Tianbao Fuyao Lu


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The phoenix led tens of thousands of birds as they flew over from the end of the horizon. Behind them, clouds akin to a sea of fire billowed as they swept by Chang’an. A golden winged roc perched on top of Xingqing Palace, its pupils reflecting the common people of the bustling Divine Land. Within the silence, dynasties rise and fall, while tides ebb and flow.

Li Jinglong slowly dragged his body riddled with wounds, releasing a resplendent light from his hand as he kept approaching Hong Jun.

“The living… are passing travelers…”

His low voice resounded through the world, and within an instant, the black fog that enveloped the earth receded before the light.

“The dead… return home without turning back.”

That light is the blazing sun that illuminates the world, stars that twinkle in the night sky, an eternal heart lamp that pierces through the darkness.

“The world…is a temporary inn. Since time immemorial, countless people have bewailed their short, bitter lives…”

Li Jinglong closed his eyes and pressed one hand against Hong Jun’s forehead. A white light diffused with a whoosh, covering the battlefield littered with mountains of corpses and seas of blood. Within the shadow of that lamp, the debauchery in Pingkang, the parasol trees of the Exorcism Department bathing in the midsummer sun, the sand and swirling snow in the vast expanse beyond the Great Wall, Ah Tai’s clear singing voice, Mo Rigen and Lu Xu picking leaves in the early morning, Qiu Yongsi’s flying brush strokes that transforms into immortal poems in Li Bai’s cup–

A young nobleman of Chang’an strolled through its eastern downtown,

Riding a white horse with a silver saddle as he beamed.

While traversing through Chang’an, flowers kept falling, where on earth is he going?

Smiling, he enters a tavern where a foreign entertainer performs.

(Last four lines are from a poem written by Li Bai used to ridicule hedonistic sons from rich families for their extravagant lifestyles.)

A gong who has bad luck wherever he goes x a shou that can suck away the luck of the people around him

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Legend of Exorcism
Legend of Tang
Thiên Bảo Phục Yêu Lục
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Jul 10, 2020
Status: c1
(Note: This review is subject to minor revisions later)

“I have forgiven him a long time ago.”

On a rainy night in Chang'an, fate conspires to collide a sword and a pendant, and with a blinding burst of light, the Heart Lamp finds its way into Li Jinglong, setting into motion a desperate wish from long ago...

So here's a premise: A human man with the power of Heart leads a team made up of a half-yao, wolf gege, one campy Foreigner, an encyclopedic nerd and a fish with hairy legs... more>> in the effort to keep Chang'an from the clutches of yaos that want to take it over. The plot seems to follow up its kickstart with slapstick comedy, and promises team-building as its core, with a found family as a destination.

It is not an adventure team-building slapstick comedy with the occasional historical fantasy plot points. If it is, I wouldn't be emotionally hungover 2 days after reading it.

Tianbao Fuyao Lu is a historical fantasy with the energy of a 60 hours JRPG: first two hours you're descending a secluded mountain you call your home and deal with catching a cat as your first mission, at the end you're killing god. It builds a structure it calls a team with one brick missing, leaving something just off-kilter enough to be noticeable, yet not so bad that it all came falling apart-- and then it takes apart the structure and rebuilds it so it fits the number of bricks it'd been given. It's a story that leads you in with tropes and yet seeds discrepancies, and then it deconstructs, recontextualizes, reframes what it had laid out in Book 1. As someone who loves this kind of things, it is frankly a joy to see all the ways things break down and have to be rebuilt. Li Jinglong is shown time and again in the first 2 books as a reliable, visionary Leader, and yet you could see the hairline cracks that results from such a 'role': it stunts the team's overall growth, it isolates him. But then that trope falls apart like smashed pottery and in its ruins everyone finally finds their places and grow, and the house of cards finally is rebuilt as a sturdy, new home.

