Through Thick and Thin


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Lu Chuiqing’s married life revolved around his husband. He gave up his initial resolution to pursue an independent career, got married to the love of his life, and has decided to put his whole life into becoming the perfect full-time housewife.

Yet, five years into his marriage, he only felt loneliness and was gradually losing himself. After getting pregnant as his husband has wanted, his feelings of being repressed and depressed was at its peak. Despite all that, he decided to persevere on for his unborn child.

Just as he made his decision, Lu Chuiqing got into an accident. The next time he opens his eyes, he was rebirthed and brought back to seven years prior.

That was the year when he met his ex-husband. It was in that very same year, he envisioned himself to become a successful person in the future. And this time, another person has entered into Lu Chuiqing’s life. Should he start a whole new relationship?

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lyre rated it
August 1, 2021
Status: c14
Actually I quite disagree with some reviews bout MC's past husband being nice and the fault was wholly caused by MC himself.

In my own perception, CY was blind or plain self-centered (not sure what word to be precise here) ?!

How can a man that loves you cannot see the massive changes of his beloved. From a bright good looking intelligent young man, and now this mess of an inferior housewife? Even his friends admitted the changes was too big! Accepting?? That's not the only how you should treat your legal... more>> spouse, and tho you're might not cheat, but seeing your own husband circled by bright good looking youngsters he once been, I don't think anyone with inferiority complex can handle, at least not normally.

MC having a slow esteem and having inferiority complex was partly due to his past husband's coaxing, just bcoz he wanted to fulfil his own vanities (having a homebody housewife when he knows his spouse actually has ambitions too). Ofc, MC has a part to be blamed also for letting everything out of his own control. They're just didn't fit each other. Wrong person, wrong time.

If love makes you miserable, I don't think that's a love you should fight for. And I believe, someone who loves you will support you in your dreams while backing you when you fall. Ofc not being excessive is the key here.

In any way, I appreciate MC being able to move forward in his 2nd life, living a much more happier and fulfilling life. Idk bout the ending, hopefully it's a HE. Coz altho ML sounds like a bad guy, a bad guy turns to be a wife lover also better than a man that only makes his wife feels inferior. Well, that's only my opinion tho. <<less
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Weebn234 rated it
September 7, 2021
Status: --
This Novel is a 5 for me. Most of the readers were quick to judge and said The Original Husband was not wrong, he's very wrong honey. Very. The original basically coaxed MC into giving up his career to be a full-time housewife, this is where the divorce should've happened but it didn't and he soon started to regret that and his self esteem got lower and lower and he got more depressed after failing the exam twice and he gave in to food became fat and ugly, so when... more>> he saw a pretty or good looking omega Approach his husband he couldn't say anything he later died and lost his child and went back in time. He made the right decision not go the back to his husband and following his dream because the moment the husband said he wanted him to be a full-time housewife despite knowing the fact how much MC loved his career already made me hate him because a parter is someone who supports you not make you give up and if the partner doesn't want to, then he's not your partner. <<less
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ylial rated it
May 21, 2021
Status: c39
This is not about revenge or having a scum boyfriend. On the contrary, the MC has the ideal husband- kind, good looking, capable/having a stable job, loyal and responsible. Even his in laws are understanding. However, as stated in synopsis, the MC wanted to pursue his dreams. Unfortunately his husband had different ideals (traditional belief in which the omega should be a housewife). But the husband was still considerate to MC and let him continue the exam and dreams in moderation after their marriage. The demise of MC is the... more>> consequences of his actions

(and from series of his wrong decision. He could have talked to his husband, Drop a call to his friend, focus on things on step at a time.. Etc

I honestly dislike the ML, the typical alpha having several ex's/partners (that he doesn't consider even them as a bf). It's very unrealistic for him to become faithful to MC for a long period of time. I like his ex-husband more, even though the MC got fat and ugly, his husband was still with him. However, the MC's low self esteem resulted in the bland relationship.

