This Time I’ll Live As I Wish


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“Pray, become the Enchanter that represents the family.”

The goodwill from the start didn’t last long.

At the House that adopted me due to my affinity with elemental spirits, I lived a life detested by even the maids because my powers didn’t come to form. It was a life where I agonized over whether I would be happier in death. That is, until I found another ‘me’.

“I finally found you. Hi, the current me. Won’t you enter into a contract with me? You’re far too special to live like this, you see.”

A miracle appeared in front of me, who was, again, vomiting as well. The person who lived as me in my previous life.

“I’ll make you into this continent’s best Enchanter.”

Associated Names
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I Will Live My Life as I Wish
I Will Live This Life According to My Will
I Will Live This Life as I Wish
This Life, the Way I Want
This Time, I'll Live as I Wish
This Time I Will Live as I Wish
이번 생은 내 뜻대로 살겠다
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