Transmigrated as the Female Educated Youth in 1970s


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Jiang Lin transmigrated as a cold-hearted but beautiful educated youth.

As soon as she arrive, She’s selling her son, kicking her husband, and Eloping with another man, gaining a terrible reputation.

Her fake friend encourages her to elope, hoping to take her place and become the future big boss’s favorite wife.

Her enemies are eager to see her family fall apart and gloat over her misfortunes.

Jiang Lin decides to love and cherish those who deserve it, foster good relationships to help the whole village become prosperous, and fiercely fight back against those villans trying to destroy her family.

If you bully me, I’ll hit back twice as hard!

If you’re wicked, I’ll send you to labor reform!

The handsome, ruthless man everyone dislikes returns to become her strongest support, giving her the deepest respect and love.

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07/22/24 Shanghai Fantasy c23 part2
07/21/24 Shanghai Fantasy c23 part1
07/20/24 Shanghai Fantasy c22 part2
07/18/24 Shanghai Fantasy c22 part1
07/17/24 Shanghai Fantasy c21 part2
07/16/24 Shanghai Fantasy c21 part1
07/15/24 Shanghai Fantasy c20 part2
07/15/24 Shanghai Fantasy c20 part1
07/13/24 Shanghai Fantasy c19 part2
07/12/24 Shanghai Fantasy c19 part1
07/11/24 Shanghai Fantasy c18 part2
07/09/24 Shanghai Fantasy c18 part1
07/07/24 Shanghai Fantasy c17 part2
07/06/24 Shanghai Fantasy c17 part1
07/05/24 Shanghai Fantasy c16 part3
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Dira Kanwor
New Dira Kanwor rated it
July 16, 2024
Status: Completed
Story was okay. Nothing much happened. It was all about their daily lives which at some point got very boring. The characters were good. Villains got dealed very fast. Overall it was okay.
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