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This is a world of totems. People believe that power is derived naturally from all of nature: fire, earth, numemon, wolves and the Twelve-Winged Golden-Eyed Dragon King. Even going so far as saying that humans themselves… as long as they are naturally formed can communicate with this power and summon it as their own “faith totem”.

Jiang Nan, an anatomy professor on earth, the kind of unfortunate man who doesn’t even deserve to find a woman in his life, has come to this world.

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rdawv rated it
April 2, 2016
Status: --
As of ch.45.

Totem is a story about a young genius surgeon/doctor/scientist who was particularly skilled in dissecting corpses. Despite his wealth and standing, he mourned the fact that he remained single. After his latest, speed-record setting rejection, he was killed in an accident and found himself reincarnated as a slave of a deteriorating family in a fantasy world with western elements. His woes were further compounded when he learned that the dissection of human cadavers was a taboo in this new world, punishable by death and extermination of their family.

However,... more>> that didn’t prevent him from utilizing his surgical knowledge. After a strange encounter and gaining a secret manual, he began to cultivate himself in the forbidden arts called the Ghost Totem. Bidding his time to increase his strength, the MC bode his time under the cover of a pig butcher as well as a mysterious ranked fighter; waiting for the right time to regain his freedom...

The translator did well, but I think some readers would be turned off by the crude language and mannerisms of the characters. Like what a previous reviewer said, it seemed that a majority of the named characters are mentally unstable. None of the characters are likeable, all of them are deeply flawed. The MC himself has a near-obsession with anatomy research, his mistress has mood swings and a terrible temper that to me seemed to be psychotic due to stress of running the household. His closest relative is a crippled, mysterious and crazed aunt who forces him to eat Object X... I mean, an unidentified gruel mixture as his main meal.

The plot moves slowly, 45 chapters in and we’re still dealing with the conspiracy that threatens the livelihood of the mistress’s branch clan, and the MC is still a slave with no one knowing his hidden skills. The author likes to use dramatic exclamations for emphasis, and as mentioned earlier; much of the dialogue is littered with profanities, much more than say, “My Beautiful Teacher”. The power ranking seems unnecessarily complex.

I personally found it difficult to read as it tries to be a dramatic, action novel with dark atmosphere and no room for humor.

Not for me, but still decently written. <<less
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March 21, 2016
Status: --
Well... what can I say It could be pretty good novel but I feel like 90% characters have some sort of mental issue.
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hohoho rated it
March 14, 2016
Status: --
Boring plot characters don’t have set personality nor is there growth of personality in main character and makes dumb decisions for no clear or good reason read up to 30 to keep hope but none comes wish translator would drop this and pick up MER again
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MangoGuy rated it
January 17, 2019
Status: c80
It is a real pity that this novel has been left alone for nearly three years now. In fact, I am mad about myself for missing this for so long.

Totem was exactly what I needed after a saturation of CN: A breath of fresh air with interesting characters and the regular troupes of CN except they are well used.

We have an MC who died a virgin. But he good with bones. *Wink*

In the new world, he is transmigrated into the body of a slave. The rest of the story is... more>> about how he fights his way to the top of the food chain.

What this novel has is a refreshing cast of character. Everyone of them is deranged in their own way. Put together this motley crew and you get an absolute riot. The characters are actually more than just three dimensional.

Cliches? Yes. There is the kingdom toppling beauty and the mistress who falls in love with the slave and the mysterious background and what not!! However, they are used in a way that can only be described as quirky.

Does this series not have any negative aspects? Of course it has. It's just that it is rather short, meaning that I am not willing to decrease my score for what ifs.

This is Mango approved.

I am hoping that this gets picked up by someone. This is a certified hidden gem (as of c80) <<less
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scriptor rated it
September 21, 2016
Status: c1 part1
Series deserves a higher rating than its average. If you don't mind reading about dissection and bones and corpses and morbid humor, this is actually quite a good series. There are some ridiculous parts -- like the MC insisting on keeping his 'gentleman' front even on the verge of death and his occasional reversal to his original self who uses crude language -- but it all adds to the experience.

