Transmigrated As Cannon Fodder To Marry


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Jiang Lin crossed over, he became the tragic little cannon fodder in the book.

The little cannon fodder relied on his good looks, and there was no man in capital who hadn’t been seduced by him.

He was a well-known playboy in capital, an existence that everyone despised.

Only Jiang Lin who became the cannon fodder knew what kind of life the cannon fodder lived.

The little cannon fodder’s father didn’t care, his mother died early, and his stepmother treated him harshly. There were also two stepbrothers and a “beautiful and kind-hearted” heroine sister in the family.

The first stepbrother robbed him of his position as a companion of the crown prince, and the second stepbrother robbed him of his qualification to be a student of the Imperial Academy; in the end, the heroine sister arranged him to marry a man who was about to die.

From anyone’s point of view, what Jiang Lin took was a death script. But Jiang Lin held the space in his hand, who was he afraid of?

Jiang Lin made a great contribution in front of the heroine, and successfully regained the position of the eldest son of the Hou family from the hands of his two stepbrothers.

Jiang Lin successfully solved the famine and became famous all over the world as a Marquis and held the nobility.

As for the dying man Jiang Lin married, not only did his legs recover from the poison, but he also became a fearsome General, the God of War.

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Xuyên Thành Tiểu Pháo Hôi Gả Thay
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Wintercreeper rated it
January 15, 2023
Status: c24 part2
It's braindead, completely, utterly braindead.

The writer did this on purpose because the novel MC transmigrates into is this kind of brainless Mary Sue book, the story is basically how MC navigates a brainless golden-fingered Heroine plot.

Problem is, it's so badly done that it's not fun anymore.
99% of the "plot" is face-slapping 99% of characters, there are not even a handful of normal people (aka on MC's side), but never ending villains that are missing all of their braincells.
If one is taken care of, three new ones pop up in the same chapter, get solved in two, rinse and repeat.
There's nothing else to this story.

The tropes are pretty mismatched as well, which makes the novel just as braindead as the book MC transmigrates into.

Transmigration into a book, the Heroine has a system, MC comes from a Zombie apocalypse world, has a supernatural space, can somehow still fight like a muscle-head super-soldier despite his body being a frail chicken, all thanks to the secret spiritual water that flows in his space and the fruits that grow there. Of course, that was unique even in his original world, because he's the MC and we need to be reminded of that every two sentences.

And just to be sure we don't forget who's the MC, he's more intelligent than everyone else, even the Heroine's supernatural system, which according to logic, should be above everyone else in terms of computing power and scheming. But MC can guess what everyone's going to do next and already has a plan to counter it. Every. Single. Time.
The few unexpected developments are solved by sheer luck and plot armour.
Do you still remember who the MC is? If not, the writer has countless other ideas to hammer it into their reader's head.

For a story meant to show how brainless Mary Sue plots are, it's in itself very very Mary Sue.

MC would have been a good character but he acts in such s*upid, useless ways, that it not only makes no sense, it's just annoying.
He knows the Heroine is evil, will kill him and everyone he cares about, but instead of outright killing her, he gets into a petty back and forth with her, dragging innocent people into it.
It would have been easy for him to do, right at the start, he has the means, strength, and is ruthless enough to kill without remorse... but I guess the writer didn't know what to do with the story if villain No. 1 dies too early.

In short, it's repetitive and makes little sense, the only reason why I continue is, that it's like a bad movie. You know it's tr*sh, you want to turn off your TV, but something deep inside you just can't stop watching.
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ptaszek rated it
January 16, 2023
Status: Completed
MC is a bit overpowered, and it's obvious from the beginning. There're "roles" in the original book, and cannon fodders shouldn't live, so for me, it was rather justified, something to balance the scales.

The romance is calm and nice, the relationships with family members are sweet, there are some schemes (some are dumber than the others, I have to admit), but overall it's a pleasant novel with an appealing protagonist.

I recommend it, just don't expect some deep themes or drama from it, it's a more light-hearted story.
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xjgg rated it
January 8, 2023
Status: ---
oh I remember this one. Different from the usual MC who blends in seamlessly with the ancient setting, this story gives off that strange feeling of modern MC cosplaying among ancient people. It's filled with literal face-slapping. He slapped and beat everyone who wronged him (even his half-sister) in broad daylight. I feel like it got boring fast because he just slapped someone before he moved to the next person but eh to each their own.
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Hippopotamus rated it
January 7, 2023
Status: --
MC is a badass. All the face slappings are so satisfying, although done roughly.

He is not someone who will wronged himself for the sake of face. He seems very overpowered, even though there aren't many parts that tell how he uses his golden finger. Indeed he uses spiritual water that can cure illnesses and neutralize poisons, but that's all, the other functions of the space that he brought from the end of the world are not much written here (or perhaps I missed some parts about it? Because I MTL-ed...... more>> I am not sure, so sorry if I am wrong about this space matter...)

