Transmigrated in the ’90s as a Little Dumpling


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Song Qiaoxi, an orphan, transmigrated in a book. She became a little child in the 90s, and was spoiled by the whole family. However, this child was filled with black thoughts, white on the outside and black on the inside.

Song Qiaoxi, who learned of the plot, refuses to be the mischievous kid anymore.

Isn’t it better to be a good girl with five stresses and four beauties with a comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physicality, and art?

Parents were surprised to find that the spoiled child was no longer michievious.

Later, Father Song became a media magnate, Mother Song became a full-time professor, and spoiled girl turned into a little princess.

She also grew up and she became more and more beautiful. She graduated from a prestigious school and was called the most influential new comer in the circle.


Chu Jin is the tragic villain in the book. His parents both died when he was a child. But right now, the future villain is only seven years old, a poor autistic boy with torn clothes and scars on his legs.

Song Qiaoxi took out candies from her pockets and raised her hands high, “Here are some sweets, shall we be good partners?”

The top business magnate in internet is Chu Jin, who possess a body and appearance are comparable to those of supermodels, which makes countless netizens and celebrity girls yearn for.

Not long after, the young tyrant suddenly got married. The Internet was in chaos.
Despite that, Chu Jin posted a marriage certificate with a caption: You are the light of my world @Song Qiaoxi.

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New Shortk rated it
March 3, 2023
Status: c104
I got bored. I didn't want to make it to 106 lol. It's a lot of telling by the end and everything is super linear without any details. The details of the group of five and how they support & grow up is very good. The beginning is the most addictive part of this novel as u wish the best for our stubborn ml. There is a pretty nationalistic part that was a bit cringy to read: when she compared macau like a lost bird outside of china's nest lol... more>> but idk if I forgive it since she was 8, but an adult author wrote that so lol idk.

Pretty cliche novel, but with a solid group of friends and family and plenty of scenes. I think if you're older, the romance might not be for you bc it's very young feeling in authentic way I guess. But like I said, the ending is really boring lol. I'm not even looking for drama. I'm looking for interesting writing or just not super linear storytelling. Idk the scenes lack detail and are nothing refreshing by the end. So just a middle of the road book. <<less
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solivagantsoul rated it
December 28, 2021
Status: c107
I absolutely loved this couple. Amazing and sweet.

this novel is full of the expectations of little cubs, the revolutionary friendship, the whole 90's atmosphere, hard work and tasting fruits of ones own labour, blooming romance not to mention the warm family atmosphere filled with love and encouragement.

what I believe is unique is that when the MC transmigrated over she herself was just a child unlike in other novels where usually the MC is an adult who has gone through life. So unlike the normal 'take advantage of the '90s to... more>> get rich' kinda plot it was more about a young orphan cherishing her chance for a lovely family while constantly warming and protecting the ML in her own way. Their relationship development is lovely, and I love the MC's character to not be shy or avoid romantic feelings and physical relationships with the ML.

It's really good just lacks more background stories, more plot for strengthened friendship and slight detailing. Idk if some issues are solved in the extras but for me I could only find 107 chapters.

recommend this 100% <<less
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February 10, 2022
Status: Completed
Since I was craving to read a transmigration story, I search for one and luckily find this. Unfortunately, the link were broken so I ended up MTL-ing the whole novel.

*Spoiler Ahead*

I might say that the storg is written beautifully from their childhood to marriage. But then, I'm kinda disappointed at some point after finishing the story.

Let me point out some 'loophole' I found. So, upon stumbling into this novel and reading the description I was expecting so much just from the description itself. But while reading some things weren't really... more>> in accordance with what was written in the description.

First, MC's parent's career weren't given much attention after going to Beijing. In my opinion, it should be given some highlight because it was stated in the description. I was expecting that MC's dad should become a CEO of a media company since it was stated that he would become a media magnate.

Second, it's about the paragraph after MC's parent in the description. So, upon reading that the MC's wants to be a photographer I was kinda confused, I mean it's refreshing to choose an uncommon career in a chinese novel, but it was stated that MC's will be an 'influential new comer in a circle'. Surely, the first thing I'll think of with the word 'circle' is the entertainment industry, moreover it was supported by the words 'influential new comer'.

Third, I felt that the character development of the MC's was kinda lacking. I mean I was expecting that atleast she would be mature and strong enough to be independent on her own. Although I was expecting the group pet in the story.

Fourth, since it was stated in the story that MC was transmigrated to a book supposedly there would be a protagonist and antagonist. The question is who were the original protagonist? Since ML is the original villain.

