by changing it, but I am upset at the author for writing it in the first place. I can only hope that the author has learned better now.

3. The MC flipflops character, like the author doesn't really know what she should be like and is just making her whatever is needed for the scene. Sometimes she's a cowardly introvert who just wants to stay home and work, other times she's a white lotus schemer who knows what she's doing. It's more ironic because the reason given for OFL being annoying is that she's a white lotus (though now I think she's more of a green tea b*tch) but sometimes MC acts the same way.

4. Inconsistent writing, to a really obvious extent. You'll see when you read it.

I sort of feel like I just ate cold leftovers. I satisfied my hunger (boredom), but I'm not happy. <<less
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Ejsama rated it
December 28, 2019
Status: Completed
I like the FL. She didn't abandon her passion of being a cartoon artist despite being busy acting. The ML is the normal overbearing type. He got possessive before he realized his own feelings.

it baffles how he can spend so much medicine on her when they barely knew each other.


Novel ML (siscon) is so cute. Reason why he's a sis con cuz his parents ignored him. Their mother is such a failure towards parenthood.

She dropped him off to babysitters first thing like she did to FL where she left her to FL's grandparents She was a weak mother who loved vanity thats why she abandoned her sick frail daughter.

Karma literally destoryed her life at the end.

When novel ML found he had a half sister, rainbows showed up and hoped for familial love.

This is why novel sis hated him because he showed too much care to her which resulted hate since no one knew they were half siblings. Plus her mother abandoned her for his family but she also didn't know how he also suffered which is quite sad. So I'm glad FL transmigrated and spoiled him with love.


Novel FL is the wtf type. Since she got a second chance in life (i think cuz she wasn't content with her last life and wanted a higher branch she died) she was all like "EVERYTHING SHOULD BELONG TO ME. WHY HER" type.

The novel 2nd female lead the childhood friend that has been ignored turned a new leaf since she found oUT the FLs backing and lowkey became a follower/matchmaker.

There wasn't much drama except how FL keeps spitting blood and the crew incident. The luck part wasn't explained or even talked about. It was basically her seeing clouds and if she touched the black ones, she'll get images of how ppl can get misfortune. She just did it on 2 people and soon forgotten.

I give this 3.5 since the ending was too fast. There was no epilogues or short stories. I wanted to know their children or the novel ML'sending at least. Do I reccomend ? Yes and no. The interactions are cute. Its areally short story but not really worth reading. Its fluff and stuff. Not much drama or back stories. But if you really really like short fluff stories, here's one.
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sixk15 rated it
July 18, 2020
Status: c18
This story is broken. In general, I don't find any of the characters relatable or likable, and that's just a sign of my own moral integrity. Every time the daughter of MC's agent is mentioned, the author has to bring up how she's autistic and can't be like "normal" children because of the "defects". Yes, this is offensive.

There's also the fact that no one is really concerned by MC's physical constitution. She will downplay her illness vaguely whenever people ask her about it. Somehow, everyone buys it? If I saw... more>> my friend cough up blood, I would want to know why. ML made sure to diagnose her the proper medicine, but only for his own benefit.

Unsurprisingly, ML thinks he's above everyone else. When MC coughed up blood on him, all his subordinate-like family member could think was "how dare she puke up blood on Fifth Master Lu!" Sounds ridiculous, right? Not to mention, the original female lead is unrealistically s*upid.

And all that leaves is the brother, the only character I can tolerate. <<less
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frostcrystal rated it
May 29, 2020
Status: c19 part3
I liked it at first, especially the FL's setting and her brother (the original ML), but will probably be dropping because the ML is quite toxic. The author wants him to come off as domineering and fearsome, but doesn't succeed - he comes off to me as rich and selfish. FL always has to jump at his say-so; she has to drop everything to cater to him, including ridiculous things like essentially being kidnapped and not being able to go somewhere unless he lets her, then he throws her some... more>> money to make it okay. If you imagine him as a gross, fat old man for a moment instead of his supposed cold good looks, it really hits home how awful he is.

