Tran Sexual Online


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Welcome to the world of 《Trans Sexual Online》.

This is a virtual space (Virtual reality area).

You can live how you wish here.

However, there is one condition.

Your gender is reversed in this world.

Men as women.

Women as men.

Haven’t you ever wished you could

become a different gender from the one you are right now?

That becomes true in this world.

The time flows differently in the world of《Trans Sexual Online》 than in the real world.

One day in the real world is equal to 1 year in this one. (tln: not quite accel world)

For those current generation people whose lives are so busy they cannot enjoy a normal VRMMO this virtual space (Virtual reality area) was created――.

That is this 《Trans Sexual Online》.

In this world you can live without rules (laws) however you wish.

You can spend your time managing a ranch.

Thoroughly study cooking.

Dive into the dungeons looking for treasures, knocking down monsters with your companions.

Smith weapons and train to become the fiercest warrior.

The tale only depends on the number of players.

The degree of freedom on this VRMMO is virtually limitless. (tln: pun intended)

Now then, please enjoy 《Trans Sexual Online》 to your heart’s content.

2114.5 (Probably May 2114)

From everyone at the Development Management Department for《Trans Sexual Online》

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Trans Sexual Online~のんびりほのぼのTS生活~
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