Tomb Raider King


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The tombs of the gods have appeared in the world!

People who were able to collect the artifacts inside these tombs could use the abilities of heroes of lore, granting them wealth and power.

Then, an unknown Tomb Raider who started to loot those artifacts suddenly appeared.

He is known as the Tomb Raider King.

“Damn it, this is driving me nuts! That damn bastard looted everything here too!”

What’s yours is mine. What’s mine is obviously mine.

The Tomb Raider who revived in the past after his death will start to take every tomb in the world for himself!

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King of Excavation
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New Pavilion rated it
September 24, 2023
Status: c85
Not a very good book. Also not easy to explain why, but I'll give it a shot.

The good things about this book are somewhat actually plenty. The plot could be said to be relatively interesting, although slightly overused. The grand worldbuilding it basically borrows from us, meaning it's quite adequate. Only immediate situations are somewhat lacking. Characters other than main did see some slight development, although I got the feeling that it was unintentional on authors part. Put all together it means the basic building blocks of story world did... more>> exist, and they did function together somewhat.

So what went wrong in my opinion then? Couple of things. Firstly, the novel core cheat- system or whatever skills you want to call it. It's completely whimsical. The MC will pick up random artifacts in his course of actions, the "skill" will name them, they're always something grand like "Pencil Mozart used to write his last will" or crap like that- but beyond this there's never any explanation. The explanations will be provided when that item is then needed later on, like when author decides things are getting tough for MC and he needs an item that will control the souls of his enemies, the MC then pulls out the pencil and voila. Basically it's just mother of all asspulls and deus ex, the author even goes as far as to bank these instances of "specific" (they're never specific, just morph into whatever is needed) powerups for future just so the MC could eventually pull them out and "outwit" his enemies with them.

Another thing is the absolutely shitfest of a incongruous world. On one hand we have "artifact users", who can sometimes by wink of their eyes or with a wave of their hands kill tens of thousands of people instantly. On another we have the "mortal side" of the world that somehow rules these people. Complete mass murderers who could just blow up entire countries are bound by what the public feels about them, and some mundane laws. For example, one villain was "destroyed" by the main character by exposing her as a racist to the world and framing her as a kidnapper. Mind you, this was a character that was said to be able to destroy countries and enormous corporations as they wished. Finally when it was done, the MC just kills the now depressed and somehow powerless villain like it's nothing. I can't even find proper words for how s*upid that was, the author has every single value mixed up in that world. Situations and people that should be critical can just be bypassed with a laugh- anything that seemingly holds any value may actually in fact not. And this GREATLY chisels into the value of the story by itself, because when the readers can't pinpoint whether this situation or achievement holds any value, there's no value reading it either.

There were some other classic things wrong too but tbh I got more important things to do and I'm kind of over this book already. Two out of five is more than fair. Do not recommend this unless you're really down and out and willing to read just about anything. <<less
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MonkeDanana rated it
March 22, 2020
Status: c150
Instead of Tomb Raider King, the title should be Robber King. MC almost never raid a tomb except the first time. Most of the time MC steal artifacts from other people instead of tomb. Every big companies are evil and are MC's enemies. Enemies are a c*ckroach, I have read about more than 150 chapters and all of them are still alive and well except one who got sent to painting dimension. It's also has racism towards Japanese and the US. Basically they are described as a great evil. MC... more>> blatantly said that he didn't like Japanese and American.

There are also a lot of setting errors. First it is mentioned that MC return in the early days when ruins is still not conquered and he will get all the rare artifacts. But the next thing you know all the SS-grade artifacts are already in the hand of big companies and MC never conquers ruins to get rare artifacts. Most of his artifacts is from robbing other people and is useless. Only a few are useful. Instead of Tomb Raider King, the title should be Robber King <<less
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sinkk789 rated it
May 23, 2020
Status: c72
Sometimes and you read the Manga or Manwha version you feel as if they skipped one or two things or maybe even a whole arc.

