Trafford’s Trading Club


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Luo Qiu became the boss of a ‘club’ by chance.

It was a weird club that sold strange items and with a servant girl that had 300 years of working experience. Countless people with dreams, hopes and ambitions came to the club to exchange anything precious they own for what they want. They would offer their lifespan, items, and even their soul. Every successful trade would increase Luo Qiu’s lifespan by a little.

“Tribute successful, your lifespan has increased by 99 years.”

As thus, Luo Qiu began his endless life as the club’s boss.

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yamibae rated it
May 13, 2018
Status: v10c86
Definitely one of the best novels out there to read. The new premise is so interesting because I haven't seen any other author do something similar as of yet.

... more>>

The club owner is close to omnipotent if not omnipotent so he acts more as an observer throughout the story than a direct participant. Think of it as if he was God looking at the mortals running around. It's not that he can't help the people he wants to help if he wants to but he is bound by the club's rules. Even he as the Club's boss cannot break any of the rules. His interactions with the maid and his adoptive mother, Ren Ziling are also very cute. Right now the story has gotten quite interesting since it seems to be moving towards him participating more directly in the conflicts. Of course, the outcome is going to be quite set in stone considering how he can subdue the next strongest character on Earth the divine dragon so easily haha.

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cutterline rated it
February 12, 2018
Status: --
This novel is clearly inspired by xxxHolic. Just imagine xxxHolic messing around Chinese superstition and culture and occasionally put some modern/worldwide setup with some modifications to the characters. The themes is the same, taking aspect of human nature, psychology, relationship. Sometimes it's full dark and sometimes it's twisted to heartwarming, etc. You can sense its familiarity to xxxHolic.

Sometimes the author jumps from a story to another story with reason akin to 'waiting the time to ripe' to give the reader mysterious feeling thus making it harder to read daily chapter... more>> as you might forget about past story. The result is not really bad if you wait and binge read an arc. Just my personal deduction, the author might take this route because xxxHolic is a multiseries interlaced story that span into 1-2 decades of manga series. Therefore, the author tries to compensate the lack of material by jumping around the story. <<less
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nateo rated it
August 11, 2017
Status: c101
Amazing story thus far, it should be noted that although fights happen in this story, it is absolutely not a story about fighting. Don't read this expecting training or extended fights showing off the MC's powers.

MC is quite OP, but really the story isn't focused around the MC. It is very similar to xxxHolic, the crux of the story is almost identical. The story is split into short episodic arcs about the people whose paths cross with the MC's. Time is spent developing them, their motivations, personalities and the consequences... more>> of their actions. A lot of time is spent trying to convey the characters' emotions and inner thoughts and it works out quite well in this type of story.

No significant overarching story thus far, there are interconnecting threads and recurring organizations and characters, but no sign of any kind of greater plot to take over the world or anything. Possibly will remain akin to a slice of life novel throughout.

The author's writing flow and pacing are all excellent, probably. I say probably because every now and then there are some really odd/awkward phrases that I assume are either due to the translator/editor or the writer trying to use an unfamiliar concept.

overall a 5/5 novel <<less
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B055Y rated it
July 29, 2017
Status: c91
It gives you a relaxing atmosphere along with being mysterious allowing you to get hooked.

The main character tackles situations sensiblely and calmly. He always has his own agenda in mind, the reader is never told what this is out in the open, but is instead allowed to make inferences along the way while the truth is slowly laid out throughout the situation. Instead of outright telling the reader which can only be used in certain situations, explainations are twisted with the story allowing it to easily flow and become understandable.

The... more>> main character easily integrates into his role as the immortal owner of a 'special' shop, many thanks to his personality. I think we can see his personality develop over the long term as he experiences more things. The growth on the other characters is also substantial, delving into their hearts and reasons for their purchase at his shop. These are always varying.

If I were to compare this novel to an anime, I would pick Jigoku shoujo / Hell Girl.

