This Hero Is Invincible but Too Cautious


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Lista, a Goddess from the God’s realm, has a huge task to accomplish. She must save the world Geabrande (with a S-rank difficulty salvation) from evil threats. To perform this task, she summons a hero from Planet Earth called Ryuguuin Seiya. This hero is exceptional and fully capable, but has one major problem: he is unbelievably cautious.

Associated Names
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Cautious Hero
Kono Yuusha ga Ore TUEEE Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru
Shinchou Yuusha
The Hero is Overpowered but Overly Cautious
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28 Reviews

Aug 07, 2019
Status: c2
I couldn't read past chapter 2. It was one of those where the author praises Japanese people, but this one was just so blatant in it's intent..

"I decided to summon a Japanese person because they are brave..... second time I summoned an indigenous person from South Africa. It took about one full month for him understand how this system works."

The first sentence of that quite just.. you can already tell it's one of those novels.

I myself am not from South Africa, but this quote just adds on to the assumptions... more>> that African people are not intelligent.

Overall, I'm sure the story has a great plot and idea but for me it's a bit too much. <<less
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Oct 16, 2019
Status: c50
The premise is fairly interesting. It's about a borderline paranoid, over-prepared hero isekai'd into a world with an almost impossible to clear final boss. Furthermore, the entire story is told from the perspective of the ditzy goddess who summons the hero. The narrative breaks a lot of the usual tropes right out of the gate, with actually competent and cruel villains and a hero who prepares ahead of time and makes battle plans and strategies well in advance, only moving when he is sure of his victory. Unfortunately, there is... more>> one huge problem that drags this story into the mud, and it's the fact that this is allegedly a comedic series.

This story is like as if I actually tried to write something filled with horrible mood-whiplashes on purpose for a dare or something. The characters are also either annoying, inconsistent, or both, which also stems from the fact that the author more often than not makes their characterization turn on a dime for "jokes", which usually either relate to over-the-top perverse situations that are so off-the-wall they are hard to call fanservice, or incredibly low-brow humiliation, gross-out and slapstick comedy. As in, one of the main running jokes of the story (and the one the author probably found the funniest, as it is re-used ad nauseum) is about the goddess' pubic hair and how it is used to synthetize weapons.

These glaring flaws are then made even worse by the terrible worldbuilding, the frantic pacing, the repetitive structure of the plot, the sudden switches between screeching idiot-comedy and brutal scenes straight out of a horror series, and worst of all, the fact that none of the characters are actually likeable. They might be intriguing for a while, but the pacing never allows them to develop, the "comedy" never allows them to be consistent, and after reaching the end of the first volume, I found myself unable to actually care about what happens to them. The author keeps insisting that there is camaraderie there, that the hero is just a tsundere and not a full-blown sociopath, that the goddess isn't just an insufferable idiot, that the two followers are more than just wooden planks designed to react to the hero's deeds and praise him, but I don't see it, and I don't care about any of them. In other words, the Eight Deadly Words are in full effect for me.

And as for the final nail, not even the setting or the side characters are interesting. The good guys are absolutely incompetent caricatures. They entrust a vital mission on a world where the boss is capable of killing gods for real to an untested newbie goddess. 90%of the named gods and goddesses we see in the story are not only incompetent idiots with the mental age of a child, but even their strongest can only defeat a enemy summoned by a secondary villain by using a self-sacrificing super-move, only to survive because of loophole abuse. Oh, and that super-move of absolute destruction? The final boss of the first arc can simply shrug it off, meaning that if he managed to go to the god's realm, they would be f*cked. If the gods are so bloody incompetent, it baffles the mind how they even exist.

On the other hand, the villains are really competent, attacking the hero right when he arrives to the world, creating minions he shouldn't logically be able to defeat, destroying his heroic equipment ahead of time, and forcing him to play by their rules. This would normally be an amazing plus, but unfortunately instead it becomes another flaw because of two reasons: since they are so competent, the hero defeating them more often than not comes down to plot-armor and powerup-reveals, which actually dents his character as a crazy-prepared schemer. More importantly though, all of these seemingly interesting characters suffer from a glaring lack of characterization and context. We don't know their goals, their grievances, why they would be willing to sacrifice themselves and their loved ones to defeat the hero... they are just mustache-twirling villains of the week who get defeated and discarded, only for the plot to immediately move on to the next in line. Seriously, I was more interested in the villains in this series than the unlikable, irritating "good guys".

