Transmigrating into the Big Boss Villain’s White Moonlight


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Only after Gu Yan died did she realize that she was a cannon fodder in a book. She was given a chance to be reborn, but the condition was to give warmth to the cruel villain in this book and prevent him from turning black.

In the beginning, she transmigrated to the time when the big boss was still young. At this time, he was still a poor little child who was abused by his adoptive parents and bullied by his peers. While protecting him, Gu Yan taught him: Good boys don’t fight.

And Gu Yan returned to her high school days. Just as she was ready to study hard and start over again, she met the villain who had grown up. The little boy who used to call her (elder) sister back in the past had grown into a cool and cold boy. The boy was wearing a white shirt while his slender fingers clamped a metal lighter, his eyes were sharp and indifferent.

When Gu Yan encountered him once again, he was holding a person’s collar condescendingly. He said indifferently without emotion, “Get out of laozi’s way.”

Some onlookers said to Gu Yan with a bewildered look: This is the Third High’s big shot, so fierce and ruthless, he happens to be very famous, won’t you happen to know?

Gu Yan: “?” What’s wrong with this development? Wasn’t it said that you wouldn’t be allowed to fight?

Gu Yan never expected that the cutie she had raised would soon become a big boss whom everyone feared. Furthermore, she had not even thought that one day, he would clasp her waist tightly, with the corners of his eyes red, he would mutter in her ear, “You can only be mine.”

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Sheng Ling
Sheng Ling rated it
August 22, 2020
Status: c39
hello! This is the translator of this series here, i've caught up with the raws slash completed the novel, not so sure whether its completed or not but here's to what i've read so far

... more>>

so the first few chapters, (maybe like 1-5) we're introduced to gu yan, our MC where she died and is transported back in time to complete a mission given by a system- this system is just probably an excuse for her to be able to travel back in time but whatever. So the mission is to save the villain big boss from blackening any further as a child. And she is transmigrated into the body of the neighbour of shen jiayu, the boy she has to save. At first, she tries to get close to him but fails but slowly she got secretly close to him. But one day, shen jiayu's adoptive parents found out about that and had a quarrel with and over her just because of that and she agreed to not continue feed him food since the mother told her to do so. She was feeling some guilt then she spotted the adoptive father abusing shen jiayu outside the corridor calling him names and hitting him, she rushes in to save him and threatens to call the police under the condition that she doesn't if he stays with her for three months. Then they have some fluffy cute moments after when he move in with her but one day, a man approaches them to bring back Shen Jiayu to his biological father, both are reluctant in the sense one is reluctant to leave him and the other is reluctant in returning back to the father's side since he had sorta grown attached to gu yan.



the next bunch of chapters up to c39, is where Gu Yan is transported back to her high school days when she had yet to die and is basically a bunch of interaction between the family, classmates, friends and so forth. A few characters would be like Ye Li and her b*tchy friend- Tang something I forgot, Song Yunshen, Gu Qiao, Zheng Shi (i think, the stepmom of mc) and the list carries on. MC and Shen Jiayu meet again not officially at a basketball match game thingie where Gu Yan spotted him playing basketball with some others. They do get together only towards like the thirties of the series tho

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September 1, 2020
Status: c22
3.5/5 so far

Honestly I quite liked the FL to begin with as she was responsible caring with ML as a child.

However when she transmigrated back to her 16 year old self, her interactions with the ML so far is basically get hurt/bullied/trying to save someone, and having ML come to her rescue. She essentially devolved into a Mary Sue and damsel in distress. When she does try to help someone, it's basically either the ML or her brother that does all the work in the end.

Due to her previous life,... more>> she should have the maturity and insight of an adult but she doesn't. Instead she cries over really small issues such as falling over and scraping her knee.

Overall, I would recommend this novel if you are into these transmigration type novels. Although the characters aren't especially unique, the story is still entertaining for what it is. <<less
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Snoweee rated it
December 1, 2020
Status: Completed
Imma rate this Novel 3.7/5.

I like the novel though it’s a bit short and I feel like the author end the story abruptly. The climax isn’t really that great might be because the author didn’t try to explain other stuffs that will make the whole novel complete.
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Aldis rated it
November 10, 2020
Status: Completed
~~ I wrote a wrong review will edited later after I continue to read the novel ~~
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Itssalwa rated it
March 9, 2021
Status: c39
Is it really only 39 chapters? If it's so, then the ending very much unsatisfactory. Imo, the plot are nice and have potential but if it's only 39 chapters then... Well 3 stars? I really like how it began but the ending is a no. So many plot holes and then suddenly time skip! Ugh 💔
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Kizna100 rated it
February 22, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a short story, but is so sweet even if IT seems a little rushed and there seems to be some parts of the story that wasn't finished. YanYan can be a little dumb in some ways (thinking that its her esconde life) but all in all it's a cute story where the male lead has some problems.
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