And there is something beautiful about what this does to the main two leads, too. When we begin, Li Jinglong and Kong Hongjun feel firmly like they're designated ML and MC; Li Jinglong is in the position of power literally, figuratively, and all other -lys. But as circumstances break down, Li Jinglong's unraveling also gives Hongjun the push to self-actualize, and in his own way finds a place for his own voice as a leader next to Li Jinglong's, allowing for an endgame dynamic that feels less stagnant, more whole, more content. They fundamentally do not change. They just are open, honest and at peace with each other. After defying fate and nature itself, fighting again and again everything that seemed set in stone, that they started out typecasted and ended up comfortable in their own flawed skins felt a lot more meaningful.

In a construction sense, I think it's worth it to briefly contrast Tianbao with Dinghai Fusheng Records. Dinghai Fusheng Records is a lot more straightforward as a story, with relatively static character roles and arcs, dealing little with personal growth and more on understanding between the two main leads. It is half Tianbao's length. It is also immensely enjoyable as a plot-driven story. Tianbao, on the other hand, might at first feel like an eclectic mix that only shows its layers halfway through, reveling in how characters are forced to grow when everything that brought them confidence are smashed into pieces. As such, despite being equally as plot-heavy-- it is a historical fantasy set on the brink of a historical rebellion-- half the meat on Tianbao's bone is in how the characters learn and adapt. Furthermore, Tianbao also deals a lot more with cause and effect; if you feel like Dinghai doesn't deal enough repercussions in tying up its loose ends, then Tianbao might give you more of that oomph.

I really enjoyed Tianbao Fuyao Lu. I don't think it is particularly for everyone; the first two dozen or so chapters are somewhat emotionally agonizing to read, and I would know because I'm one of the translation's editors. But if what hurts you is how Li Jinglong is treated and how dysfunctional the team is, I have good news: this novel might actually be right for you. <<less
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Aug 30, 2021
Status: c70
Why's the rating is so low here? Tianbao deserves at least 4.7 imo 😔. Well let's get to my review.

"On a spring day, I climbed over my garden wall and met you... Now that I think about it, that day, I really did spend up all of the luck in my life."

Tianbao has a lot of things to offer. Found family? Couples that got together before the end of the story? Main CP growth both as a person and their relationship that grows over time? A couple who are honest... more>> and speak up their hearts? Tianbao has it all.

At first it really feels like your generic adventure novel. An MC who goes down the mountain and has tasks to fulfill, found the band of brothers (which consists of a Wolfy, a foreigner, a scholar, and a carp with hairy legs) in their quest against the yaos of Chang'an. But it's not so simple. The first book is simply laying the ground for the whole story. What is beyond, problems arises. Both for our guys of the Exorcism Department and the Divine Land.

What really astounds me as a reader tho, how Tianbao handles its characters and their growth. You'd think Li Jinglong is one pitiful guy. Pretty much this guy has no luck whatsoever in his life. And your heart ache for him. But he stands straight, and present a strong back to the world. Becoming the backbone of the Exorcism Department. But we all knows how much of that face is manufactured.

Then you have Kong Hongjun. A sheltered half-yao prince who just take his first steps on the red dust. Pretty much the adored baby of the group and everyone trying to protect him. But he's by no means weak (Both physically and emotionally).

At first we know that Li Jinglong is our ML and Hongjun is our precious MC. We know that Jinglong is man in power, as they fit into the "one who protect, one who is protected" type. But through tribulations they grow into an equal relationship. I can't stress this one enough. Li Jinglong isn't as strong as we thought him to be, and when he broke, it all crumbles down. But Hongjun isn't as naive as we thought him to be too. As he experience more of the life in the mortal world, so he grows. He doesn't want to be protected from the truth, even when it concerns him. And from this they grew. Li Jinglong learns to love himself and Hongjun learns how to be a leader of his own. Ofc he's a different type of leader than Jinglong. But that's why they complete each other.

Side characters wise, they are deep and you'll feel attached to them. Plot is top notch, I'm always amazed at how FTYX managed to incorporate real life historical figures and events in his works. Praise the Chicken Lord.

