Transmigrated into the Primitive Wilderness as a Great God


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In this world, is there anything worse than becoming a beggar and being penniless?

Yes, absolutely yes! With one stumble, you fall into an uncultivated barbarian continent ! ! !

Is there anything worse in the world than to fall into an uncultivated barbarian continent?

Yes, TMD (Ta ma de: F*ck!), definitely yes.

It’s forcefully kissing a man, moreover, it’s a super wild (uncivilized) man~~~

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ylial rated it
February 25, 2022
Status: c105
Entertaining but there are some unrealistic life applications like antidote for snake bite. It is usually obtained from a serum (antibody) not just plants. The plants only have the cure for symptoms not for poison, esp like those that are lethal toxins. That's why, an antivenom vaccine is invented in reality. Also, the house building using bamboo. Trees have water content inside that's why you need to dry it first. Well, not drying is also acceptable here in the story ONLY bc they're in hurry and will migrate soon enough.

... more>>

It is very cliche too. The MC is ur typical knowledgeable modern that transmigrated in primitive world. While the ML is a shameless and strong tribe leader. BUT I LIKED the ML's upright and heroic deeds for his clan. Also he didn't force himself with MC at the beginning and considers MC's opinion most of the time. But one thing that I'm uncomfortable is that they always do it, in every place 😅 really a primitive habits. The MC even lost his being civilized and let the ML did him everywhere

IMO, it's better if the MC keeps reiterating that he's not omnipotent bc if he fails, it will be a disappointment in the tribe. Anyways, I like this tribe, simple and has chivalry despite being born during the pre-civilozation. Eventhough a few chapters are left, I will still drop. <<less
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lyre rated it
February 13, 2022
Status: Completed
MTL'ed this one. Recommended to read if you want something easy and fun.

I must warn you there's a not quite incest (first cousin) couple in the story. The story is at the end+extras.

The story is quite heart-warming. The cubs and pets are adorable. The setting is quite peaceful even with some "trouble" in-between.

In short, the story is about MC transmigrated and met ML since the start. The relationship started a lil bumpy at first and then MC was moved by ML and then they started to improve their life from... more>> an impoverished tribe to a big city in a barbaric continent.

It's a straight 1v1 with no green tea, white lotus whatsoever. <<less
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Evalanche rated it
March 6, 2022
Status: Completed
I love it!!!! For me, it's a healing novel after you tortured yourself with crying over a tragedy one for weeks.

It consists of:

    • Transmigration from modern to ancient era
    • Hunting/Gathering, Domesticating animals, Farming, Building houses and other structures, Migration, Discovering food and herbs, Making clothes suitable for every seasons, etc.
    • Childcare
    • Medicinal Practices
    • Smut (~^ ^) ~
    • Uniting tribes
    • Lucky MC and tribe
Though the MC did transmigrate from modern to primitive, he was very lucky. Since he was discovered by the ML who is the leader of the Nata tribe, who have maintained a peaceful social behavior, he didn't have to be captured and treated immoraly by other villain tribes (there are cannibals). Then he met a really good male who didn't throw him away after discovering he was male (MC was mistaken as a female).

The ML is really good to the MC, he would rather starve while hunting and give his food to the MC. The MC didn't know that the tribe is facing a food-crisis so took it for granted and threw away the food that didn't taste good. The ML and the tribe knew that the MC probably knew he wasn't used to staying here so they let him vent his anger for several days.

After that, the MC gradually learned the situation and was very grateful. He wanted to give the tribe and the ML a better life so he used his knowledge to give food to them and let them learn recipes to make it delicious and edible. He alse taught them how to build practical things to make hunting and gathering easier and also build houses for protection from rain, wind and sometimes flying beasts. The MC knew that the place they are at that time was not suitable for long term settlement so they migrated and found a perfect place under the protection of a legendary beast with a large river, wide plains, and various resources necessary for daily living. He also wanted to unite several tribes to prevent invasion from other continents. The MC improved the weapons and fighting techniques for better survival and for hunting beasts.

Anyways, the MC did so mich for the tribe and the tribe also wanted to give something to him so they did whatever the MC told them to do without a doubt or complaint. Anyways, the MC and ML are so in love in this novel, the tribe was always eating free dog-food for several times a day.

The childcare part was so heart-warming too. The MC tried his best to spoil and give the children the best childhood ever so that they could grow from traumatized and depressed boys to happy and naughty ones.

What I loved the most is the little beast, Xiao Aowoo. He was like a dog who could understand human language and their feelings. I always enjoyed his interactions with the MC and his family. For me, the best scenes were the times when the disobedient Xiao Aowoo is being smacked on the butt by MC, like a five-year old kid he would immediately cry wanting a hug from the MC. I love him sooo much. I don't want him to grow up at all.

