Thus, the Boy Runs Through the Labyrinth


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The boy with nothing stakes everything to challenge the labyrinth—this is the story of an adventure!

The Era of Labyrinth Overabundance. Every economy revolves around labyrinth cities, and people dream of conquering labyrinths to grasp glory.
The boy, Ur, is in a dire predicament.

1. His parents died, leaving behind debts.
2. His sister was taken as collateral for the debt.
3. To buy her back, he needs 1,000 gold coins.

He has no money, no status, and no power. Seeking everything necessary to overcome injustice and resolve everything, the boy steps into the labyrinth with Shizuku, the magician he met there.
Conquering the labyrinth, defeating monsters, and hunting bounties—there’s no time to steadily build achievements.
Overcoming trials that rush like a storm, the ordinary boy runs through the labyrinth!

Associated Names
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Kakushite shōnen wa meikyū o kakeru (LN)
Kakushite shōnen wa meikyū o kakeru 1 gōyoku no meikyū to shakkin-mamire no shinmai bōken-sha
Thus, the Boy Runs Through the Labyrinth (LN)
Thus a Boy Runs the Labyrinth 1: The Labyrinth of Greed and a New Adventurer in Debt
かくして少年は迷宮を駆ける (LN)
かくして少年は迷宮を駆ける1 強欲の迷宮と借金まみれの新米冒険者
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