Lastly, I think is about the overall description, I felt that the author wrote the description on a whim and did not actually think of the plot first. Upon writing the story that's where the author think of the plot and actually disregard what they wrote in the description.

Also, the ending I felt that the way the author wrote the ending was kinda a little bit too fast? I mean I was waiting atleast for their career (or atleast the MC's) to be stable.

So that's it for the 'loophole' I found.

Anyways, I felt the meticulousness of the author when it comes to the date and year while gives a little of realistic touch to the story.

Also, I really like the way MC's larebt educate and treat them. Although it rarely happen I felt that it was a best parenting for a first time parent.

Also, the way ML pamper the MC throughput the story makes me a little bit feel that it was kinda unbalance but then I realized that those actions started because of MC's perseverance to stop ML's blackening which take root upon ml's heart.

This shows that simple things can become a cause for a larger effects. It depends if it was something good or bad.

All in all I the story is good. I just felt the ending was kinda rush and I feel like I would enjoy the story if the description is not different from the story because description will always create a little bit of expectation when reading a novel.

P.S. I won't rate the story I just want to share my thought after reading the story. <<less
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May 29, 2022
Status: Completed
This is a very fluffy and cute story. For more than half of the novel, it's all about FL and ML's childhood and it's pretty slow. It's not until they get to middle school where the story starts to develop on a faster pace.

The story is a nice read over all. There are no major conflicts, villains, or dog blood drama. Its a slow, fuzzy, heart warming story about two childhood sweethearts.

However, there is one plot hole that I noticed. I read the whole thing in MTL so I must... more>> have missed a few info but it really confused me:

During their time in middle school, if I remember correctly, Grandma Song has passed away. Father Song Jianguo even cried secretly to his wife, saying "I am a motherless child now" but when they graduated high school, they went back to Song grandparents' hometown to visit and play, Grandma is still alive and well! I even wondered to myself, maybe its the Grandpa who died but no, Grandpa is also well! That part really confused my brain but the story was cute so I didn't mind much.


Give this story a try if you like fluffy kids hehe. <<less
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Mbsl rated it
December 4, 2022
Status: c50
A slice of life. Enjoyable to read but the characters development are a bit lacking and the mentality does not match up with
the age description of a transmigrated teenager.
The author does not take into consideration of the environment of a child who is already a teenager who lived in an orphanage which leads to a generally more mature mind. The MC sounds like she is still 4-6 years old through out the story.
It seemed the little kids around her is smarter than her and she... more>> is supposed to be a few years older than them... 😨with more life experience and education exposure...

But it is still a fun reading if you can overlook this. <<less
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Zoey conhold
Zoey conhold rated it
February 5, 2022
Status: c1
I've just read the synopsis and thinks its a good novel so I wanna read it, but can someone please recommend to where I can read it. 🆘🆘 The site in which is proveded here on N.U. (Novel Updates) doesnt work I think the site crashed or deleted. 🚫⚠🚫 I've also read the reviews and I feel like there's a cat clawing on my heart wanting to read it very much. 😺🏳 😺🏳 Please Help!! I'd be most GrateFul! 💙😘🖤😘💜
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January 10, 2022
Status: c115
Sweet, slice of life story. Honestly, a longer version of "Pro Mom Fan Transmigrates into Villaness" (moving forward referred to as PMFWTV and I would consider it a Cute Short Story). With that being said this is going to be a double review about the both since I just so happened to read one after the other and just can't help comparing the two against each other. "Transmigrated in the '90s as a little Dumpling" will now be referred to as TALD.

World Building/Plot Delivery: PMFWTV has a pretty compact plot... more>> that is engaging and well paced so you never feel bored. TALD is a slow paced slice of life that really focused on character development sometimes read too slow for me.


I like how you go into PMFWTV knowing exactly who the people involved in the main plot of the book our MC transmigrates into and what role her OG Host plays. This makes it so the story has an additional plot line/story surrounding the Original Book that our MC transmigrates into and the interactions and intersections caused by the Butterfly effect our MC creates. Because the story is shorter, things is constantly happening which makes this very enjoyable as you learn and discover new things about the plot and you try to foreshadow what will happen next. Although things happen quickly, it still happens in a manner which makes sense and doesn't seem abrupt.