This is because throughout that series the episodes have a focus on other characters that trade their soul to send someone to hell, forcing them to also go to hell upon death. Here we see 'Hell Girl' develop in the long run of the series, as most of the 26 episodes are focused on these people who decide to do this and whether or not they made a mistake -- sent the wrong person to hell or regret their decision. We also see this in this novel, 'Trafford's Trading Club'.

Here there is a dedicated team giving great translations of a novel written by a talented author. <<less
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acoleman2 rated it
June 6, 2017
Status: c20
I'm enjoying it so far. It's a very unusual novel. The MC is atypical, and so is the premise. It doesn't feel like there's some huge overarching plot line going on, but it doesn't bother me yet. We'll see how it goes.
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HomicidalApple rated it
November 3, 2019
Status: --
I'm on around chapter 300 or so.

It seemed like a real Faustian story at first, but then it gets progressively worse. The side character's plot lines don't really tie up well; there's no overarching theme or moral lesson. The stories more along the lines of a series of short stories and that's a mess. It goes everywhere.

Furthermore either the translation or the actual writing happens to be really bad. There's a lot of grammar errors in the later chapters. The sentences don't flow well together. Its as if the stories... more>> only been put through google translate.

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nchen rated it
July 28, 2019
Status: c850
Great novel with stimulating philosophical considerations. I thought there wouldn't be too much 'mandatory' nationalism until the author decided to


immortalize the Great Chairman Mao Zedong as the founder of human-monster relations


which made this novel easily 6/5.
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VvAnt rated it
May 27, 2019
Status: c530
Sorry bad English.

A 4☆ novel (can be 4.5☆ if not for poor translation).

A story with a good chara dev. The minor chara didn't get forgotten, instead they will appear later in the story, and they have their own story too.

... more>> MC not a type of idiot who seek trouble or spouting justice-nonsense, but a calm and a bit emotionless (his club effect) but still care his own family.

The story itself split into many minor arc (each arc are interconnected and have their own costumer for MC club).

And well~ this isn't a story that focused on MC, bc many of MC scene just for clean up. MC still there as observer while side chara act.

As for villain, no...... so far no ome can be considered as MC enemies. MC too OP, but dont worry, MC only move when there's a costumer or when an idiot offend MC.

For Romance....... is there, but happen waaaay later. With who??


his beloved miss maid


So for someone who want OP MC but with some different, read this. A very good novel for beginer and even for veteran. <<less
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September 13, 2018
Status: c100


However I have to say that translation can be confusing and difficult to read at times, not sure If the original is the same.

I treat this novel as a series of mini-stories that sometimes come together into the main plot, but sometimes don't.
Compared to usual novels everything here is plot driven and I haven't noticed any copy pasting.
Concept isn't really groundbreaking as it's very similiar to Faustian story, but I like evil. Mystery and religious subtext too, so it's pretty entertaining.
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JSS rated it
May 17, 2018
Status: c297
I like the devil businessman idea very much. But more than it, the side stories which are beautifully interwoven. Only thing I hate are the antagonists. They are just plain bland evil organisation. Entire world has no idea about it and it is everywhere. It is typical clinche that I hate. Fortunately it does not come to cause trouble that much.
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April 2, 2018
Status: c245
I always prefer a good japanese light novel over any chinese/korean novels. But this one changed my view on chinese novels that they are some absolute gems here also. The main reason I like japanese works is because of the time they put on building the characters. Chinese novels just concentrate on MC and dont even care about female MCs in many cases. Good jap novels have excellent likeable characters which don't leave the characters when the story doesn't need them. And that is what I have found in this... more>> novel. Every character is well written. It somehow reminded me of one piece in which also the characters side stories are given importance. This is a must read novel <<less
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September 11, 2017
Status: c126

First of all the characters names in this novel are good and easy to remember which is really rarer.

Let's start with the MC...