Action isn't overdone, MC has wits and uses them and he doesn't stay downtrodden forever, MC develops, plot is going in... more>> an interesting direction. 4/5 with a promising chance of 5/5 in the future. <<less
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Vryaer rated it
July 2, 2016
Status: c15
I am done with this novel the MC of this novel only continuously lets himself be abused. Even though the story makes him out to be smart he behaves like an idiot and can't find a way out of his situation without being given it.
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Arua rated it
November 19, 2015
Status: --
The first 4-5 chapters are really difficult to swallow. Some things are inconsistent and annoying. However, once you get past that, the quality of the story clearly steps up.

This is worth a try.

There’s only around 20 chapters translated so far though, and it’s difficult to make a permanent judgement about Totem with only that. Nevertheless, I still think that the released chapters deserve at least 4 stars (the only flawed part being the first few chapters, until the story picks up).

Another point that might upset readers is that the MC... more>> is a slave and it seems like it’ll take a while before his status changes. <<less
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Vlam1731 rated it
March 16, 2016
Status: --
Interesting read (up to chapter 31) ! The story pace is slow but not to the point where I find it unbearable. Character development is getting there so I have will have to wait and see. The story is entertaining, but there is a lot of odd terms that the author uses such as "totem master" (A totem master? So a shaman?) which confuses me and it still does. But overall it is worth a read!
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Jarrow rated it
January 19, 2016
Status: --
Made it through 15 chapters before I had to drop it. The characters patterns are generally divergent from scene to scene, leading to incomprehensible actions in what should be straightforward scenarios.

I liked the premise; however I feel it's execution was more by rote then inspiration. I suspect the author wanted to write 'something different', so they started by throwing a typical OP MC Super-Xianxia storyline into a burlap sack, and inverted or subverted whatever they could by beating on every plotline that stuck out with a hammer. The result... more>> feels broken, inconsistent, and... kinda flat. :) <<less
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onehitnokill rated it
January 4, 2016
Status: --
I like it, it's pretty cool, the protagonist is sort of a cheat but he is literally a SLAVE so nobody cares if he is a cheat abusing the power of anatomy. Plus there is already a lot of foreshadowing of things to come which sound cool as f*** man. Plus the best part of the story is that it is just different from the common xianxia where you offend a big power then somehow win with some dog sh*t luck, then do it again. NO sir this protagonist is... more>> pretty low-key so far, which might change cause their is just not that many chapters sinnce the translator focuses on martial emperor reborn and stories like those are cheap by the dozens. Overall it remains of true martial world which is also a good read. <<less
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TheRockyAvalon rated it
November 18, 2015
Status: --
AMAZING so far! The MC is a slave who is beaten and abused everyday, yet little do they know that he's the greatest anatomy expert in the world! Definitely worth reading. A Xianxia with an actual plot, which draws you in and spins you around, yet the MC is still super OP. The chapters are of a good length, and although I'm only 19 chapters in, I'm absolutely hooked. Cerul should absolutely focus on this instead of MER, in which the author focuses on OP-ness, neglecting plot and giving the... more>> MC an absolute s**t personality. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
kre5o rated it
March 15, 2016
Status: --
I read up to chapter 45. At the beginning the characters seem inconsistent, but I assure you they are not. The thing is they are more that the author reveals at the beginning and everything is explained at a later time. It felt to me like the MC is gone through some transformation as he was thrown in this new world. I don’t understand why there are so many 1/5 ratings at this is not a xianxia/wuxia where you understand everything about MC’s character in like first 5 sentences. Those... more>> rating’s are ignorant.

All that said it isn’t a best story out there but it’s solid 3/5 for me, an ok story to read if you have patience to go through first few chapters. <<less
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kre5o rated it
February 2, 2016
Status: --
I can't believe that a wuxia can have such an interesting characters as this one has. I read up to ch 31. The first few chapters were kinda mediocre, but when the real story starts it is really good. This isn't xianxia. MC isn't too OP and he isn't a true cultivator seeking only strength, he has a passion: anatomy.
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