Thumbs Up, Level Up


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I am Um Ji-Cheok.

An ordinary Hunter Assistant from South Korea.

One day, the system spoke to me.

“Become a GodTube Influencer? I have to gather Likes to level up?”

Grandpa, is this why you gave me this name? Likes are my life!

[Will you purchase the skill [Heavenly Demon’s Single Lightning Flash] with your Likes?]
Associated Names
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Leveling Up With Likes
Leveling With Thumbs Up
Ttabongeuro Level Up
따봉으로 레벨업
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New LehmD rated it
November 29, 2023
Status: c103
The novel suffers from putting too much Focus on the livestream viewers to the point where 50% of every chapter is nonsesical viewer messages. On top of that MC never thinks of anything himself and instead gets ideas spoonfed by the system.

These two aspects combined make the novel hard to read.
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Pavilion rated it
October 6, 2023
Status: c30
It's a really childish story on many levels. First and foremost, the characters: Everyone, including MC and the supporting main characters (MC's brother and his boss) are all incredibly childish. Their actions, and the choices they make are literally what a 12-year-old might do. Worst part for me is how other characters treat MC, like he is some mentally handicapped loser. And MC doesn't really say anything against this. He just takes it, like some stoic small brain idiot. There's just absolutely no way to relate here.

Secondly the cheat, or... more>> the core of story: The likes. Completely ridiculous idea. The growth of the main character is only limited by author set rules of human behavior in the world. With VERY minimal effort he easily gained power to defeat foes far higher level than himself. The problem with that is, why did he only spend minimal effort then? Just keep streaming and instantly become unbeatable? But of course we can't let this happen, thus the author limits the time MC _wants to use to get stronger_, just to milk out the story. Author even went so far as to bringing on complete change of elements to the core by eventually allowing MC get 'Likes' from other stuff than from streaming as well. Hit a monster with a sword? Like! Like my ass, where the f*ck is Like coming from?

Lots and lots of really cringy, childish stuff like that in the story. Some parts, like really diving deep on that "uniqueness scale" for minor side characters, to create impressions on reader, also show the immaturity of the author. Many things just should not be taken that far and be made into overused clichés.

Overall it's probably something like 2.75 out of 5 stars worth of a story. Approaching the 3 stars, which I deem as minimum value for story to be worth it to read. But not quite there. I gave it 3 due the limitations of the rating system. <<less
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