The only thing I like is the thought-provoking scenario in the first few chapters. Will drop

It made me ponder that despite the ideal life of most people seeks, the different in status/ideals might still bring insecurities in relationshipc9

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azure_sea rated it
December 8, 2021
Status: Completed
As being the one who requested this novel to be picked up and translated, I want to thank the translator for doing this. I really liked the premise of the story and wanted to share it with everyone.

As many readers have already mentioned and are arguing about, this story is not perfect and the characters (MC, ML and previous husband) are also not perfect. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone has their own point of view. Some people think the previous husband was kinda abusive etc. To let MC get down... more>> this depressive rabbit hole, I want to point out that these 7 years of life with him was described in a few pages, and from MC's depressed perspective. So we don't know if the previous husband was really that bad or not.

As it is very obvious, their dreams and ideals were different and they didn't really talk about it. So communication was a big problem. The previous husband just wanted a warm home to come back to, and not talk/think about tiring work when he gets home. There is nothing wrong with wanting that in a marriage (if both sides are ok with it, why not) and at the beginning, MC let him get that. MC easily forsake his studies and career just for him, which was s*upid. MC molded himself to be the ideal dream husband.

The ML: yes, he was kinda a playboy, not really caring about others' feelings. But here I also want to point out that he only made "deals" with his partners before MC: the partners know from the beginning that they will get benefits from him when they sleep with him. They are also not that focused to get into a real relationship with him, they are self-centered. So why should ML care? Of course, I also don't really like his previous behaviour, but he didn't do anything wrong to MC. He even trusts and respects MC more than the previous husband did, when it comes to his decisions.

The MC is also not perfect, he was actually very naive and blinded by first love. He made s*upid mistakes and regretted them, but didn't want to admit it first (or maybe didn't realise). Even after he was reborn, he was still insecure and affected by his previous experiences. And yes, how he easily fell in love with the ML was also explained badly or not enough. Personally I would have it liked more if the author got deeper into his feelings and how he overcame his problems step by step.

So why did I want to get it translated?

At first I thought it would be these typical revenge rebirth stories where MC is reborn and starts to slap the slag Gong/Seme's face, as is now typical and found everywhere in BL rebirth stories. BUT the more I read, the more I was surprised that there was actually no revenge! Of course, some minor cannon fodders do exist, but what I found refreshing was that their family members were nice, there was no big murder plot in the background that only after death MC found out about, etc.
I personally think it's a nice story that tells us about mistakes made by ourselves, and if we get a second chance, what would we do differently. But without the revenge stuff obstructing us becoming happy. Neither the MC nor the previous husband were bad people, in my opinion. They just made bad choices.

Why 4 stars? -Too much talk about finance, stocks, etc. It hurts my brain and I skip through it most of the time. XD And how MC executed this "foretelling" about the fall of stocks to the ML was pretty immature. More descriptions of feelings would have been better, too. <<less
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Ani-chan89 rated it
August 2, 2021
Status: c50
I must say that the story is really disappointing (at least for me).

When I read the synopsis and the first few chapters I thought "wow, this seems interesting and the situation seems believable", and that is because the couple didn't work out not because the ML was scum or the Shou was cheap but because they wanted different things in life and didn't communicate correctly...

That is a really great, relatable premise that you don't see often in this kind of novel and the author could have deepen that topic to... more>> make something incredible... instead they said "f*ck that" and made something really bland and stereotypical after the MC died.

The (almost) insta-love of the ML for apparently no reason at all, the MC saying one thing and doing the opposite after and acting like a teenager and the practically non existent plot really put me off.

There is nothing wrong liking / writing this type of storys but be honest with the synopsis author!

I didn't finish this but I don't think the ending would make me change my mind.

(I would say more but my English level isn't high enough to do that) <<less
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Aspiringbeamoflight rated it
June 27, 2023
Status: Completed
I have started to read this and I already dislike the MC's husband. Under the pretense of being a "good, traditional husband" he basically clipped mc's wings which made him spiral into depression.

If you want a traditional marriage then both parties need to compromise which is not what happens here. MC is or was an ambitious person who wanted to be an accountant but was "advised" by his husband and his family to become a "housewife". I have nothing againt housewives but forcing someone to be one is just terrible.... more>> The husband could ask the MC to stay home after they had a baby but no MC had to be a housewife as soon as they got married.

