Transmigrated as My Best Friend’s Ex


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Han Mingxu’s best friend’s ex comes to him, asking him to find his best friend. Han Mingxu suddenly got stung by conscience and decides to do him a favor, and also make some fun of his best friend. But on their way they meet a car accident. When he wakes up, he finds out that he has transmigrated as his best friend’s ex…

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New Anxin
November 28, 2019
Status: c33
Extremely confusing plotline and messy writing, plus the translation is only so-so tbh. It isn't well structured and is hard to understand what is going on. Maybe the story had potential but it is just too messy and hard to follow.
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August 13, 2019
Status: c10
I don't know how I feel about this one. The way the story is written feels very confusing. Sometimes I cannot tell who is doing what, or who is grabbing whom. But maybe it's because I'm tired.

The main thing that's kinda making me pause is the potential pairing?


... more>>

So Han Mingxi is killed by somebody with the same face as him, so that he can replace Han Mingxi.

However Han Mingxi doesn't die, but instead wakes up in the body of his best friend's ex who has been in a coma for two years.

But the twist is that the world does not know his original body, Han Mingxi, is dead. Instead, an imposter has taken over his life and has been parading around as himself for the past two years.

Han Mingxi even acknowledges at some point that this was most likely deliberate and might be the reason he was murdered.

Now normally a person would be freaked out, angry, or even confused that something like this happened, but Han Mingxi is calm about it all. Which, it's fine to be calm about it, but he doesn't seem to have a reaction at all? He's not angry that someone has purposely replaced him, nor does he seem to actively be plotting revenge or the downfall of this person to the extent of someone who has just had their life ripped away from them.

Instead, and this is just in my opinion, it seems like the imposter, the person who ruthlessly murdered and replaced the MC, is being set up as a romantic love interest...? Which, if so, is just... infuriating.

However it's still very earlier in the story and I could be totally wrong, that's just what it feels like to me.

Another thing that seemed odd to be was the way Han Mingxi seemed to have no attachment to his own identity. He barely reacted when he found out someone had replaced him. From the start he easily gave up his own name and referred to himself as (forgot the name of his new body).

He even calls the imposter as 'Han Mingxi' in his head. This is one thing I found extremely weird.

Surely if someone killed and replaced you, you wouldn't call them by your own name? You clearly know they are fake, why wouldn't you refer to yourself by your name and call them something else? I think there was a part in the story where Han Mingxi said that he strangely didn't feel like Han Mingxi, or felt comfortable as (Ex) or something, I can't remember. But even if you felt comfortable and content with your new identity, you wouldn't casually start calling the imposter as you?

Also, idk how to explain it but the way the MC acts, it's like the imposter Han Mingxi is his own person and not an imposter? Which makes me feel like it's hinting at future romance.

There's even some suggestive scenes with his imposter and never once does the strangeness of it happening with someone who looks exactly like him (and once murdered him) occur to him.

I just feel like he should be more unsettled, angry, or any emotion really. I know his best friend described him as being unemotional, but even if you are unemotional, you would still feel anger, resentment, hate, at being murdered and/or replaced.

Edit: I forgot to mention the best friend is clearly being set up as the ML, but it feels like the fake Han is being set up as a another partner or the second male lead. Which, yeah.


But anyway, it's too earlier to tell anything for sure. Curious to see new chapters. <<less
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xtruthxliex rated it
August 16, 2019
Status: --
I agree with fuffoals. 10000000% correct. MC is not realistic, or at least we can't empathize or understand him very well. He doesn't care, so why should we as the readers?

... more>>

Honestly, you would think if you were brutally murdered that you would feel apprehensive, scared or even angry and angsty, right?

Especially if you were trapped in the body of the only person - who could've seen the murder happen.

And then the super "straight, but acts like an asexual" MC turns bent because it's the body in which he inhabits preference. Maybe he was actually gay the entire time but never got the sexual connection because his previous body was messed up and didn't send any signals to his slong? Maybe.

Or maybe it's his new body's fault. It's his new body's fault that he gets a hard on, but then why is he attracted to males then? The body gives the reaction but can't exactly affect the mind right? He never gets the new body's memories, so why?


MC is unlikable and unrelatable.

Each character has no depth. The world building needs some polishing.

Yeah, they are rich. Yeah, they come from a prestigious family. Yeah, they are smart, entitled kids. Yeah. Yeah. Oh and MC is the next heir of a country. Ha. Ha. Ha.

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August 2, 2019
Status: c13
So far, so good.

I was a bit dubious of the title but the actual story so far is not shallowly focused on romance but has a good sense of mystery to it and already a solid developing plot.

It's worth picking up.


Edit (Ch13) : Still worth reading.

Indeed. Read for the mystery and not so much the romance. The set-up is intriguing and I find myself wanting to know more.

Who the characters are and the way they act seem to add to the mystery. Read on.
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