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While creating her character, the game’s system randomly generated a “unique” name for her.

To avoid being recognized by her friends in reality, Shen Jingbin went for broke and made her in-game character look as ugly as possible, turning her into the ugliest character in the game.

But who would have thought that these days, even NPCs would judge her based on her looks! What should she do now?!

Thankfully, she had enough luck to overturn that. Hidden quests, amazing pets and top quality equipment were all lined up for her taking.

Even male gods were offering themselves up to her!…

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Quánxí wǎngyóu, zhège nǚ zhǔ diǎo zhà tiān
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August 22, 2017
Status: Completed
The summary is actually slightly misleading.

... more>>

It isn't really a story focusing on an ugly character who gets a lot of hot guys to fall in love with her in the game despite that. Rather, it's about a beautiful girl with a top family background in real-life who hooks up with a good-looking guy with similar family background. They're playing the same game, and he's the #1 player in-game. The guy eventually recognizes her in-game but she doesn't.

She logs into the game from time to time and triggers a few core quests in-game thanks to that. That's it.

The game itself, if it were real, is hilariously badly designed. The core quests and quest items essentially get monopolized by the main character and a few other players, so if any of these players were to decide to stop playing, the whole story would be ruined. It doesn't really help that the main character herself (and even the male lead) only log on from time to time, and always log off at very timely hours (like, what about all those players who play non-stop? Is this a pay-to-win game for rich guys to be hoarding so many top spots?).


It's still entertaining though. The female lead does kick ass and the male lead is quite sweet to her. A lot of the story focuses on brain-dead rivals (most of whom are aiming for the male lead and not the female lead, oddly enough) or spending paragraphs describing how good-looking the two leads are though. :S <<less
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Flufflebutter rated it
October 4, 2017
Status: c61
I thought this would be a fun comedy at first, and while I did derive some enjoyment from the story, it is on the fast track to joining the dropped pile.

This is a little VR story that makes it quickly obvious that the actual game will only ever play second fiddle to the shoujo elements which aren't that good either.

My gripes being:

... more>>

The MC is a complete Mary Sue. She may be ugly in game but she's extremely hot in real life, a brilliant martial artist and comes from a well off family.

Everything is also given to her. I understand it's an integral part of the 'comedy' but seriously. From gear to pets to guys, everything falls into her lap just cause. Hell she's barely played the game for two weeks and now she's already a lower upper class player? Also coupled with her amazing martial arts skills, she can piss off the rank 2 player when she herself is still a noob. I think that's pretty telling for how all future conflicts will go.

Next. The game itself sucks. Actually I can't judge since they glossed over most of it in favor of the siblings visit to grandpapas, and other real life things. I understand she has to be relevant to the #1 guild, but the worldbuilding is suffering because of it.

The humor is also falling flat, and though there is some character development. It's by the side characters. Q&S remains the enigmatic dude who's every girls fantasy and the MC the teenage girl who enjoys such fantasies. Like there was a part where they each exchanged a server wide downpour of roses for 10 minutes. Was it trying to be funny? Well it may have attracted a giggle or two, but there is a severe lack of comedy aside from people reacting to the Mc' S face or the rngesus events which feel forced as fuggles

There was a great amount of potential in the story, but it's execution was poor as well as its plot progression events.

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bloggbigg rated it
November 6, 2017
Status: c72
Pretty good, but lots of issues.

The Good:

The MC is a likeable (though very cliche) character. Some of the plot developments are interesting, and the MMO personalities and conversations are somewhat plausible. This looks like it can go somewhere.

The Bad:

For major points:

  • The world canon has technical issues due to the author's laziness/lack of knowledge.
      • The VR technology is your boilerplate 'this is a magic coffin', and 'this is a magic motorcycle helmet' style tech that somehow allows smell, martial arts danger sense, localized pain response (with a default setting of 85%), and complete 'intended motion capture' to the degree of showing unintended blushing. I don't have a problem with this per se- but at least try to explain why the coffin is better than the helmet (since both seem to do the same thing with no noted difference).
        We won't get into the 'how' or the risks (if someone yanks of your headset what happens?) because that might make more unintended 'story'.

        Since most of the other authors this author's copying don't try either I'm not pretending (s) he's unique in being 'wrong'- just that it's part of the story & potentially important as it is the enabling vehicle. It would be like having a 'magic box' for transportation with nothing about fuel, inflatable wheels, signals/safety measures, rules of the road (or lack thereof), risks, laws & punishments- or even everyday conversation somehow being ok to leave out. Author, try a tiny bit harder.

