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Jeonghan meets his cousin Il-Jo, who he almost forgot existed, at his uncle’s funeral. Feeling sympathy for the impoverished Il-Jo, Jeonghan impulsively suggests to live together, which he soon regrets.

“What are you doing?”


“What do you have to say for yourself.”

He asked because he discovered Il-Jo secretly trying to kiss him while he was asleep. Jeonghan attempts to kick out Il-Jo but, in the end, fails to do so. Instead, he asks how Il-Jo can get rid of his unrequited feelings.

“Just kiss me once.”

“If I do that, will that help you like me less?”

On the pretext of sympathy, Jeonghan slowly gave his heart to Il-Jo. Before he knows it, he finds himself to be sexually involved and possessive over him.

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천둥구름 비바람
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h1kar1 rated it
February 16, 2022
Status: v1c9
The rating is temporary since I haven't finished the novel yet at this point. I came to read the novel after reading the manhwa which I enjoy a lot. I even bought one volume of the novel from Ridibooks but found out that the format can't be translated T__T Thank you to the translator who is kind enough to pick up this novel :)

The novel consists of 5 volumes. The plot is actually quite simple, Jeong-han (MC) invited his cousin (Il-jo) to live with him on impulse, after the... more>> death of Il-jo's father and that Il-jo was living very poorly. Jeong-han later found out that Il-jo had feelings for him, thus their relationship dynamics started to change. The MC is not the nicest guy around (but he's not a bad guy either), he's blunt, to-the-point and very individualistic. On the other hand, due to this circumstances, ML is a very meek, gentle and apologetic guy. The story follows the changes and progress in their relationship.


The plot may be a bit slow in the beginning, but it gets more exciting towards the middle once the MC started to fall for ML (and the lovely smut XD) I can't wait to see how their relationship will unfold later.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 18, 2022
Status: v2
The Manhwa brought me here. I really love the Manhaw, as frustrating as MC is, I still really enjoy it. Can't wait for the rest of the Novel to be translated. 5/5 so far even though I haven't finish the novel, I'm rating it base on the Manhwa and volume 1.

MC is manipulative, egocentric, sadistic... you name it basically a passive aggressive a**hole. ML very naive, weak, lacking everything in life money, courage, and self esteem.
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