In conclusion, I gave this story two stars for the early amusement I got out of the premise and the first few chapters, but I honestly cannot recommend it to anyone in good conscience. <<less
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Dec 18, 2018
Status: --
I’ve seen the manga and now I can read the LN too?? Exciting

the premise is nothing extraordinary and pretty common but the way they handle each world like a stage level in game is pretty unique and also usually in every troops the protagonist is just a normal man who gets cheat level power but this time the authors actually made this protagonist handsome, it’s ordinary yet unique as well LOL.... im waiting for further chapters release
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Jul 13, 2019
Status: v2c55
At first I thought this was a mere comedy novel, where the punchline was the protagonist's overly careful behavior. However, after reading further into the novel I have come to appreciate the great storytelling ability of the author. I came for the comedic interactions, and stayed for the story. I would highly recommend this novel to others.
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Jul 15, 2020
Status: v2c86
I really wanted to give this a 1/5 from the sheer s*upidity of it all, but I have to accept that I was somewhat amused at the start and that the manga and anime was decent enough to let me laugh a bit. The thing is, the idea and underlying theme is quite interesting and could be great, however, in the way this author wrote the story, it really is nothing but manga material. It's something that has the potential to be quite funny if given to a skilled mangaka... more>> that has the ability to bring the characters and their silliness to life with wacky and random expressions along with very high pace story telling.

But as a novel? Sorry, this author has no talent whatsoever. Not even a smidgen. He literally ran out of ideas after a few chapters and just kept the story on repeat like a broken record, it was a pathetic display of not realizing your own flaws and understanding when to kill a dead novel. It keeps on going until you feel so fed up with the same thing being told over and over again with different words that you drop it in disgust.

I liked the mc's "cautiousness", or more aptly his desire to control the situation with no possibility of failing. The MC is essentially the dude who gets to level 99 before challenging the demon king with his party of fully geared and specced out team, the dude who farms exp until he reaches max level and can breeze through half the game. He's also insanely talented, to the point of it being ridiculous. The goddess by his side is a silly moron who just gets in his way and is there to be the bu*t of jokes, 99% of the time about her being lovestruck with the MC yet treated like a disgusting pig, which she kind of is. Her smell and disgusting sides along with incompetence are often pointed out as a source of comedy, but it gets old fast.

Everything is a neverending repeat. Train crazily and surprise people ----> Absolutely own the opponent while pretending to be weak and hiding your status and doing excessive preparation ----> Go somewhere safe, usually the heavenly realm, to train some more directly after the battle ----> Use the power up to defeat more people ----> train more ----> defeat more people easily. Also, there's not even any sense of accomplishment in any of this. First of all, we don't even know the mc's thoughts, he's not really the main character, he's somewhat more like in the heroine's role of a normal novel, everything is told from the useless goddess' perpsective, which is a huge minus. Also, after all of this training, he keeps on getting reset all the time, having to train up again.

Honestly, the story being told from the goddess' perspective was kinda interesting at the start but quickly proved to be yet another irritation point. When things keep on repeating and the goddess becomes simply nothing but an annoying disturbance with zero intelligence who exists just to get poked fun at and for her to ruin things, you simply don't care about her and you certainly don't want to read her thoughts 24/7. Meanwhile, we're left completely disconnected from the actual "mc" of the story, the "hero". So nothing matters, yet things just end up repeating all the time nonetheless and each time something repeats, you care less and less. It just feels s*upid at the end of the day.