Comparatively with TALD, even by the end, you only know that our MC was a Cannon Fodder, and ML was a Villain. Why was our MC's OG Host a Cannon Fodder? And who was she a Cannon Fodder for? No Clue. This was very frustrating for me as a reader as I just wanted to know, especially since reading this there was the stereotypical thought of if-I-leave-this-City-I-could-potentially-avoid-the-death-flags, which means the OG MC must have been in the same city? But I wouldn't know since this was never mentioned. Additionally without the interaction between the OG plot characters and the butterfly effects from our MC, TALD loses an additional layer of suspense, so a lot of times while I'm reading, it feels like the story is dragging. I had to occasionally stop for a breather and do something else before I returned to this story to continue, there were times where I had to convince myself to continue reading to finish since I was close to finishing. Also note that the first 10 chapters of the extras basically reads as a continuation of the main storyline which is why I'm at c115 and decided to drop the last 10 chapters. Honestly the whole backstory of MC transmigrating into a book seemed more like an arbitrary plot setting that the author created just to have a reason or background surrounding a 10 year old rebirthing into a 6 year old body and providing our MC a "starting pack" with a brief understanding/knowledge of some characters


Character Setting: In both stories ML has a tragic backstory and is then healed by the warmth of our MC, and because of this our MC becomes the bottom line in the ML's heart and cannot be touched.



This is where TALD shines, very unique, our MC was originally a 10 yr old who transmigrates into a 6 year old so her thinking is still very childish/naive. Absolutely love how although she is a very warm and likeable little dumpling, as soon as people say anything bad about our ML, she immediately changes and is very protective. Has a very great Meng aspect to her character, and although dense/naive she is very straightforward which eliminates the wishy-washy nature of some plots that just drags because the MC is 1. Dense/naive and doesn't get hints and then 2. The MC is too embarrassed or shy and that's all you see for the next few chapters as misunderstandings continue or a plot drags on. So very grateful for our MC's character setting otherwise will definitely end up dropping this story partway through.

The supporting characters also have a very well fleshed out personality and they aren't there just to move a story along and then forgotten. I have to say the highlight however is our ML. The character development for our ML is very realistic, his personality/attitude changes very slowly over the years through the influence of our MC and her family and the warmth they give him without any expectations, but there are a few core aspects that don't ever change which is greatly appreciated. Granted TALD is also twice the length of PMFWTV which allows the author to flesh out the characters better and display them better.

This story heavily focused on Character Development, so no true antagonist in the sense of our MC/ML had to deal with/interact with and overcome, but the plot progression that caused our MC or ML to pause and grow, or caused the reader to understand the inner workings (or another facet of the character's personality) was truly amazing.




Unfairly I cannot speak about PMFWTV without comparing to TALD, since that was what I ended up doing the whole time while reading PMFWTV. MC in this story is also similarly very heartwarming and friendly and is able to make friends but becomes courageous/outspoken once our ML is bullied. I appreciate very much the trust she has for the ML at all times but unfortunately is not as well delivered because of the shortness of the story and the compactness of the plot. ML is very protective of our MC, however at times it has the stereotypical chinese ML prototype of silent alpha who doesn't communicate - which isn't really realistic and frustrating to read about since communication is the key to a healthy and long lasting relationship. ML has his inferiorities that doesn't disappear immediately which I very much appreciate and also appreciate the interactions between MC and ML throughout.

Can't say much about Supporting Characters as they were really there as a plot device and used when convenient or needed, not saying they were bad characters just nothing super memorable.

Antagonists were very clearly antagonists, nothing really redeeming about them which worked for this story and is why it made it a well paced short story.


Disclaimer: I am a huge proponent of a Character's Setting, if I like the MC I can finish reading a story despite plot holes or not great world building. On the other hand, If I REALLY like a plot, I can also deal with an annoying MC. I also read TALD first before reading PMFWTV so whilst reading PMFWTV, I kept comparing the characters to TALD which wasn't really fair because TALD is basically twice as long as PMFWTV and the focus of TALD was truly the development of the characters.

Disclaimer for PMFWTV:

With the disclaimer in mind, I didn't hate any of the characters in the story they all acted within their roles in the story and moved the story along. Similarly I read TALD first before reading PMFWTV so this review may be heavily biased because I couldn't help comparing to the Character development in TALD.


