To Kill A Unicorn


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Gladiator Warrior Hamza the Lion, was sold to a lord. The lord, in order to get Hamza ready, sends him to the red-light district Boss, Anes, to learn the ins and outs of pleasing one’s master. But these two don’t realize what they have gotten themselves into.

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Bloodline rated it
September 8, 2020
Status: c9
A short but intricate story.

The ending left me feeling conflicted as you can't call it a happy ending by any means - but also not a tragedy.

... more>>

Essentially both parties lied to each other and.. Let's be honest Anes let himself be used as a weapon for the enemys of the privy council (even if forced or as a means of survival).


But Anes is such a delicate, tragic and heartwarming character - you can't help but wish him all the joy in the world.


That's why Hamzas "betrayal" hits harder than Anes essentially sending Hamza to his death. Anes feels as if he is only a tool which is used by everyone.. And one of the few people he thought was an unblemished charakter - is in reality not at all what he thought. And again he was used by everyone around him. So even if Hamza is really in love with Anes and wishes to gift him a better life and affection - Anes didn't ask for that. And it's obvious at the end that Anes doesn't want to be caged again. But Hamza doesn't aknowledge that and essentially forces himself on him (in the name of love) which Anes surrenders to (as he always did) - while feeling broken and betrayed.

I guess I just hope that eventually (in the future which is not told) he would accept Hamzas love again while I hope for Hamza to make him feel free, happy and in control (which won't happen I guess but one can dream)


I really enjoyed this story and it made me stop and think for a moment about what I would have done in Anes situation.

Definitely one of my favorites (and usually I only read storys with a happy ending) <<less
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senshichi rated it
September 14, 2020
Status: c9
A well-written short story, but I didn't expect it to end this badly. I don't mean it was written badly, I mean that I was hoping for a happy ending but it ended up more bittersweet and sad. I suppose it isn't an outright tragedy, which is why it wasn't tagged as such, but for those who want a nice and happy ending, this one doesn't have it.

... more>>

the two main characters do get together, but there are twist and turns and lies involved, and although Hamza loves him very much, Anes is pretty much a bird in a cage in the end, because he doesn't have a choice in staying with Hamza. Even though he probably did love "Hamza", he loved a different "Hamza."


Perhaps it could become a HE, in a future we do not read about, but for what is written, I am sad. <<less
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Pezwitch rated it
June 18, 2021
Status: c1
I wanted to read this story, but it was unreadable on my pc (Windows 10 w/Edge, Chrome, Firefox), my tablet, and my phone

The issue is the lines are too long and go behind menus, photos, and frames. Reading is stress relief and I’ve tried way too many ways to read this story

Too bad. It looked interesting
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March 5, 2021
Status: c1
Those who probably rated it as one star or two stars are probably the ones who did not like the ending. If you look at the title, you would understand why it ended that way. The plot was actually good, the translation is great. If you want a light-hearted read, then I suggest you do a 180 //laughs

It’s not a story that would make you cry; at most it would just make you sad and feel bad for the MC. But the pace was okay, it’s a good short story... more>> with a tiny bit of angst at the end. Give it a read, maybe it would make you contemplate about the end too. <<less
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