Transmigrating into a 90’s Cat, I Want to Work for My Home Country


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After being heavily wounded on a mission, the dying commander of the special forces Qin Xiao was brought back to the mountain base on the back of a tiger. According to the rumors, that day, it was an extremely beautiful Persian cat that called out the guard soldier and found the commander.

This strange event was transmitted throughout the base, and it became a sensation in the whole place.

After transmigrating into a cat, Bai Xia Xia has been extremely worried. She could understand beast language, eat fruits, and catch fish, but it was useless, her beast friends did not eat cooked food. For half a year, she did not eat a mouthful of cooked meat at all, and everything was so plain that she was going crazy.

She deliberated and pondered, thinking seriously about Cat’s remaining life—being a house cat is good, there will be a poop shovel officer (a pet owner) to serve me. A suitable poop shovel officer was not easy to find, living conditions were not guaranteed, and the risk of becoming a stray cat was high.

Therefore, she found an iron rice bowl (a lifetime employment), working for her home country (in a governmental position).

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New Pearvi
September 26, 2022
Status: c168
I give it 4 stars

the tag ROMANCE is quite misleading. I finished the main story and couldn't find anything related to romance. The cat couldn't turn human until last few chapters. Maybe the romance are in the extra.

but the novel itself is quite funny and entertaining. Lots of interaction between animals. No angst, just relaxing cute story. Although it's slice of life, it's not boring
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New Insideofadoge rated it
September 23, 2022
Status: c4.1
Not a lot of chapters built up, but the concept is a bit more interesting than it might appear on the surface. So far the most interesting characterization is for a himbo tiger that seems to hang out with our MC. Hints about the kind of organizing with her fellow animals that she's been engineering. Also I'm always a sucker for cat-human relationship jokes, particularly as someone who just scooped a cat box and bought a bowl for a pet.

Quality of translation is excellent. Chapters are short but relatively frequent... more>> at this writing; I'd recommend checking it out now to see if you like it. Giving it a provisional 5 stars for now. <<less
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Scynthea rated it
September 8, 2022
Status: c1 part1
This is wonderful. Please keep up the good work. Also, what is your release schedule if you don't mind sharing?
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