Touché mon Amour


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The moment you get caught, who is hunting who?!

Benjamin is a half-vampire and half-human, a ‘dhampir’

A Dhampir can feel the vampires and is the only natural enemy that can kill them in a normal way.

His mother raised Benjamin solely to kill a wretch vampire without giving him any affection or attention. Then, one day, Benjamin meets a character that he doesn’t know whether he is a vampire or a human being.

His name is Miller O’Donoughue. Miller, director of the British Intelligence Service, M16, sees the culprit, a vampire, of the recent serial mu*der case in London and comes to investigate in collaboration with MKV, a police organization that exists only to kill vampires.

Benjamin, a member of MKV, is suspicious of his identity, but he is forced to be with him because of the investigation. Benjamin is wary of Miller, but he becomes increasingly unable to reject him as he’s the first person that shows interest in him…

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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
March 29, 2022
Status: extra 2
It’s not the worst, but you definitely have to be in the right mood and willing to overlook the inconsistencies.

... more>>

It’s a HE at least (kind of). I wish the author had decided to fully invest in making this either a happy love story or a tragedy. Everything except the last paragraph or so was a failure for the main cast. The vampire situation got worse. MC failed to succeed at his mother’s revenge. The big guy behind the scenes goes into hibernation and will probably wake up early once his followers learn the cure for Holy Water. Joseph comes across as such a scheming bit*h as he acts irresponsibly in his own interests using the Holy Water he embezzled from the MC. I feel really confused as to why the MC continues to forgive such a loose cannon.

To be honest, the last few chapters spiraled out of control solely because the MC hesitated to shoot the man behind the scenes AGAIN. He was upset and wanted to learn more about the ML, but hadn’t he promised to just ask him directly next time? The MC has killed so many vampires. There is no reason why he shouldn’t have pulled that trigger. Being emotionally upset is not a conflict of interest with mu*der. He could still go and clean up his man AFTER cleaning up their mutual enemy.

Also why was reconciliation at the end of the ML’s 5 step plan if he was really planning for them all to die together at the end? I think the author changed up the ending to make it more interesting. Too bad the extra drama didn’t pay off.


It doesn’t help that the translation (by either translator) is hard to read. It may be a problem with the original work rather than the translators. The biggest issues were unclear dialogue and naming mistakes. Some lines had no context for who was speaking them. Many dialogue would be directly contradicted by the next paragraph of text. Sometimes the name of a character that was not even on the scene would be used in place of the characters real name or the author would call all characters at the scene a single name. I had to decipher and guess so much of the story which is never a good thing. <<less
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MakanCheese rated it
March 2, 2022
Status: c8.2
This is so good! I'm so happy I found this... ... more>>

I like how Miller feels guilty for deceiving him this means there's hope for him. I like MC as well he's smart and looks cold on the surface but really craves affection deep down. I like how he opens up to Ml. I just worry about the betrayal that's going to happen.

I haven't gotten that far so I hope this hasn't been dropped as the last time it updated was in Feb 23rd and it's Mar 3rd. The translation is good although there are small mistakes it's really good and something you can just read past. I definitely recommend this novel. You should all read it!!! <<less
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Ziizii rated it
June 22, 2022
Status: Completed
It could have been really much better story, if they didn't build their story on sherlock's plotline structure. I just can't understand why they did that, it's so f*cked up!!

I even loved it before that, its really s*upid! I didn't come here to see the vampire version of sherlock's su*cide before Moriarty. It's not even well written, it's poor and childish imitation,... All the while I was just like : cooome on, stop it!! 🤯
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coughcough rated it
December 19, 2022
Status: c9 part3
The writer is a thief who stole the story of Sherlock tv series from 2010-2017 starring benedict cumberbatch etc. They even used the exact dialogue in some parts.
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Yaoisha B. Lood
Yaoisha B. Lood rated it
September 14, 2022
Status: Completed
This was definitely an emotional roller coaster. You really end up feeling bad for Ben throughout the story. You can really feel his anguish when the truth is finally revealed. I’m not too harsh of a critic but there were things that could have been better.

1. There were a lot of parts where there was not enough context for who was speaking (especially with Aidan and Danial) so I struggled to flesh out their personalities (this also may just be a translation thing that was missing since there is no... more>> "polite speech" in English

2. I’m also a person who enjoys descriptive snu-snu scenes, but I kind of struggled to understand the positions


Like how is the ML getting head... but also has his head up against the MC ear... but is also able to look each other in the eye... all without changing position?


3. The ending also felt pretty rushed. Honestly I was not expecting Aiden and Daniels story to get a conclusion in this story. I was very surprised about that not being set up as a spin of because there was just not enough time for that to conclude and the main story to conclude and for the reader to feel fully content.


A and D definitely get a sad ending

B and M get a happy ending but w/ no after story fluff


thank you for the translation, this is just my constructive criticism <<less
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Colourfulxunicorn rated it
May 22, 2022
Status: Completed
Honestly 3.5/5 but saw a lot of low ratings so rounded it up to 4.

There's 2 translators I started with the first one and the translation is a bit choppy so I'm not sure if that affected the story flow but it might have. So advise to start with the second translator that finished the translation entirely ;)

The plot isn't bad! There's a struggle between work and love and add in a mix of a love that shouldn't happen. Natural enemy vs natural enemy. The story made sense I... more>> felt so sad.

Its not exactly a 100% HE but still happy enough. Doesn't take long to read, give it a try ;) <<less
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vhiffy rated it
March 16, 2022
Status: Completed
I gave this a 5 because I wanted to bump up the rating. I think it deserves more than a 3.7, but definitely not a 5. It's a bit rushed, especially the ending. I wish there was more to the main part of the story instead of giving a vague HE in the extras. It feels like the author wanted to give it a BE but was pressured to make it a HE and threw out a couple of extras. Sometimes I found myself in the middle of a plot... more>> line without knowing how it led to that.

The smut was decent, not overdone or crass. On the whole a decent story, with some nice parts. <<less
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