Touch My Brother and You Die


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Get ready for the rip-roaring light novel that inspired a viral comic sensation!

Two years after transmigrating into the fantasy BL novel Asterion of the Starry Blue Night, Rosalite—a minor character and the sister of the tragic male lead—learns that she is fated to repeat her life every time her brother dies.

No matter how hard she tries, her brother, Rion, continues to attract toxic men and almost always perishes by the age of 20, whether by murder or by taking his own life, fating Rosalite to return to her 16-year-old body.

After nearly two dozen attempts to get the timeline right, Rosalite has run out of patience for all these sleazy men: Touch My Brother and You Die!

Associated Names
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If You Dare Lay A Hand On My Little Brother, You're All Going To Die
If You Touch My Little Brother, You're All Dead
Touch My Little Brother and You're Dead
내 동생 건들면 너희는 다 죽은 목숨이다
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