Though the MC is a little OP in terms of knowldge like how does a doctor know how to build a house, but later, it's the entire tribe that also contributed through trial and error so I'm not complaining much.

Anyways, read it. To heal your heart.
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CasBrin rated it
March 14, 2022
Status: c12
I... really dislike the ML. Acting like he's bestowing a great kindness when he's just forcing the MC. The author even specified that females have the right to not be forced and can reject men, but obviously this doesn't extend to men. It's very Stockholm syndrome like how the MC just gives in and then very quickly is comforting the ML because the MC gave the food he made to the children and not the ML...

All my complaints are towards the author. The translator did a great job.
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dday0425 rated it
June 3, 2022
Status: Completed
Is this even allowed in jjwxc!? When I saw the publisher name, I didn't expect this amount of detailed smuts at all. Oh my god. How can they survived the ban. It's amazing. (Although I was a bit embarrassed, because It's really unexpected.)

For the story, on the premise that I just wanted to kill some times and didn't have high expectation, damn, this story is quite addicting. Like seriously, I initially just wanted to sampling the first 10-20 chapters and went back to do my assignment, yet I ended... more>> up went MTL the whole story instead.

Although the plot is nothing novelty, it's a fun light read.

As the title says, the story is all about improving living conditions of the tribesman and introducing some modern elements to the wilderness. The MC was OP (he was intelligent, can fight, cure disease, befriend mystical beast etc.), the general direction was predictable, and the romance was fast paced, but it wasn't boring at all. In fact, I actually adore the MC a lot. Unlike a novel of the same setting I'd read, he has good personality and is hard working, not only pointing fingers and ordering people around despite owning the identity of a patron saint of the tribe. The ML also has significant character development.

He worked hard to rise from a small declining tribe leader to a great leader of the alliance (?) and the god of war.

He adapted the ways of modern thinking from MC and used them for the improvement of himself, his clan and people, not solely relied on the MC and be credulous of god and superstitions. For a man who was born in wilderness, he's already really good this way. The other characters are also likable. They are clearly distinguished between black and white and there's no unnecessary heartache. Although lack dimensions, it's still excusable since they are mostly all tribesmen and It should be normal for them to be simple than crafty.

The ending and extras are a bit awkward though, I don't quite understand the mc's obsession of building a city like the sims, the king and the wars. This scale of development is too much. Like how can they skipped all the way from stone age to late iron-early classical age in less than a decade? 🤦🏻‍♀️ It'd be more charming if the development wasn't too exaggerated tbh. Still, 4.5⭐ for me. <<less
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October 2, 2022
Status: c84
Not bad. The MTL was a bit hard to digest so I gave up in the end, but it was interesting in its own way. The premise of the story is that a modern man is sent back into a fantasy primitive era. Just when he thought his life would end, he is discovered by a small tribe that live in the forest and mistaken as a female. From then on, he lives with this tribe. And despite some misunderstandings with the ML (the person who ended up claiming the... more>> "female" as his mate), he begins to accept this life and proceeds to improve it with his knowledge.

This is primarily slice of life. Though there is a poor-to-rich feel to it as the MC improved the tribe's standards of living little by little. I've been on a roll with primitive era Danmei novels and I found this one quite unique because the MC didn't have the usual golden finger, though he's pretty unique with his medical skills and knowledge in pretty much anything LOLOL (his luck is pretty good too. Everything he ends up needing can be found one way or another). I think it's definitely worth the read if you like this slow-paced kind of story, though I recommend waiting for the TL cause the MTL is quite difficult to read. For that reason, I chose not to give this an official rating. Though my preliminary one would be around 3.3-3.5 out of 5 stars. <<less
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nitan rated it
June 5, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a silly but fluffy novel with little to no dogblood, but plenty of sex!! The general tone of this novel is very optimistic, it may feel kind of weird especially if you've read novels with alot of intrigues -- since this novel has little of it.

A fast read, the CP gets together very quickly and has a very sweet loving domestic life. The upgrade from primitive to simply countryside lifestyle is very quick. Some elements (such as how trusting everyone generally is, and how fast everything can be upgraded... more>> uniformly) are more than a little unrealistic (truly some coincidences are simply... very mystical.) But it's still very cute, very fluffy novel. <<less
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Roxasfleur rated it
May 9, 2022
Status: c106
This novel lacks a lot of common sense, like at first it was stated that MC and the new world speaks differenr language and at the next chapter (which is only three days in time skip) they can suddenly understand each other words. No logic at all.

MC is very smart, rationally due to being future people and also his skills from his chinese medicine practitioner family.

Anyways, some part are being kinda forced but the world building is done well. MC helped ML tribe from basic necessities to building a city.
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