      • I had an issue with 'The conveniently high level AI being present only in a game...' but that's been fixed in a way that seems reasonable- but is actually fairly ridiculous. Well- as a matter of scale and cost anyway. It was less troublesome as an unbelievably high-tech AI, but the change is reasonable (more or less).
    • The story is all pretty much a Mary Sue (author wish fulfillment OP character) story loaded with 'deus ex machina' (magical plot solutions mostly through instantly granted power or unpredictable but convenient twists). There are some reasonable attempts at justification sprinkled throughout, but even most of those are based on 'high luck' (to an illogical degree), and the flawed premise that there are enough well-hidden things for her to 'First!' stumble into (left behind by game designers because 'hidden' seems to mean balance/reasonable reward is unimportant).
        • The game supposedly has been around for a while, and the author doesn't seem to realize players will easily make ugly characters on a lark out of boredom (as well as do experiment to discover more hidden stuff).
        • On that note, people make alternate/mule/disposable characters as a matter of convenience/flexibility/boredom. (For example in WOW, some players will pay for two accounts just so they can play BOTH Alliance & Horde. I think you can actually have 11 characters per server & 50 per account (for all servers)).
          We won't even get into multiple people in a household/friends sharing a character, sock puppets, etc. (all variations of 'this could be someone else/many people).

          Now- I'm not saying this game works like WOW (there could be hardware limits which allow unique keys/personalized security) which would make account sharing impossible- just the author should explain so instead of assuming 'that character'='that person' is the only possibility.

          Anyway- many things not seen/explained here for 'reasons'.

    • Most people would have bailed on this described game ages ago (if it actually existed) if it really increases the level of difficulty on a whim, so that you're suddenly fighting a 'way outside of your level' monster as part of a quest you took- hidden or otherwise (unless of course it was the ONLY game of it's type- more info we don't know.

      Even the in story advertising described by the author doesn't clarify whether it's simple 'increase own market base' advertising, or if there's other games/competition. (I won't even get into the timesink of a death penalty apparently designed to make raids more irritating. I know you may be thinking 'Gamers aren't all that wimpy', to which I say these are pretty much mostly 'rich' gamers, and their view on investing time into something that randomly punishes is probably a bit less tolerant.

    • Don't get me started on the author's lack of knowledge in how experience/leveling works.

      If you're suddenly bumped up to L50 (via bullshit), you're not going to go to the 'beginner area' to grind- you won't get anywhere near enough XP to level (if any at all- L50 people killing L1 mobs do it for item drops if at all-- maybe to power level someone else if the game allows it). Now I know this game seems to have a high level cap (so maybe the level ranges are wider), but that doesn't change that L50 challenge should be nowhere near L30 challenge- and far beyond L1. It's possible I suppose, but that would make this game a ridiculous grindfest

    • The described contrast between the rewards of 'skill & effort' compared to the rewards of 'luck' makes it seem like anyone not creating a new character with as high luck as possible is just a masochist who wants to 'do it the hard way'. Seriously. reroll your character. Leveling a low luck character is like being happy you get less options/opportunities despite being a better player. It's dumb. Well, to be fair, the other known 'high luck' character doesn't seem to have benefited anywhere as significantly (though that could be a matter of degree (like an order of magnitude)). Eh... even the reason behind the bs is inconsistent. Whatever...
    • The characters being rich affects nothing except the author's ability to do more wish-fulfilment/bragging (which gets tiring for me). If you like people showing off while pretending to be humble, then this has a lot of that.

      I won't even get into the author not realizing the power abuse that happens (getting someone fired), or lying about their identity to their own guild member for no reason I can think of.

This starts as one thing (OP VRMMO 'ugly protag' conflict/advancement thing), and at some point turns into another (VRMMO as marginally unnecessary romance vehicle for pretty, rich people thing). Everyone might not appreciate the change.

Minor points:

    • After doing so many Major points, to go on might be petty. Let's just say there are many. I'll mention a ridiculous NPC 'quest condition' used as a forced plot point & leave it at that.

      Why would an NPC choose to demand someone get married? How could they control the information anyway? He could have just listened alone, then sent screen caps/told her himself- it's s*upid. Now if it forced an un-sharable quest- that would be different, but we've seen none of those so far- no quest sharing/requirements at all actually.