The showbiz aspect of the story is also somewhat so-so. The strengths were FL's brother and her skills as a mangaka, so it's a bit sad that those got tossed aside somewhat in favour of an acting career she's not that passionate about and a lousy romance. <<less
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MiyaMira rated it
December 17, 2019
Status: Completed
It's cute fluff. Not much drama, just full of leisurely plot. ML is too OP so MC unconsiously became a Mary Sue, but it was all fun. The manhua ori!ML is an outright sis-con, but he was really cute. There was a bit of plothole, but not too obvious and definitely doesn't deviate much from the plotline. If you like simple story and just want to relax, read this story. It would definitely be worth it!
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ak4hoshi rated it
November 16, 2020
Status: Completed
I've mtled and it's kinda boring and there's no actual meaning to anything? Like, everything happens just because, there's nothing to anything in this novel.

She is not even surprised of her transmigration, and maybe she mentions it once or twice, something happens then it's written like this 'in fact, Siyu always suspect/thought/felt', to show us the FL knows everything bcs the novel is hers, till the end of the novel I just didn't feel a sense of reality in any aspect here, except the brother, he's pretty much relatable (if... more>> I didn't fight my brothers 24/7).

Truthfully I hate when those authors try to put some 'unusual' characters setting with sensitive topics, like the autistic girl, that she insist say she's autistic at every opportunity, and wtf?? A cure for autism in a comic?? Where the hell did she get that from? It's not a chronic disease, there's no cure, there's treatment. And of course she can be 'normal', which the author insist in the opposite, prob to show how kind and awesome the FL is. The ML is just like any other CEO overbearing character.

It's kinda off like everybody just accept she coughs blood all the time and thinks 'such a hard-working girl', in some important parts people's reactions are so lukewarm, but omg, she being famous out of the blue and called a 'hype legend' pisses me off. She worked as a model once and the day next all China knew her, how can you sell the whole lot of magazines till is sold out in 50s?

The author exaggerates in those situations and that's such a turn off for me, like, for real dude???

I like the names tho.

Overall just another generic chinese novel. <<less
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Kazza rated it
November 22, 2021
Status: c50
Positive point.:

The relationship between siblings is adorable and healing. Also translation quality was great.

Negative point:

This is the first time I've read a story where the ML went from typical ML to tr*sh in just one chapter. It really made me lose all motivation to read the rest of the story.
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ireaditall rated it
September 3, 2021
Status: Completed
  1. The definition of mediocre. The novel starts off with an interesting premise of being able to see the air of luck and the FL needing to stay close to ppl with good luck to be able relieve some pain (that she's constantly in).

    However this premise is abandoned within the 1st 20 chps, and the novel continues its descent into mediocrity at an incredible pace.

    I don't think being able to see the air of luck was even mentioned again in the story.

    The ML may be the most boring ML ever. He's toxic and right up to the end I can't tell whether he really likes her or just treats her as a decoration or toy he wants for himself

    Not to mention the holes,


    It said that bcuz ML has super bad luck (he cultivated in Buddhist temple to suppress it) the FL is in pain every time she's close to him, which was once again ignored and never mentioned again.


    And clich

    s that continued,


    The OgFL turned out to be a villain, 2ndML falling in love with FL for absolutely no reason, ML using money to suppress both, and the FL being a perfect dodder flower without a grain of personality.


    Honestly, the ML and FL have no chemistry, like in one chp she's super scared of him and in the next chp she's in love with him and I'm like did I miss some romance there????

    But on the other hand, the merits are that the OgML younger bro is super cute and the its shown that the 2ndML will eventually move on as the feelings aren't really that deep that he must spend his entire life on her. These 2 things made me give it 3* ratings.

    The conclusion, read if have nothing else on your list and don't have any expectations of the plot.
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AbsAreHot rated it
October 22, 2021
Status: c64
False advertising. Just say that the mc’s lover is more important than her brother if that’s how you’re going to write. Also, the ML is total crap, I just want to say. He’s an immature control freak who can’t sort his feelings out.

The MC *does* fall for him, but it was 100% forced. She didn’t have a choice to *not* fall for him. He’s literally taking all her pain and suffering away while also watching and controlling her every move.

