Timeless Love (When Bright Moon Encounter the Dark Clouds)


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Was it fate that we met on that river cruise? Perhaps, it would unexpectedly change our destiny, knitting our lives together. When we encountered each other again, you seemed so different yet familiar. A strange letter, a strange flock of birds, and a strange man… Just what does this all mean in this turbulent river of time? Why would we meet at this place, at this time…

Vivid dreams, alone before a windy cliff, a voice calling out. Amid the confusion, he found her name. A promise. That’s right, a promise. He would never regret it. Regardless of how space-time changed, whether we lose our memories, or where history takes us, our love will hold true. After all, if a person loves deeply, they will never forget any of it. Even if they lose their memories, their sense of time, their lives… Even if they lose everything. Time has engraved you into my heart, making it bleed.

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