      And there is the small issue of this information being supposedly super-important in regards to one of those 'stop the return to power of those bad guys'. Well- if it's someone 'not getting married' is worth risking the whole server over...

The different:

Not much tbh. Some of the situations & humor early on is allright, but eventually the story shifts focus and that tones down (at least for the 'forced romance arc' which is super forced cliche, and bland).

Overall, it starts out ok, looks like it has potential, then gets lazy. This is at Ch72- maybe it gets better again. Even so, I don't expect this will get better than 4 star quality since the author seems kind of unfocused/possibly lacking ideas- but I'd be happy to be wrong.
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Lumppumpkin rated it
January 13, 2018
Status: c20
Aight lemme lay it down real for yall.

Novel is about a girl who plays games and finds love by an author who has never played games and likely hasn't had any human contact.

MC is your typical Mary Sue who of course is super talented in martial arts, from a super rich family and is the most beautiful woman in the world. And lol she plays this super uggo character cause this novel is so quirky xdd amirite guyz?!?

The reason she plays the uggo character is because she was SOOO BEAUTIFUL... more>> that the game couldn't beautify her anymore so they offered to downgrade her for extra luck points which is the deus ex machina of this novel. I mean no one ever in the history of this game (which has been out for quite a while before she started) had ever thought to make an ugly character which was why she ended up with these bonus luck points. And these luck points are huge to the game, if you don't role high luck in making your character then you might as well off yourself jimmy boy cause you're f£&@ed in this game.

Author has no idea how exp gain works of course. Has no idea how their own vr headset works and doesn't plan on explaining it. Noobs can compete with top ranked players cause m-m-muh martial arts (where are the aoe attacks?) and so on..

Read this if you want a crappier Sword Art Online where the main antagonists are just jealous thots who were only made to be kicked down and forgotten. <<less
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Nanashy rated it
August 19, 2017
Status: c44
Here comes a Nutjob!
Warning: this is my first ever review~ (edit: it seem it was my second)
Writing this after reading till chapter 22 (the latest at this point of time) ~

Are you tired of transmigrated heroines? Of those that came back to ancient china and have the bodies of previous idiots or disfigured beauties?

Then Welcome to "This MC is kickass" (TMK) ~
This novel follows Reign of the Hunters on the list of VMMORPGs with female protagonist, but the main difference is the fact that Shen Jingbin... more>> has almost zero knowledge on gaming + is super ugly in game (not much has been shown about the real life her, but I have a hunch that she must be from good looking to a beauty/goddess).

In my humble opinion this novel has good comedy. The interaction between her and her brother are entertaining, and I can't wait to see how she will communicate with the others. I guess the author has a mild perverted mind for some things, but all that is at the comedy-cringy level. How it will be in the future - who knows~ After she gains some more experience, skills and levels she might do other things to entertain us, but that will be the job of the future reviewers that will have the privilege to, eventually, mention those thing on their reviews.

After 22 chapters SJ is still not a kickass, but when she becomes one I am sure that she will be true to the title. So far her in-game character is true to the in-game name. The luck is majestic, I would say - cliched wuxia/xianxia level. Mind that it is not as if there aren't others in the game with high luck, it is just that she managed to beat the record with some points, and there are more privileges with her level of luck. The players before her getting into the game have gotten their bonuses from that, so her 'cheat' isn't that Heavenly-breaking/imposible.

About the synopsis, there are yet to come pets, equipment and male gods. So you can say that she is yet to become a Mary Sue, and hopefully she won't become one. *Checks tag list* Yep, there is still no "Reverse Harem" tag so rest assured!

P.S. The ship I boarded already left the dock, hopefully it is the right one.
Wish me luck~


I am totally not writing this review cause for the extra chapter that translator-sama mentioned~

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LunethL rated it
May 30, 2018
Status: c10
I will admit that I'm probably influenced by the negative reviews here, but as an avid fan of VRMMORPG novels and aspiring writer of them, I can completely agree with those.

The level of willing suspension of disbelief the author requires from the reader is insane, especially if you know anything about games. You can only have one character, and absolutely nothing about that character can be changed in-game. Perfectly fine, you see that a lot. Recreating your character is possible (nice!), but comes with severe penalties (whut? What if a... more>> new class comes out? Or you want to try something different?). Yet, random name and class selection is possible, and there's no way to change either after that (aka you don't like the random name? Tapped the wrong spot? Mispronounced something? Sucks for you!). Of course, the game is still very popular. Also,


The MC, who enters 2 years after the game's opening, is implied to be the most beautiful person to ever enter the game. She's the only one in the popular game who can only beautify herself by 1 and uglify herself by 99, both of which net her stat points for being the first to reach such scores. This implies that she's the only one to get a beauty score of 99/100.


