Tou no Madoushi


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The Guingard Tower; in a world dominated by magic, a child arrives at the doors of this magic academy. His name is Lynn. He is a child s*ave without money who dreams of a wealthy life. He has neither power nor talent. Besides that, a strong discrimination depending on the status awaits him in the academy to which he has enrolled.

Investment techniques, a small amount of money and time, connection with aristocrats… Lynn uses all kinds of wits and runs up the stairs to be a great magician.

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The Wizard of the Tower: The Capitalist An*lysis of The Wizard Who Began at the Lowest Social Class.
Tou no Madoushi: Teihen Madoushi kara Hajimeru Shihonron
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KofiTranslates rated it
April 4, 2020
Status: c20
It's a breath of fresh air from the isekai genre, and the characters and world building are genuinely good. I've read a little bit ahead of my releases (in the raws), and all I'll say is that I'm excited to be picking this up.
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shimatsukki rated it
May 9, 2019
Status: c26
I'm really enjoying this so far! The beginning is kind of confusing, because the MC encounters a girl who is named, but she hasn't reappeared so far. The way the author uses their interaction later to highlight the MC's relationship with his master, though, is very well done. (C9)

The previous paragraph was written when I was at chapter 9. It's been a year and now that I'm on c26, I'm impressed with how fleshed out the characters are. Each character, no matter how likable or unlikeable, has a decently... more>> complex character. The worldbuilding is fed to you in bites. It's fantasy and doesn't rely on "isekai." This is definitely one that I will recommend. (C26) <<less
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Shamsiel rated it
October 15, 2020
Status: c46
This isn't really a review but a request. Does anyone know how to request for a series to be picked up? This series has a ton of potential and I think it deserves to be translated. I have no clue what happened to the guy who was translating this but he hasn't given an update in 3 months and there's nothing on his twitter about his absence. There are so many tr*sh series that get great translations but good series like this get forgotten and left untranslated. If someone knows... more>> how to request a series to be picked up and reads this comment please do that. <<less
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TotoroReader rated it
April 6, 2020
Status: c15
I've been searching for a new novel to read, because I'm so sick of harems and the isekai genre. Tou no Madoushi actually has good writing and characters that feel real. If You're looking for something a bit more grown up and slower paced, I'd definitely recommend it.
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drollawake rated it
June 18, 2020
Status: c42
I strongly recommend trying this novel despite my very mixed feelings.

The protagonist starts off as a young former s*ave so it's a coming of age story for him as he learns about the world and about himself. The "Capitalist Analysis" part of the novel's subtitle is what makes this novel a breath of fresh air. Despite its connotations, that doesn't mean some wholesale endorsement of capitalism, but a more "economic" perspective on the world.

At the same time, I find it so preachy that I can't help but be more critical... more>> about the setting. I would probably like it more if I could maintain my sense of immersion. Since the more critical part of my review may ruin your sense of immersion while reading the novel, I am enclosing it in spoilers.


To make the protagonist likeable, a common setup is to have a protagonist that's a hardworking underdog who has to go up against the system or establishment. So far, the novel has repeatedly emphasized how important it is to economize on time and other resources, so the protagonist's success in doing so as a former s*ave makes him deserving.

Unfortunately, in the process of doing so, the novel often shits on other commoners that fail to make similar decisions. That would be the fine if not for the novel also trying to make the commoners seem sympathetic by elaborating on how the system inherently keeps commoners down. It's a weird tonal whiplash that only arises because of how preachy the novel is.

Apart from the tonal whiplash, worldbuilding is shallow for a novel with the words "A Capitalist Analysis" in its subtitle. A chapter titled "Market Failure" starts a discussion about why the protagonist's workplace is so inefficient but has an unsatisfying take on the economics. The author seems to imply that lack of government regulation (of the quality of goods) is the ultimate reason... except it nonetheless fails to explain why management can't force workers to use better tools or particular techniques in exchange for higher wages or something.

What is keeping management seemingly incompetent? Are the additional profits so low that management can't be bothered? Do they have a monopoly? Or is this factory so abnormally inefficient that it'll shut down soon? The author leaves these questions unanswered only to end the chapter with the protagonist looking good in front of others due to his competence.

Characters are also sacrificed to make the protagonist grow. He learns the importance of social connections from an extreme social climber and then obviously looks smart by rejecting her extreme point of view. A competent and cutthroat upperclassmen is made to look hypocritical and s*upid by rejecting the protagonist from his guild for reasons that are immediately contradicted by another competent upperclassmen but she is nicer and likes the protagonist.

