Transmigrating: I Married the Male Protagonist’s Uncle


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The headlines bring shocking and mind-boggling news.

“Ling Sheng boarded Movie King Huo Ci’s sports car, and the duo are suspected to be dating!”

“Huo Ci and Ling Sheng entered and left the same cond*minium. They are confirmed to be staying together.”

“Screw off, these blind bastards. He’s my biological father!”

Third Master Jun, likewise, reacts with a similar reaction. He spits. “Whoever posted these will be blacklisted, never to be seen again in the media industry! I shall see who else has the guts to spread rumors about my wife and father-in-law.”

Third Master Jun is the most affluent man on earth and this places him at the apex of the world order. However, he is troubled by the fact that the Movie King Huo Ci, despite only being a few years older than him, is his father-in-law.

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Arrange rated it
September 22, 2020
Status: c400
For now, I must say, everything is good apart from the father. I want to think him as a tsundere, but he's the kind of unreasonable tsundere where I draw the line. Now he's just an overgrown edgy brat.

Idk what happened to that man, but you don't just come back home drunk and yell at your daughter and grandson who prepared a birthday cake for you just for your drunk ass to throw that table in the air almost hitting the poor child too.


Let me put the ugly words out first. I don't like the father. He's just too irresponsible to become one. Like, dude, did you take your daughter as a servant? When your action hurt her feelings and you just go "Why should she be angry when she's living under my roof and I'm paying for her expenses?"

You have some beef with San Ye, and want the whole world to hate him with you.

Idk if I can swear, but I'll put my feelings here. F*ck off dude. You're the kind of irresponsible parents I have in real life so I feel sensible about it.


For my standard, the father is just a petty person by nature and got even pettier after something tragic in the past happened. He's phasing through a period of denial and selfish behaviour. All the main leads have a tragic story ffs. The father has some unknown beef with San Ye, who paid the price with his legs and disfigured face (which is not don't worry). And the MC, the daughter, apparently got her child in some traumatising manner that the original host tried to forget, living a life of poverty just to find our that the one you thought was your mother, just when on death bed, told you that she's your nanny and to go and find the father for help.


Which Fooking bastard even has the gall to say, we can't acknowledge our relationship outside. I SWEAR IMMA GET HIM THE PETTIEST PARENT AWARD.




This awful grandpa left the kid to the waiter while he went to do his own business somewhere else, the kid almost got kidnapped. And this isn't the first time, the first time the kid almost got run over by a crowd of people in the airport. And food for thought, in all two instances, it was San Ye who helped the child.


That old man is seriously the worst. The only lost star is just because of him.
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Missyinemin rated it
May 1, 2021
Status: c370
A petty father who thinks everyone needs to compromise to him.

They didn't care about the child education and development all they think is their selves.

At first I like it but really everyone is childish and selfish.

How the eff some scene that should to be resolve because its f*** up they skipt it.

Where is the logic????

I really how they didn't care about the child. Also the discrimination please they're not accurate everyone is a sh*t especially the Father.

I wish they all have character development please. (371-@##)
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0Lalalina0 rated it
December 23, 2021
Status: c293
The father is the worst ever. He gets angry all the times and want her to respect him as a father when they clearly agreed to act like strangers. At the beginning I found his action acceptable but he took it for granted and continued his behaviour. The female lead doesn't even stand up for herself and just lets him be when he clearly bullies her and her son. And he clearly doesn't care about them. She still lives with him like a donkey. The father is toxic. As for... more>> her..... she isn't a good mother. She doesn't educate her child. She only Cooks for him sometimes and then the author explains oh how good her culinary skills are.


I was reading ch 293 and the father totally lash out on them for celebrating his birthday. She even got injured. Her son was also in danger because of his crazy stunt. She said shes gonna leave his house and move out because he kicked them out. But her father's friend send her a video of her father lashing out on him and telling him to f*ck off. (So he's saying don't take it to heart. Your father is like this) like this my ass. So after the explanation she thought it was reasonable and decided to say for now🙄🙄🙄. Like guuuurl leaaaav. Obviously she can't live in her own. She can't take care of her child. She's not strong at all. Except acting and cooking nothing is good about her, maybe her pretty face count.


The male lead: no comment.

Hes strong and oh almighty. Nothing much. <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
May 5, 2022
Status: Completed
This is one of the better webnovels out there. The main drawback is that it's a bit too long. I also read from RAWs so that had an impact on the quality of reading. There are also a few other minor details I feel could have improved the story making it a 4.7 star rating for me.