But the one thing the comic/manga/mamwha does is make it easier to consume and add the level of flash to make you more interested.

This doesn't, this is boring really really boring I mean I expect the main character to get out of everything on top all the time but everything works out for him 100% of the time all the time.

I get it, whatever these stories... more>> do the whole reset time and everything falls in place and the main character just knows everything about everything ever, but we've seen in good stories, There's times where changing the past can affect events from the future, but it still always seems to work out in these guys favor, and another thing every single relic is the same ? It's not entertaining that at all, they all just like messing with people?

One star

I only read this when there's nothing else to do, I could see how maybe some people might like this but, I don't know read something else, there's a couple of things that use historical fiction in entertaining ways Within comic books and Anime in anime or light novels. <<less
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KA2094 rated it
January 30, 2021
Status: c292
Edit to start: Never read the manga/webtoon. Still haven't. No plans to.

Was enjoyable at first. The MC is more of the rude "alpha" type which I don't mind as long as they have a reason. Which at the start he does however as the story progresses he acts more and more dickish for no reason until you cannot like him anymore.

The female characters become nothing more than tools to show the mc's "dominance" and the secondary male characters are completely inconsistent. However much more likeable than the MC since they... more>> seem to show actual emotion and reasoning even if its still bad.

The worst case is probably one of the later characters who is meant to be really scary due to being the "clean up" both intelligent and strong. However this is only said and if it wasnt mentioned then you would have no idea with how they act.
The author says the characters are one thing but completely contradicts it.

It seems the author just wants to show the MC is cool but fails. <<less
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April 29, 2021
Status: --
I agree with those who favored the webtoon. The novel is kind of annoying, similar to how annoyed I was while reading "national school prince is a girl" and the author would describe the ml's handsomeness almost every chapter. Also, sometimes while reading the novel, I would wonder whether the author has some kind of personal grudge against muslims. I mean, giving the role of doing s*upid, pitiful or villainous things to a specific ladge group of people, regardless of their reality, is kind of childish. Besides, at least do... more>> some research about what you write. I may not be so knowledgeable about religions but I know for sure zoroastrianism is not the basis of islam and christianity. <<less
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NoLongerTheSame rated it
June 18, 2020
Status: c102
Simple but fresh concept. It's a good read so far although the repetitive "And lo and behold" really is annoying.

If you're a stickler for "giving MC a really hard time for a great story", then this is not for you. Otherwise, give it go. It's just a light read and you might like it as I do.
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Complex Thoughts
Complex Thoughts rated it
April 16, 2020
Status: c44.25
The novel is good, it does not deserve anything less than 3 stars. It's premise is quite simple he sometimes raids tombs and other times he robs people. Quite enjoyable but I can't find the raws.
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S7B4G rated it
October 21, 2021
Status: c415
  1. I first started reading the Novel version of this series after one of my friends told me that it's far more superior than the Manhwa version and he was right. Ive enjoyed this series ftom start to end and I was sad when it ended to fast.
  2. I recommend this series to any person that likes an protagonist who not the ordinary type and the people who like historical accuracy and information.
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cleesus rated it
April 7, 2021
Status: c415
Honestly I'm surprised at the low rating, I feel like people must have came into this story with the wrong expectations somehow.

the novel is just like the manga so if you enjoy one you should enjoy the other.

If you read the manga then you know this story isn't some masterpiece of excellent writing and character development. It is more on the mindless fun side of things, it's entertaining if you are not expecting too much out of it.

Honestly I enjoy the story since the world and powers are more on... more>> the unique side of things

edit: I was expecting more from the ending since there was like 20 extra chapters at the end to flesh it out but it was a bunch of side stories pretty much <<less
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GlobeGlotter rated it
March 28, 2020
Status: c24
It is of course still a bit early to say (chapter 24), but so far, I'm liking the MC's personality a lot. And usually with these novels, even if the plot turns worse, MCs stay pretty much the same.