Oh, and don't even get me started on the world systems, power levels and combat. I've hardly ever seen anything worse than this. First of all, the gods are just pathetic, all of them. None of them seem to be that powerful either. The author just does his best to make fun of them by making some into s*x fiends, some into macho crybabies who wants to bake cakes after being ruined by the MC, some into ONEEs, well, you get the idea, and the hero makes sure to be rude to all of them and treat them like tr*sh experience generators. Somehow his abilities never stops shocking them either. The very idea is convoluted to the extremes. But sure, for comedy, why not. But the combat is ten times worse. Nothing makes much sense, the MC (hero) just learns skill after skill which we are not aware of and uses them all of a sudden, we have no grasp on his abilities and it really doesn't matter because combat is too s*upid for belief anyway. All enemies make a case out of pretending to be "cautious" like the MC, so that the MC can showcase how he's "OP cautious" by one upping them on the cards up his sleeves as they gasp in awe. Even in combat, all of it seems to be decided by buffs and nothing else. Power levels jump around wildly, people get "buffs" like becoming a demon and suddenly gaining 30% increase in power or being blessed by some evil god and becoming 1000% stronger, the MC is no exception with his random abilities. Suffice it to say that combat is generally about who can pretend to be the weakest and then they release seals or get buffs so that the MC can show off in this "amaaashiiing turn of ebents" that was "shooo unexpected" and "shuch a phlot thwist!". Toddler level of amazing here.

Oh, and the "plot twist" was just incredibly bad. Almost made me drop it from how incredibly s*upid it ended up being, but at the end of the day it changed nothing at all, just a few chapters and the MC is back to normal and the goddess' seems to be even more useless than before. You can only go so far with comedy consisting of only 2 elements repeated over and over again: The MC ripping on everyone with his "cautiousness" which is essentially just rudeness and control mania combined and the goddess being ripped on by everyone and their dogs for being the most worthless person ever (which is somewhat justified to be honest), who also has to smell like rancid garbage 24/7 for some reason (because the author thinks that someone smelling like crap is the most hilarious thing in the world)

This is, no doubt, a garbage novel. I have no idea how people can even manage to translate it because if this is the experience I get by speed reading it, then it must be a slow hell for translators. I can't give it a 1/5 because I enjoyed the initial 2-3 rounds of fighting and I did enjoy the manga and anime version. But I feel quite sad that a novel with such good potential was ruined to this extent, it's a crying shame. <<less
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Mar 14, 2019
Status: v1c23
Overall it is a better story than most Isekai out there.

Mainly because the MC has an actual personality to speak of, even if he's a douchebag. But that's better than your usual Isekai protagonist whom are basically just Self Inserts with Japanese names. At the very least you'll remember this guy.

The key factor you need to remember is that this is definitely a gag Isekai. The entire plot will be made out of punchlines and jokes and if you don't like this kind of thing, you're better of not reading.

I... more>> heard it's also getting an anime, and so far the manga is pretty decent too. Honestly those will probably be much better than the current translations, though I do think we should be happy somebody picked this up in the first place. <<less
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Asinine Rymme
Asinine Rymm
Nov 13, 2019
Status: --
The thing is, the execution was done so badly. Yes, I know the twist. But the problem is you technically need to be spoiled of the twist in order to try and appreciate this. And I think that's where it failed. You'd have to slog through all that mud just to get to a decent story.

But if you weren't spoiled then you wouldn't think it worth it at all. I still don't think it's worth slogging through all of that.

Take note of Chekov's Gun. It means if a gun is... more>> showed in one chapter, it should be fired on the next chapter. Meaning, there's some foreshadowing or hint.

Here? Nah. You get shot and then see the gun. <<less
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Nov 27, 2019
Status: c12
This story needs to be taken out behind the barn and shot, then burned and lastly buried. This author does not fully understand what the term "overly-cautious" even means. It does mean that the MC should be overly-prepared, but it should also mean that the MC is also overly-cautious with how he speaks and especially with who he is speaking to. Overly-cautious DOES NOT mean being an a**hole, either with words or actions. It is without fail that the main reason the anime industry is failing is because garbage stories... more>> like these keep being chosen instead of actual well written ones. <<less
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May 12, 2020
Status: v3c129
This is exactly the kind of rare hero anime needs these days: overpowered, overchill, overkill.

True this is basically a harem anime and apparently goes against certain modern day movements, but Seiya in the end is actually a sweetie, and there are enough weird and comedic enough scenes to make this anime entertaining throughout.

This is the first anime that engaged me the whole time.
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May 08, 2020
Status: v3c129 part1
Rare kind of the story. It is essentially a tragedy, hidden by the strong layer of humor.