After 2 years of marriage MC wanted to take an exam and when he told his husband, the husband subtly manipulates the situation as that he wont have enough time to prepare for the exams.

Sometime in June, Lu Chuiqing could not help but mention to Chen Yuan about his wish to continue with his accountant certification exam. Chen Yuan went into a short silence, and kissed his cheeks in the end, "Are you getting bored at home? That's fine, go ahead if you want to, but don't tire yourself out. We'll be going to my brother's house with my parents for a bit. He just got a granddaughter last month and invited us over for her one-month-old celebration. Ah, that's right. The cousin that I haven't met for a long time? He will be coming over next week. His wife has always said she wants to meet you."

So on top feeling inadequate, failing the exam caused a huge blow to MCs self esteem. While he was withering his husband was thriving in the career of his choice. Without any surprise MC slips into depression, starts binge eating and gain weight, which doesnt help with his self esteem. He wanted a servant who would clean his house, cook for him and wait for him to come home for work and not a husband. His family notice that MC had changed even his pos friend (who encourged him to keep a side piece) noticed that MC had drastically changed yet his own husband didnt or refused to accept that he sucked the life out of MC.

If the MC had ended up with this pos husband I would have dropped this novel like a hot potato.

The ML is to die for! He not only uplifts the MC but makes sure he doesnt undermines himself. The way they communicate all their misunderstanding. With him the MC manages to come out off his shell. ML makes him put himself first. A reviewer here mentioned the ML was a "playboy" and was expecting a black bellied CEO who plays with others but I dont think they actually read the novel lol


The ML was in love with someone previously who cheated on him since then he has had not been in a serious relationship. I was expecting more 10 lovers but it was actually less than 5. They depended on ML, not really in love with ML but in it for the money and power. I love how the author emphasises on the importance of standing up on your own too feet, and not depending on anyone for financial security. The ML doesnt speak much but when he does he speaks FACTS, there was one scene where the MC rejects him bc of all the past rumors abt his promiscuity so the ML says this:

"You should be well aware, " Xiao Zhan says calmly, "that when you are talking to others, you should not only care about speaking out your mind one-sidedly. Sometimes, people stay silent as a form of acknowledgement, while others stay silent because they wish for you to inquire further. Do not make assumptions before you are absolutely clear which one it is. And you should not avoid your eyes. These two points are very important, especially when the other party is above your own status. And you, you did not inquire of me further nor did you look at me."

"I believe I've never once said that I'm treating you as one of those who I can tell them to come and go whenever I want." Xiao Zhan leans back on his seat as he slowly loosens his cuffs' buttons, rolling up his sleeves up to his elbow neatly. His voice is unhurried, "Are you that unwilling to place your trust in me?"

Lu Chuiqing stuns momentarily, "That is not what I meant... "

Xiao Zhan, "Then what do you mean? You refuse to believe my feelings towards you, you also don't believe that you are indeed attractive. Why do you feel inferior?"

I love him sm! He trusts MC's judgement and respects his wishes to slow down, takes his consent and follows through with, has a cute little cat and has a similar name to my favourite chinese actor "xiao zhan" (spelled differently in mandarin lol)

One the reasons among many why I love the MC is the fact that he never blames his previous husband for anything that happened in his previous life. He only regrets not living for himself which he makes up in his current life.

I am so glad the author didnt drag on the relationship between MC and his previous husband in this current lifetime.

All in all the novel doesnt deserve such a low rating.

And to the reviewer that blames MC for everything that happened in his previous life and saying "The demise of MC is the consequences of his actions" DO BETTER! <<less
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kieranfortier rated it
March 3, 2023
Status: c26
So far I'm liking this novel, but some aspects of the main couple just... didn't convince me.

We have this omega MC with low self esteem caused by his first life marriage and a playboy ML who said his relationships are clear from the beginning and that he have no reason to respect someone who doesn't respect themselves. The way the author developed their relationship is just...