What makes it extra annoying to me is that those character moments also seem engineered for romance/baiting. The social climber classmate fits the anime trope of the girl that picks on the protagonist. The nice upperclassman is a noblewoman who gets along with the protagonist better than with her guildmates. It's telling that the only other characters that look like they'll have substantial interactions with him are female. Interactions with male characters have much less depth of emotion, like props assigned to roles. And him learning about the importance of social connections is probably going make those interactions more Machiavellian and calculative in the future.

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TheLastBossForm40 rated it
May 25, 2020
Status: c29
Writing this review in the hopes more people may give this work a shot.

First off, wanted to start by saying the translation work is excellent. Some mistakes that could be caught by a little editing, but the integrity of the story is largely kept intact and it's something that I think is very crucial for a novel like this.

This is a very fun and detailed fantasy story. The language is very evocative and a lot of detail is used to bring the world to life. It reminds me of the... more>> first time I read Harry Potter when I was a child. The circumstances are similar, in that through the medium of a school you get to explore the world of magic through the lens of a child experiencing all things magic for the first time. There is a sense of wonder that keeps you wanting to continue reading, as the main character deepens his understanding of his vast and detailed fantasy world.

The author has done an excellent job so far juggling many different forces at work. Talented people are granted the infinite possibilities of magic, yet people are still shackled by an intricately woven social hierarchy where many times the family you were born into matters more than your actual talent. Considering that the main character starts out below even the most bottom rung of society (a s*ave from a backwaters country), it has been a very exciting journey to see how he is able to overcome such an oppressive environment.

Speaking of the main character, so far the characters in this story have been well crafted and balanced to the world. The main character isn't some hyper competent badass with knowledge granted from a previous reincarnation from his previous world. The people he meets aren't hapless tagalongs, only existing to make his presence more important. Everyone has their talents, and everyone has their struggle. In most of the isekai tr*sh that has made its way to this site, the MC is granted enough overwhelming power to render most obstacles the fighting power of a web napkin. In this novel, the MC is actually forced to interact with the world he lives in and work together with its inhabitants in order to forge a living for himself. And, I dunno, I just plain find that way more relatable. <<less
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BabyJoyce rated it
April 14, 2020
Status: --
What can I say, I just love the mc's friend, Theo! He can be insolent at times, but it only adds to his likeability somehow, and the dynamic between him and the MC is really cool. The MC was a s*ave, and is sold to this magic academy that resides in a fantastically enormous tower, and as the reader you get to explore this new magical society and world along with the MC who's naive and definitely not worldly (again, he's a s*ave).

But he does learn, and he has a... more>> natural intelligence that isn't OP or s*upid, but refreshingly NORMAL, and as he learns to live in this new world we get to experience all of this newness with him, and at his side are other characters, some of them friends and some not quite, but all of them nicely fleshed out and REAL. Oh and did I mention that a lot of issues such as discrimination and debt are explored as themes too, not in crazy depth but they're there in just the right amount to add new dimensions to the world, which feels lived in and real.

The new translator seems to be releasing at a decent pace. I hope it lasts because I've been waiting to read this for a while. <<less
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Elrinion rated it
June 21, 2020
Status: c43
You could describe this as "Harry Potter and the Cynical world of Adults". For all it's worth.

The story does a really good job of portraing the hamster weel of trying to succeed in life from the perspective of a mediocre person. And all the decisions and traps that goes with it. All transplanted to a magical world of well defined social hierarchies.

If you want adventure and protagonists who are even remotely the center of the world. This story isn't for you.
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TheCatWalk rated it
April 2, 2021
Status: c151
This is a story that basically states, that no matter what you do commoner's just arent 'worthy' of high-level power struggle and moving up towards the top.

The story started with a nice goal, a nice dream, and went through some nice progress towards achieving it as well. However after chapter 50-60, it just... threw it all out of the window. At first, I thought the author just wanted to throw some hardship in the way of the MC achieving his goal.

But then the hardship itself became the story. Then all... more>> the more mini-arcs justifying exactly why it is completely futile for the MC to pursue greatness. He should just stay where he is or get out while he can, and be satisfied with being mediocre.

It's depressing and not worth the time reading xD <<less
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apatel190 rated it
November 15, 2020
Status: c151
Up to chapter 90ish the story is very enjoyable to read. Its a non cliche magical academy series with a good mix of drama/wealth acquisition/character interaction/action/learning magic and has a some what likable MC although he's a bit s*upid sometimes. Last 60ish chapters significantly reduce the rating to 3/5 and the story really loses direction.

Chapter 90+ spoilers below, may not be accurate (based on MTL), read at own caution. Also kinda speed read the later chapters.

