This Time, I Became the Fiance of a Duke’s Daughter. But She is Rumored to have Bad Personality, and Ten Years Older


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A fiancee was decided for Jared Murphy (16 years old) who was the eldest son of a baron family but couldn’t succeed his family. The other party was Olivia Alway, a duke’s daughter (26 years old). Olivia who everyone talked about being a beautiful woman, was famous for her bad personality and vulgar mouth. Moreover, she was ten years older.

Jared’s small ambition, which was to become an adventurer to say good-bye to the aristocracy society, had ended when he was informed of that, at the same time, the court magician’s path that everyone yearn for had opened for him.

As he overcame factional disputes, discords between magicians and knights, magical beasts exterminations, and conflicts with secret organizations in dramatic fashion, he became aware of the true appearance of his fiance Olivia and got to know her better.

And then, he would meet students, knights, magicians, and heroines of nobility ladies from the same school.

The student magician became the fiance of a duke’s daughter and rose up to become a court magician.

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New Rewin42 rated it
June 2, 2019
Status: c10
Hi there! I'm the current translator so 5/5 stars.

I haven't read too far into the story yet, merely as far as any other English-only has read, so I don't know much more about the story than you do! Will try to update as I go along.

This story follows the OP firstborn son of a Baron, Jared Murphy, master of all 3 elements, slayer of behemoths, as he gets embroiled in noble society and all its trappings. As a talented boy with a bright future as a court magician, he's been... more>> deemed important by the country despite still being a student at his magic academy. The country is being pressured by it's neighbors, who are slowly inserting spies and dissidents in the upper ranks of society, so getting someone whose solidly on the Kings side into the upper ranks, such as the 12 Court Magicians, is of critical importance.

A marriage partner is selected for him: Olivié Alwei, the unmarried daughter of a Duke solidly in the King's camp. One catch: she's chased off all her potential suitors, harassing them until they can't take it anymore. She trusts no-one, and appears to have nothing going for her besides her background. She's not the heir, she has no talent with magic, and she's known for her good looks and atrocious personality. Want her for her lineage, but will take a concubine as your lover? Fat chance she'll let that happen. Besides her mother and maid, everyone she's ever met has been two-faced. Surviving 26 years of that, she meets our hero and their story begins.

Well, it's still early in the story so that's about all I can say. There are two published novels out for this story, but in Japan they haven't gotten much fanfare. The author continues to write the WN despite publishing the LN (published May 2018 and December 2018) which is good, and it's reached 9 WN volumes. As a translator, the japanese writing seems solid and there's actual content rather than a pure fluff story, but I'll have to get further into the novel to be sure. The pictures in the LN show the two growing closer, our overpowered protagonist going up against assassins and/or demonic beasts, and other fun things that happen in a fantasy world.

If that seems like a story for you, give it a try! <<less
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Drake888 rated it
March 28, 2019
Status: c1
I cannot begin to guess where the author is going with this story and frankly, I don't care. The background makes no sense and neither do the characters.

In fairness, the characters might get better if I read more, but there is no way to fix the nonsense established in the first chapter and prologue.

Super-attractive daughter of a DUKE is still unwed in a world with arranged marriages. The author specifically mentions that romance doesn't matter, marriages are arranged for political reasons. So how does a beautiful daughter of a duke... more>> (which is a very high-ranking noble) not have a husband? Chapter one even mentions the possibility of MC taking a mistress after marrying the woman, so it is even less believable that none of the previous fiancés went through with it. Also, a baron and a duke are separated by several levels of nobility. So even if the Duke was desperate enough to let them marry into his family, he wouldn't need to treat them as equals, much less waste an hour flattering a child who won't even inherit their name.

The MC's thoughts and actions are all over the place, but maybe more chapters will bring his character into focus, so I'll let that slide. But I won't let his family circumstances slide. "He is the first son of a baron household who isn't inheriting the title? What's the juicy story behind that?" Convoluted nonsense, that's what. All of chapter one is an info dump. It is established that the MC's father was a weak disappointment (and also a skilled warrior with several military achievements somehow?) and he angered MC's grandfather by marrying MC's mother, who was a court magician but also a commoner. They then go on to explain that magicians are super important and only the top twenty in the country get to be court magicians. Even the MC, with his noble blood, is going to have to work hard if he hopes to become one. WHAT? A baron household is NOT a big deal in any nobility ranking. In the real world they are at the bottom. Even if the author decides to bump them up a notch or two, that would still leave them barely above the bottom. Marrying a court magician would be a huge plus for them. I would understand if a high-ranking household (like that of a duke, maybe?) were to look down on marrying someone without noble blood. But there are always nobles willing to overlook such things in the interest of gaining power and authority. A house with the rank of baron would certainly have plenty of room to advance in this way, since a court magician would certainly have more power and authority than them, only lacking an impressive family background. The kind of people who would look down on them for marrying such a powerful commoner would already be looking down on them for having such a low rank. But moving past that, who is left to inherit the family if not the MC? If he has an aunt or an uncle, they should have been mentioned in that info dump. They should have inherited the title instead of MC's father. Instead, we have this nonsense of the MC not inheriting when the alternative seems to be the end of the bloodline. Pure nonsense and imbecility.

Tl;dr: the author knows nothing about nobility so I have no expectations for this novel about nobles. <<less
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