This Time, I Became the Fiance of a Duke’s Daughter. But She is Rumored to have Bad Personality, and Ten Years Older


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A fiancee was decided for Jared Murphy (16 years old) who was the eldest son of a baron family but couldn’t succeed his family. The other party was Olivia Alway, a duke’s daughter (26 years old). Olivia who everyone talked about being a beautiful woman, was famous for her bad personality and vulgar mouth. Moreover, she was ten years older.

Jared’s small ambition, which was to become an adventurer to say good-bye to the aristocracy society, had ended when he was informed of that, at the same time, the court magician’s path that everyone yearn for had opened for him.

As he overcame factional disputes, discords between magicians and knights, magical beasts exterminations, and conflicts with secret organizations in dramatic fashion, he became aware of the true appearance of his fiance Olivia and got to know her better.

And then, he would meet students, knights, magicians, and heroines of nobility ladies from the same school.

The student magician became the fiance of a duke’s daughter and rose up to become a court magician.

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