... more>>

MC is conflicted, aim to the 500th floor or become a royal knight. Some random guy he hasn't seen before approaches him to become a political figurehead because MC is now famous as a successful s*ave and without even thinking the MC just agrees to do it. Definitely not a good position to be in considering he's affiliated with the first princess. He doesn't really do much and can't convince Atlea or the Princess to help him and I think he later bails on the politics. Later he wants to bail on being a 500th floor mage because someone tells him he has no talent (for the 10 millionth time) but this time it actually registers in his brain.

Although there were some signs, this totally came out of nowhere for me. So previously Yuin (MC's master) would never meet regularly with MC but decides to do so after realising MC is affiliated with the first princess. Turns out Yuin was previously banished from the tower after being framed but was later allowed to return and wants revenge against the royal family. Early on Yuin tells MC to learn sacrificial summoning magic. It turns out he wanted MC to use sacrificial magic on the princesses greater spirit companion to summon a powerful black dragon. MC gets blackmailed into doing it and is dumb is enough to go along with this even though treason against the princess is basically death. Doesn't make sense because later he decides he'll reverse blackmail Yuin. Yuin thinks he's f*cked so he's like if you work for me I'll tell you about your parents (not sure if its a bluff or not). I'm not sure if the greater spirit dies or not but the dragon doesn't get summoned. A few days later Yuan is found guilty and all his followers are arrested or have ran away while Yuin is killed. MC plays ignorance and is not found to be associated with Yuin's crimes so is spared. Yuin also passes on his research (in anticipation of his death) onto MC and he basically becomes his successor.

There's a bill that's going to be passed soon, only person against is then framed for a series of s*ave suicide bombings. MC previously met one of the still surviving s*aves prior to the incident and realised she was acting strange but did nothing about it. After the incident this s*ave is killed and used to take the blame while the real perpetrators get away with it and then they frame the MC as well and he gets arrested. There's pressure on the Princess she she cant really let the MC free without taking the blame so instead uses one of her close servants as a scapegoat (the guy was kind of an as*hole and deserved it because he's partly responsible for framing MC/working with the enemy and he hates the princess).

So now the MC is free and this is just so random. He's in a forest at night and he meets Dorius the genius academic mage. For some unknown reason he end up flying with Dorius on a flying beast to the 200th level (actually illegal, they don't have permission to use that floor and aren't using the official way to enter. For the next few chapters MC becomes a side character. Dorius and MC, go by fake aliases, build a ship on the 200th floor and uses the daughter spirit of the forest elf to summon the snake god who is angry because its basically living in dirty sewage water and so it rises the water levels and this floods roughly 30 of the upper levels. Dorius basically blackmails the people in charge to give him 200+ level access and they agree. Then MC returns back. He's meant to be graduating but he's in bed and he doesn't want to graduate for some reason. He goes to the statue outside the school (very magical statue because anytime he goes there a girl he knows appears almost like some kind of game event). This time the princess sees the MC and tells him to graduate, so he does what he's told like a good boy and then he takes the elevator to the 100th floor that's pretty much the end of the incomplete story that the author has likely abandoned for good.

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Tresdin rated it
July 14, 2020
Status: c46
This story is mostly about capitalism. Situations where classism, discrimination, taxation, debt, cheap knockoffs, etc appear are frequent in this novel. There is also magic, but so far the novel would work in pretty much the same way if he was studying something else like engineering.

If you read this novel, expect two points to appear frequently:

  1. Lynn is not a noble but instead a former s*ave, which means nobles have higher status than him.
  2. Lynn needs money.
For me this ended up coming out as pretty repetitive and kind of made the rest... more>> of the novel less fun. However it's worth noting that the novel isn't actually bad. The fight scene wasn't bad, also the school life/character interactions/dialogues which are the bulk of the novel are written very well.

Also the main character is passive. <<less
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Amdirn rated it
April 20, 2020
Status: c21
A good old normal magic novel with no Isekai. The magic is also wide as it isn't only the elementary but there is also spirit, ring, enginery,...

We have an interesting MC who is already growing. He has many weaknesses but he has a nice crew of characters with their bad and good points. Another good point is that is slow paced but not that much (there isn't 25 chapters for a single day)

The present translator is also doing a great job so I don't see a reason to not... more>> try reading this novel ! <<less
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rabusmar rated it
April 19, 2020
Status: c21
This is a very good novel. The pacing is quite slow, the author takes his sweet time with characterization and building up the setting, and just now after 20 chapters it feels like the plot is starting for real. There are a lot of details in every chapter, and even the minor characters are quite fleshed out, and feel like actual, real people.

Because of the pacing, this novel is not for everyone, but if you enjoy slow buildup and/or you're tired of the all the isekai novels out there (btw... more>> I'm not bashing them, I actually like them a lot too), then this is definitely a keeper. <<less
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