Disclaimer for TALD:

With the disclaimer in mind, the MC annoyed me at times but was able to get through because I absolutely loved the ML. Not to mention my preferences are for more OP protagonists and hate the super dense/naive kind. But the Author did a good job in delivery that the denseness/naivety of our MC was well controlled and for the most part didn't annoy me. As compensation our MC is super direct so the love interaction didn't drag once MC discovered it so my annoyance was like a rollercoster I'll get really annoyed and our author will make me then like her again with a redeeming point. The plot annoyed me as well because I just wanted to know why MC and her family ended up being cannon fodder, who were they to offset to make look better in the OG story?! But what saved this world was if you didn't think that our MC transmigrated into a book, as just a stand alone Rebirth, it's pretty well written. Once again I read TALD first before reading PMFWTV so this review may be heavily biased because I couldn't help keeping the strengths of TALD in mind while I was reading PMFWTV. Similarly, if I read PMFWTV first, I might not have been able to stand the slow points in TALD and then ended up dropping it.



PMFWTV: 3/5 starts. 62 chapters. Style is short cute read about a tragic ML that is then healed by our MC. Author does a great job building the world and delivering just that, a short and cute read that makes sense and is enjoyable. Please note above disclaimer which may have influenced why I rated it 3/5, would probably have rated it higher if I didn't, 1. Read TALD first and 2. Didn't read them back to back.
TALD: 4/5 stars. 125 chapters (105 + 20 Extras). Style is a sweet, slice of life story about a tragic ML that is then healed by our MC. Author does a great job building and displaying the characters and character growth but sometimes it reads a little slow/dragging, probably due to the character setting our author created. Honestly if I read PMFWTV first, unsure if I might have dropped TALD partway through due to how slow it was especially if compared to PMFWTV.

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Eeria rated it
January 15, 2023
Status: Completed
It’s a cute slice of life though the author spent 3/4 of the novel focused from age 6 to 10-11 and then the rest of the story was rushed out including the ending. Now both leads are very cute and story is nice to read. Romance is sweet.
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Freyalily rated it
March 24, 2022
Status: Completed
Very slow slice of life at first, then at 90 chap I think start to time skip

The ML not really my cup of tea

MC also for me, just so so, too naive for her own age I think, if shes still kids I understand, but starting teenager, she still naive.
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February 2, 2022
Status: Completed

It's a light slice of life type of story. Starting from 6-7 y/o kiddos.

At least you are gonna spend 60+ chapters to tell about their elementary to junior high school journey. Not much drama, no prevalent antagonist, rivals or anything. Just pure bunch of kids growing up together and found love in the process. But it indeed has a good concept of familial love, it gave some glimpse of how is it being in a healthy functional family. But surprisingly there's some s*x ed in altho just a tiny speck... more>> lol.

I would recommend it to those who wants laid back story to read. <<less
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January 7, 2022
Status: Completed
I enjoy reading this novel without skipping any chapters as I always do although this story is a slow paced story about MC ongoing life with ML, friends, family, and people surrounding where they live. But it is such a heartwarming story without any angsty or misunderstanding that I felt very relax to follow MC with her journey from chubby cute cub to mature grown up girl.
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hybridiris rated it
January 5, 2022
Status: Completed
I MTLed this novel.

About the world building

This novel really evoked a lot of nostalgia and wistfulness in me being Chinese and living abroad, there's a warm charm about reading a very different lifestyle that was so carefully and accurately detailed about life in China in the 90's. The family concerns, the comradery of the little community the MC lived in and the side characters were well developed and really added to the world building. I won't lie there is some nationalist pride here but I kind of just let that... more>> go and enjoy the core of the story for what it is, a story about friendship, family and love. It's fascinating to follow MC's life through recent events to current events.

About the MC

She's a cute and heartwarming girl and an absolute foodie. I kinda almost wanted to stop reading because the first over half the novel is really descriptions of food she's thinking of eating and or food she's eating. I found this part to be a bit overdone but luckily it was much more reduced later on. I like how she stands up for ML in her own way, always waiting for him to open up and supporting him in her actions and at time with her silence. She knows when to speak and when to watch patiently for someone she cares for and that is a very difficult thing to achieve. When she shows her love for ML, she's always straightforward and honest. It's refreshing to read a wonderful character like her.

About the ML

He's stoic, introverted and hardworking. The author does a great job of showing his internal thoughts and making the reader see both MC's mindset and ML's mindset. ML has a great character development as he comes to accept MC and her family, and the kindness of others after all he's gone through. He is quiet and persevering in his love for MC and it's so sweet to read when they finally get together.


Read this book if you would like a sweet slice of life with a book that is written from the perspective of a child for a significant portion of the writing. The story is heartwarming and there is no face slapping, dog blood or melodrama. This is a story to make you smile and appreciate friendship, family and love. <<less
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December 29, 2021
Status: Completed
A heartwarming comedy love story that is super easy to read. Completed in shubao.
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