He is reasonable, proactive, determined, patient, strong, and dynamic. He's got a clear goal, and he knows how to get there. MC is not a pushover, and even though he has a clear advantage, there's plenty of ways in which his opponents seem more than strong enough to provide the necessary challenges... more>> to keep us readers in suspense. The plot world in this novel also seems super interesting, and I'm looking forward to seeing how the author plays around with all the potential the set-up gives him.

Definitely excited about reading more! <<less
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Bored_Student rated it
June 4, 2023
Status: c310
WARNING: I read the manhwa, not the novel.

It started off fantastic and exciting and then all of a sudden every single character's IQ magically dropped.

Some of the MC's cheats don't even make sense later on.

The main plot is also extremely dragged on and nothing happens with it until chapter 100.

I wasn't really looking for a plot but the IQ drop really bothered me and made the manhwa almost painful to read.
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promet rated it
December 15, 2022
Status: c286 iirc
Actual score 2.5/5.

It's a mediocre novel. Because I write this review a while after dropping it (it was supposed to be a break only, but I decided I don't feel like returning to it after all), I'll only focus on a general impression.

Like I said, it's a very mediocre novel. The one thing that carries it is its comedic tone. Honestly, if it was the same story without comedy, then it'd be horrible garbage.

The protagonist is a chad. I'll give him that. But he's also a horrible person, and the... more>> only thing that makes him a bit likable is (other than being a chad) the comedic tone of the novel which makes the horrible things he's doing funny. Somewhat.

Other characters are so-so overall. They're more funny than interesting or deep.

The protagonist's relationship with the harem (yes, this is a harem story) is weird. It's like a fire-and-forget missile: he basically scores two chicks and then forgets them, and there's no romantic action (let alone development) for tens, hundreds of chapters. Wut? (To be exact, they want to develop it, but are afraid of pushing it, and he just doesn't seem to care.)

The setting is, well, just a tiny bit better than generic korean dungeon setting. The focus isn't on dungeons, either.

The plot isn't particularly deep or interesting. It's a comedy, so it's understandable, but the comedy gets old after a while.

Now, let me address a few points made by those who criticized the novels in the reviews (because I found they were wrong after reading) :

  • MC does raid tombs, though he steals things from others as, if not more, often
  • Artifacts may be simple and dull at first, but they get more interesting later, especially with their personalities
  • Characters aren't static... Some of it is related to memory, which I won't discuss, because it's a spoiler, but anyway, they do change (though in the protagonist's case, for example, it feels more like regression and he's really turning into an artifact maniac)
Depending on what you like, it can be a likable story (especially if you like comedy), but it's generic to me. <<less
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LChurlstorn rated it
November 7, 2022
Status: c248
I have read the negative comments, most of them were saying how things are getting repetitive and the author only do things to implies how awesome and handsome Ju-Heon is. Then how the enemies didn't seem to die at all and the artifacts are becoming boring.

First, about the MC, while I agree that the story goes on and people are praising him too much. But that was because how impressed they actually are. The team members are around MC in the past and he had tons of restraint on him.... more>> They know to somewhat extent that he's talented considering how strong he is despite the restraint, now with crow's help, MC can use his ability even more efficient which surprised them.


The thing that I agree is how the female in the story seemed to fade into background. Seol-A pretty much is a fangirl but that's already like that from the past though I wished she would be more sharp and calculating. Which is why I prefer Chloe.



Second is how his enemies didn't seem to die at all even after hundreds of chapter. Now you see, there is a reason why such talented members are forced to be nothing but a lapdog to the enemies before. Please think a little before putting bad rates. This ain't chinese novels where you kill your archenemies in first arc then move on. Their enemies is a very powerful company that basically rules the country and other Monarchs are around the same authority as world's President, even more because of the artifacts while MC is no one but a thug, his connection, the Holten held no authority but wealth that is supposed to doom in future and corrupts the siblings.

