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Seven years ago, Mu Kang was a great talent in the composition department. He had a unique style, and won countless praises for every work he composed. Lin Yan is a renowned guest lecturer at the college’s Conducting Department, and a commanding genius that all young musicians look up to. At that time, Mu Kang was worrying about his graduation concert. He happened to meet Lin Yan who had just returned to China. They hit it off. Lin Yan was impressed by the other’s talent, and the Mu Kang was intoxicated by Lin Yan’s performance.

Their collaboration over their music quietly ignited the fire of affection. Both of them had feelings for each other, but Lin Yan didn’t take a step forward, and Mu Kang was unenlightened when it comes to love. When Mu Kang’s childhood admirer returned to China to confess to him, Lin Yan just so happened to see the scene where she offered him a kiss, so he buried his emotions and went away to a foreign country to escape for seven years.

Seven years later, Mu Kang is famous in the music industry. Although he still has brilliant works, his heart has become silent. His childhood friend finally came to the realization that he doesn’t love her back, and chose to break up. And Lin Yan continued his performance career abroad. Originally it seemed that they would never cross paths again, but fate led them in circles and they encountered each other once more…

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