Also many thanks to Chicken-gege team's hard work for delivering the beautiful translation for us. Not gonna lie, I cried because some of the lines are so beautiful and it makes me think about life and death and our purpose in life. I'm sure it actually much more poetic in the original, but Chicken-gege team's wonderful translation really delivering the feeling. <<less
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Aug 01, 2021
Status: c64
Exciting and Fun read! I stumbled upon this through its DongHua adaptation (which is amazing btw! The characters are damn hot plz make sure to check it out!) and decided to read the novel. Does not disappoint! Set in the same universe as DingHai, the story is hilarious and the characters just makes me get hooked on the plot. The mystery solving aspect of the plot makes we look forward to the next chapter! You will not be disappointed, the characters are funny in their own way (love the side... more>> couple too!). <<less
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Oct 19, 2021
Status: c76
You know the kind of novels (danmei, especially) where the romance picks up so late into the novel that it frustrates you to no end? Tianbao isn't that kinda novel. It's crazy how people don't pay much attention to it. A freaking gem in all editions! (Manhua, donghua, AD, novel!) I enjoyed them all.
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Sep 01, 2021
Status: --
Honestly, I don't even know why people don't notice this novel. READ IT. IT'S WORTH IT. This was the second bl novel I read after getting into the danmei community. (Came from MXTX of course). So it was TGCF and then this gem. I don't know how I did it, but I finished 60 chapters in 4 days *and that means it's a novel that is wortha shot*.
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May 19, 2021
Status: c56
Amazing work! This is the best CP I've been given to read in c-novels. Both the MC and the ML are very sweet in their own ways, and they complete each other very well. I greatly recommend it!
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Apr 17, 2022
Status: v3c85
This book was unexpectedly amazing. At first, it feels like a simple plot but things get complicated in a good way. Reading this book felt like being at home again. The main characters are so funny and supportive. The Exorcist Department should just become a comedy group at this point. Hongjun was adorable and very relatable but Li Jinglong surprised me the most. I thought he was going to be this cold hearted man who thinks he’s superior against everyone but he is such a pure sweetheart. A-Tai, Qiu Yongsi,... more>> and Mo Rigen were all amazing too! If you are looking for comedy then you’ll definitely find it here. Even though it’s funny at first, things become angsty and serious soon so it’s a mix of everything. The plot twist truly grabbed my throat out of nowhere so that broke me a bit but it’s seriously so addicting. There are detailed fight scenes, funny moments, a tinge of sadness, the cutest ship ever, found family, and an overall great experience waiting ahead. <<less
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Shiny Rowlet
Shiny Rowlet
Jun 08, 2022
Status: Completed
I think I read this novel like 2 years ago? And can't really remember everything but here I am...

The story is good and there are some part are boring like when my boy Jinglong and Hongjun went to Luoyang to do some sh*t and the chapters went like bland as hell for around 10 chapters (I think?).

And the endings sucks b*lls dude...

Like wtf?

... more>>

Everyone was fighting and sh*t, LIKE EVERYTHING WENT BATSH*T and all of a sudden My boy Jinglong travels to the past and met lil' Hongjun??? And decide to change some stuff and then travels back to the present??? And a guy who was supposed to be dead is alive all of a sudden??? Then bro just straight up swoop the enemies like it was nothing (If I remember correctly) ? Then BAM! Timeskip! The gang went back to their homeland my boys Ah Tai, Mo rigen, Qiu Yongsi and Lu Xu while Jinglong and Hongjun stay in Chang'an and then THE END.

And the character development sucks especially KONG F*CKINJUN (I don't hate him btw)

He started off as a cute innocent teenage boy to a f*ckin emo ass teens you seen on tumblr... Like bro, can't you shut up and use your damn brain for once??? WHY IS HE TAKING IT OUT ON MY BOY JINGLONG??? LIKE HE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING TO YOUUU

Meanwhile, Ling Jinglong gets more likeable and kind as the story progress, unlike Hongjun...

Anyway! Great Novel! <<less
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Apr 16, 2022
Status: --
This story is so good! I first saw the manhwa adaptation, I loved it so much I went to look for the novel, but so far only 5 chap?? Gonna go and look for MTL :') The donghua adaptation is also very good, the character and animation is so beautiful.
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Apr 01, 2022
Status: c83
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