Meet demons kill demons, meet Buddha kill Buddha...

Be it supposed to be heroine or cannon fodders, they won't be given an additional chapter to exist... The face slappings are so rough and straightforward that it can't be more rough 😅

But strangely enough I found it very satisfying.

ML, in my opinion, is also not bad. He spoils MC a lot. How their love relationship develops is quite fast, in my opinion. There is no misunderstandings that lead to angst, not even dog blood. ML is such a gentleman and very loyal to his partner.

Btw, I remembered a funny scene, that is how he reacts to MC's jealousy when he sees his chest and abdominal muscles. One time our MC asked, even though he didn't move much but why his abdominal muscles were still so ideal. Then ML could only answer without thinking that maybe it was fate... 😂

ML spoils MC a lot, he lets MC do whatever he wants to do, he gives him full authority in everything. What ML does next is to provide complete support and protection from the side.

But even so, he is not a weakling. ML also has a lot of tricks up his sleeves. He was not s*upid at all, and in fact he was still able to survive even though many parties wished for his death.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story. Even though it seems OP and roughly done, it's still fun to read in your free time, because the plot isn't too heavy and isn't too emotionally draining... <<less
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lyre rated it
January 6, 2023
Status: Completed
I had fun! MTL ofc kinda awkward to read, but if you're used to it, it's nothing much.

MC is a straightforward kinda guy. Being a person from the apocalypse world transmigrating to ancient (book) world, the difference is quite vast, but acceptable for MC. He adjust well to the cruelty of the nobles that can shed blood with barely a word (of command) that can kill an innocent person-altho he felt uncomfortable at first. After all, he did come from a world where even breathing is hard and eating once... more>> a day is normal (thankfully he has his own magical space, he didn't suffer that bad).

He actively flirts with ML, barely got shy (afterall-amateur in relationship between lovers) when teased back. There's no drama between both of them. They both went from strangers to lovey-dovey dog food feeder smoothly. Logically, as a general, ML shouldn't easily trust a stranger with secrets esp when the rumored dandy acted very differently, but he accepted and never confronted MC til he confess himself. And MC has the space that makes him confident enough that nobody can really kill him (imo) unless he's careless, so he met ML head-on with no scruples nor timidity.

The world setting itself is pretty cliche, you can really feel the animosity towards ML & MC, originally with cannon fodder fate to be stepped by the original protagonist, eventho the author really wrote bad protagonists that doesn't care whose blood spilled for their own convenience- well, that's how all these cannon fodder woke up and deal with the world settings, very cliche plot line indeed. It's very sad tho, when you read into the "cannon fodders" story and past. They really didn't deserve what they got. Like ML, or like SQ, an ancient female character who ended up selling herself to survive and getting his revenge. In the original storyline (or what was told in the book), none of them live past the very first chapters, maybe SQ will never even appeared in the story. It's that sad.

Now, I kinda expected the ending - still expecting of something else tho..

MC comes back to the original world before the apocalypse and ML also comes back with his memories, but it's a miss, coz it's ended up hanging like that.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Eva Rutherford
Eva Rutherford rated it
January 25, 2023
Status: c38 part4
I love the MC and ML. The romance, the plot, and the twists were all well thought out and smooth. The love between the characters and the last ending made it one of my favorites! The MTL is readable and no major mistakes found.
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Yukilovesbl rated it
December 18, 2023
Status: c33
So far I've not seen even a whiff of romance in this, it's just mindless villains jumping out one after another and face slapping left and right that doesn't really resolve things permanently.

I came here for the yaoi tag, and I know it's Chinese so I can't expect anything explicit, but the ML and MC haven't even spoken properly about anything yet, they are just doing the whole I won't ask questions if you don't ask questions being mysterious when they've been married since like chapter one.

Not a single development... more>> in the romance direction and this book DARES! To call itself Yaoi/romance. I refuse to accept it! Whoever put those tags should take them down right now, and just label it 'Face Slapping in Ancient China!' <<less
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KeraShr rated it
November 18, 2023
Status: Completed
5 stars! 🌟 It was a great & thrilling novel. Believe me, I wasn't bored even on one chapter.

I was kinda skeptical reading low rating reviews but I am glad I read this!
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February 21, 2023
Status: Completed
This is well written story, very eventful. I mean so many things keep happening, that we might think the novel is reaching the end, but no... we are still in the 35th chapter..... All cannon fodder are guaranteed to have happy ending.

Give it a chance absolutely not a waste of time.
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everydaydanmei rated it
February 17, 2023
Status: Completed
I didn't expect that I would REALLY like this. When I first saw the title and synopsis, I thought it would be the usual feel good, face slapping, smooth sailing story. But the story was actually really good and interesting. It's complicated but not confusing enough to make my brain hurt. I MTL-ed through the end and it was pretty easy to understand considering it's an ancient china setting.