I was honestly very surprised at how well the author handled this story. My expectations were very low. It has all of the cliches of this particular genre. To list a few:

  • Handsome overbearing male leads who fall in love way too quickly
  • Inexplicable amnesia
  • Son's father is unknown
  • MC is an orphan, but her bio dad is actually rich (#9 in the Forbes worlds richest list apparently, ML is #1) and famous
  • MC actress is reborn with her acting talent maxed out
  • Many Vicious side characters
  • A main villain behind the scenes
The author expands on what would be average cliches and turned them into actual plot instead of mere plot devices. Something like the MCs' mystery pregnancy may be a no brainer for the reader, but the actual story behind it and how the main characters figure it out is still turned into a riveting tale. You also can't forget what led her (and others) into transmigrating in the first place. To be honest, the plot itself isn't very fresh or new. What impressed me is the effort put into world building and the seemingly effortless pacing that kept the story interesting for 1587 chapters. Well.. I do admit I skipped at least 20 chapters of the extras (there are over 150 extra chapters), but I didn't skip a single chapter of the main story.

The dad has problems as mentioned in the other reviews. Hou Ci has a bad temper, is a bit immature, and has a drinking issue. He is not an abuser. He has 'a hard mouth and a tofu heart.' He cares about this new daughter. He is bad at expressing his concern and gets easily agitated when others take him at face value rather than making an attempt to understand him. His biggest issue is that he doesn't take any steps to make up for his shortcomings. He does take up responsibility despite his shock and resistance at becoming a father and a grandfather. He comes to love his daughter and becomes very close to his grandson. He's not the best at raising children, but he does his best. His mistakes are largely due to inexperience. He's booksmart and a talented actor, but lacks common sense.

The children in this book are still a little too capable for their ages, but not outrageously so. Ling Xiaoqi seems to have the strength of a 5 or 6 year old after his grandfather starts training him. His sensibility is larger than his age, but in a way that makes sense. He is afraid of abandonment due to some bad choices by book LS. He has the normal fears of a normal child in his situation. His intelligence and knowledge retention is higher than a normal 3 year old, but not nearly as high as an adult. Overall he fits the description of a 5 year old despite his actual age. This is much better than novels where the cheap son is at the thinking level of a teenager or an adult.

- - - -

The first spoiler is the largest and deals with reveals from the latter half of the book. The follow up spoilers are much smaller and deal with the main plot. I recommend reading the first spoiler only if you are curious about the supernatural aspects and how MC was able to transmigrate without a system.

I also try to sort out the vagueness giyhakhan mentioned in their review. The author could have given us absolute answers considering the effort they put into the rest of the story, but they decided not to. I think that's.. Okay. It's not great, but it's also not terrible. Including those details could have disrupted the otherwise great pacing and solving the mysteries all at once would make reading the remaining chapters meaningless. The clues are instead left scattered across thousands of chapters for the readers to solve on their own, with no absolute answer set by the author. It will probably be a better experience to read my theories after you have read some of the story and formed some of your own.

- - - -

The Truth/Theories of the Original World:


There is no system or Main God. ML (Jun Shiyan/Sanye/Gu Shi-something) and the MC (Ling Sheng) are originally from an 'apocalyptic' world where special abilities are normal. LS has a creation ability that allows her to generate and obliterate matter at will. JS has at minimum psychic (mind reading/mind control) and time related abilities. I believe he also may have had a 'space'. Their group of buddies were cornered in the cultivation world. One of their friends was framed and declared to be a devil who cultivated by draining children. The ML and his friend were not willing to let their wives fight to the death. They carefully selected a new world, wiped their memories, and all but Ji Xing came over safely. Even the MC's brother found a way to stowaway.

It's hard to tell if the original world was the cultivation world itself, just with some modern conveniences since LS' body was kept in a hospital room and she had the chance to read Domineering President and his lover style books, or another world entirely. I at least couldn't tell if the MC was joking or serious when she claimed to have come over from the apocalypse with a 'serious creation ability' after she regained her memory. The ability was real, but the crisis' of the cultivation world seem to have all been man-made scuffles rather than a serious end of the world scenario like she had claimed. Her best friend is the only character guaranteed to 100% be from the cultivation world. Song Yiyan is an Onmouji and great at fighting evil spirits. She descended the mountain to look for her missing master. LS becomes her closest person during her hardest time.