Her little apartment is a place he goes whenever... more>> he wants, he slept in her bed uninvited bc he can, and he used her as a body pillow twice before he even sorted out his feelings, and made clear what their relationship is. Oh and I forgot the several s*xual assaults where the MC was clearly resisting and finding any possible excuse to get out of while also keeping her life.

Everything is on *his* terms whether the MC wants it or not. The author also uses mc’s brother is as a prop every single time to further annoy the ML and make him awaken even more unnecessary possessiveness. Why the f*ck is he getting jealous of her literal *brother* in the first place?

Like why’d you even bother with that summary? It’s 100% misleading. It’s bc you know that your summary is better click bait than an accurate summary. I just don’t know why you’d make a really intriguing summary and then veer as far away from that as possible the more you write. It literally makes no sense. <<less
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Eustoma White
Eustoma White rated it
October 15, 2021
Status: --
I've read this novel not long ago and came back to see the updates (though I forgot which chapter I'm in).

It's actually good. I was disheartened at first when I first saw the reviews about how it wasn't that great and stuff but still decided to give a try as I was jobless. And yes, I enjoyed it actually. It's not bad.

... more>>

The FL Transmigrates into her own manhua, and becomes the villainess older sister of male lead of her manhua who is so sick that she pukes blood even when breathing. The villainess in her mahua was jealous of her brother for being able to live a comfortable life whilst she was abandoned by her mother (went to marry a rich husband i.e manhua's ml's father) and blah blah blah but well, as we all know, she as the FL doesn't give a damn about her mother or anything except her lil cute brother! Yes, her half brother is so cute here, though he tries to act cool in front of his sister, he still comes out s*upidly cute. Haha. I love him!


So yeah, It's a good novel.

P. S not really related to this but gonna say it out.

It's a rant. I repeat, it's a rant. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE KEEP ON COMPLAINING how Ml/fl/MC in bg or BL novels are so op. I mean, don't we all freaking read novels to escape from this reality?? To refresh ourselves? I mean it's a novel, why should the main characters not be op, eh? It's too boring if they're normal/ordinary like in reality. I mean, in reality, we are all ordinary so aren't those people tired to see the same thing in novels? It's like reading themselves in novels.

And ALSO! One more thing! WHY DO YOU KEEP ON COMPLAINING ABOUT THE ML'S OBSESSIVENESS OR POSSESSIVENESS in novels? Sigh, I don't understand. I just want to tell those people to look at the tags before reading. Don't come reviewing how f*cked up or how f*cking creepy the ML is. I'm tired. Isn't it just a novel? If you can't read those types, please! PLEASE check the tags first okay? I noticed some reviews in novels like 'I wasn't born lucky' or 'Rebirth of supermodel' which were really great novels but they had to give 3 or 2 stars just cause the male is creepy, stalker, psychotic or something. Heh, I mean, couldn't they have checked the tags? It CLEARLY WRITTEN in the tags that's it's 'Obsessive, possessive, psychotic' you know? If you don't like, don't read. Simple as that, why make your little heart suffer? Go and read some fluffs or light novels. Slice of life. Whatever. <<less
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Imsobored rated it
June 29, 2020
Status: --
I loved the novel at first, mainly because of FL and her brother's interactions and her cute mangaka life.

Also I really liked her being able to see other people's luck and saving them from disasters.

But after a few chapters when ML was introduced I was so disgusted I dropped it. He basically forces her to do whatever he wants and she has no say in it. He can clearly see that it hurts her when she stays near him but that seems to excite him even more. Ughhh, I totally... more>> hate this trope where the ML is just an over bearing jerk who uses his power to trap FL. Also I'm stupified as to how anyone who's treated like an object and forced; scared and threatened to comply with another person's demands is able to fall in love with said person. <<less
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Yukari_me rated it
May 8, 2020
Status: Completed
The novel was okay, but in my opinion, I think the author could've answered some of the mystery that appeared in the very beginning of the novel with the ML and FL.