The plot wasn't a never-seen-before story, I've probably read dozens of novel with the same premise but I just couldn't stop reading... more>> it. The more I read it the more I like it. The author is really good at connecting things, from the grievance of the previous generation and the revenge plots, the politics, power struggle. It's quite a lot for a 100 chapter novel. The family tree sometimes can be confusing too since there's a lot of names, a lot of sons, daughters, concubines, the usual stuff with ancient china story.

MC and ML were really good. I love them so much. The story was more about the politics rather than romance so there wasn't much of their intimate moments, but they're pretty sweet. What I'm most confused about is MC's power.

I know he has spiritual space from the apocalypse world but some things he did were really weird and wasn't explained well by the author. It's almost like magic, where did the bugs come from??? And I don't really believe he's actually stronger than many martial arts experts.

IDK it was the only thing that bothers me.

Other than that, it was an enjoyable read. And it's also pretty short so it's easy to finish. There are many side couples and they're not only BxB but BxG couples too. <<less
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December 1, 2023
Status: c100
It's not the best but it's an okay read. A lot of things were glossed over or dealt with quickly for the most part and the romance felt almost out of nowhere. The build-up was practically non-existent, but the following was sweet. MC is definitely Gary-Sue in here. Not much is explained about his golden finger or his background.

... more>>

MC's golden finger is a space that holds spiritual water and keeps food fresh. It somehow also allows him to be invisible or something; he uses this to "haunt" a few antagonists. There isn't much explanation done on how and where he got the space, just that he has it. He also has some skills in fighting that get like one or two sentences of explanation.

The main thing is the spiritual water since it practically acts as an all-healing medicine due to the author writing in Gu (no idea where they come from except that a cannon fodder has them) and having poison be used a lot.


If you are looking for sweet moments and okay with the plot holes and quick writing, I would say try this novel out. <<less
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March 8, 2023
Status: Completed
A pretty solid plot-driven book. Of course, I'm not saying that it's good, but if you like fast-food-level entertainment, it certainly works out! jflskfjlafj I sound like I'm being sarcastic when I put it that way but I really mean it XD. I read this till the end, which proves that I liked it well enough (well, I skimmed the extras, so its technically not till the very end, BUT yeah). Just keep in mind that this novel is quite flawed. You'll have to suspend disbelief quite a bit, and... more>> tolerate a very OP MC with extremely convenient abilities... BUT, if you like face-slapping and royal family drama, it should be enough to spend your time on.


SUMMARY: The MC of this novel, Jiang Lin, is a modern transmigrator. He's not your typical one, however. He came from an apocalyptic time -- one with zombies and magical space abilities. After transmigration, he makes use of his cheat and his various skills to face-slap his opponents one by one. All while flirting with his new husband, the ML, Wei Yunzhao, who was poisoned by malicious people. The general plot is a bit hard to summarize in a few sentences. It's complicated xD. The development is all based on a book where the original owner of the MC's body and the ML are both cannon fodders that were meant to die and give the heroine and protagonist a chance to thrive and rule the country. The original heroine has a SYSTEM in her head driving her to become the empress, and she'll do everything she can to achieve this. Aside from her, various troublemakers will come knocking down the MC and ML's door again and again.


THOUGHTS: As mentioned, if you like face-slapping and drama, this is not bad. The story is primarily plot-driven, so the pacing is quite fast and the characters are there mostly for amus**ent and entertainment than anything else (that is, they serve whatever roles the author's set for them and don't do much else -- this is the case for the MC and ML as well). As someone who primarily enjoys character-driven works, it's natural that my impression of the novel is not the best. It's just fine. I thought it was fun. Nothing too impressive, but still entertaining. For this reason, I read till the end. AND, I think it's worth a 3.3/5 rating. I kept it to that amount because I don't think this novel deserves a 4 star rating. At most, it would be closer to 3.49. But never enough to round up to 4 stars. <<less
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Kaylee rated it
March 6, 2023
Status: --
Yay, someone finally picked this up.
Read this 3years ago but still remember few things I like from it.
Ah, I coudlnt wait to read this again, now with human (i hope) translation rather mtl lol

But cant believe what I'm seeing...7parts for 1 ch???..... I might reconsider to read again.

I like this one more than the other story by the author. Hmm.... maybe because the cause effect and background story are explained more detailed so I dont lose my head over WHY WHY while reading the revenge thing. I also like how Jiang Lin is a stingy and vengeful person (his words) and he's not half assed in being kind or bad. Yes, giving bad people their own place is satisfying and enjoyable to read XD

The attack and counter went back and forth between good and bad XD. Half to the story, the next trouble would come from the royal. The throne fighting between princes, the empress hatred over Wei's family, emperor jealousy and shallow mindedness. Jiang Lin and Wei YunZhao interaction were so much fun to read.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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