To My Dear Mr. Huo


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The young master of the Huo Family was well-known in the Rong City. Having been brought up in a military, political, and business family, he was decisive in dealing with businesses, yet sexually continent as it was said. Nevertheless, he happened to fall in love with an illegitimate daughter.

The disgraceful illegitimate daughter had been detested by her whole family, but suddenly won the love of the young master of the Huo Family.

Since then, he turned into a “slave” of his wife and pampered her.

Mrs. Huo: “They say I am an illegitimate daughter, and totally out of your league.”

Master Huo: “Who has such a big mouth! I’m gonna sew it up!”

Mrs. Huo started circling on his chest with a finger, “They also say you’ll get tired of me sooner or later.”

Master Huo held his wife into his arms, proving his love to her with practical actions, “Nonsense! My wife’s body is soft and easy to be pushed down to bed, how come I will get tired of you!?”

Mrs. Huo: “Pervert!”

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Lisarra rated it
March 3, 2020
Status: c80
As it is relatively still early in the translations, I have yet to know how the story unfolds.

The interactions between MC and ML is cute and fluffy till yet. The scenario of the story is quite not on the stupid end with super stupid side characters yet...

The ML is not your stereotypical expressionless CEO... It is quite refreshing to see some change in the personality of MLs from some of the romance books that I have read.

The MC is quiet kind of personality but is not the kind to get... more>> bullied yet.. (we never know what happens as the story progress as in some novels the MC goes to strong, independent to stupid things who can't do anything without the ML)

Will edit my review after few more chapters.

So far, it is pretty good novel for light reading. <<less
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