Positive things:

... more>>

If someone were to ask me, the highlight of this novel, it would be the relationship with MC and her brother. The development of their relationship was much better compared to the ML. In a way, it was the healing type that would make you smile compared to the romance plot. Another thing I really liked is, on the journey of MC's pursuit of her dream as a manhua author and artist, she didn't abandon it for the sake of staying true to her character. Just because the destiny of this body was to enter the entertainment circle, doesn't mean she should follow it. She is an author and illustrator first and foremost before an actress.


Things I'm quite dissatisfied about:


The first thing I wanna say is the romance. Idk about y'all, but in my perspective, the romance aspect was quite forced in this novel. There were many times I thought the ML would actually r*pe the MC. As for MC, I feel she was more or less forced to like the ML. In the novel, it was as if its natural to be the prey in their relationship with the ML as the predator. And whatever ML is dissatisfied with, MC will have to compromise. After getting used to that, I feel like it was borderline toxic but it seemed to have eased off somewhat with ML listening to MC.

Secondly, throughout the novel, I was expecting for the ML to have some character development. He, like the others, stayed flat the whole time. I was more bothered by the fact on how he low-key views MC as an object even almost the end of the novel. It was the usual type of "She is mine. Whoever touch her will pay the price." There was even an instance where MC was compared to a marble the ML used to like once. One of the reason why I wanted to finish the novel was to see if the ML will have some development in his character.

The third was the somewhat fantasy aspect of the plot. With MC having the ability to see a person's luck and future, there was no answer on why ML had such a bad one. I felt like it was just brought up in the middle and served as something that helped justified MC and ML being together which doesn't make sense at all. In this aspect, I'd rather you read I Became A Mathmaker in Taobao as that ability in the MC plays a big part of the plot which made it more interesting.

Lastly, the characters that appeared in the beginning such as the one who she helped in the car accident, I find it a pity that she was never brought up again with her daughter.

If the author didn't end the novel way too fast, I feel that the other side characters would've received some justice because of how poorly fleshed out they were after being used as a foil for the plot to continue.
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Brother is cute. The male lead... It's one of those examples where completely unacceptable behaviours that would be slammed anywhere else become acceptable once it's an attractive romantic interest doing it.

Super annoying to read about, unless this happens to be your kink.
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Mytrumpet143 rated it
April 1, 2021
Status: Completed
I liked it. Very slice of like story. I MTLed it so I’ve also read the side stories. Loose ends are tied and the over all story is very warm, sweet and short.
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elvira12 rated it
April 21, 2020
Status: Completed
This novel is a light read. Mtl is quite easy to understand.

I like the MC and ML, however, the plot hole about the MC transmigrating and why she wasn't able to go back to her own world was not addressed at all. Also, the MC didn't even try to question if she will still be able to return to her original world.

Anyway, it is a good read, but not the best.
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ntww12 rated it
January 16, 2023
Status: --
So, I usually like yandere ML stories but this is just so bland. Let me go to the pros and cons.


... more>>

Siyu and siscon Ji Lin is really a great dynamic to read. The way Ji Lin adores his sister and how Siyu does tend to care for him. I would prefer more spoiling scenes since their dynamic is pretty great.

The plot line being that she's both Koi the artist and also an actress and everyone not realizing was pretty funny BUT could be even funnier with more oh no scenes of Siyu trying to hide it.




Siyu is super mild and BORING. Initially I liked her no-nonsense character and sortof smart thinking. Like how she knew Xu Qingwen seemed different as she's the original artist of the world but then she just... fizzles off and becomes a bland FL.

The fact that she ignores it's a world she created and just went with the flow at the end was also insanely boring.

Another con is the ML. I love yandere fics. I love reading dubcon situations. But this.... has NO romance whatsoever. The ML is just an arrogant selfish bugger who doesn't even know that he likes/loves FL or does he even have emotions that way? All I read is a possessive bully who wants the FL. And the FL is so... spineless? I must admit I love reading soft FL sometimes but this is just too boring and bland. He is overbearing to the point that I got irritated with him. He did not have any character growth.