... more>>

MC just decided to trust ML after few isolated meetings just because?? ML never gave any reasons to MC believe him in the romantic way! He only said once that he didn't treat MC like his previous toys and MC just decided to believe... why??? They didn't even met regularly, there are like months without contact between their meetings. And MC, after his first marriage, just decided to try believe this guy handsome intelligent rich playboy he somehow felt attracted to, all that while he have low self esteem and inferiority complex. Not even a little convincing! And the way he always give this large explanations to ML out of nowhere, accept MLs gifts after his first refusal (which clearly looked like ML was indeed treating his like his previous toys), run to ask ML for help because his mind just can't think of another solution (and there are plenty), etc, etc. Never saw more dumb smart learned s*upid guy than this one.


About MCs first marriage, that's sad and very real. They loved each other, no betrayal (so far), yet, their life goals were just too different. Love is not enough to maintain a relationship and that's the biggest lesson from this. And that is what happen when you let life take you instead of you taking charge of your life. The lack of communication was brutal. Theres no winners in love - and if there's one, maybe you should rethink this relationship. While at first you may think that MC is the looser and CY the winner, MC ended up miserable and unsatisfied with his own life while CY lost his husband and child in one go - his so wished family. There's no winner, but the ending is tragic anyway because of the other factors.

What this short 1~2 chapter relationship story have of depth, MCs and MLs relationship seems to have of shallowness??

And while I know there's a time skip of two years after MCs rebirth, I really missed more mentions of MCs first relationship. It's okay to move on, but memories are memories and MC spend a long time in his marriage. I would think, for example, that when ML mentioned children's room, MC would at least think a little bit about the child he lost. He was once pregnant after all. Yet, he just blushed. Felt a lot like that poor child or the experience of being pregnant never happened in his memories. How can there be no association in his mind at all and just a blushing?

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Tetra rated it
January 18, 2023
Status: ---
Wow just Wow. The low rating is sooo deceiving wtfh. I almost not read this but good thing I tried and I was soooooo damn satisfied. Omegaverse + SOL + Doting LI + HE = my cup of tea 👌

I MTL'd the rest it was fairly readable. Will definitely come back and reread ❤️
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ladyxxx rated it
December 6, 2021
Status: c30
I cant believe that I almost missed reading this gem due to the low rating. Pls give this a try first guys.

Anyways, I totally cry during chapter 1-2. It hit too close to home, and I know at least several women in the same situation as chuiqing. They got married, and suddenly their husband want them to quit their job, be a housewife and focus on children --so why did they look for working woman in the first place?

Sigh--chuiqing's ex-husband character isn't wholly explained, but I dont believe that he... more>> didnt realize his wife's changes and depression. And chuiqing character is totally relatable as well dammit. <<less
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angelstar1000 rated it
November 27, 2022
Status: Completed
I think I would do the same as MC if I had the chance to go back. I like stories like that.. The future ML is so good too.. In the beginning, I thought he was not "lovey-dovey" enough, like the past ML, but then that's probably the real love. Where you respect and trust your partner, let him make his own decisions without forcing him to be who he does not want to be. Sorry, I'm not good at writing reviews lol. I mean the past ML gives an... more>> impression that he respects his choice but does not help/support the MC to fulfil his dream, because for him (ml) is better for MC to stay the way he is now. <<less
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seasaltxx rated it
November 13, 2022
Status: Completed
It was honestly beautiful

(maybe it might be hard for some with all the finance and stock market jargons) im a CPA as well so that was fun for me but you can tbh skip some parts or learn from it, because tbh the author does explain it well esp if its important to the flow of the story

it was not dramatic there were no edge of your seat excitement. It was a typical love story aside from the going back in time thing about a man who fell in... more>> love before and tried too hard to be that man's ideal type. No cheating no putting down of anyone. Tbh I would think that the ex loved him and MC loved him too but MC does have inferiority complex which was reasonable because he feels that he and the ex were not equal in standing because he was a housewife. It was all something he thought of but also the fact that the ex was not good at communicating did not help.

i dont want to analyze the past relationship further, just know that MC did not hate ex and ex did not do anything that would make MC hate him, but MC did try to conform himself to the ex's ideal type and becoming that ideal type did not make MC happy

the ML and MCs relationship was as normal as a real relationship can get. It was a mature relationship, where the MC felt comfortable because he feels like he's something because he's moving on his career so his confidence is increased. There was jealousy, some unreasonable demands (THIS WAS what surprised me the most cuz it was so real) like asking your boyfriend not to eat at a specific restaurant because his ex works there. Like omg normal insecurity and none of that "you should just trust ur lover" because no one can really trust 100%. Sometimes u need security too. And I loved that for them. The relationship in terms of external matters was slow because MC really wanted them both to spend time together before announcing it to the world. <<less
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May 21, 2022
Status: Completed
This is a really good story (very underrated too).

