Transmigrated in 1980s Superpowered Woman


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Luo Qiao, a superpowered woman from the apocalypse, transmigrated into the body of a pitiful, unwanted girl.

By a stroke of luck, she acquired a mysterious space, which was truly a cause for celebration.

However, she soon discovered that not only had she transmigrated, but she had also entered a book, and the original character’s fate in the book was tragic!

But with her superpowers and space at her disposal, Luo Qiao said that she didn’t need anyone.

Yet, the reportedly eccentric and disabled big shot in the village kept trying to help her.

Luo Qiao’s eyes lit up with a cunning plan hehe, clinging to a powerful figure for support wasn’t a bad idea.

Witness how the charming wife develops and how Luo Qiao enjoys her life freely…

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2 Reviews

New Chisekai
Jul 04, 2024
Status: Completed
just ok? Its no different from the other novels with an op FL in a transmigrated 1980s setting with a space and fighting/healing background from a past life lol I will say though it's also no different in the sense that after reading several novels like this, the FLs all just blend together and I don't feel like this one has a vivid personality to get a grasp of since all of them have that "I won't wrong you unless I'm provoked so don't blame me". I also couldn't really... more>> find interest in the FLs journey because although it's highlighted that she works hard, with her space, powers, setting, knowledge etc. She doesn't actually have struggles for more than 1 chapter. It's like obstacles from other people but it's still smooth sailing because she can handle it just fine.

if that's your type of novel then this will be an enjoyable read. (Honestly although I get tired of it I always come back for more after reading other genres) However, I did get so drained from the first 500 chapters in just how repetitive the bad people are throughout the novel. It's like, 2 chapters of normal slice of life (although with the superpower setting) and then 8 chapters of bad people going against the FL and honestly it repeated so much that it drained me and gave me bad vibes HAAHAH from just the sheer amount of people that were written to offset the FL's amazingness. Also it's kinda frustrating how it's always women who come to trouble her from jealousy; it's like there's only two types of female characters highlighted; ones who are jealous, evil and s*upid girls or the good ones who become her sister-in-laws and are amazed by her. HAHA though I like how there was one who although had friction with the FL ended up becoming friends but then has to move to the US and isn't mentioned again much. No female villains had depth to them, so that was disappointing.

The plot picks up in the middle and gets interesting but then also loses interest as it goes even further. It's honestly a lot of chapters but not really considering novels like this since it's also slice of life.

Overall an enjoyable read if you like novels like this and I also liked how the relationship between the FL and ML progressed as it was like a slow but dependable relationship that was sweet. The ML is a super green flag that I kinda felt bad when the FL was lowkey being mean to him when she teased him about leaving him all the time everytime a peach blossom might come to bother her since it was too troublesome as if he wasn't worth it. (Tho I get what she means I would be tired too girl). <<less
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New PerfectPanda
Jul 01, 2024
Status: c822
I rarely write reviews but I just really love this novel. It's been a while since I picked up a long novel but the plot is really interesting with a strong, independent female MC and a strong, doting ML. Well the novel mainly centres around the MC about how she works hard on her own with a space, her studies and accumulating wealth to finding her parents and connecting with the families the original owner was close before.

Ignore the low rating and just give it a read. I loved it... more>> so much that I had to read the rest of the novel on a Chinese website and MTL it. LOL. But it's that interesting. Might seem laid back and repetitive but sometimes you kind of need a novel like this to relax and just read without thinking. <<less
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