To Raise a Soul


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Grandpa Yu often repeated beside the ear of Yu Zhen, saying that he has a soul in his body. If he doesn’t properly cultivate, and raise then send away the powerful soul, in this lifetime he would have to live as a bachelor. In his next lifetime he would be reborn as a livestock animal.

Yu Zhen played on his mobile and nodded. He replied, “Uh-huh” but in his heart he laughed, “hahaha”. Keeping his grandfather in the dark was amusing so the lie was repeated for over ten years without Yu Zhen getting tired of it.

After some years, Grandpa Yu passed away and a cold-faced handsome guy came to his door in a luxury car – with a household register in hand.


Yu Zhen: The soul in my body reincarnated into someone else’s body to demand repayment, what should I do!

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Epsea rated it
December 23, 2019
Status: c28.2
Hey, I'm the translator for this story.
I wanted to give my thoughts on the story so far. I'm reading as I'm translating, so you can also take this as a review from a reader.

The main couple: All in all, they're a really endearing pair. MC is a bit meek and is still coming to grips with the reality of having to cultivate and deal with ghosts. On the other hand, the ML is the cool and composed man-of-few-words type. So it's pretty standard gong-shou settings. Both characters are reasonable,... more>> upstanding people and the interactions between them is quite sweet. I love how the author has played the silent guy trope - instead of ML seeming cool all the time, ML's lack of communication sometimes causes misunderstandings which are hilarious to read.

The story: At this point (c21) it looks like this story won't be dishing out fluff only. There will be some conflict (could be sad, could be dramatic, could be both) later down the line. There have been hints dropped about the back story of the MC and ML and it looks like they had a pretty sad past. The story is still in its set up stage so it's not really clear what the main conflict is.

The other characters: This is one of the best parts about the story! The ML's family is hilarious. They are staunch supporters of MC and ML, and even the family's butler schemed to help the MC and ML get closer. Every scene with them is a riot!

Cons: The ML's dad and the MC are quite passive and I hope that changes. MC is showing signs of change but the dad...I have very little hope for his development. BUT, there is still over 80% of the story left so I may be proved wrong.

Final thoughts:To sum it up, this is a sweet and funny story because of all the interactions between the characters. There's also potential for the development of a decent plot due to the hints that have been dropped in the story so far. I picked up this story because I enjoyed this author's works (the ones that I have read). I liked how they wrote interactions between characters and how the plot slowly unfolds. So I have high hopes for the rest of this story!

Edit: It's a slowburn on the romance department, and MC does become more proactive 👍 <<less
44 Likes · Like Permalink | Report rated it
February 11, 2020
Status: c21
I agree with the translator's review - the ML's family is the best part of this novel! The brother and mom are particular gems. The misunderstandings are great. As for the relationship with the MC and ML, ML is super whipped for MC but doesn't show it. MC is still adjusting to the new craziness that is his life, but I look forward to seeing him develop.
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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