It could've been better. The author could have made him have a bigger epiphany or Siyu could have been more agitated with his 'oh I don't know if I like her that way' moment and really made him fight for her emotions. But nah, their socalled "romance" is just dry as dust. I really wished he had more moments of 'she's the one who has changed me for the better' but nope there wasn't any beyond the SHE'S MINE HEHE ALL OTHERS ARE INSIGNIFICANT.

Made myself read it for the sibling moments but even then it was too little.

The faceslapping for mother Rulan was also SO BORING.


Special thanks to the translator for a great work. Barely any errors and so smooth to read. <<less
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zloi medved
zloi medved rated it
October 12, 2021
Status: c18
I meant to rate this 1 star but accidentally hit two. Let me be clear. This novel is one star.

  1. The concept of the MC transmigrating into a manhua instead of a novel, and one she herself created, was interesting enough but the logic of it all makes no sense. Like, when she first meets the Novel!FL she doesn't recognise her... you drew her? You design and drew her? Manhua is a visual medium, how do you not recognise her? And the Lu family is this super powerful family that is involved in business, military, and politics, but the MC just made them a random background feature in her manhua - a manhua that is specifically described as being a dogblood Mary-Sue drama. LMAO, show me one dogblood Mary-Sue drama where the ML doesn't come from the biggest and most powerful family (y'know, like this novel itself?). The setup just feels so incredibly incidental, there's no difference between the MC transmigrating into a random webnovel she read vs. transmigrating into her own manhua, it's so wasted.
  2. Incredibly ableist. Incredibly ableist. Chinese webnovels constantly throw around the word "autism" without understanding anything about ASD, when more often than not most autistic characters in these works can be more described as being very shy, having trauma, or having social phobia. I realise it's rooted in the way the culture there views mental illness and development disorders, so I've put to bed my frustration with the complete display of ignorance in novels that pull this. But this one is just especially upsetting because there's so much contempt and dehumanisation. Eg.

    Since Yu Ling told her about Beibei's autism last time, Siyu felt that she's very pitiful. She was obviously a smart and bright child, but she could not live like a normal child completely due to some defects.

    Hey. This is disgusting. This is a disgusting way to talk about anyone with autism. Austism is not a "defect", and talking about how sad and pitiful it is that someone can't be "normal" because of it is absolutely wild behaviour. That's not how you talk about people. Even when it comes to autism cases like non-verbal communication, research has shown that these people with non-verbal autism CAN communicate themselves very well, they just need different avenues of being able to do that. There is no case of defects, and the attitude of treating autism like a defect that needs to be fixed in order to "save" the child just does far more damage in the long-term. Children with autism put into conversion centres trying to "cure" autism have suffered trauma that exacerbates things and some have even DIED. Chinese webnovels are terrible when it comes to understanding autism, but let me tell you: this one absolutely took the cake for me.
  3. The ML is bad. Overbearing, controlling, yandere MLs are dime-a-dozen, that's not what I'm talking about. This ML literally causes the MC to become sick, her health to worsen, makes her cough up blood, makes her almost pass out just be being near her. Does he do it on purpose? No. Does he know? No. But it was an author choice to make a male lead whose very presence near the MC is detrimental to her health and threatens her life and it's a pretty frickin' weird choice if you ask me! Their first meeting he: grabs her, manhandles her, basically gropes her while she's coughing up blood, kidnaps her, threatens her, while she is literally sobbing in tears begging him to let her go. The description the author puts into describing how physically weak and limp she gets around him as he sucks her life force out of her like an energy vampire has big "this will get so r*pey" vibes so I clocked out.
There's nothing wrong with brainless fluffy dogblood Mary-Sue drama where the MC doesn't struggle and doesn't earn anything she has because her suitors all just gave it to her. I read them to chill, sometimes you just want that. I love a bit of tooth rot. I just can't find a romance where the ML is literally poison that is killing the MC fluffy, or a romance where the first meeting involves assault and kidnapping cute, though. And I am absolutely over with Chinese ableism. To each their own but I recommend avoiding this one.
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Ellie44 rated it
July 18, 2020
Status: c22.2
For me, the MC is not that likeable. First of all, she judges her characters when in fact she made them herself, like the ji mother. She's disgusted at her but she's her maker. Also, the ML is super weird, he's the typical arrogant and oh so mighty ml. Acts like everyone need to kneel infront of him. Thinks he can detain people like its not against the law. And send things to a girl he barely knew. Anyway, I wont continue this anymore. I feel like im wasting my... more>> time. <<less
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Sonialu rated it
April 17, 2020
Status: c13.1
This novel is soo good~! A well laid out plotline and a very likeable MC. I went into reading this novel totally expecting for the usual cliche setup but no I was wrong =^~^= !! A very good light read and lot of fluffy moments where it will only lead you into wanting more. The translator Rin also did a superb job *thumbs up*. In conclusion, highly recommended!! (&Gt;w<) //**~
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Mag-0 rated it
July 16, 2022
Status: Completed
If you are entering the isekai "transmigrating/reincarnating as a villain of the story I read" world, then I recomend this. If you, like me, is already a veteran with a few good titles already read, then don't waste your time.