... more>> The novel MC is a weird person not insane nor unique but norm weird person in very special circumstances and in my opinion his character is not connected to his wish but since we still don't know his past maybe its too early to say anything about him but overall its better to not expect much from him and focus on other characters instead.

Now the story is dark psychological type with good written mystery there will be few bad written drama scenes here and there but you can just speed read them. The POV will always be 3rd focusing on a number of characters actions the characters will change depending on the current events except for the MC and the plot is little SLOW based but worth waiting and there will always be some side stories to keep the reader amused so you don't have to worry about getting bored because of the SLOW progress.

In the end if you were looking for a mysterious dark novel about the human nature with good plot and realistic characters to some degree with no actual goal in the story then I recommend this novel for you.. <<less
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Hibiki rated it
August 14, 2017
Status: c100
Will you do anything for your life long dream/desire? Are you willing to forsook everything just to obtain them?

Wealth, Fame, Power anything that you could imagine, want and many more. You could obtain them all on Trafford's Trading Club. As long as you are willing to pay the price for them

Trafford's Trading Club, at first tbh the title mislead me which made me to put off the novel to be read on a later date, which I kinda regret since I missed one good novel.

The reason on why I loved... more>> this novel is because it's encompass the human desires, greed and willfulness. It's has deeper plot than you could imagine, Are humans really greedy in nature? How far could you do just to obtain your most wanted thing? They're just the few things being told on this novel. <<less
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SnowX rated it
August 22, 2019
Status: c547
I won't do an in-depth review of the novel, others are already doing that for me.

You know, when in fantasy novels or even real-world legends you read about some "deal with the devil" where someone can exchange something like his soul for wealth or longevity or power, that's exactly it.

If you've ever wondered about the other side of the trade, the "all powerful devil merchant" and if you thought that it would be really nice to know more about it then this novel is made for you.

As the novel is... more>> more focused on the trades and their conseqences with the customer and his surroundings instead of just the returns of the trade for the MC you can read about really interesting situations about the customers. Maybe they're crazy, maybe they're lunatics, maybe they're normal people. You don't know because it wil be slowly unraveled as the story goes forwards.

After all, only a burning desire ca grant access to the shop, be it good or evil. <<less
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omgitsaray rated it
October 20, 2018
Status: c282
This is a good novel with a very interesting story. But unfortunately, chapters after 50+ are plagued with poor editing with multiple instances of bad english that completely ruins the quality of the work. It really annoys me to see such a good novel turn to crap because of random cats and dogs passing themselves off as editors.

Our MC make transactions pretty much like the Devil, exchanging one's soul or their senses in return for their wish. In return, his longevity and powers will slowly increase from his contributions. Every... more>> customer he meets is a mini-arc in the story and they all somehow feel connected with each other. This is a good novel to get away from cultivating into an Immortal story but like I said, the Engrish is a struggle. <<less
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ItsmeHoney rated it
September 12, 2018
Status: --
I'm a shallow reader, so what I can say is, this novel has colorful an deep messages of life. Sometimes it's too cynical of life itself, sometimes it gives the reader what being alive truly is. Dark but heartwarming, characters walks through a maze only to start again and find out the exit is right before them.
So far good story building
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Seraphic rated it
April 27, 2018
Status: c200
Recommended: Yes. There are very few novels here that I'd call good enough for print, even among my five star ratings, and this is one of them.

This novel is episodic and laid-back, to the point I'd almost consider it a slice of life, but that doesn't mean it's episodic and directionless. Perhaps a better comparison would be to a television drama, where each episode is its own self-contained plot but there's continuity and connections between characters that show up later and it all builds together to a conjoined whole.

The novel... more>> starts out with the protagonist, a directionless loner, stumbling into the eponymous store and accidentally signing himself away into eternal servitude to a mysterious but seemingly omnipotent being with a taste for emotions and souls. In exchange, he receives a portion of that power, growing ever stronger as he provides more tribute.