That the MC turns at least somewhat overpowered, with special equipment and better stats/hidden class, is almost a given in VRMMORPG novels. However, one usually has to work (either with one's brain or one's body) to get there. Even the PaleWhiteSnow of Peerless White Emperor, one of the most OP characters of all the series I'm reading, actually fights to get stronger. The MC of this novel however, becomes a cheat-like existence because she's 1. Absolutely gorgeous in real life and 2. Makes a super-ugly character. Yup. Everything that happens in the next 10 chapters can be linked back to the huge bonuses she obtains from that. She hardly does anything and she already has everything better than anyone else at her level/time spent in-game. Why? Because Luck is the most overpowered stat ever, especially when combined with luck and a hint of originality (the author seems to think most of the MC's choices vary from highly unusual to unique. They usually are only somewhat unusual, and annoyingly enough usually not explained).


She gets +15 Luck from making herself ugly when she's beautiful (first time-only reward), when Luck is usually 3-4 at the start. She obtains a hidden quest that requires absurdly high Luck and some slightly unusual choices, oh, and a level below 10 so no high-level players can stumble upon it. She completes the quest in what seems like half an hour or less, without any difficulty to speak of, but it still gives her a full growth-type equipment set and leads her to become the disciple of one of the most powerful NPCs in the game only a few chapter later, which gives her more skills than normal and the power to mobilize that NPC's other disciples. She hasn't had to fight a single monster yet.


The ridiculously OP MC and the problems with the game could be overlooked if it was funny, but that is not the case either. To establish the MCs ugliness and everyone else's beauty, the author finds it necessary to point it out at length at every possible occasion. I didn't find anything remotely funny in the first ten chapters, aside from the moment she got her name Nutjob (and that was kind of overshadowed for me by the utter ridiculousness of not being able to refuse a random name when recreating a character is penalized). No, if you want something light-hearted, read Only Sense.

As for the good points.... as I said above, her name made me chuckle a bit. The rabbits are cute too.

I love it when the MC is for once not a game-addict, very poor or a time-traveller, but this story just hasn't got enough good points to be enjoyable. <<less
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Gsichtselfmeter rated it
February 6, 2018
Status: c52
It feels as if there is something missing in the novel, as if someone ripped out chunks of text before translating this story, everthing feels so forced. The MC (your average top-beauty, undefeated martial arts monster, super rich family girl) enters a VR game after its already two years public. She somehow chooses to make the ugliest character possible (because shes too beautiful for the game) and -of couse- gets a bunch of OP luck-stat-points, because she is the first person with the lowest beauty settings in the game. (As... more>> if no one in the two years before had the same idea).

Because of her bullsh*t luck stats she reaches lvl 15 (without any fight scenes, or any explanation of her stats/abilites), then -again without doing anything- she reaches lvl 25+ and gets carried throughout the game.

But what about the story?

There is not much of a story. The girl is perfect, the guys around her are perfect, and its a lighthearted comedy. Or atleast it attempts to, because I didnt really found it funny. All the encounters are forced, you just know whats going to happen. Filler characters appear as fillers, whenever the MC needs something she gets it in the next second, and so on.

I read till ~50 chapters because I was curious about the lucky encounters, but tbh it was not worth it. <<less
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paputsza rated it
August 27, 2017
Status: c28
I don't know if I like the underlying message of "even if someone is ugly they can be powerful, strong, and kind*."

*if they are actually beautiful

Its kind of saying that the rich and beautiful are actually rich and beautiful deep down and deserving of it thanks to their wonderful characteristics.

Other than that everything is good. Characters are nice, but the MC is way too op. Her only sad point is being a latchkey kid, but she's also like 25 now so I certainly don't care that she was taken care... more>> of by nannies and grandparents most of the week. This novel is full of highs and mediums, a veritable teacup ride of emotions. <<less
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ladyartemis rated it
August 20, 2017
Status: c22
I really like the novel so far. It kinda reminds me of half prince. However, in a different setting, but both is still good. I also like the MC, a really kickass MC indeed. Now I understand why her beautification limit is at the lowest and uglification is at the highest. Fufu, I look forward to read more chapters in the future. Thank you for this translators 😊
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Mavsynchroid rated it
February 2, 2020
Status: Completed
Have to balance out all these 5 stars with a 1 star. Normally don't like doing this, but I get sick of people giving out 5 stars to average novels simply because they finished it and found it alright. 5 stars should be reserved for MASTERPIECE novels. The best of the best. Not decent novels, which this almost doesn't even qualify as.

