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Lady Lariette is diagnosed with a disease which gives her a three-month deadline. “Since I am going to die, I might as well go crazy!” It started with screwing her fiancé and having a relationship with the monster duke. But she didn’t realize it until it was too late. There was no time limit and it was a misdiagnosis! Mr. Asrazan smiled brightly, “If you try to run away now, you will face consequences.”

Associated Names
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I Thought It Was Time!
시한부인 줄 알았어요!
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07/07/20 Red Moon Scan c2 part2
07/07/20 Red Moon Scan c2 part1
02/17/20 Red Moon Scan c1
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redmoonscan rated it
February 17, 2020
Status: c1
Obedient and well-mannered FL goes through immense character growth to become strong and independent.

The plot is funny and refreshing. Plus, the male lead is very attractive.

At the very end, FL becomes strong enough to fight back against the forces that kept her meek.
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RinRin1200 rated it
October 9, 2020
Status: c1
Hello, This is my first review and english is not my first language... so I will try to do my best!!

Well first, this novel quickly explains what is happening to FL and I like that she values herself and chooses to stop being abused instead of begging for love.

The MC is funny when he doesn't understand what the FL is saying or doing and that part is so cute, I really like them as a couple. (MC touches my heart because he wants to be loved too! That's so sad... more>> but adorable at the same time)

And this novel is quite refreshing because I am a little tired of korean novels where one of the main characters is reborn (I like them but I'm a little tired and that's it)

I really want and hope someone will translate this beautiful novel!! (i always look if there is a new upload but not yet, my heart breaks)

Please support this novel!!!!!! <<less
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