Or do, I did and I 35% regret it. Anyway, allow me to start:

... I liked the premise SO MUCH. The beginning was pretty good, it was you everyday Isekai novel.

The MC is the author that get transmigrated into the villainess of the story. She starts smart and strong, she knows... more>> what to do and how to. Does she get some protagonist boosts? Yes, but still "ok". Unfortunately she becomes just a weak push-over by the middle of the novel and shows no sign of getting better.

About the ML... not really my cup of tea.

On the other hand, I really like the original ML, he is cute and loves his sister with all his heart, but is not dumb or anything. Very kindhearted and resolute when needed.


But aside from him... it was all disappointment. Original FL turns out to be black hearted, mean and stoopid. ML is just rude and cold, and the MC actually spends 95% of the story avoiding him and trying to run away, but having no courage or means to do so. And in the end it just goes Stockholm and she suddenly doesn't know how to live without him.
No need to talk about the suuuper mary-sue setting of everything she does gets famous and stuff, but why is it that suddenly at the later chapters of the story her ability to see luck and adverse reactions to the ML just... vanished from the text, like?? Author? Did you perhaps forget something??
And TALK ABOUT FORGETTING, all side characters such as Yu Ling, Han Tiantian, Chu Shuangyan and cia, what happened to them?? THERE. IS. NO. CLOSURE!!
Closest to that, from the secondary characters side, is Wen Yuan that says he'll go on a road trip to adjust his mood, after his inexplicable crush for Siyu.
I mean, I get it, sometimes side characters just need to be passing shadows, BUT WHY did it ALSO happen to the main couple?? Like, such a floppy ending, last 2 chapters really got me thinking "wow... is this how it ends? In nothing?". And so I got to the extras hopping for CRUMBLES of what happened to the rest of the names in the pages, but I just got some more of Siyu-Koi discovery and "Yuanhe finally confesses, yaay" (but it was so... weak)

Honestly, this novel had SO MUCH potential but just ended up as a barely passable reading 'cus the characters that could do so much ended as simple stepping stones for the plot and nothing really happened. No explanation for what happened nor why, mais characters had close to no development. Ok, 5th Master got more tolerant, but aside from that? Nothing.

MC sickess got cured by s*x and the reason why Fifth Master Lu got "addicted" to Siyu is just because the old monk said his destined partner was now "ready to be taken" and it was just such... weak reasoning.

I got so indignant by the end of this novel and wrote this review in such mood that I would not be surprised to wake up tomorrow in another's body in a "I transmigrated into the book I roasted very badly yesterday night in a review before going to sleep". <<less
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BORED123 rated it
December 18, 2019
Status: Completed
The novel is nice. The plot really isn't new, but it's still fun to read. The MC I likable, and the ML is the typical domineering guy. However, their interactions are okay and cute. The fact that the MC dug herself a grave by portraying that side character which she transmigrated into, into spewing blood everytime is really funny.

The ML in her novel is also really cute.

It woul have been nicer if the villians in this story had more depth. The villians were your typical idiots.

From what I gather, the... more>> only antagonist (well, semi-antagonist since she hughed the mc's thigh in the end) was that Che something girl who like the li jing (??? I forgot the name). She was the smartest antagonist there was in the story. <<less
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