If you know economy a little, powerhouse like that can't just disappear because of loaning some money (okay maybe a ton). If they do, the country's economy will be in shambles. Let's not mention what part artifacts play a part for the company.


The artifacts are boring? They're very vicious and only see humans as play thing. The conditions and risks to use an artifact is very high so not everyone could use one. You either need to be a pushover for the artifact or have strong mental fortitude or you'll just be consumed by them. It's the way MC handles them that makes them seem similar because they all become pushover in front of him. These artifacts are very arrogant and basically had their nose stuck up their head considering they are legends humans praised. Which is why MC beats them into submission or just destroy them directly since they won't even actually listen to his word. Only the rope seemed to be an exception.

The artifacts also have their personalities based on their legends so if you're saying they're boring, I see you don't like any mythology or story of legends. You don't like bed time stories, then sucks to be you.

I think this is pretty fun. The MC may be OP from the start but that's because he struggle like a dog in his past. He worked his ass, crawling on his way and was trampled no matter what he do. His life has been nothing but a s*ave. He would do anything to not let his second life to be anything like that. <<less
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JustMeReading rated it
March 20, 2022
Status: Completed
Nice, fun, and fast-paced Novel. Enjoyed it a lot. I give it a 4 star because the end (epilogue 6) was a cliffhanger and I think it could keep going for some more chapters.
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PoSunBanYi rated it
February 18, 2022
Status: c15
I guess it's nice, I guess it's okay, it definitely isn't up to my weird taste buds, nor my kind of ass. It reminds me a lil' of Seoul station, but in here, it is much more disney turned evil. So much that things are left alone without a f*cking sense of realism and get plott-holed to crazy levels. So much so that the Dao of Stalling is immense, much more than to that of Martial World, be warned.

Anti-hero korean protagonists, are more like that of anti-respected creations. Authors of... more>> such MC are always getting into the -actually a hero, bad to the extremely as an ultimatum-like villain- zone reaaaaaaaaal fast, much to Japanese works do. Not goooooood. <<less
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cosme7 rated it
December 27, 2021
Status: Completed
Pros: The idea is very interesting, and so is wold-building, but some problems in my opinion.

1st - The problems are the characters, as much as there is a background there and here, I don't see them "developing" during the WN, and some others are totally "static", so to speak, leaving a bitter taste in the mouth.
2nd - I didn't see any real "risk" in the character's life, it's like he was a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat to solve his problems, which is a little... more>> disappointing.

Ovcrall: 6/10 - ★★★, what I was saddest about is the characters, they had a good potential, but at the moment, which recovers their memories, they just don't develop anymore, which for me was a wasted potential, I don't took the novel from the beginning, it was on the webtoon and I jumped to WN, and I found the Webtoon much more practical to follow up on WN, which I found quite boring at times. <<less
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kamishiniyari rated it
October 24, 2021
Status: c415
The ending was absurd, it actually looks like a start for a better story.

For webtoon reader that decided to read the novel:

I read the novel after following the webtoon, there were few differences on early chapters, and a huge difference on later chapters, e.g.. Maitreya, jaeha art exhibit, and fake heirloom, the novel was more complex and gave more information and the webtoon seems to try to pander to more general public by removing some things.

... more>> Anyway, about the story.

It was a pretty interesting story at first (when Ju heon was still weak), that he seems to use artifact advantages and weakness to gain an edge in a fight, but as he gets stronger we only get this terrorist MC that blast artifact with his power. I'd say the MC quality and complexity decreases as the chapter goes on, from 4.5 to 3.0 over the course of the story. The MC is pretty much a mary sue at one point and nothing ever goes wrong for him, lol. It usually his comrades that need him to show up and resolve the issues, with violence.

The story was almost linear with our MC breaking through everything in his path and getting new clues about his circumstances. This sounds like I am dissing the novel but no, I actually enjoyed this novel, it's a light read and not trying to be super serious. The author managed to strike the right balance for the exposition and action. <<less
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