Train Elementary Level Spell, Magic Arrow to the Absolute Limit ~The Exiled Noble Student Not Giving up, Train to Become the Strongest~


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Albert, who had learned the beginner-level spell Magic Arrow at a very young age, was expected to do great things in the future. However, he was unable to learn any other spells.

Albert’s father was a noble who heavily valued his dignity, so he banished his good-for-nothing son and granted him a house to stay in. There, Albert would live out more than ten years reading Magic Arrow spellbooks.

After day after day of practice, he would unknowingly break the limit of his spell.

To a young lady despairing that she would miss her exam, Albert would say:

“I’ll take you there with Magic Arrow.”

“How are you gonna do that using a spell with a firing range of 50 meters?”

This is the story of a man pushing through hardships using his dysfunctional spell and eventually becoming the strongest magician⁠—all while convinced that his Magic Arrow is only slightly stronger than most.

Associated Names
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Shokyuu Majutsu Magic Arrow wo Kyokugen made Kitaetara
初級魔術マジックアローを極限まで鍛えたら ~追放された貴族の学生、希望を捨てずに修行して最強に至る~
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Fluffums rated it
September 14, 2020
Status: c26
Another exile novel. Better than usual start in that the usual "cheat skill" is just what you'd expect from over a decade of perfecting a single skill. Everyone including the protagonist doesn't see the value in Magic Arrow at the start, and he only slowly becomes aware that it's more versatile than he thought. Plus, there's an actual plot from the beginning and character growth, and not just some guy waving his hands solving every problem instantly without effort while being praised by everyone around him. If you like the... more>> idea of mastering a basic skill and doing amazing things with it, this story is for you.

Warning: While they're not blatantly throwing themselves at him, every young woman who's appeared so far is interested in the protagonist, so if you hate harems you might be turned off by that. <<less
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Bobwillrule rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: --
It's a really cliche novel. Where he is thrown out and stuff like that. So far, not much of harem stuff but it's slow walking on the path of being one.

The versatile magic part hasn't been shown much.

... more>>

He only purified? A lake and used it for transportation


Hopefully we can see more of the "versatility" of his magic in the future and hope it doesn't just become plain cliche.

Also as always of JP novels we have the low confidence and nice to everyone MC.


I mean he ran away from school and had no confidence in his magic arrow thinking that it's tr*sh. Also he felt sad that his brother fell in battle after being bullied by him. His brother even sent people to be su*cide squads just because they weren't high ranking nobles


Read if you don't have anything else to read. <<less
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mensink rated it
August 27, 2021
Status: c60
A very lighthearted story about an overpowered MC.

While the storytelling is pretty decent, the MC is a total wet towel for the first ~40 chapters. It's honestly past the point of annoying, but beyond that lies a fairly well thought out story, only marred by the fact that there's no real challenge for the MC in any of the fights, except for overcoming his own feelings of inadequacy. Hopefully that changes in later chapters.
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rcpsycho rated it
August 7, 2021
Status: c50
Not bad, but also not great.

It's a typical setup of "here's this character and this and that could happen" and instead of a school arc with actual development for the original setting, the MC just gets swallowed by the events.

So far, there's basically just a single other character that shows up regularly and isn't one dimensional. Not all other characters are shallow, but the ones that aren't maybe show up every 5 or 10 chapters at most.

... more>>

And then there's the part where some "evil" characters are introduced and die after a few chapters of having any signficant influence on the plot.


Maybe the author will have the plot settle down a little at some point, or maybe it'll keep going at breakneck speed with character development and interaction only being available as summaries or completely falling by the wayside. <<less
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aPizza rated it
January 28, 2023
Status: c102
It's alright. I got mixed feelings with this. It gets stale by the time once his noble status is back.

There isn't any drive for the MC. Nothing interesting to want to keep reading for.

While many other novels would overplay his gimmick (magic arrows) this one underplays it. Literally nothing interesting about it other than being stronger.

... more>>

His magic arrow is stronger and can shoot farther. Due to it being a low level spell, MC can rapid fire for more than eight hours. They make a gag that FML forgets that he can shoot up to 13 km, but that's about it.

Next, they make him be able to shoot with two hands! Woah (sarcasm) !