MC is acting like a robot, that has plans B for plans B and who feels OP but in fact, he is not. The goddess who operates on emotions and essentially a buttmonkey, that constantly creates trouble for MC. Basically MC and the goddess are the opposites. And the story unveiled from the point of view of the goddess.

The most interesting thing is that author is able to build tension, even when we know... more>> that MC won't lose. Thanks to the goddess's point of view and her antics you constantly feel the danger that something might go wrong. But in the end, it feels gratifying when MC succeeds.


Especially his obsession with completely destroying the dead bodies of the enemies which later proved to be the right decision


As I mentioned before, the core of the story is a tragedy. The only thing is that I am not sure if the author will be able to maintain the story quality to the very end because the most interesting revelations happened just recently. It really feels like nothing will surpass the latest rollercoaster of emotions

that happened in SS class world


Also, it is one of those rare cases of the novel which made me interested in the anime.

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Oct 14, 2019
Status: v1c40
As far as the concept is concerned, it is incredibly ingenious to think up of a story where the protagonist in the isekai is overly cautious. Breaking multiple layers of many isekai tropes; showing its own self awareness by saying thing like: we only pick japanese coz they're quick to adapt; the demons giving the MC no time to train or prepare himself (probably the most logical antagonist ever) ; the MC, though being overly cautious when his stats was higher, runs when an enemy overpowered him even when he's... more>> 20% or 50% has higher stats than them. A lot about this doesn't seems to be something that an isekai, or a shounen, protagonist would've done.

With all that said, the MC appears more logical than "overly cautious". It wouldn't be strange to call the title a click bait. And despite being a comedy, this series is actually a lot darker than you would think. There are some scenes, or an element of a story where you would wonder, "wait, I thought this was a comedy isekai so why am I seeing some sh*t that I would normally see in Berserk?!". Some scenes were even more lewd than it should've been with the milk lactation, full on nudity scenes, hair from private parts, and possibly some NTR if you ship goddess and Seiya together lmao. And I swear, the god of death - I think that's what she was called, the one with chains for her clothes - dressed like a character that you would normally see in a hentai. Imagine only cover your nips and your crotch, that's how she dressed herself. I was doubtful at first when I saw the description in the light novel, but seeing her in the anime opening solidifies the image that I had of her.

And my thoughts on the Goddess... Well she's certainly too emotional and annoying, playing the role of a character that gives a punchline to a comedy, while Seiya is like "facts don't care about your feelings", playing the role of the comedian. I could see why people would compare her with Aqua from Konosuba.

Additionally, Seiya, our stoic hero, isn't the main protagonist of this story. If you want to refute this, then I would agree with whatever you have to say except for one reason: you can't be expecting the protagonist of the story to be like a side character when we're always in the Goddess' point of view. He also has no inner monologue as well. Normally, a protagonist would always have more inner monologue than any character in their own show, but for this one he has none. Even when he undergo his training, we never get to see what's happening unless the Goddess were also there. You could say that the series is breaking the trope of making the MC the hero and instead make that the goddess' role instead, the person who summoned the hero from another world.

With all that said, the overly cautious hero is definitely not suited to be call a comedy series by normal standard. It's a comedy series, however, with the overly excessive violence, perversion, and dark themes, it's literally a borderline comedy/f*cked up (in a good sense) series.

Do I hate this series because of that? No. I fact, I personally enjoyed this alot. I may had binge read through half of volume 1 and drop it for a couple of weeks, but I came back to finish reading the entire thing.

You guys should definitely check the manga out too. They actually made that way funnier than the anime adaptation of the light novel and much of how the comedy was translated in the light novel itself. This is because of how amazing the comedic visuals are in the manga in comparison to the anime. It's way better than every other source material from this series, to those that doesn't really like this series just from reading the light novel, trust me, check the manga out. For anime, it's the voice acting, and at times, the animation does come into play here. Though, still not better than the manga. <<less
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Kami Sama
Kami Sama
Mar 20, 2019
Status: v1c20
I like this series. It's a fun read, the protagonist being too cautious even though he's overpowered and being absolutely irreverent of the gods is very amusing and overall, it's a good light novel. The translation quality is also pretty good, apart from the occasional minor spelling mistake. Atleast till where I've read. Can only wait for more.
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Dec 24, 2019
Status: c160
The premise sounds funny, but honestly the comedy aspect is the one thing that turned me off. This story follows conventional route at making its female lead as comedic-relief. Dumb goddess who makes wrong judgement, dumb, useless, and deserves to get hit by the hero. It makes me quite upset. Not because of how dumb the she is, but because how unfair the she gets treated, especially by the hero.

