Titan Academy of Special Abilities


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She is Shia Sheridan. She doesn’t have a dream, doesn’t know what she wants, doesn’t have a plan in life. But because of her friend’s mistake that she took the blame for, she went to the place she detests. The Titan Academy of Special Abilities. A school for people like her who have special abilities. A place for the elites that she will never ever be like.

Welcome to Titan Academy of Special Abilities.

“Because it takes more than power to be special.”

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Titan Academy
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OfficePony rated it
May 12, 2017
Status: c11
Might be a little early to give a review, but just based on what we have thus far I'll go ahead and call it a miss.

(Update as of Chapter 11: While the grammar improves over the chapters the writing style and story still hold the same flaws mentioned earlier. The writing style, in particular, is making it difficult for me to stomach this story. Gonna drop this series, definitely not my cuppa-tea. Just personally not into the angsty-teen vibe.)

Grammar: 2.5/5 (Formerly 1.5/5)

... more>> Story: 1.5/5

Writing: 1/5

(Update as of Chapter 5: Earlier review still holds its place. Hoping that what the other review stated comes true and I can find some character in the Characters, aside from more angst.)

First off, the grammar is fairly poor, no editing or proofreading having been completed. The story itself is far from new. Finally, the writing... it feels like the writing of a middle school student desperately trying to make every line of dialogue cool, and every description as epic as possible. This writing style, in turn, makes everything feel like it was written by an 'Edgy-Teen' looking to find some wish fulfillment. Mayhaps the tone of the writing is different in its original language, but the English version is quite the edge-meister.

All in all, not enjoying this thus far, but will give a proper review once there are more chapters out. <<less
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Vlaeghe rated it
May 22, 2017
Status: c18
It's always cute when someone makes an early review and comments on how bad the grammar is, even though 9 out of 10 times it's because there was no editor yet. Since, you know, the story was newly translated.

The story is fine, just because it's not your cup of tea, doesn't mean it's a horrendous story. Personally I enjoyed it so far. It's about a girl who joins a 'special abilities' school, while she appears to loathe her entire environment. And 'presumably' she 'slowly' learns to... understand more about her... more>> own abilities and the people in said environment.

The thing I enjoy most about these type of novels, is the way people use their abilities and how they fight with them... In that sense I'm looking forward to what's to come, as the story really is still in it's beginning phase at the time of this review.

And yes, although it's not perfect. The story has become more than readable since it's been edited and doesn't deserve the kind of scorn that's been loaded onto it. A few sentence structures here and there are still a bit wonky, with perhaps a few typo's. But overall it's easy to read.

My advise, just give it a try... The chapters aren't long and won't take up much of your time. Then judge it for yourself. I hope it won't let me down in the future, so far it's enjoyable. :P <<less
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whosays25 rated it
May 15, 2017
Status: ---
I feel like it's a great injustice if I won't stand up for this novel. Titan Academy's plot might not be original or new but the story is actually good. There's only a few chapters translated so far so it will be hard to see its worth now but I assure you all that the plot is not so generic, also, the MCs are headstrong people, especially Shia. Maybe she is a typical pessimistic teenager, hating the rich, scorning some nobles. But she is not without merit. Her greatest talent... more>> lies in her stubbornness, boldness and perseverance. About the story, it won't be a competition right off the bat, so there are many developments to look forward to: MC's growth, her conflicts with her team and with the academy's people. There's also the matter of love and mystery. Of course, the battles will be quite satisfying too. <<less
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kari rated it
May 31, 2017
Status: c15
It's like a young-adult western novel, which is a change from the jap korean n chinese novels on this site... check out goodreads for such works

It's a bit too angsty n teenager-ish, But it's only just started... hope it gets better

Whosays25 mentioned: "Maybe she is a typical pessimistic teenager, hating the rich, scorning some nobles. But she is not without merit. Her greatest talent lies in her stubbornness, boldness and perseverance"

This is my major issue cuz I hate immature MCs! IT'S JUST ANNOYING AS HELL (>.<) As of ch.15 I... more>> would rate the MC as 2/10.

The writing is not very well polished nor is the story line perfectly smoothe... I also think that a detailed background is needed, but it's still quite alright <<less
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Dream Seeker rated it
June 14, 2017
Status: c26
Thrown away from her pink and perfect world by the results of societies injustices, she finds herself unable trust, unable believe, and almost unable love till she meets Lucas. He's not her lover, but her only family. So when he comes knocking on her door in the middle of the night, about to be thrown away from society into a far darker place, she pushes him away and takes his place or so you think till...
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lottie rated it
September 14, 2017
Status: Completed
The story only focuses during Shia's stay in the academy and the Linus Cup, so you might say that it's a somehow slow paced story especially the start. There is angst in the story but there's not really an antagonist. The conflict is mostly the protagonists feelings. This story is all about sacrifices. How Shia sacrifices herself to take the blame for her best friend. ... more>>

How Shia sacrificed her feelings on Gin and choose Lucas.
How Gin gave up his love on Shia when he learned Lucas joined the Linus Cup as a member of the other team.
How Lucas ignored his injury just to send Shia to her other members when they in the game.


Basically, the story is full of sacrifices but everything goes back to its rightful places and even gain something like friendship. The only flaw in the story is how the enemy paid for his mistakes, it wasn't really explained well. How the evidence of the conspiracies was unraveled. But overall it's a nice story! <<less
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Demonic Reader lv 451F
Demonic Reader lv 451F rated it
August 14, 2017
Status: c41
Not good, nor bad novel. A (large) bit slow story telling of an MC girl who lived in slum before accidentally turned to princess via fighting competition. Lot of no-reason, mocked up scenes.

The great schools existed for no purpose. This Titan is one of them. Each schools got the best of the best boys and girls, trained them with best resources before sending the top elites to be killed by students from another schools in the nonsense competition.

Irony, Titan school existed to train the elites who had special ability. But... more>> they could NOT find anyone who was better than the MC. More irony - they train their students for years! But none was better than the never-being-trained-in-anything slum girl! If that happened in real life, the school should be closed down while all teachers killed themselves by tofu smashing their heads.

Short story. Just read to pass the time. Something like drinking carbonated drink between large dishes of 1000+ chapters long novel.

2/5 stars + 1 star for the COO of this novel. Good job. <<less
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