Those Years When We Killed the White Lotus


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After Lin Zisheng, whose whole family was ruined by a white lotus, woke up once more, he discovered that his mind now had an additional so-called ‘system.’

[Greetings to Host-daren, I am Blingbling, the glowing-in-brilliance System 001, a White Lotus Rescue System for ‘Leaving an Everlasting Good Reputation for the White Lotus’. From henceforth, you will embark upon a journey with me through various worlds to save endangered White Lotuses. Please advance for our great cause!] Lin Zisheng: hehe… …

And so…

System: cho-chotto matte! Host-daren, that is the white lotus we are supposed to save, y-you can’t force her onto the road of no return!

Lin Zisheng: An early death means an early reincarnation, I am freeing her from endless suffering.

System: … … [Host’s words are highly logical, I actually have no words to retort…QAQ]

#Early Every Morning I Wake Up And See Host Pushing Male Lead Down A Pit#

#Host Keeps Trying To Squash Target To Death, What To Do, Waiting Online, Urgent!#

#Please Spare That Little White Lotus, She Is Still A child#

#Male Lead-sama, Your Female Lead Is Over There, Please Let Go Of My Host QAQ#

#Why Male Lead Getting Bent Unprovoked#


#Every Morning Also Sees The System Being Silly (Seeking Death)#

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November 13, 2018
Status: Completed
I did not rate it cause I finished the raw version of the book.

But I have to say, I like the overall plot and concept of the book.

I like both MC and ML.
Also the villains on different worlds and the main villain of the story.

Some details have been lost to me but I will put the main spoiler of the story from my understanding from google-sensei...

... more>>

100% sure???


At your own risk!


You sure want to spoil the ending thing?


Fine! HERE IT IS!!! From my understanding of the ending... MC and ML are from the distant future. Very distant future. Do you want more?

This is what from my understanding:
In their current era; after thousands of years of human genes kept evolving becoming more and more powerful and perfect genes. The former inferior genes has long been extinct. Apparently there was a long-lost ancient gene called 'White Lotus' gene on their parent Blue Star (Earth highly chance they meant) in the novel's lore.
There was even a legend: Whoever has or uses the White Lotus gene can bring endless disaster to the people around that person. If this disaster kept on expanding, even the whole world is destroyed. So the descendants of humanity who survived the catastrophe in all those years ago, didn't want it to happened again.
So the Empire (where MC and ML are from) made a new game called: White Lotus. This game was made to make everyone be aware of the of how deadly the White Lotus gene is. This made people go to the hospitals to check their genes for fragments of the White Lotus gene to have it removed from their body. There is a reason for me to put this explanation.

As for MC's and ML's position in their world? From my understanding is the MC and ML knows each other quite well. They were already lovers in their real world.


MC is the programmer of the "game".
MC paid countless hours to create the game. As he about to complete the game, he didn't know how or why did a loophole pop up in the game system. In addition this loophole in the system cannot be fixed (you'll know why). Thanks to the loophole the former tester was actually locked in the game and couldn't come out. In order to figure out what happened, MC decides to also enter the game. But what he didn't know is the ML actually followed him.
Thus the main reason why MC was inside the game.



ML is the provider of core technology of the "game" so he has higher authority than MC.
When MC entered the game ML followed him. During that time, ML sealed (abuse of power!) all of MC's memories to make him fall in love at him again.
Main reason for ML to entered the game was to get along with his wifey and another reason was because the "game" has the courage to marry his wifey (I think it meant the actual game like making MC marries an NPC because that how you need to play and finish the game) !
But once he entered the "game" he found the so-called loophole in system was.


Truth about the whole thing!

Anyways MC put too much attention and feelings on the process of writing for the game. To make a more realistic portrayal of White Lotus, MC searched for countless materials about White Lotus for the game. To the point the he kept on updating again and again until it was a perfect White Lotus. As a result of MC's seriousness and dedication, the White Lotus in the "game" gained actual consciousness and feelings. And those feelings were towards MC and wanted to marry him...
So the "game" made a loophole in the system causing people (or tester) to investigating the problem. In the end the problem was not being resolve but also added a problem on detaining the people inside game. The system was trying to get MC's attention by causing more problems for him to look into it and trap him.
Of course it worked and MC went inside the game to look for this problem.
As possessive ML is, he followed wifey to the game and found out the whole charade...
After all he whoever tries to take his wifey away... Say bye-bye to life.

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YukiQuin rated it
January 20, 2019
Status: extra 1
MC is sensible, very strong willed and dominating when need be.

It's the first time I've ever seen a uke MC

beat the sh*t out of their gong, even if he (MC) was going easy and ML-sama didn't put up a fight

It was quite surprising.

I'm eager to learn more about his character and seeing future developments in his relationship with his ML.

I hope the new translator-sama taking over from IAmABanana will take good care of this novel ~♥
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rhianirory rated it
February 26, 2019
Status: Completed
it's nice to see a MC who can kick *ss as well as scheme with the best of them. There were a few worlds I didn't like and one was confusing since with MTL there were at least two family members with the name Lin Biao and one Lin Bo. The sentences would talk about Lin Biao and Lin Biao and you just have to guess who or let it go. Hopefully our lovely translator will fix that little problem when they get to that world. The ending was interesting... more>> and overall I thought it was fairly good. Not a lot of explicit smut (fade to black for harmony and all that) and the MC doesn't get eaten right away so there is time for feelings to grow through the first few worlds. Looking forward to more translated chapters. <<less
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Lanemesis rated it
March 27, 2019
Status: --
I'm going to waiting until it ends to give any review, but so far, I like this story. My cup of tea.

And I like the concept of plot of the white lotus female lead to death in this novel or every novel, because honestly I hate every female lead in bl novel. So annoying and always acting like a pure white lotus lady, while in the heart is black as tar. Typical, but, I enjoy the torture of the female lead. Need to vent out my anger to something I... more>> dislike, like this one, the female lead is my main target. Though... I like the idea of the love rival got tortures, too... My mind is getting more and more black after I read these kind of novel. Maybe I will transform to a black lotus spectator that loves to watches every love rival or annoying people in this novel get torment.

Gonna keep on check with the update, or maybe I will start to read the raw, nonetheless, not a problem. Because this is my cup of tea. :) <<less
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