Tōroku-sha Jusuu-nin kibo no Haishinsha dearu Boku ga Kaodashi o Saigo ni Intai Sengen Shitara, Shichōsha Zen’in Gakuen no Madon’na-tachi de Boku no Ibasho Ga Nakunatta nodaga.


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I’ve been continuing as a streamer on a social streaming site for the past year but, after the end of the year, there was only 14 registered subscriptions.

It’s at the bottom of the very bottom that a streamer can get to. Since my main role is a student, so let’s stop streaming all in all and focus on studying alone.

With that in mind, I made face-reveal at the end of the last stream as a context for my retirement.

And in the next day, when I headed to school as usual, the school’s Madonnas were gathered in the hallway of my class, regardless of which grade they were in!

Just what the heck happened? !

A slapstick harem romantic comedy that begins with the retirement of a streamer.

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When I, a streamer with some more than 10 registered subscribers, announced my retirement with a face-reveal; as all my viewers were the Madonnas of the school, I ended up losing my current place at school all in all.
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