Transmigrated as Male Lead’s Father in a Dog-blood Novel [Female Transmigrates to Male]


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Xie Li² woke up and found herself transmigrated as the father of the male lead in a dog-blood¹ romance novel, named Xie Li². She went from being a young and beautiful woman in her prime to an old man with a family. Xie Li couldn’t believe her misfortune, except for being wealthy, what else did she have going for her?

Well, since “he’s” already here, “he” might as well accept “his” fate. In the original novel, male lead’s mother was cruelly driven away by his “true love” mistress, his delicate and whimsical daughter met a tragic end, and his company was ruined by the male lead’s love for a female character.

But now Xie Li would dote on his beloved wife, guide his wayward daughter towards a better path, and save his company from bankruptcy.

Xie Li decided to leave the original owner’s family business to his daughter this time.

As for his brainless son, he can go wherever he wants!

Son: Dad! But I’m your real son, right?

Xie Li: So what? I thought you just had a problem with your brain, but I didn’t expect you to have a problem with your thinking. What kind of person do you think I am, someone who favors sons over daughters?

Son’s mother: You used to be like that.

《Τ/Ν: 1. “Dog-blood” (狗血) is a melodramatic genre characterized by love triangles, betrayal and exaggerated plot twists.

2. The Chinese text uses “谢莉” for the female protagonist before transmigration and “谢利” for the male character after. Both names have the same pronunciation but different Chinese characters for “Li”.》

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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume
April 27, 2023
Status: Completed
I will rate this properly when the translator finishes, but I wanted to share my thoughts after reading the MTL.

The story handles the Female to Male pretty well although it's greatness may be in how well the author handled the transmigration in general. Something I enjoyed is that the wife does uncover that her husband is a changed person, literally. The person she falls in love with and considers her husband is only the new Xie Li. The 'husband' and wife have a transition period even before she discovers the... more>> truth. Xie Li especially had obvious discomfort accepting that she is now a middle aged man with everything that entails. Her confusion over being a straight female in a straight male's body is only a small portion of the issues she must face from family to career to being thrust out of a normal life to counterattacking against fate.

Xie Li is shocked to find that she cannot eat as freely as before. Her body is physically stronger as a man, but the weaknesses that come with age are just as apparent. She becomes very focused on fitness and health. If she is going to be a middle aged man, she is determined to at least be a good-looking man with abs. It takes her quite a bit of time to adjust to a high level career without relevant knowledge. She relies very heavily on her subordinates and initially signs documents blindly. She has barely any concept of money management and it shows. To be honest, her incompetence is a bit refreshing after so many highly skilled QT protagonists.

Her 'golden finger' may be that her surface expressions are very similar to the original Xie Li now that she can drop the social niceties she had to put up with in her original life. Her calmness allows her to bluff through many problems. Her success on this front keeps her subordinates loyal while she fakes it until she makes it. Her greatest strength as a businessman is her ability to view all interests from the perspective of a third party due to her disconnection from this world, rather than plot knowledge.

Xie Li doesn't seem to put much stock in the plot after meeting these 2D characters in the 3D. She gives almost all of them a chance for redemption rather than judging them for how they were written in the original story. She doesn't have the idea to depose of the protagonist from the beginning, unlike the summary portrays. The drop in the protagonist's IQ once he meets the heroine is truly baffling. It's almost a complete personality flip. Xie Li only truly gives up on the child once it becomes obvious that there is no chance for recovery.

Xie Li starts spoiling the wife and daughter pretty early. She tells her daughter that she is more than a tool for marriage, which is a rather positive development. Xie Li's relationship with her wife is more complex. She views her as a good sister and they eventually develop into best friends mode. XL doesn't have much trouble fending off the wife's s*xual advances. That XL is blind to most of their intimacy outside of the bedroom, such as cuddling or holding hands, helps to maintain their marriage relationship before their final transition into lovers. This might be why another reviewer viewed this as a yuri novel rather than gender bender. Xie Li from my perspective does come to accept and even enjoy her new identity as a man. It just is subtle because it's not a sudden immediate change for the main character. XL goes from reading like a woman in a male body to a man who empathizes with women by the end of the novel, at least to me. She even finds herself understanding why men 'think with their lower bodies' and her shock is as amusing as it is palpable. I'm not saying the reviewer is wrong. XL does fall in love with her wife before she completely accepts her new self.

There are a lot of cute fluff moments. I found the 'makeover scene' where Xie Li convinces her conservative 'good sister' to dress in a workplace queen style absolutely adorable. Xie Li can no longer dress up herself, so she is living voraciously by buying beautiful clothes for her attractive wife.

The main conflict has very little to do with gender and is more focused on the problems inherit in the transmigration itself. I don't want to give too many details on the why or how, but the plot develops shockingly into the married couple fighting against the original XL. Xie Li must make tough decisions to protect her new life and those she has come to love. It will take all of her determination to keep her new body for herself and prevent the tragic end of her new family. The way she handles the situation is not perfect, but that's okay. She recognizes and grows from her flaws.