People are absolutely right in saying there's next to no description on how this MMO VR game actually works. Just that the girl gets into a Pod and is... more>> in a VR world. If you don't know martial arts in real life, then you're only ever going to be an average joe in this game, although it doesn't seem to be made with that in mind. After years of the game being out, the MC is the only person who made a character as ugly as possible?.. Doesn't make sense. Levels mean absolutely nothing in this game, as she seems to crazily increase levels in the beginning, yet can easily take on people levels above her. These people have been playing for years supposedly, yet still aren't at the max level, but she somehow manages to catch up quickly. Nothing about this sounds like an MMO game. The author decided to use this trope-y setting without any knowledge of it. Left a bad taste in my mouth when reading.

Then we're stuck with the generic "all other girls who like the male lead become poisonous psycho bi***es who will stop at nothing to destroy the female MC." Never liked this trope in novels as it really makes no sense. I'd understand if all of the girls were idiots, but there's so many times in novels, this one included, where some of the female rivals are considered intelligent.

Wouldn't a normal person think along these lines?.... "Well, the male lead (the guy I like) seems to really like that girl (female MC), so even if I succeed in destroying her, won't he just hate me and treat me with utter disgust???" Never understood why not even one person thinks this way in novels like these. If I kill/destroy the person you love, you'll be mine!!!!! People like that should seriously either be in jail or a psychiatric hospital.

Not sure why I thought this novel would be good, but I think someone said something about how amazing it was, so I was patiently waiting for it to finish being translated so I could binge read it. Too bad it ended up being a disappointment. <<less
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SunsetChaos rated it
June 28, 2018
Status: c270
It doesn't make sense.

Male lead is handsome and rich guy. Like 90% of all introduced pretty/beautiful/cute females characters somehow wants his D. Somehow MC is the one who gets all the hostility and aggro from them all. They all plot s*upid meaningless schemes against MC. Vast majority of story is like this, same thing happening again and again no matter where MC goes, game or reality. It's repetitive and annoying as fk.

.... what doesn't make sense is that the reverse doesn't happen. MC is the most beautiful girl in the... more>> world, a goddess beauty. Top grade, top specs, just like with ML. Yet, no one even tries to seduce her or hit on her. No one hostile to ML because of her, no schemes, nothing at all.

Also game is really s*upid, author probably never played any mmorpg. Not worth commenting.

Tbh, I'd drop this if I wasn't anticipating her big reveal to the world and all. <<less
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xmei rated it
May 14, 2018
Status: c201
it's just eh, nothing more

The MC is not kickass, she has to rely on everyone else especially her hubby, it's pretty annoying

She doesnt seem to have any emotion which makes this even worse, a book NEEDS emotion
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
erialolita rated it
April 5, 2018
Status: c209
It isn't anything groundbreaking or new, but I'm enjoying it as a filler. I probably won't keep up on it, but may come back when its done translating.

My biggest complaint isn't with the book, but with the translater. Like another reviewer, I picked this up because I was under the impression it was almost completely translated, however, it is only about half way. The translator seems to hide this fact, and they request $40 for basically half a chapter. I'm all for helping out the translators but this kind of... more>> shamelessness makes me have the opposite reaction.

TLDR: ok story, only half way translated <<less
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Bloodyuuki rated it
September 22, 2017
Status: c50
This story is amazing. It is funny and refreshing. I like how the author personalize the MC. Her personality, her strength and hr talent, theyre perfect along with the capable ml. The translation is also very nice and easy to read. Awesome♡
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NightAir rated it
February 22, 2018
Status: c66
The premise was interesting because I love it when characters go from the bottom to the top (lol). Getting herself named Nutjob though was really funny. I liked her conversations with and her brother, who is a pretty good character. The parts that shined most imo were the parts where the MC interacts with the VR game story/NPCs because her luck stat unlocks the game and hidden missions.

I def feel kind of lacklustre about the MC. Personality wise she doesn't really stand out to me. I also thought she was... more>> going to be an underdog when she really isn't one, so I really don't know how to think of her...