Its a lighthearted and very normal story, where MC decided to focus on his career, not using the future he knows for himself but others (ML) - in terms of career. He works hard and find enjoyment in it, more self-confident and no longer feeling inferior, facing his past quite properly, find a new love and enter a new and fulfilling life.
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msbwhy rated it
March 7, 2022
Status: --

Main CP:

... more>>

Lu Chuiqing x Xiao Zhan


Side CP:


Guan Xiaoluo x Yuan Ning


Hmmm I'm not quite sure what to think when reading this novel...

I will ignore all the financial stuff that happened in the novel bcs it burned my brain when reading that (aka I don't understand a thing) Kudos to translator to explain some of the financial terms very well!

OK, first of all, novel title is "Through Thick and Thin", which means when you love someone, you will support them unconditionally. Maybe this refers to Chen Yuan & Lu Chuiqing's depressing marriage? We know that it ended up in failure because... well... Chuiqing didn't enjoy being housewife that much. I feel like Chuiqing's first marriage & Chen Yuan's characters aren't explained very well. I think there are some hints in early chapters from Chuiqing's point of view that Chen Yuan seems to be...

a self-centered person. He preferred Chuiqing being a housewife but he didn't ask if Chuiqing wants to?? In some parts, he seems to kinda ignore Chuiqing's feelings and depression. Like Chen Yuan realized Chuiqing is depressed & still thought over his accountant exam, and when he failed, Chen Yuan didn't give much encouragement. Chen Yuan himself was also tired from his work. Chuiqing realized (after his rebirth) that he couldn't share Chen Yuan's stress of work because he was just a housewife. I feel like both of then didn't communicate very well. Everything is just so messed up. Chuiqing & Chen Yuan destroyed themselves in that marriage.


Sadly, due to the story setting (that makes Chuiqing rebirth BEFORE his meeting with Chen Yuan), the previous marriage problem wasn't really resolved. Imagine if he rebirthed during his marriage, maybe between his depression moments, he could think through what is wrong with this marriage, what made it so unhealthy, reached out to his family (I think the author didn't mention Chuiqing's family during previous life part?? I might be wrong tho), and also maybe he could talk about the whole stressful feeling that he experienced to Chen Yuan. If it didn't work well, maybe he could try to divorce. Anyway, communication is the key. And that will fit to the title "Through Thick and Thin".

Moving on to rebirth part...

After rebirth, Chuiqing obviously wanted to focus a lot on his career. Now that he rebirthed before his marriage, he just didn't want to have anything with Chen Yuan. Work work work! And that's when he met the love of his life. I'm not gonna lie but I feel like the transition from being acquaintance & then being lovers is kinda shallow... Uhhh like I don't really trust Xiao Zhan. Did he really serious? Or Did he just want to play around?

And this is where the financial stuff took over almost 50% of the story. I just skipped over some parts bcs I don't understand ;___; What matters are Chuiqing & Xiao Zhan hehe. The after-rebirth story is just focused on Chuiqing building up his career, meeting Xiao Zhan etc etc... There are some little time skips so we just know that Chuiqing is steady on his career & maybe doesn't have any depression?? He is totally fine and doing great. Oh, but he also met Chen Yuan again and...


Chen Yuan tried to approach him. Again. But Chuiqing immediately rejected him bcs he was already is relationship with Xiao Zhan.