The writing isn't the greatest and there are some obvious plot holes. However, I don't find that the negatives outweigh the positives here. It's worth a read! Have fun~ <<less
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Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
April 14, 2023
Status: Completed
This is one of best female to male novel. MC and FL relationship growth is so sweet and beautiful. I like the way MC dote on his daughter and wife. Like the way he change tragedy fate of his wife and daughter. It’s so sweet and enjoyable novel, there is no unnecessary drama or bad guy. Everything about this plot is great. If you like mature romance and familiar love, this is for you.
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Shortk rated it
April 16, 2023
Status: c40
I wouldn't say this is one of the best female to male novels, but I've only read 2, BUT the first one I read was eons better than this one. First, um gender doesn't really matter but bc I felt like the MC thought of herself as a girl despite physically being male, this came off as GL for me. Which was unexpected for me bc I only read (bg & bl). That's not why I'm rating it poorly (it was unexpected but I still continued). I'm giving it 2... more>> stars bc she's a terrible father/person. Let me break this down for u (in B.) :

A. To get this out of the way, it's slightly sad and funny but in bl you often see terrible, brainless female villains in most bl novels. I generously chalk it up to possible author trauma, but if it's really too annoying then yeah it's obvious they have internalized misogyny. So, this is the first time I'm reading a GL-like novel (this author I found out actually writes mostly gl) and it's interesting to see the opposite play out? There's a sense of misandry. The MC treats her son absolutely terribly. I mean is the son f*cking up? Absolutely. Does this patriarchal society need to be more harsh on guys? Yes as the son should own up to his actions & get punished. But the MC NOT EVER being emotionally and physically there for her son, is kinda wtf. This leads into B.

B. So there's only 2 ways to take this imo. (Why the author/MC is such a bad father to the son) Because either 1. The son is merely a 2d character bc he's from a book and he has no possibility in the MC's mind to be anything more than a 2d character. Which is bad writing bc why would the readers care about the son or anything that happens with him if he's this unreal, 2d character. The MC does not once have a constructive, caring conversation with him thus far. But ya know it's forgiveable if you were just looking for a filler book I guess. OR 2. There's some obvious misandry from the MC or author. I mean the MC only spoils the girls, which is fine. I love woman. But if you wanna make these characters real to me, the MC has a responsibility to be a dad to the son. Why does the MC feel inclined to be a good dad to the daughter, but not to the son? By good dad, I mean at least TRYing to put him on the right path, and not just putting him out of your way so he doesn't "ruin your peaceful life". Honestly the MC is an a**hole. She ices out her son, give him the "tough dad" act to the supreme bc she doesn't care about him at all and yea. Idk that sounds like its upholding tocic masculinity (AS A GIRL that she sees herself as inside). She doesn't want be there for him bc she doesn't care about her son.

I dropped it bc I was getting bored. It's kinda slow. Very slice of life. If you like gl, you might like this. If you dislike bad, cold dads and you're a guy, this might be triggering even if her son sucks. Look, her son only started out as a little s*upid in the beginning, but the MC never even tried to care as a real dad from the beginning. Bc obviously the son is just a 2d char. <<less
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emersy rated it
April 16, 2024
Status: Completed
Just finished this novel. I would say both ML and FL are really cute. I love how ML slowly falls in love with FL. Specifically, the chapter where he confessed his love for her under the shooting star.

... more>>

This is actually a good parallel to an earlier chapter where they are also under the stars. At that time he wished to return home, but in the later chapter he actually hope that he will never leave this body cause SHE actually fell in love with FL


I also love how open the author is in writing a GL story. The story is well aware of it, author didn't just magically erased her female side but they slowly incorporate Xie Li's acquired male habits into her more feminine one. The great thing is the author is also has experience in writing GL stories so how the romance is written is kinda similar to Vicious Female Married Me With A Smile.

I wish there is more Xie Siyun (daughter) and Zhou Ning (daughter's bff) in the novel. Cuz my queer sense is really tingling with these two. Ning-er see Siyun as her sun while Siyun see Ning-er as someone she aspire to be.


Well many would say that they are just friends, thats what I also thought at first BUT after their little trip together Siyun suddenly had a 180 change, becoming more mature and humble. She even asked her dad to use his connection to let her self be accepted to the top uni where Ning-er is going to. Those two also started living together when they started internship. Ning-er also turned down a promising internship in ML's company (she was a sponsored student by the company and most of those student are guaranteed to have a top paying job in the company) instead went together with Suyin and became a deputy for the company her dad assigned her to run. Since author writes GL stories too so Im 70% convince this two are in love. Not to mention ML also acknowledge that his relationship with FL is not hetero considering his/her original life.


Overall the novel is a good read if you want a romance with a cute couple this is for you. BTW, I'm also translating this story and I am almost halfway done in the translating, chapters upto chapter 20 is already edited and proofread which I already uploaded in my site. My updates would be every other day or two depending on my work schedule. My goal is to complete the translation of this story cause its that great of a story. Hope you all can support me thank you! <<less
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