LS and JS met when she 'crawled over his wall'. It was implied during that reveal that he was a mere character following the plot of the world before she appeared, so it is most likely that the current story wasn't her first crossing. In fact, she may have generated his world from a book just like the ML generated the current world. Tbh, it's possible he used his mind control to 'borrow' her abilities while she was unconscious. His own abilities are more geared to helping them hide from the antagonist by blending into the world (ie amnesia) and following the plot. The fact that her death (rather than his) would collapse the world supports this theory. It is clear that it is the main cast responsible for creating and sustaining the virtual worlds regardless.

The antagonist has been fighting them since before the start of the story. It could be argued that he is literally the plot of the original books. He doesn't have an actual name or a body and can take over any character in the world at will. They say that he is the will of the world, or the will of the author. They always call him <insert derogatory adjective here> fish, because he always slips through the net when they try to kill him off once and for all. He claims to be their god and is pissed that the main cast are not under his control. He is like an overactive immune system. He doesn't care if the world collapses as long as the invaders are driven out.

He is so determined that he will even cross into worlds that aren't his to kill them. There are multiple references to them failing to defeat him in the previous world (s). This, and JS' implication that they have been looking for the right world to settle in for a long time, supports the theory that the last world (cultivation) was also a book. The villain doesn't really get more development than this which is a shame. I had a theory going that he followed LS into the book from the apocalypse, but lost his form at that time. It would explain his intense resentment against the party at least, but no.

It's never stated what world JX and LS' half-bro are from or what their abilities are.


The truth of this world:


JS crossed at least twice. He appeared at least 20 years ahead of time to matchmaker LS' parents, with mixed results. He also had to fix the setting where his character would die two years into the book and give a reasonable explanation as to why he starts out in a wheelchair despite escaping the explosion. This isn't confirmed, but it's most likely that he also crossed when LS was 18. It's confirmed that all memories of him are erased when he leaves and that her memory of the 'rape' was forced by the plot. All of the randoms claiming they saw them travelling as a married couple are most likely the forgotten truth. He suppresses his own memory for the final crossing. He and her should have awakened their memories when they met, but something goes wrong giving the antagonist a chance to make various mischief against them. It becomes a race against time whether they will remember or be killed off as 'invaders' first. There are 5 crossing individuals, not including the antagonist. They will be slowly revealed and awakened over time.

Her mother doesn't appear for a while, because she actually lives abroad. Her parents have both neither forgotten nor forgiven each other. Their relationship started on the basis of rebellion and deceit, and ended due to the lack of the most basic trust. They were too young and stubborn causing irreconcilable differences despite, or because of, their intense feelings.

Their relationship is explored in the extras, but here goes. Hou Ci and Nangong Lengyue were fianc

es of an arranged marriage. Hou Ci was a bit of a playboy at the time and Nangong wanted to marry a sincere person. She disguised herself as her own boyfriend and tried to get Hou Ci to call off the engagement. She spends 2 years trying to sabotage their relationship only for them to fall in love.

His trust in her is low because of the deceit and her trust in him is low because of his past. She is simply waiting for him to betray her and always holds his potential infidelity against him.
He can't accept that he is always the one who has to give in. Why doesn't she give him a real chance? He goes drinking one night upset about this and gets a hotel room alone. A woman takes advantage of this and comes into his room. She calls Nangong over and takes a shower. She comes out as Nangong arrives covered in 'ambiguous' marks. He is confused when he wakes up and admits to it out of anger even though he remembers nothing happening.

Nangong hatches a plan of revenge so that he will never forget her when she leaves. They seemingly reconcile. Then she has her brother call him over for a romantic birthday. He shows up with flowers and a ring. She is on the bed with another man. The dude knows she was acting out a scene with him, but couldn't bring himself to refuse her. I couldn't tell in the MTL if they went all the way, but they definitely did enough to make Hou Ci think they did. She doesn't enjoy her revenge as much as she thought she would.

He decides to forgive her and move on when he finds out about the baby, but his response is too late and misses the chance she gave him. She gives up and goes to the hospital. She leaves deciding to keep the child, but tells Hou Ci it's already gone. He literally collapses and she leaves for the airport.