Hmm his previous life memories only able to help him during his early career since his depression made him lost interest in anything, basically. Well, he learned a lot too so it didn't matter. I feel like this is an okay-ish story, soft on the right spots, there are some rich people drama, not very terrible but not very best either. Give it a try! It's only 70ish chapters too. <<less
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Marikli rated it
December 7, 2022
Status: c14
I don't want to pass judgement on problems of the MC's past marriage, just that it was a believable situation without too much trope, as a believable portrayal of depression. Sometimes people have different definitions of happiness and its important to stay true to oneself.

What made me tick and discontinue reading is ML's and MC's characters. One moment MC thinks that ML will never respect him, inspite of it.. BAM.. He is in love. So it took few meetings and while ML displayed only his overbearing and disrespectful traits to... more>> fall in love.

So if you like MC with strong character, I won't recommend it. Nethertheless TL is very nice and story is realistic. <<less
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Xiu_er rated it
October 7, 2022
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.7/5

Outside of the reincarnation that brought the MC back to his college days and the omegaverse setting, this is a pretty realistic slice of life novel. There is no exaggerated drama nor utterly braindead characters. Although a few characters did seem a bit braindead. But they are ultimately the product of their upbringing and circumstances. And their behavior did still fall within reasonably realistic parameters. After all, there are bound to be spoilt, selfish and lazy people people just like how there are hard-working and altruistic ones.

The MC is... more>> not perfect nor is the ML. They both have their "flaws" that make them more human and relatable. The MC has an inferiority complex that he carried over from his past life. This is especially apparent when faced with the ML who is rich, good-looking and has a higher status. But the inferiority complex lessened as his relationship with the ML and his career progressed.

The ML in turn had a somewhat lackluster playboy past where he casually saw omegas and dropped them willy-nilly. This past keeps haunting him and his new found relationship with the MC, be it in the form of ex lovers making their presence known or other people acting condescendingly towards the MC because they believe that the MC is just a kept lover like the others in the past. But the ML did shape up and showed people and the MC clearly and in a straightforward manner how serious he is about the MC. And leaving his playboy past aside, he is pretty much the perfect lover, husband and father. I can't even really fault him for his past as he had always been pretty clear with his intentions and his past lovers knew what they were getting into with him. And when he broke it off, he was pretty clear cut, too. When he established his relationship with the MC, he was never wishy-washy or ambiguous with others but showed clearly that he was taken and not interested in others. So he is loyal unlike what others want to believe.

The plot itself is not overly exciting, but such is life. This fact makes me want to say that the novel is geared towards a more mature audience as there is a lot of business and financial terminology thrown around which might be a bit too much for a younger audience as it can be a bit dry. And honestly, I do have to admit that I did skip a few paragraphs when the financial/business aspects took over as I am prone to developing headaches and my attention span is fleeting much like my youth that is dwindling with each passing year.

Anyways, I would totally recommend this novels to people who are in their twenties and upwards and love BL. <<less
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March 26, 2022
Status: --
I don't understand this MC. Forgive me for saying this, but his problem in his past life was too petty.

As a career person who started working to support my family after my father's death, I can tell you that career isn't everything, your family is everything.

And here we have an MC who married into a kind, understanding and gentle family who still loved him after he turned fat and bloating but he still whined about failing his accountant certification exam.

I would've say another thing if his husband is abusive or... more>> cheating behind his back, or if his in-laws are evil bloodsucker but no, his life as a housewife is the perfect dream of many people out there, because I'd actually would quit my job to be with MC's ex husband. Him and the in-laws are actually right, if you put on the shoes of anyone who worked hard to support their family. Working and having a high career was tiring, you wouldn't have the time to care for the family you're building with your partner if you're too focused on work.

Concerning his depression, I can't see his ex husband as the type who wouldn't support his recovery, if he was willing to unload his thoughts to his partner. So I really don't understand why he wouldn't share his thoughts with his partner because like what I said, I don't see him as the type who would abandon MC.

So the root of it all is MC's failure to communicate with his ex husband in his past life. I'm not even sorry for belittling everything that happened to him because in essence, it's actually a very petty thing to be worried about. I don't blame him for wanting a job, but in reality, career isn't everything, your family is the most important thing your life.

But then again, if depression and low self-esteem was so easily cured, the author wouldn't have written a whole story about building MC's career. <<less
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