Toaru Majutsu no Virtual-On


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To commemorate its 20th year anniversary, that legendary arcade game makes a miracle collaboration with “Index”!

In Academy City, there is a popular next-generation contest.

In reality, this is a hand-to-hand battle between gigantic Virtuaroids that appear on the streets. It’s formally called as “Computerized War Machine Virtual-On”. Since it can be argued that Level 5s and Level 0s are equal given the technique, it has spread with explosive force among the students of Academy City.

One day, Index with her white Bal Bados, fights Touma’s stock Temjin.

“I’m Ririn. Purajina Ririn. I’m not Ririna… Munya…”

A seemingly insomniac girl arrives at Academy City.

And, Kamijou has an encounter. The usual Virtual-On meets an unavoidable unprecedented accident. That is, the Computerized War Machines fuse with Academy City, a sign of a grand battle about to happen! Misaka Mikoto and her Raiden, Shokuhou Misaki and her Angelan, as well as many others will make appearances!

Associated Names
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A Certain Magical Index x Cyber Troopers Virtual-On: A Certain Magical Virtual-On
Toaru Majutsu no Index x Dennou Senki Virtual-On: とある魔術の禁書目録×電脳戦機バーチャロン とある魔術の電脳戦機(バーチャロン)
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04/10/17 Baka-Tsuki afterword
04/10/17 Baka-Tsuki epilogue
04/10/17 Baka-Tsuki c4
04/09/17 Baka-Tsuki c3
04/08/17 Baka-Tsuki c2 parts28-32
04/07/17 Baka-Tsuki c2 parts24-27
04/04/17 Baka-Tsuki c2 parts19-23
04/03/17 Baka-Tsuki c2 parts10-18
04/02/17 Baka-Tsuki c2 parts6-9
04/01/17 Baka-Tsuki c2 parts3-5
03/27/17 Baka-Tsuki c2 parts1-2
03/27/17 Baka-Tsuki c1 parts8-13
03/26/17 Baka-Tsuki c1 parts2-7
05/08/16 Baka-Tsuki c1 part1
03/26/17 Baka-Tsuki preface
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