She's "technically" at a disadvantage in the game with her ugliness, but the NPCs don't really give her a hard time about it like the summary suggests. Plus, she gets her luck stat attributes to super high from the beginning, no real struggle. She's already rich, doesn't have to go to school because she finished all her credits and so she can spend all day playing video games if she wants, really beautiful, the school idol in real life, so like... idk. Felt weird about the Ugly disadvantage she has in game getting balanced out with her Luck when she's furthermore got a huge one-up in real life.

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KKristen rated it
September 26, 2017
Status: c54
So far, this is an enjoyable but very average story. I would give it 3.5 stars.


The premise itself is unique -- a girl joins a VRMMORPG game and the system automatically generates a weird name for her, Nutjob. She sets her appearance to the lowest level possible, becoming the ugliest character in the game. This unlocks several bonus awards that give her an unusually high amount of luck. She then proceeds to throw the game community into an uproar as she gains rare achievements.

... more>> EXECUTION:

The problem with this story is the execution. The character is obviously broken from the beginning, with OP levels of luck. That would be ok if this story was more comedic, but unfortunately, most of the "jokes" in this story fall flat. The main character's personality just isn't big or self-deprecating enough to pull it off. It would be one thing if she was completely serious and cold -- but she's not, and her casual inner commentary misses the mark in terms of humor.


This story does have the standard male lead that most readers like -- the perfect guy who's one of the best players in the game, mysterious, and secretly hot and wealthy in real life. He quickly falls for the female MC for no reason at all (seriously, no reason other than that she's pretty and a little "different") and then tries to make her fall for him. The usual. There is no big reveal in which he discovers who she really is. He instantly knows her identity as soon as they meet.


One of the biggest flaws with this story is the main character. Besides her personality being bland (not super funny, not super serious, lazy, doesn't like to be touched, not passionate about anything, but also not completely detached), she just isn't relatable.

This isn't a story about an average girl who becomes ugly in-game, or even a shy-but-hot-girl who becomes ugly in-game. This is the most beautiful girl in the world, who is super intelligent and a martial arts prodigy, with super successful and rich relatives, a full and close family with all living relatives, and who is so smart she never has to go to school. She has an average amount of gaming experience (she's not a noob or an expert), and because of her ungodly luck she never has to work for anything. Gifts fall from the sky into her lap, the hottest guy ignores her appearance and instantly likes her, and she received everything with zero effort.

I do want to add one good thing -- her in-game character is actually ugly. Not kind-of-ugly-but-in-a-cute-way, but seriously ugly.


Overall, this is an easy read that has been translated very well. The characters and plot all lack depth, but it is still relatively well-paced and pleasant to read as long as you don't think very hard. It's a good story for readers who like Mary Sue characters. <<less
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Kimochi rated it
September 22, 2017
Status: c51
I love these MMORPG/virtual reality novels, but this one is particularly enjoyable. Although there are some typical cliches, I love how strong the female protagonist is and how she is not reliant on her looks to gain favor. She's very practical and thoughtful in her decision making. I enjoy reading how she's physically strong and talented, even in the world outside of the game. What makes this story particularly delightful is the way she interacts with her brother. I am also really enjoying the slowly developing relationship she has with... more>> the male lead. Can't wait to read more. I truly appreciate the time the translator/editor team is spending on this. Translations and grammar are all top notch, making this an enjoyable read. <<less
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kuroyuki21 rated it
September 22, 2017
Status: c49
I'm not good at these sort of things and usually avoid them but this is an amazing work, and more people should know about it. If like light-hearted comedy then I sure you'll like this! Please give it a try.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lumiere rated it
August 20, 2017
Status: c22
This story is fun to read, it's easily enjoyable.

In the case of this novel, there is no reincarnation, no genius player, it's just a girl who got introduced to this game by her brother. The only ridiculous aspect of it, is that she got a 25 luck attribute when creating her character because she made herself very very ugly, I'm quoting:

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"F*ck, she’s definitely a special kind of ugly. She’s so ugly she’s practically setting a new standard for it"


And the story is well made, the way it's written plays a big role in making it not cringy or a copy paste from other novels, so I can say for sure it has it own unique atmosphere.

The translation is amazing and the character are kinda cute especially the MC big bro♥

So definitely worth reading it! You will get hooked on it in just 2 or 3 chapters. <<less
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Victor DoUrden
Victor DoUrden rated it
December 15, 2017
Status: --
Story is crap. Not funny unless one has the brain of an infant and game is bad all on top that it's just a power wank on top a power wank... might as well go for broke and make her a god since she is so mary sue
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