However, things are much better when the story takes itself seriously. I think it's very wise decision of the author to... more>> make Ristarte (the goddess) the narrator instead of Seiya (the hero). Seiya is an interesting hero, but won't make an interesting story-teller because he is too efficient, level-headed, and well-prepared.

With Ristarte's narration, we can see how weird Seiya is from normal standard. Also, the story is able to provide the emotional aspect that may become non-existent if told by Seiya's point of view.

And I just love how surprisingly well-written Ristarte's inner turmoil is. Everytime she cried, I cried. I hope Seiya will treat her much better. Other characters keep addressing his special concern for her and sometimes his harsh wording and action can be interpreted differently. But those scenes are still far less to my liking.

Overall, I see a room for development and I really hope it happens in the future. So, I rate this 3.7/5 for now. <<less
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Oct 09, 2019
Status: c77 part2
the series is good. Yes, the author praises Japanese people.. in very... Err... straight way>> but who cares; people tends to love their own country (every people does; just read some novel of other countries) >> and it is only done in chap 0 but... if u read n think about it, the author might not necessarily be "actually" praising (being an otoku=praising?? lol and it's hurting me too ☹) and this is corrected in the Anime so check it out, it's very funny and is INMO one of the best anime series in this season? (although only 1 episode is out for now haha I am already hooked) ?
The MC is super cool, some may say that he is overly caution (well he is but it's better... more>> than those overly hotblooded type>>

well... he too was a hot-headed person too but something happened which changed him* well~ the hotblooded youth may not be him* don't understand then just read the dame novel


As for the Fish-man fans out there (if u read the novel U will understand), that dame Fish-man deserve it!! (>>I love Fish-man too ya know❤️❤️ but the Fish-man is annoying and very irritating so yeah, Seiya does the right thing? and its's cute that way>>sadistic side of mine?lol)

Anyways the series is good and worth a shot of your (just my opinion?) <<less
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May 22, 2021
Status: v4c165 part1
Seeing the top review here as overtly negative grinded my gears as someone who love this novel so I wanted to write a review to encourage anyone who is interested.

First thing's first. About the racist comment the author made, yes it is in the novel and yes it is pretty racist. That cannot be overlooked. But if you can move past that this novel is going to bring you in for a comedic and fun ride.

The highlight of this series is our titular hero, Seiya, the overly cautious hero. Much... more>> of the comedic moments of this series stems from his serious and extreme reaction to everything, even seemingly normal conversation. "If anything can be a threat, it is a threat" Seiya wastes no time in training himself to the max and learning all sorts of overpowered moves from various gods to completely waste his enemies. He needs to do this because most of the threat the encounters never play fair and will pull out the big guns when they get the chance. Seiya is the meat of this series and you always wanna see him go ham and prepare for every single possibility.

Ristarte, the narrator of our series is the bu*t of all the jokes. She's clumsy, overshadowed by normal healing items, naive and absolutely lusts for Seiya's 6 packs. As the narrator you're going to be hearing a lot from her and I mean a lot. Some unsavory things, some ridiculous comments (as stated above) and a whole lot of pe*verted humor. The author comes up with the most creatively pe*verted jokes that the each one tops the last. If you're not a fan of that and you like your jokes clean - you're not gonna like this series. It's okay to be a Goofey Goober, there's no shame in that.

The story is straightforward, typical isekai setting, goddess and hero duo - chaos ensues. However what brings it a unique flavor is Seiya's overtly cautious nature. If you've thought of a possible solution for a problem, Seiya's already thought of 25+1 extra. However as the series progresses and the challenges become harder and harder - just your usual overpowered technique is not going to solve the problem. If there' s one thing to praise about the series, its this aspect. There are some emotional moments sprinkled here and there for added flavor, so you can get attached to our dysfunctional duo.

