Transmigrated into a Sadistic Novel as the Male Supporting Character [Book Transmigration]


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Gu Xingyou transmigrated into a novel filled with deep, tragic love and a broken mirror being mended. He became the second male lead, who was first used by the drunken main character (seme) as a stand-in for his ex-boyfriend and later added fuel to the fire of the protagonists’ love, ultimately ending up wandering far away.

Gu Xingyou: Wandering far away is not an option; is it really that hard to be a laid-back person? Living one more day is one more day.

Later, he realized that he wasn’t even qualified to be a laid-back person; only by diligently protecting the main character’s (seme’s) life could he survive—and as he protected him, he gradually rose to the top.

When Gu Xingyou first met Ji Chen, he was cold and proud, like a hedgehog full of spikes. Only when Gu Xingyou truly got close to him did he discover that the hedgehog was a facade; inside, he was soft and sweet, making it impossible to resist.

Gu Xingyou × Ji Chen

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2 Reviews

New Meatshield
Jul 04, 2024
Status: Completed
This just ended up being a cute college campus love story. Most of it is pretty slice of life ish and the system doesn’t do much except to force the MC to pay attention to the ML more than he would’ve liked. The two make a cute couple. It’s probably a 4/5 story but I gave it a 5 to boost ratings. The synopsis is confusing but it’s a decent read overall and not that hard to follow.
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Jun 23, 2024
Status: Completed
It's a bit confusing in the summary, so just clarifying that this is a gong protagonist novel with a MC who ends up romancing the original gong protagonist of the novel he transmigrates into. The original novel plot is mildly dog blooded but barely comes up in this novel plot (ML's ex shows up for maybe 2 chapters), and there's a random system for all of one chapter before it never shows up again.

The story pacing could have been a bit better as the confession scene was pretty abrupt, but... more>> the romance was sweet and I liked how straightforward the both of them were in communicating with each other throughout their relationship. There's a few loose ends after finishing but it's an overall decent story, and short enough to binge read!

MC is a seemingly straight boy but he later says he's gay so I'm not sure what the truth is. Either way, he has no problem admitting to himself he likes the ML, so no gay crisis to be found here! I'm changing the tag from shounen ai to yaoi though because while it's mostly fade to black with euphemistic descriptions, it's pretty clear what they're up to lol

Also the college setting basically doesn't matter, I really can't even remember what the two of them were studying, if they even ever went to class? All they do is play video games and basketball and then vaguely study haha, just typical slice of life nonsense. <<less
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