This sounds like the setup to a slightly interesting but ultimately pretty generic action novel. But that's not what this is. There's some action, but it's not the focus. The protagonist is indestructible and essentially all-powerful not too far into the novel. If he wanted to, all the novel's situations could be solved near instantly. But again, that's not what this is. The protagonist realizes that ultimately, in his position, the only worthwhile action he can do is try to preserve his own identity and sentimentality, and so he spends his time observing and manipulating events to create wonderful stories from his customers' lives. This, in turn, usually means their souls become "better" and are thus worth more to the god/devil that controls the store.

Trafford's Trading Club takes a broader, more nuanced view of society and history than I'm used to from novels on this site, or even many of the novels off-site. Tone-wise, it's pretty consistently melancholy but hopeful; as one arc puts it, the coldest and the warmest thing is the human heart. There are occasional moments of subtle but absurd humor; at one point I realized I was engrossed in reading about the soul of a 500-year old Daoist getting really into hip-hop and driving a Chinese weeb to despair by stealing his 2D waifu.

The only novel I've read on this site that gives me a similar impression is Apartment for Rent, but in that book the protagonist is malevolent entity who finds satisfaction in perverting the lives of his tenants to see the dark parts of human nature, whereas the protagonist of Trafford's Trading Club, while not necessarily benevolent, seems more interested in seeing "growth" or a "story". <<less
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Deathlord rated it
March 26, 2018
Status: c267
This novel contains almost everything. It has murder, mystery and mayhem along with good emotional scenes. Every side story in the novel portrays a vivid picture of human nature and consequences of their greed or desires. Many has nice moral message too, although not always good.

The story has integrated modern world with ancient world along with Eastern and Western beliefs together well (till now at least). The characters are well drawn whether it may be for single side story or the main cast.

... more>>

MC owns a trading club which delivers whatever the customer desires provided he can afford it. No cash payments. Its like devils contracts except the club owner will not be responsible for what happens after the trade.

Its like you want buy a phone just that you don't know which one to buy. So you ask the shop owner for recommendations, here MC will not recommend anything to the customer so the customer has to realize on their own what they want. Its nice concept.

People who like reading novels with "constant fights with rivals" or "arrogant young master lusting after MC's girl/treasure" or "reborn with cheat like ability but decides to something irrelevant" find this one to be not up to their allay.

It has been clearly mentioned in the recent chapters that the club owner has the capability to instantly complete the transactions but our MC personally oversees the process and exerts his abilities instead of wasting them.


Overall I highly recommend this novel for the readers who like story twists and intelligent MC. <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
September 13, 2017
Status: c128
A good novel! Not exactly my type though. Nearly rated it 4 stars, but I went against my personal bias.

It's got a grey sorta feel. Not dark, but not happy and stuff. Of course, there are some happy moments.

MC's a decent character. Not the most interesting, but he isn't tr*shy. Side characters are also okay.

Feels slice-of-life-y so don't expect much plot progression in terms of solving super important mysteries. The stories are mostly interconnected and they have good emotions and twists.

Premise of the story is interesting. Not much romance yet.
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kaladin4maheshwara rated it
June 29, 2017
Status: c70
It's one of the best Chinese web novels out there. Not one of the usual endless repeating tropes. It's blending western and eastern story telling styles and elements almost perfectly. The closest comparison to its genre would be 'warlock of magus world'. Not that there are any similarities in their story but that it's not just the usual off the mold web novel, which just keeps on repeating the same thing again and again (I know I did the same, which is to make a point). The character development is... more>> one of the best aspects of the story with wit and humor punctuating the seriousness at perfect timing keeping the story from getting dark and insidious. What I didn't find endearing was that the names of people are often mixed-up in the translation, which can either be a translation error or mistake in the original raws. Also I feel the rate of translation is slow considering the chapters are not that long. (Which is mostly a personal opinion as I did not check the actual word count. The review was done at chapter 69. No idea how the story progresses in the future) <<less
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