It's sad to see that the comments with the most likes in this review box is unsavory and narrow minded. Don't let that turn you away from the series though, it's a wonderful and unique series that's separates itself from your usual isekai harem power fantasy comedy - because its actually funny. <<less
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Not Red Yet
Not Red Yet
Apr 24, 2020
Status: v3
This is a prime example of a novel that should end at the right moment instead of continuing on.

Volume 1-2 were great and if the novel ended there then it would've been fantastic yet this author didn't. All progress from the first two novels are reset in the 3rd.

Status being reset is a given yet his personality gets reset to reckless which is what it was when he failed to save the other world, all because the idiot goddess for some idiotic reason decides to summon a gate where they are training. You think she'd learn her lesson from the past two novels yet the author made her an idiot that keeps trying to get the MC's d*ck and do anything for praise.


The whole reset is like What Chinese authors do when they run out of ideas and over leveled the MC.

Theres 7 LN of this and I bet 3-7 are just the same thing rehashed of saving world/status reset/personality reset and back and forth.
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Apr 24, 2020
Status: v3
The beat Japanese novel currently being written. As a famous anime youtuber once said it feels like its written by the author of Konosuba. If you enjoyed Konosuba and would like to see the hero actually save worlds and face dangerous threats, is mature, a bit crazy, and supported by interesting characters this is the novel for you. Had a great anime as well.
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Jan 22, 2020
Status: v2c105
First, only read this when you want to read an anti-cliche webnovel. If you are not that kind of reader, then it is likely you will think this novel is bad.

Second, for overall, the web novel is pretty good. It depicts a decent world with decent laws on its own without making many plot holes. The plot is very well thought as well. You have an interesting duo who are completely opposite of each other adventuring to save the world in hardest mode. This breaks many tropes since most isekai... more>> is about living easy in another world because the MC is OP.

The problem comes from the third, execution. The jokes and the interactions keep being repeated, which may bore you from c15. If you can keep up with it, there comes another problem, the character development. Instead of making the characters better throughout the story, the author made them worse. I understand why many people rate it one star, you don't want a story where your character becomes worse from time to time, right? The execution for character development is good, but not great. It may justify for me, but it probably annoys many people.


The hero is not over cautious, he is a control freak. Imagine you make an extreme control freak as a hero for your story, yeah it is that bad. In return, the goddess is too carefree. This leads to many tragedies since the carefree attitude puts them in danger, which increases the the extreme of control freak of the hero. The goddess also never reflects on her mistakes which makes her annoying, which is bad because she is the MC as well. If that keeps happen, the control freak may reach its peak and explode, which is also in the novel in later chapter. From then on, it is very hard to keep reading because now both the MC is bad. Ofcourse, they have the side characters to balance the atmospheres and the tones, but with poor execution, both MC still leaves a bad taste to the readers, explaining why people keeps ditching this novel.


Fourth, the interactions between things in that world is good. However, it breaks the tropes and the tone of the novel is always strong and harsh, the interaction may become too extreme in lots of situation.

In the nutshell, if you want a novel having its own identity, a little bit slow paced and anti-tropes, this may piche your interest. Well, only if you get through the character development first then.

Edit: I saw many people rates the novel bad because 'the goddess is a b*tch, dumb, etc'. It is quite understandable because, as I stated, their attitude is always in extreme, and with no characters having capabilities to balance the tones of stories, they become annoying. <<less
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Jun 01, 2021
Status: v5
First 2 volumes were quite entertaining. However, it takes a major nosedive during the Ixphoria arc (Vol 3-4).

... more>>

So basically, the MC returns to the world - which he previously failed to save and died - at in order to liberate it from the control of the demon lord. You'd expect this to be quite an emotional arc since the main character's entire party was slaughtered and his pregnant fiance was killed right before very eyes especially for Ristarte - the reincarnation of the pregnant fiance - but no, it just turns into a very bland story where Ristarte is treated as a joke and there is no character development whatsoever. Because of the disappointment that was Volume 3 and 4, it's become head canon for me that the story ended at the end of Vol 2.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jul 30, 2020
Status: v5c1
It was alright, overall. The premise is good: a new/ironic take on the isekai genre in a way that's almost completely in reverse of other isekai comedies like Kono Subarashii. However, while the end of volume 2 was supposed to act as the moment this story became really good, it flops... The consequential volumes are a rehash of the first two.
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