The tragedy doesn't end here. Her father never supported the engagement with Hou Ci and doesn't want his daughter's life ruined by 'the child of the man she hates'. He sends the child to an orphanage and tells everyone she is dead. Luckily the butler makes some arrangements and sends the child to his niece to ensure she is safe, rather than completely abandoning her like the grandfather planned. Thus the start of the story where she is able to find her biological father with the help of her adoptive family.


Fate of the original leads:


Lou Xi (?) is a smart and ambitious young woman. She isn't a bad person, but she has bad intentions from the beginning. Her approach to Gu Shen is a very targeted yet subtle seduction. She is determined to marry the heir of the Gu family. She also arranges her spare backup tires, such as the second male lead of the original book, just as carefully. LX does this by catering her outward personality to the tastes of her target and she is very convincing. She eventually blackens and the ML makes her disappear after she teams up with the antagonist. LS can tell ML cares about his nephew, so she has interfered with the past in order to give GS a road to redemption. He accepts his uncle and aunt. We never see him again. I wish an extra showed him finding an actually sincere lover.

My last regret about the extras is that we don't get to see the second uncle after he has healed. I wanted to see that tragedy get a happy ending rather than get to read every detail of his deterioration. I skipped many of these chapters because they were too sad.

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czeihne rated it
January 2, 2021
Status: Completed
I just finished reading it.

Its actually a good story, Ling Sheng and Jun Sanye are both powerful couple. I also like Song Yiyan and Ji Xing, she is really a dominant one.

There are many couples in this story. I also understand why other readers were pissed with Huo Ci as a father. He just doesn't know how to express his feelings. He eventually became a better dad and grandfather.

So many things happened in the story when the current world collapsed and they went to another world and each one of... more>> them remembering the orevious one. Song Yiyan is very powerful here, Ling Sheng and Sanye too.

Theres the story of 2nd brother Yan and Wen Ruoshi, Huo Ci and Nangong Yu when they were younger, <<less
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giyhakhan rated it
September 21, 2020
Status: c1280
The plot is good, cute story. Great relationship between characters. Just that it doesn't explain the past of the characters well. Vague understanding of how they came to the book world and the reason for going to the book world.

To many holes in the story that aren't explained in the story and slow progress of the storyline.
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gelz rated it
August 7, 2023
Status: c702
I think the story has a good start, I'm hooked and tempted to read the next chapters.

As I read more, I find her father unreasonable. In the beginning it was tolerable that he didn't like her daughter and her grandchild who suddenly appears out of nowhere. However, as the story progresses his attitude didn't change at all. He often curses his daughter and his grandchild. It was as if he needs the whole world to adjust to his moods.

Ling Sheng often got in trouble because of some brainless pe*verted man... more>> or she was set up by a random actress. These issues could be dealt with by hiring a bodyguard for goodness sake. It's annoying, there's always no bodyguard around when something bad happens. She is wealthy, or at least her family is filthy rich. It makes no sense at all. <<less
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jrascottie rated it
April 11, 2023
Status: c916
I tried, I really did, but the father is too insufferable for me to complete this novel. I tried pushing through and going through with that absolute prick that is the father, but I have to drop the book. He is so childish, annoying, and selfish I can't understand why the author thought he was a perfect character to center the story around.

One of the first strikes was the way he kept verbally abusing the MC and her child.

I'm at the end of the book and I just can't finish it because I know that he doesn't change or make any effort into doing so. All I keep reading the book for is to see if the kid remains ok and that the mom is thriving WITHOUT Huo Ci, but that alone cannot redeem the book any longer.
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Lazyreader1324 rated it
June 8, 2021
Status: c112
The story is more f*ck up cause the female lead (original novel) is not kind and more like scheming person and the male lead (original novel) is unreasonable jerk like he literally accuse and hurt the person who "hurt" his beloved.

Our female protagonist is literally fighting like shouting or veating up each other her father in front of her child like wtf. I dont say its not important to have her carreer but she is neglecting her child ro the point that the child become more sensible. I thnk the... more>> author wants to make it comedy and more realistic but its really not that good.I really hate the female protagonist father cause she was right, he was a scumbag father. I'll still read it cause there might be character development.

The translation are top notch and vert understable but the story is not good as you think. <<less
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September 9, 2020
Status: c133
I'm glad someone is finally translating this!!! This is actually a really cute story. I like it a lot. The dynamic between all the characters is funny and makes the story that much more interesting. However be aware that it is a long story. Not the longest Chinese novel ever but still a little over a 1, 000 chapters.
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