Touché mon Amour


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Benjamin is a half vampire and half human, ‘Dhampir’. His mother raised him without love, only to use him to get revenge.

Miller O’donough, a director of information bureau M16 in London. Following a serial murder case happened just recently in London, Miller gets curious of vampire as the culprit for the murder case that’s just happened is a vampire. Benjamin who works at the police organization MKV end up working together with Miller for the murder case with Miller’s suspicion of Benjamin’s true identity. Miller makes Benjamin puts on his guard but Miller is the first ever to have interest in him he wouldn’t be able to resist it anymore.

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Latest Release

Date Group Release
05/05/20 Mint Wood c3 part1
04/26/20 Mint Wood c2 part5
04/07/20 Mint Wood c2 part4
03/22/20 Mint Wood c2 part3
03/22/20 Mint Wood c2 part2
02/10/20 Mint Wood c2 part1
02/10/20 Mint Wood c1 part3
01/07/20 Mint Wood c1 part2
12/16/19 Mint Wood c1 part1
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