At first I thought they were going to make magic arrow versatile when he's shown being able to fly with it, but no. It's only used as a weapon so far (and darkness purifying). There's no imagination to it.

Also, it gets annoying when he keeps repeating magic arrow. Can't the author at least make him able to cast it chantless...


Plus, the harem or any romance is nonexistent. There's a hint of romance between MC and FML, but there's no follow through. They remain the same throughout 100 chapters. It isn't even the type that blushes everytime they're together or they would occasionally flirt in their own world. There are barely any romantic interactions between them. It's severely lacking in sugar.

However, after 100 chapters, they are hinting a possibly new love interest. It's like they forgot it supposed to be a harem novel.


Out of no where, they introduced a new character and her point of view.

She has a conversation with her maids about her interests of men which is everything about MC. Good looking, quiet demeanor, and talented to at least one thing. They haven't even met yet nor know each other. It's pretty obvious author is trying to hook her up with MC.


So, yeah. It's hard to recommend this. I'll keep reading and update if there's any new interesting development. Read it if you're interested and have nothing else to read. <<less
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Knight A
Knight A
June 19, 2022
Status: --
Why is this novel on Hiatus? It's been 5 months since last update!

The novel is overall good. The author did try new things with power ups and all. The story's pacing was quite good too.

The romantic subplot is also very good. There are strong chances of a good relationship. But this damned hiatus is stringing me on!

Who's this pemopemosan!?

Please come back! This is a good story!
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Aknazer rated it
January 18, 2022
Status: c51
This is an average story. Nothing amazing but also nothing too horrible either. Note that the MC starts as a beta for plausible reasons ns and is slowly built up over time. He is also a horrible doormat, though unlike other doormats, he does still kill enemies on some occasions.

I personally tired of the story after awhile, but again it wasn't bad. I did skim through chapter 94 but it no longer held my interest to properly read the rest of it. There's almost no romance, but what little there... more>> is the MC is true to the single FMC. The biggest issue was was just the slow rate of mental growth of the MC. He's by no means excessively dense, but the growth/realization itself does feel excessively slow (but unlike other stories, there is actual growth!). <<less
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Blankdom rated it
October 6, 2021
Status: v1c15
Imo, an average work. Lighthearted with barely any lore/info dump.

The progression/flow of the story is almost believable, but there's a need for suspension of belief. The main one being age.

He was able to re-enroll into the mage academy, that accepts ages 10~15, while himself being 26 [Railroaded even, because he was suppose to fail for this exact reason.

And it's pe*o-y with how the female 'heroine' is 15 [11 years younger, but I guess mentally similar, due to how he was basically a hermit since the age of 16?]
Like somehow her father didn't see anything wrong with engaging him with her, but I guess it has to do with the 'times'? And how he was able to basically solo a horde of goblins + Lord, so he wanted to attach to him?


Another one being how the spell Magic Arrow is versatile, but no one notices; probably because it's suppose to be a beginner spell [something every magic academy student was test to be able to cast], that people would ignore as they develop? And their whole culture is more of spell quantity than quality.

People perceive that the maximum range of the spell is 50m, while he's able to cast it upwards to 13km.

He's somehow able to add effects to it, such as bouncing off walls, but still exploding against flesh -- Really don't get why he has to explode them, when piercing and continuing to bounce would easily shred.

Was somehow able to cause the spell to only target another spell -- Guess he can turn off the explosion / physical aspect of it?

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SproutlingUnderARoof rated it
August 27, 2021
Status: c50
Yeah. No. It was okay at first, slightly boring especially if you've read hundreds of this. Wish there was more development on the magic part, the interesting part, but, none. There's a few passing mentions of what his arrow can do but none beyond that.

What made me drop is:

... more>>

Him coming back and inheriting the household after the bullsh*t they put him through and exiling him. Ten years and his piece of sh*t family wanted to forget him and he comes back like it's nothing? F*ck that man, might as well not have had him exiled.

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Asinine Rymme
Asinine Rymme rated it
July 20, 2021
Status: c24
I like it. Maybe quite the cliche but I think it's promising when a mastery of one thing can be flexible. I just hope it does show more of the versatility in the future.
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